Vapour2 have been one of the best selling ‘cig-a-like’ brands in the USA for a number of years with their Vapour2 Cigs kit but it’s only recently they have made a move into the ‘performance’ e cig market and they are doing this with the Vapour2 Pro Series 3. V2 Cigs Coupon codes for vape pens

Definitely a product I’ve been looking forward to trying since it was released in the UK a short while back as it does offer something that little bit different to the standard pen type e cigs out there.

The V2 Pro Series 3 features magnetic connectors and allows to use not only e-liquid but dry herbs and essential oil by swapping out the cartridges.

So let’s move on to having a closer look and see what it’s like!

This product was received free of charge for the purposes of this review. As always I will give my honest thoughts on the e cigarette.

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In The Box

The presentation box is basic with a cardboard sleeve and plastic tray insert. Inside the kit I received was the following:

  • 1 X Battery (manual 650mAh)
  • 1 X E-Liquid Cartridge/Clearomiser
  • Magnetic USB charger
  • Instruction manual

Vapour2 Pro Series 3 Battery


If you are used to seeing ego type batteries you will know that you have the battery and the clearomiser screws onto the top. The Vapour2 Pro Series 3, however, has been designed with a slight difference which is the first thing I noticed when taking it out of the box. V2 Pro Series 3 Review

The battery unit is housed in one long aluminium tube that the clearomiser actually slots into to create one seamless smooth e cig.

To add to this the cartridge doesn’t connect by the use of the standard screw thread you normally find. The V2 Pro 3, instead, has a magnetic connection which I have to say works really well, more on that in the next section though.

In addition to the magnetic cartridge connection this e cig also has a magnetic USB charging lead which simply clicks into place firmly when the two are brought together.

A real plus point here for me is that you can use this as a pass through e cig while it is charging. For those new to that term, it basically means you can vape the V2 Pro Series 3 while it is charging, so no down time.

Magnetic USB charger for the V2 Pro

The only break in the form of the body comes by way of the power button and two slits that act as a window to see the level of e-liquid remaining. The power button is designed to sit flush to the body and comes with a 3 click on/off function.

I found the windows were not much use as they are too small to be able to see the level of e-liquid properly. The thing with this e cig though is that you can simply pull the cartridge out when checking. No unscrewing remember, just pull it out and drop it back in, nice and easy.

How Does The Vapour2 Pro Series 3 Perform?

v2pro-series3-lightThe Vapour2 Pro Series 3 has one choice of battery which is rated at 650 mAh. Yeah, this isn’t going to break any records in terms of battery life in an ever increasing battery life/size reduction market but for most vapers this should do the trick.

Heavier vapers will find more frequent charging will come into play and with no option to buy a second back up battery (unless a new kit is purchased) this may not be ideal so keep that in mind.

For the first few charges (as a moderate vaper) I was getting a good 6-7 hours throughout the day so just fine for my habits.

This does, like all batteries, reduce the more charging cycles you put the battery through but this is to be expected.

There are a couple of things that I can think of that may be may put some off buying this device. The first thing is the lack of a variable voltage option, although this isn’t a major thing considering the ease of use V2 Cigs are promoting with the V2 Pro Series 3.

The second and more important point is the compatibility of the e cig.

Due to the proprietary magnetic connection with the battery/cartridge it’s worth keeping in mind you won’t be able to swap, change and try new clearomisers as you would if you were to buy an e cigarette with the popular 510/EGO threading.


I like the all in one design and the magnetic connections makes for an e cigarette that is super easy to use.

The 650 mAh battery isn’t huge in terms of battery life (when compared to the ever evolving UK e cig industry) but still does a good job. The lack of replacement battery options as it stands could be an issue.

Cartridge Vapour/Flavour


This is where things are really interesting with the Vapour2 Pro series 3 e cig. The magnetic cartridge.

This is a first for me and to be honest I thought it might have been a bit of a gimmick but no… It actually works really well, you can literally just drop the cartridge in the top and it snaps into place.

How secure is this? Well I tried shaking it out of place upside down and unless you really give it a sharp, hard jerk (which is unlikely in a real world situation) it stays in place securely.

Don’t make the mistake of putting the cartridge in without the mouthpiece on though, I did this and it’s an ache to get it out!

E-Liquid Cartridge for the V2 Pro Series 3

The cartridge itself is only 1.6ml, not great but still 0.1ml larger than the Kanger Pro Tank Mini which is a popular compact tank in the world of vaping. It also fits in with the the new 2ml max UK e cig regulations that came into force in 2016.

The tank itself is also plastic which can react badly with certain e-liquids causing cracks, would have been nice to see pyrex glass used here. I haven’t personally had this particular issue though.

