Vapour2 – A Review of their most popular starter kit

V2 Cigs (Vapour2 in Europe) have certainly made an impact in the world of electronic cigarettes since their launch 9 years ago.

The brand has quickly become one of the most popular e cigarettes in the USA with a lot of good reviews flying about over there as well as positive reviews in Europe and the UK.

I had to see for myself whether V2 Cigs / Vapour2 lives up to the hype so I decided to buy a kit to see what was going on. Lets have a look.

V2 Cigs Review

In The Box

The presentation box is similar to many other brands with its magnetic flap lid.

Never the less it was still a quality box and the overall branding on all packaging looked professional.

In the box for the Standard Kit you will find:

  • 2 X Batteries (One Manual & One Automatic)
  • 10 X Cartomizers
  • USB & Wall Adapter

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V2 / Vapour2 E Cigs Performance

This is where it starts getting interesting with Vapour2, their battery options along with the ability to customize them really give them something different from the other brands I have reviewed.

As an example, when you get to the checkout stage you are presented with the choice of either a manual or automatic battery as well as being able to choose a preferred color.

They also stock 3 different sizes/capacities of battery as well. All sounds complicated but its not once you are at the checkout!

I myself ordered the Vapour2 Standard Starter Kit and chose one black manual and one white/ one steel automatic battery. I also received a free disposable as they had a promotion on at the time.

For those that don’t know the difference between manual and automatic batteries, the manual battery has a button on the side that needs pressing to ‘fire up’ the battery, this in turn begins to heat up the e-liquid, all you have to do then is take a drag then release the button. V2 Electronic Cigarettes

The automatic has no button on the side, the battery is activated by a sensor when you take a drag.

All quite simple, I actually like the manual battery as i tend to get a slightly better vapor volume first time but if you are starting out I would suggest buying one of each.

Both batteries performed well though so no complaints there.

When it comes to size of the batteries, the ones I bought (79mm) are slightly longer than both E-Lites and the Green Smoke short battery.

This wasn’t a problem for me though and if you wanted something smaller they do offer a 67mm battery.

The appearance of the batteries are quite plain, they have gone for the cleaner look rather than trying to replicate the exact look of a cigarette with faux rings. This is no big thing though, they still have a nice quality feel to them with good branding.

These are highly recommended as they will charge your electronic cigarette battery on the go without the need for a power source. It is essentially a portable battery.

Overall – Both battery styles are very responsive with a good quality finish. The only real downside is that the replacement batteries are edging towards the pricey side but they last a long time.

Vapor / Flavor

v2cigs cartomisers

When ordering I decided to go for a broad selection of flavors, the fact they sold cola flavored cartridges pretty much swung it!

I had to see what that was like.

All in all I got one pack of Cherry carts, one pack of Vapour2 Red Tobacco carts and their mixed flavor sampler pack that included the following:

  • Coffee
  • Cola
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Peppermint
  • Menthol
  • Cherry
  • Three tobacco flavors: Sahara, Congress and V2 Red.

Starting with the tobacco flavors, the only one I wasn’t too keen on here was the Sahara. Congress and V2 were both excellent giving me a nice smooth taste, good subtle throat hit and great vapor volume. They represented real tobacco cigarettes well.

v2cigs battery

As for the ‘flavors’ I surprisingly liked the cola, was all a bit strange but once I got over the fact I was vaping cola it was OK!

My two favorites though were the cherry and menthol both great for something that little bit different.

v2 cigs red congress

I suppose the menthol should really be classed alongside the tobacco flavors though.

As always, flavors are a personal preference but I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Another plus point (a very big plus point) is that you can buy ‘blank cartridges’ and bottles of e-liquid.

This allows you to refill your own cartridges and can work out a lot cheaper than buying pre-filled cartridges.

If you are new to vaping though I would recommend you stick to buying the pr-efilled carts to start while you get used to it.

There are also discounts for buying pre-filled carts in larger quantities.

As well as the standard blank cartomizers they have also recently released the ‘Vapour2 EX Blanks’. These are a clear tank system that allows you to see the amount of e-liquid you have left. I have tried these out and they perform a treat.

Overall – As a whole the flavors and vapor volume were very good, stand out flavors for me were Congress, V2 Red, Menthol and Cherry. The option to buy empty cartomizers to use with bottled e-liquid is also a big plus point.

