Vapour2 / V2 Cigs – Introducing The EX

US brand V2 Cigs (Rebranded as Vapour2 in Europe) are picking up a lot of pace in the UK e cigarette market with a steady release of new products being made available.
V2 EX Series With EX Blank TankOne of those new products is the Vapour2 EX Series which is a different take on the familiar mini e cig you may have seen before and what we will be reviewing today.

This e cig kit was received free of charge for the purposes of this review but as always my views are my own.

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In The Box

The EX comes in a nicely branded presentation box that looks ready made for the shelves of bricks and mortar retail stores. Inside the packaging you will find:

  • V2 EX 280 mAh Battery
  • V2 EX Cartridge Sleeve
  • 3 Rubber ring gaskets (Helps keep the sleeve in place)

Battery Responsiveness

This is what the Vapour2 EX series kit is all about and barring the sleeve all that comes with the kit. The battery I received was the Scarlett Metallic.V2 Cigs EX Series Review

So what is the difference between the EX Series battery and the standard V2 Cigs battery?

The immediate difference is (obviously) the looks of the battery. Where the standard battery was plain and based around the look of a cigarette the EX Series battery is more design led. The Scarlett colour, while not being something I would personally buy, does look quality. Looking at the other options they have:

  1. Royale, which as the name suggest has a playing card design. I’m sure this will appeal to some but not my thing personally.
  2. Brushed Steel. This is more like it for me, a sleak looking clean design.
  3. Bloom. This one has a whimsical, flowery type design. See #1.
  4. Carbon Fibre. See #2.

So, something for everyone in terms of design and the actual quality and feel in the hand is very good, the branding is just about right so as not to be too in your face.

If you are coming up from a mini e cig type device or even looking for a product as a brand new vaper, don’t expect this to be the same size or even near to the same size as a cigarette.

V2 do have these size batteries but this product is aimed at those users who want something that looks different and has a little more battery life. v2-cigs-ex-series

Which brings me onto the battery capacity. The EX has a decent 280 mah capacity operating at 4.2 volts which pushes enough power to the cartomisers to help with the decent vapour production.

The other difference with this battery is the 5 ‘dot’ lights at the end of the battery that indicate the remaining charge.

This is kind of a good feature, I say kind of because you can only see the lights when you take a drag, I suggest using one eye for this otherwise you may go cross eyed!

The EX Sleeve

The other component of the EX is the sleeve that is designed to fit over your cartomiser, this is kept firmly in place with the rubber gaskets supplied. While this isn’t an essential piece of kit for a good vape it does lend itself to the overall design keeping it looking slick. The other thing the sleeve offers is a slightly tighter draw if this is what you prefer.
V2 EX Series With EX Blank Tank
The EX Blank mini tank is also a good option to use with the EX Series battery, you won’t be able to use the sleeve with the tank but it offers an extra option and a good one at that.

As of today, the new Vapour2 EX Series kit also comes with the refillable V2 cartridges that have a window in so you can see your level of e-liquid. This cartridge offers very good flavour and vapour production when paired with the Vapour2 Platinum e-liquids.

Discount Coupons

We have a 10% discount code for V2 Cigs that can be found at the top and bottom of this page.

Vapour2 EX Series Review – Final Thoughts

A great starting point that offers a little more battery life than the Vapour2 Classic kits, it’s also a little more modern and upto date.

It’s super simple to use even for new vapers and performs very well indeed. If you’re looking for something that stands out from the crowd while keeping a high level of quality then be sure to keep this in mind.

Where To Buy The Vapour2 EX Series Vape Pen

UK/Europe – Save 10% With Code ECIG10

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Vapour Volume
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
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