V2 Pro Mouthpiece and Tank

The other thing that won’t sit well with everyone is the plastic mouthpiece. For me it took a while to get used to as I’m not the biggest fan of plastic, after a day of vaping and perseverance though it wasn’t a huge issue, it actually provided a pretty decent draw.


This kit doesn’t come with e-liquid so be sure to buy some! The good thing is you can use any juice you choose whether it be V2 Platinum e-liquid, who have a good range, or from another vendor.

A refillable cartridge allows for experimentation which is great. For this review I was using Halo Vapour Co vape juice.

Filling is easy, just take your time and tilt the cartomiser slightly dripping down the wall of the tank. Once full the mouthpiece screws into place and the cartridge simply drops into the body of the e cigarette.

I let things sit for 5 minutes to allow the wick to soak up the juice and then took my first drag. The results were excellent, for this type of tank I was getting plenty of vapour and the fruit flavours were very prominent.

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Also, no dry hits whatsoever after taking a good few drags in a row as well as zero issues with leaking onto the battery connection, in fact not even a hint of residue. Very impressed.

E Liquid Cartridge V2 Pro

Replacement V2 Pro Cartridge Prices

The V2 Pro Series 3 e-liquid cartridge will need to be replaced, V2 cigs say after around 20 refills, you could have more or less. This is dependent on many things such as the type of vaper you are and the e-liquid you use.

Not cheap for sure when compared with buying replacements for other tanks and this is something you will need to take into account if buying the Vapour2 Pro Series 3 as your next electronic cigarette.

It would have top marks for me if they had replaceable coil/atomisers heads, this would keep the cost down considerably. Hopefully this is something V2 will introduce as the Pro Series progresses as a product.

Different Cartridge Offerings

As mentioned at the beginning of this V2 Pro Series review, one of the things that makes this e cig not only different but more attractive to a wider audience is the different ‘vapourising’ options.

We have covered the E-Liquid Cartridge but there are also two others which need to be purchased separately.

  • Loose Leaf vaporizer cartridge
  • Essential Oil vaporizer cartridge

I haven’t tried any of these yet, although I do have the loose leaf option. I will add an update here when I have.

As their name suggests they are different types of cartridge that can be used with each for of ingredient. The loose leaf I’m sure will be the most popular for a variety of reasons or maybe just the one….

Loose Leaf Cartridge for V2 Pro Series 3

The clever thing here is that the battery reacts differently to each different cartridge. For the Loose Leaf the power button is held down for 3 seconds which activates the conduction heating function.

Then it’s a case of waiting for the battery to warm the cartridge to the correct temperature level which takes around 20 seconds. The battery light will turn green to let you know it’s good to go.

You can then take a draw without pressing the button. The heat can be turned off by pressing the button for 3 seconds again or it will automatically cut off after 120 seconds.

I like the way the unit can recognise the different cartridges here so if you are a user of both loose leaf and e-liquid then there is no need for two separate devices.

As for the Essential Oils cartridge, this isn’t available to buy yet in the UK but will also be able to heat nicotine gels and waxes.

So plenty for people to be getting stuck into!


The magnetic connection works very well, the e-liquid cartridge is only a 1.6ml capacity but this can be overlooked due to the great performance both in terms of flavour and vapour volume.

The only real downside for me at this point is that the coil/atomiser heads are not replaceable which requires you to buy a whole new tank each time.

Discount Coupons

EcigClick readers can use our exclusive Vapour2 discount code for 10% off any order. The coupon code can be found at the top of the page or the link below.

V2 Cigs Review – Overall

The Vapour2 Pro Series 3 offers such a range of options as well as ease of use that it’s difficult not to be impressed. Here are our final thoughts:

The Good

  • Super easy for brand new vapers to use.
  • Magnetic connection on battery and cartridge works well, just drop the cartridge into the slot and your good to go.
  • E Cig can be used when the battery is charging.
  • Loose Leaf and Essential Oils cartridges can be used in addition to the supplied e-liquid cart.
  • Flavour and vapour volume were both impressive.
  • No leaking or liquid residue at all when I’ve been using it.

The not so good

  • No replaceable battery. Once it drains a full new kit needs to be purchased.
  • The kit, as mentioned, is on the pricey side.
  • E-liquid cartridges must be completely replaced, no option to buy coil head replacements.
  • The magnetic connection on the e cig reduces your options when it comes to trying the wide variety of clearomiser tanks on offer.

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Jonny - Ecigclick

As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Vapour Volume
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!
v2-pro-series-3-reviewThe V2 Series Pro 3 is a great vape pen for new and more experienced vapers. If you are likely to use loose leaf as a vaping material it's a must have.