Starter Kits

Vapour2 Classic Kit 

Includes one battery, 6 tester flavours and charger. I wouldn’t recommend this one purely because it only comes with one battery. Whatever kit you buy you really need 2 batteries. You could always buy one separately at a later date though

Vapour2 Classic Standard Kit

This is the kit I bought and reviewed. It has everything you could need to get started! Its basically the same as the economy but you get an extra battery, 10 flavor cartridges and a wall adaptor.

Vapour2 Classic Standard Plus Kit

Same contents as the standard above with the addition of a case to carry your spares.

Vapour2 Classic Ultimate kit

This kit comes with 3 batteries, 25 V2 carts, power cig (Battery that plugs into your computer, great if you work on a PC), the usual chargers plus car charger and carry case. This really has everything you need to get started and keep vaping for months without having to buy anything else.


For vapers that are looking for bigger, better battery life take a look at my review of the new V2 Series 3. A great pen style e cig, or more accurately vaporizer, that offers a multitude of vaping options.

Returns / Warranty

Vapour2 (V2) are very confident in the quality of their electronic cigarette starter kits, so much so that they offer a 14 day ‘No Quibble’ money back guarantee.

The e cig kit must be returned in as new condition with no more than two cartomizers used.

This is a great selling point that only a handful of brands do in the UK and offers an almost risk free way of trying their product.

V2 Cigs UK allow 30 days to return any defective product (from date of purchase), this is not as extensive as the US warrant.

As always though please check out their T&C’s for all the up to date info on this.

Customer Service

Vapour2 give multiple ways to get in touch with them, they have live support on their website, you can request a call back, telephone and email. When I have dealt with them they have been very responsive to queries and most importantly very helpful.

Discount Coupons

EcigClick have been given an exclusive Vapour2 discount code for our readers to use to get 10% off any order. The voucher code can be found at the top of the page or the link above.

V2 Cigs Review – Overall

As you can probably tell if you managed to read through the above I really do rate the Vapour2 product.

Not only are the battery, flavors, vapor production and the ability to change the product to your individual needs good but also for the entire experience as a whole from ordering to delivery.

They have their customer services spot on as well, one of the best in the UK.

If you are new to vaping and you have been checking out Vapour2 e cigs then you won’t go far wrong this electronic cigarette. Very easy to use for new vapers.

Where to buy Vapour2 /V2 Cigs

UK / Europe – Save 10% With Code ECIG10

Final Vapour2 Cigs Review

Verdict: V2 Cigs Are Highly Recommended By

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Jonny - Ecigclick

As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!
v2-cigs-reviewV2 Cigs have created an excellent starter kit that although not for everyone is great if you are looking for a mini e cig type device.


  1. Absolutely agree with the article. I bought Vapour2 EX series two years ago and i thing i made the right choice. I like the cigalike design. It really reminds real cigarette so u do not loose that feeling of real cigarette when u hold it. Very easy usage even for girls like me:-) It charges fast and has long lasting battery. But probably prefer myself more automatic batteries activated by sensor.

    • You right. The ecig is designed like the real one. I also needed to hold my cigarette when was planning to quit. And i did not missed that with this one. Very simple, good selection of flavors with different nicotine intensity level. Still on 1,6% but because i got somehow very comfortable:-) But will work on it to go down. But i am glad that Vapor2 helped me to quit.

  2. i bought V2cigs back in August 2016 with a starter kit at just under £50.00, I had to send back
    2 batteries over next month as they did not work properly. Then in November 2016 I was doing
    rather well when the light in the battery did not go off when not in use. I have pictures of this with the
    light on and not in use. This caused the filter to go very hot and what I would call dangerous.
    I would not recommend this product.

    • Hi Maureen,

      Sorry to hear all wasn’t great with these. Things can and do go wrong with all types of e cigs and products that contain batteries. The chaps over at V2 in the UK are very good though and will surely look after you.

  3. There is a lot better companies out there. Unfortunately I wasted $75 on 3 of their “platinum” ejuice bottles. The juice came in unsealed plastic containers and is from China. Better off buying from Halo for quality juice. I see no difference between $3 dollar Joyetech juice and $20 V2 juice. Save your money and don’t be fooled by V2. Also their website is filled with positive reviews because they moderate the reviews. No good in my books and they cannot compete with Halo. Never again.

  4. I ordered the V2 shisha pen starter kit with the samples.I have to say the customer service i received was the best ive ever had.When i ordered my kit i wasnt keen on some of the flavours of the samples so i emailed V2 and ask if i could choose my own.I received a phonecall the following day regarding my order and As the eliquid samples are already packed i was offered my choice of flavours in the prefilled cartridges plus a 25 ml bottle of eliquid of my choice.I was pleased with the service and the fact that V2 did what they could to fulfil my preferences.2 days to be delivered which was really quick.

    Received my V2 kit and wow,i was so impressed with the packaging.2 pens,1 automatic and 1 manual,3 EXblanks for eliquid,charger,6 flavoured cartridges and 25ml of eliquid for £79.99.Great kit.
    Liked the automatic battery,more smoke,more strength.1 cartridge lasts me 1 day so for me thats equivalent to 20/25 cigarettes.Battery lasts all day and i love the chocolate,congress,coffee and vanilla flavour.Very strong flavours and satisfying.well worth the money.I have already ordered more eliquid to stock up as i will defnitley not be going back to cigarettes again.Thanks V2 ,great product.

  5. Read the reviews here and what really swung me was the e liquids are clean and I stopped for health reasons so didn’t want to substitute with some e liquid that does not list all the ingredients. Green smoke does look good but they had very few options so I went with V2. They are great and reliable and keep me off the dreaded smokes.
    Thx for the info ecigclicks

  6. Needs continous recharging. Even with two V2Cs you would still need quite a few real fags. Pointless and expensive to use. Pen-style e-cigs are a bit better, but only for indoors.

  7. Tried several e cigs with all sorts of quality issues then switched to my ego – much bigger and a little awkward but lasted well. Then found v2 – their mini tank e-cig is tiny compared to my ego and better vapour too -I need 2 batteries (i have 2 small and one long battery) to be sure to last all day and evening.. Using e liquid with any tank system is a little messy at times but with my v2 I can also use their pre-filled refills for convenience. Cheaper than most too. The vapour just keeps coming!

  8. Just a quality product that works like it should! Better than the others I tried and I feel safer with the v2 eliquid because its all tested. Real feeling of smoking so it gets me off the habit.

  9. The product comes in very elegant packaging and is itself much more elegant than other E-cigs like E-lites or some of the other bulky ones. As a woman, I just prefer carrying it because it looks much nicer. You won’t find any other cigarettes with such good flavours either! I found it so easy to smoke this instead of cigarettes because the taste is so good!

  10. These are powerful devices, much smaller than my old ego cig but better quality. Lots of vapour from pure eliquids – lots of options – including mini tank/shisha – love the red tobacco refills but like to use eliquid shisha flavours from time to time. Now saving up to buy their new ex series kit.
    Customer Care : one of my refill tanks came apart – they replaced next day – no questions asked.
    Have a good smokeless day!

  11. I tried both GreenSmoke and lager batteries with tanks successfully before finally deciding to try V2; now I’ve tried them I’m sticking to them. I’ll explain why:

    Large batts with tanks on top are good; you can buy liquids from anyplace, and so you have great choice and great prices too. But large batts wih tanks on top don’t fit in your pocket, and you tend to look a little conspicuous in public sucking on what looks like a Light Sabre.

    GreenSmoke are great, but refills cost a lot, you can’t use liquids but only the pre-filled cartridges, GreenSmoke battery thread sizes are not the ones that lots of other e-cig companies use so your tide in there too!

    So what you want is something you can throw in your pocket and forget about; you want to be able to use liquids from anyplace if you feel like it and fill cartridges or mini tanks; you want thread sizes standard so you can interchange with other folks batts maybe; you want a good choice of batt sizes and accessories; you want a PCC (GreenSmoke don’t have one); you want it to be cheap too.

    V2 really does tick all of the boxes. I know it sounds like I work for them, but I don’t. Very very good, and a huge international company here to stay too.They even tell you the ingredients of their liquids down to individual batch numbers; try finding another company that does that, I dare you!

    NOTE: You may not need or want all the stuff in a starter kit. Make up your own starter kit for less cash.

  12. I feel so much healthier and can breathe much easier.
    After seeing the excellent V2 cigs reviews on this site and a couple of other review sites I decided to go for V2, they seemed to offer a quality tried and tested product .The eliquid options and their refills were cheaper and easy to use. Delivery was quick and i have tried various options for variety and a change. The container with a spare charged filter is good in my hand bag and i dont have the excuse of running out and having to go for a gigarette ! I’m planning to further reduce my cigarette intake as it is going well.
    Ultimately i hope to stop cigarettes altogether with V2’s help as my will power is 0.