  1. bought the product , didn’t use it for 7 months, then when I did it broke within 2 weeks , became burnt tasting very quickly , lost the magnetic field twice and started working on the incorrect temperature too , avoid this product, called customer service , but because it was outside the 6 months , they had no help to give

  2. The series 3 ceramic cart is the best yet. Amazing flavor and vapor. I had to order a bunch more of these so I could use different flavors. I even have a few set aside for mixed juices. Highly recommend.

  3. looking at the v2 site i understand there were problems with a batch of the eliquid carts back last year over a few months and i did have 1 cart from about 8that had issues – customer service replaced immediately with no questions. thing is this it works – and it works well – nothing comes close to its simplicity and ease of use – no messing with coils and cotton and no fiddling about – click and you are done and if you actually work it out its cheaper than most alternatives where you buy coils, atomizers etc while still offering great vapour without the hassle. i cant spend £150 for 17 cartridges!! at once to supply me for a year but i know this is my personal vape! no leaks, no burnt taste im afraid.
    get a balance!

  4. Best part so far is the customer service, i cannot fault it. I had 2 dodgy tanks which were replaced straight away, as for the machine all is working good for me just trying their own juice now which seems much better than another leading brand. I must say they do need to supply replacement batteries for the series 3 so folk don’t have to buy the complete kit.

  5. With the purchase I bought 3 extra tanks/cartridges. All of these are not functioning as they should and are what I would consider broken and have no shelf life whatsoever. These cartridges leak e-fluid from the base of the metal rings that connect to the V2 PRO Unit, thus covering the unit in hazardous fluid, both when Vaped and when it is inside my £180 Barber Jacket. After spending nearly £150 with them, this simply wont do.

    On their website it says it uses our best electronic cigarette vaporizing technology. While this is true to some extent, I am pleased with its ability to vape, but the cartridge performance and very literal breaking, they are CLEARLY untested for any suitable time period. The resin used to bond the metal plates on the base of the cartridges is pure crap. Because of this it renders this product unusable! All three tanks I have purchased are broken after 2 months. There is simply no way i can refill one around 15 to 20 times as they suggest. These cartridges leak everywhere from the base.

    I kept the cartridge regularly topped up with e liquid as the site suggests. This in turn leaks from the BASE of the cartridges and not from the mouth-piece like one might expect from a tank, if any leaking occurs at all in an e-cig. The fluid passes into the V2 itself, causing it to cease function and more recently, treat the liquid as though it was a dry leaf and super-heat the liquid into molten fluid. We’d be safer smoking actual cigarettes… I must drain the V2 to get any response from it, this has happened countless times now. When its not trying to cook my face I have to rotate the cartridge from the V2 unit and tissue paper and watch as the liquid ‘leaks’ from the base. This product, is crap.

    I gave a very honest review. The ladies at the other end pf the phone in the UK branch are lovely and do their best to help. The American company are impossible to get a hold of for obvious reasons. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I will be suing them if I don’t get my refund. In fact, I’m just going to sue them, I took a picture of my burnt lip so that should help. Shouldn’t be much of an issue to get the cartridge to super-heat again and snap a picture of it, heck even live footage. Give me the option and I’ll post it here. It’s going to be 0n every site I can get it on so I’m sure you can catch it somewhere.

  6. I found this product superior to another 2 cheaper vape pens that I had purchased. I love the fact that it is so difficult to break. I have purchased 3 of these units since January 2015. I still have the first one and it still works even after accidentally slamming it in a car door (it has some dents). I lost the second but bought a third because I find that you do need a spare in some situations. The tank holds enough for a short night out but not enough for every situation. That battery lasts just longer than the tank does in my experience. I do get the burnt taste now and again but find that this is when I should replace the cartridge. I use 2 units at once and tend to replace both cartridges about once a month. Cartridges cost £7.99 each. I buy liquid from V2 at about £25 for 50ml and this bottle lasts me just over a month. All in all I spend £40 a month without the cost of the pen. Much cheaper than my £150- £200 a month smoking habit, or about the same if I lose a pen every month. In honesty, I think it is a good product that has helped me to quit.

  7. When I first got I loved it, I even preferred it over my tobacco. I didn’t realise that you had to replace the tanks but I thought not a problem I will get a couple of them so they should last a month as the first one lasted over two weeks. The new tanks arrived and the first one lasted four days before it was nearly impossible to get a toke on it (every eight tokes you might get a good one) so I tried the other tank which didn’t work at all. Customer service were excellent and replaced them without any hassle but then the replacement tanks were not much better. a horrible taste for four days and then nothing. the next tank was a nice taste for about five days and then back to the one in eight tokes is a good one situation, they need to fix this. Every time you have to wait a couple of days for new tank then that’s a couple of days you are climbing the walls and desperately trying to get your collection of dud tanks to work. This also shortens the batteries life in the long run. Please fix this and I will be a fan once again.