  13. I read various reviews including the one on here. This is the third starter kit i have tired., the others were from two widely advertised brands and were ok but I wanted something a bit stronger/more powerful.
    I bought 24mg menthol cartridges and menthol liquid. The cartridges were good and produced lots of vapour, The liquid/ex=blank cartridge combination was amazing though and I would recommend skipping the cartridges and going straight to liquids,it saves money too. Had a small problem with a screw fitting on my extra long battery but customer services replaced it immediately which was reassuring for a new customer.

  14. I review ecigarettes often and I wanted to see what the big difference was between this, a SKYCIG kit and a normal 510 kit from china. The difference is that it produces more vapour but at the cost of draining the battery faster.

    The refills are ridiculously overpriced and don’t cost much less than smoking tobacco. The only pro I find is that the flavour is really good. I wouldn’t recommend buying this for anyone and I’ll tell you why…a heavy smoker will hate it because it doesn’t give a good throat hit and the battery drains quickly, and a light smoker will hate the price because you can get an eluv kit or a cheap ego kit for £20 so this kit has no place.

    It’s just a rebranded 808 model.

  15. This was my first e cigarette kit and I have to give credit where it’s due, it did help me cut down massively on the cigs.

    I went for the starter kit with the charging case and it is expensive especially when compared to some other brands with charging cases.

    I tried the congress and red cartridges, the congress wasn’t nice at all, the red was better but still took a while getting used to.

  16. I tried E-lites first. They tasted a little like fog-machine and I was disheartened as I had hoped so much for e-cigs to make it easier for me to get my nicotine via a much safer delivery method.

    I decided to give one other brand a go, and after much researching on youtube’s e-cig reviews I decided on V2. I have not looked back once. I have not had a cigarette since mid January 2013. 10 months down the road and I don’t crave cigarettes at all as I’m getting my needs met by V2. Customer service is also awesome. Couldn’t be happier.

  17. Overall I would say this is an OK e cig, I found the congress to be a nice flavour but it is on the pricey side. Maybe if the starter kits were £15 cheaper then it would be more acceptable.

    Having said that I have cut down on the cigs massively so I can’t grumble too much.

  18. Love the Congress. I buy Sahara as well, just to have a different flavour. I sort of jump between one and the other.

    The big battery size is great. I’ve got the stainless steel ones. They look so much like a pen loads of people have been fooled and tried to write with it!!

    They look nice. Quite elegant.

    The shipping is very fast. Longest I’ve waited is three days.

    The saving on buying ‘the weed’ is incredible!

    I love not stinking of tobacco anymore!

    I can breathe and smell properly!

    I don’t feel like a social lepper anymore!

    No mess! No accidental burns in things. No stains on teeth and skin.

    I could go on all day! If you smoke, for goodness sake try these and stop for good!

  19. I did loads of research and watched loads of YouTube videos before deciding to go for this ecig. I was about to order the V2 starter kit on the V2 UK site when I noticed that they they did a ladies only ecig with bling! Well, a girl can never have too much bling so I ordered the essential kit, which cost £59, didn’t go for the deluxe kit which included the clutch bag. I also order an extra pack of carts because unlike the US essential kit where you get 10 carts, you only get 5 carts with the UK one.
    You get 2 batteries, you can choose what colour, a charger with the USB bit and a pack of 5 carts in the colour, flavour and strength of your choice.
    Received the kit yesterday and love it, spent most of yesterday vaping and the battery and carts are still going strong, will be putting the kit through its paces when I go out this evening – will be taking the spare battery with me!
    It’s a very good quality kit and I’m glad I bought it, it is expensive but you can refill the carts – good old you tube! and I haven’t once thought about smoking a real cigarette. I know it’s still early days but vaping is definately the way to go for me!
    Based on a review on this site I had previously bought the Skycig kit, and although there is nothing wrong with it I just wanted something that was different and the Vapor Couture range is certainly that.

  20. Was recommended these by a mate, I have tried patches, gum, sprays none of em worked. These V2 Cigs are just brilliant, have the Reds 12mg strength also like the Congress but Red is the best for me.Got a pcc so never run out when im out working long shifts. I have been on these for 3 weeks now and have not had 1 fag which is unbelievable. Really so pleased I have found these I wish I found out about them sooner. Just brilliant and will save me a fortune.

  21. bought the standard kit,good job i did wife using spare battery she was not going to stop smoking but i have to stop because of health reasons.
    So easy to use and great taste.I got red in 6 &12mg,menthol in 12mg only used menthol so far.i ordered tuesday afternoon kit arrived thursday morning.
    not affected my throat at all and quite happy smoking my v2.