  8. Inconsistent performance in terms of volume of vapour and taste.

    The cartridges are expensive yet they don’t last very long (certainly way less than the advertised 20 refills) before developing a horrible burnt taste, which I put up with for a little while before renewing the cartridge because they’re expensive, but it ruins the experience and I worry about what is causing the burnt taste (am I inhaling nasty chemicals or vapourised metal where the coil is breaking down?).

    I also find the draw inconsistent. Sometimes it’ll give me plenty of vapour, sometimes it’ll give me next to nothing.

    It’s helped me a lot in terms of not smoking but for a product with a premium price tag it doesn’t work well enough overall.

  9. I would dearly love to make this ecig my daily device for smoking. Its compact, gives a reasonable amount of vapor and the throat hit it delivers is pretty good. But its an expensive device to purchase initially and the ongoing expense of cartridges is wearing thin with me. I’ve had only one cartridge that has lasted me in the vicinity of about 10 refills before it to had developed a burnt taste. all remaining cartridges have developed this awful burnt taste with 2-3 refills.
    I really don’t understand the popularity of this ecig as I’m not the only one to have complained about the burnt taste. Its got to be one of the foulest tastes out there, and when it hits, it ruins the whole day as you’re preparing yourself for another burnt taste with the next cartridge.
    I’m not a heavy vaper, and I don’t pull a drag for that long, but this burnt taste is really ruining the experience for me.
    I bought a total of 17 cartridges to supply me for a year of vaping with the V2, however these have been depleted due to the burnt taste developing way before the advertised expiry date. I’m now just waiting for a replaceable coil design for the Series 3 (maybe under the Series 3a), which will maybe reinvigorate my faith in V2. For now though I’ve had to find other alternatives from other manufacturers.

    • Mr Kous, please call or email us we have no details of an order from you.
      V2PRO S3 comes with 6 months warranty.

      V2PRO S3 Cartridges can be refilled 15-20 times before replacement

      V2 UK Customer Services Telephone +44 1733 555 555

      V2 UK Customer Services Email

      Dear Mr Kous, please get in touch so that we can help resolved any problems you are having.
      Thank you.

      V2Cigs UK customer services

  10. I can’t fault customer service, they have replaced 2 faulty V2Pros immediately – with 3 new ones actually as a replacement was faulty also. I now have 2 with the “new chip” but find them really disappointing. No flavour at all using V2 Red tobacco – only thing I was able to taste was the menthol and peppermint. If I smoke too hard the liquid comes through the mouthpiece. and burns my mouth.

    Always wanting a cigarette so I don’t think these are working for me at all.
    Now I am just very disappointed that I have spent so much money on this product.

    • Dear Suzanne,

      We have just received a fully tested and updated delivery of V2 PRO’s with new improved charging cables.

      If you want to reorder we will ship to you FREE of charge.

      Thank you for your kind comments about our excellent customer service.

      We try our best to treat all customers to a high standard.

      Please do get in touch.
      V2 Cigs UK Customer Service
      +44 1733 555 555

  11. I waited a little while for my Pro as V2 sold out. Have had it a few days now and I can safely say this is the best vape pen/ego ever. Maybe too much vapour?! – but I love it.Have been vaping over a year and this is different class. Proper build quality, no messing with replacing coils, no leaks etc. Couldn’t disagree with Nancy more – must have had some bad luck there? There were teething probs from what I saw on some posts on the early Pros but V2 say they are sorted. I dont need an e-cig and a vaporizer – just a V2! Cigs at over £8/pack – eiquid tank should last around a month!
    Tip – grind the herb down..small.

  12. Inconsistent performance in terms of volume of vapor and taste. Battery needs frequent recharging. Must replace entire tank after 20 fills. They are too small and I have to fill twice a day. Replacements expensive.
    Customer service great. They sent me a replacement and it performs as badly as the original one. I’m totally unsatisfied with the performance. Not going to work for me.

    • We are very disappointed if any customer has a bad experience with any V2 Cigs product. V2Cigs has over 2 million customers worldwide and it is our mission to ensure genuine customer satisfaction.

      We immediately replace all new faulty products when requested. We have no record of any customer with the name Nancy Torsen buying any of our products aso this might have been purchased as a gift. Can either Nancy or the original purchaser please contact us so that we can replace the Vaporizer.

      Thank you
      V2Cigs UK Customer Support
      01733 555 555


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