  22. Made a hash of ordering online so emailed customer support and they were very quick to respond with my request to change my order V2 Cigs starter kit arrive a day later, very fast service.

    As soon as I started using the V2s I was amazed how good they were, really enjoyable, I have used Green Smoke before but could not get on with the taste, they just did not do it for me, but with the V2s I knew I was going to be ok straight away.

    The quality is very good and as others have said the batteries last, and that makes a big difference, also got the PCC with my kit which looks cool and is very handy when out for a long period of time as you have always got a supply.

    Good you can order bulk items, liquids etc.. at very reasonable prices, works out around £1 a pack, so good on the pocket and for my health.

    I have not got two friend onto V2s and they have also managed to stop the real macoy.

    I can completely recommend V2 Cigs as I have not touched the weed in nearly three months and I now don’t vape that much either, I would not hesitate go for it, I’m so glad I did.

  23. I work in a school, so I planned to give up smoking over the summer hols. I’d ordered from V2, after reading this site thoroughly. My first choice had been JacVapour, but when I came to order they didn’t have several items in stock, which didn’t impress me much.

    I gave my new V2 goodies a go a few days before the end of term – just ‘to see’ like! And that was it. I didn’t finish the packets of cigarettes tucked in the cupboard. Throughout the highly stressful last few days of term, I vaped. Without a backwards glance at the old cigs. It’s now been four and a half months, and I’ve not been tempted even once.

    V2 have been exemplary in their service. Once or twice there have been problems (something not sent, by mistake, and a slightly faulty case when I ordered for my partner) but each time they have been completely undefensive, sent replacements rapidly, and were so polite, apologetic and friendly.

    I’ve tried out their many flavours, come up with my favourites, had a go at refilling cartridges with the fluid, tried manual and automatic batteries – there’s so much choice to customise the new habit to suit yourself.

    My partner was mightily impressed with my ‘willpower’, but there was none – it was extremely easy to move to a cleaner, safer, healthier way of indulging in my nicotine habit. Anyway, he switched too – a 32 year-old smoking habit knocked on the head almost overnight again.

    The products have been put through all sorts of physical and emotional tests, and have shone throughout. I heartily recommend them.

  24. Tried V2cigs three months ago after poor experience with two other brands (not naming them – DYOR)..

    Great vapour and loads……. of flavours to choose from.

    I get great service from their UK desk. Sent me replacement batteries with no questions asked and I also got a free pack of cartridges for my inconvenience.

    Recommend you try the Congress liquid., its really smooth.
    Red 18mg if you want a big hit.

  25. I was originally smoking the VIP but wasn’t impressed by the choice of flavours or the life of the battery. The length of the cartomizers was nowhere near the ’40’ cigarettes as advertised.

    After reading reviews I opted for the V2 standard starter kit and 10 flavour cartomizer pack to try all the flavours – especially enjoy Congress, Peppermint and Coffee…. 🙂

    After very speedy delivery, as soon as I opened the box I knew I’d made the right decision. Quality build and very satisfying smooth vape. Loads of different strengths available too and even blanks to try the Platinum Eliquid.

    If you’re looking for a quality e-cig with great range of flavours and very well priced cartomizers – look no further. HIGHLY recommended.

  26. I originally didn’t intend to give up smoking ( lol OH has been trying for years to get me to quit, but I enjoyed smoking and I had tried half heartedly to quit previously and failed )
    but I was given a free sample of a disposable Zebra ecig and found it was miles better than the patches or gum I had tried, so I bought a zebra starter pack and I also bought a skycig starter pack at the same time as it was on a
    promotional offer and thought I would try both and stick with the best one, they are both good but…

    Zebra – Striking looks , battery lasts well and cheap cartomizers, tastes ok but not great ( tried usa tobacco flavour) and lacks choice in flavours ( this is from the person who was adamant they would just stick to tobacco flavour lol) also cartomizer quality is a bit hit and miss, most times they last well but sometimes you have to suck really hard to get any vapour and other times the cartomizer gets very hot and is used up in no time at all.

    Skycig – Love the flavours, cartomizers are great in a vast choice of flavours but they are the most expensive of the 4 or 5 brands I looked into before purchasing an ecig, and even though I was previously a 20 a day smoker and they advertise each cartridge lasts on average 20 cigs in my experience they don’t last anywhere near this amount, also the batteries ( after having to replace one of the original 2 received because it arrived faulty) only last for a couple of hours before needing recharging.

    now finally onto my V2 review – I had managed to stop smoking whilst using the zebra and skycig but didn’t want to continue with the zebra because I prefered the taste of a real cig, and every time I went out with just the skycig I worried about being left without a charged battery ( it has its own PCC but this will only recharge your batteries about 4 times before running out and it seemed I was recharging batteries almost constantly and had been left without a charged batter on a few occasions) it was also costing me more than I expected so I looked around for another ecig to try and after reading reviews decided on the v2.

    The V2 will be my final purchase of ecigs because I no longer have to try any more, this brand covers everything I want or need from an ecig,

    the flavours are brilliant ( so far I have tried Red, Congress, Cola, Vanilla – remember me saying I only wanted ones that tasted like tobacco lol)
    I have liked them all but congress is still my favourite, the cartomizers work out at £1 each if bought in bulk and last for the longest time of all 3 brands tried, the batteries are also long lasting and I can go out for the day with my PCC and 2 batteries confident that I will be able to use all day, and even though I didn’t try to give up smoking ( I just wanted to try ecigs to see what they tasted like and see if they were any better than the nicotine replacements I had previously used) I no longer think about reaching for a cigarette and am now a happy non smoking V2 vaper

  27. Smoked upto 25 a day – tried 4 different better known UK ecigs – all had problems – either leakeage of cartomizors, low vapour production, short battery life, or vapour would reduce after a few puffs or a combination of all of these. This meant that I always needed to carry a pack of cigs and smoke when things went wrong. I then read just about every review I could find and V2 seemed to top most or be in the top 2 or 3.

    Bought a kit from USA and never looked back.(expensive P&P from USA) More recently I bought a new PCC with the money I saved from not smoking from their new UK outlet and I now have a kit thats reliable anywhere.
    They now sell in the UK and I found the support people at BuyV2 very helpful.
    I will spoil myself with their new vapour couture kit – look very slim and elegant.

  28. i ordered the standard kit with one manual and one automatic battery. For me the automatic battery was better because i had a stronger hit in the throat. i got 2 flavours with it, vanilla and v2 red. V2 red is kind of strange flavour so i wasnt very pleased with. i thought to give it another chance and emailed their customer service to ask if i can return the manual battery and get an automatic one instead and also to give me one cartridge, a sample of the Congress before placing my next order.
    They replied to me ok for the battery but for the cartridge they said they didnt have and advised me to get the sample kit.
    i replied to them back that i just wanted the congress flavour, the sample kit has 10 flavours and costs 15,89 pounds so it would be a waste of money as i didnt want to try the rest of the flavours plus there is a chance i didnt like the congress either.
    They rejected my request one more time so i told them i would return the whole kit as this is not helpful at all.
    For me this is unacceptable, so well known company to be unable to provide to customers not even ONE cartridge. This certainly means they simply dont care so i am thinking to return the kit.
    There are so many companies out there you can choose. My friends have the Green Smoke kit and they are very happy with it and with their customer services. I will definatelly go there.

  29. E- liquid contents published, batches of liquid traceable, flavours more realistic than others, Saraha tastes the best. Discount for bulk buys on cartomisers about £1.00 each. Two UK suppliers. Can use batteries and cartomisers from other companies although batteries are 4.2 volts so other only supply at 3.7 volts so vapour is a bit less on the alternative batteries. Standard battery will last about 4 hours and recharge in 1.5 hours using their PCC which for me is about 50% longer that other batteries. Kit quality good buy with two batteries. Believe that due to higher voltage most cartomiser will suffer burning but vapour and taste is worth it. Heck at a £1.00 a cartomiser is it worth bothering about?

  30. V2Cigs is the first esmoke that i tried, pretty happy about it so far.
    only con is it doesnt taste like cigarette makes me feel like smoking a couple when im out with my friends.

    but you can smoke indoors! it is a bit of pain in the ass when you have to go outside to smoke in winter.

    does not hurt my throat as much as normal smoke did.
    but the sweetness in vapor makes me feel sick sometimes

  31. I ordered the couples kit for me and my husband, we have both smoked for the last 10 years. Its been 3 weeks now since we received the V2 Cigs kit and neither of us have had a real cigarette in that time!

    We went for both the manual and automatic batteries, both are good, I really like my stainless steel one, very classy 🙂 The flavours are good as well, my favourites are the cherry and V2 red, my husband likes both of them but thinks he is going to stick with congress which is another tobacco flavour.

    For anyone on the fence about trying electronic cigarettes don’t wait any longer! It feels great to be off the cigs!


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