I’m taste testing a new range of vape juice from a hugely popular and highly successful UK company – the new Vape Dinner Lady Ice Tea e liquid from their Drinks range.

If you’ve ever been to a Vaper Expo, either in the UK or somewhere else in the world, I’m pretty sure you’ll see a Dinner Lady stand, usually a number of well dressed Ladies in fancy outfits, tempting you to try Dinner Lady’s wide range of e-liquids.

Dinner Lady Drinks Eliquid Range Review

I’ve never actually tried any Dinner Lady e-Liquids, which is surprising because I for one find the ‘well dressed ladies‘ as Expo, quite appealing.

The Lemon Tart from Dinner Lady is rated very highly from what I’ve heard too…

So I’m keen to crack on with their new Drinks line, which for now consists of three iced tea-based e-liquids.

What Can We Expect From The Vape Dinner Lady Drinks Range?

The Vape Dinner Lady Ice Tea e liquid range comes in 50ml bottles with room for your 10ml nic shot.

They are all 70VG 30PG e-liquids, and I quite like the unusually shaped bottle tops on these which are colour coded to match the label.

dinner lady girls

I’ve set up my Smok Scar-18 mod with an Argard Mini on the top, with a single alien coil coming out at 0.20 Ohms.

What’s made me chuckle, is how they’ve made such an effort with these nicely colour coded bottles, fancy labeling and then clearly forgot to hire someone to produce a decent description of the flavour profiles…

You’ll see what I mean when you scroll down…

Hilarious! Taken from their website directly too! I guess they are self explanatory 🙂

Let’s give them a little bash shall we!

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Dinner Lady – Lemon Iced Tea 0mg 70/30 VG PG

Dinner Lady Drinks Eliquid lemon iced teaDinner Lady Say:

The E-Liquid flavour profile is: Lemon with iced tea.

Initial Thoughts:

A Cool hit with a light Lemony Kick and a tiny bit of tea.

I Say:

I had to spend quite a while vaping this one to truly be able to break down the whole experience from the Lemon Iced Tea.

Mainly because I don’t generally vape Icy-based e-liquids, so the koolada shot on my first few vapes was a little breath-taking.

After a while my palate began to adjust and look past the cool hit, which really isn’t too powerful, just a little surprising at first.

After the cooling hit you begin to taste a very light lemon, and what I can only describe as a very earthy tea flavour.

It’s similar to drinking tea, without milk, which is what you would expect from an iced-tea, however, it’s a little too earthy if that makes any sense.

I also find I get an odd aftertaste from this one, the freshness of the e-liquid and the lemon is really good, with a light sweet hint to build up the flavours, but for me the tea flavour isn’t quite right, it doesn’t compliment the Lemon and the cooling hit, it ruins it.

Dinner Lady – Mango Iced Tea 0mg 70/30 VG PG

mango iced tea

Dinner Lady Say:

The E-Liquid flavour profile is: Mango with iced tea.

Initial Thoughts:

Not as cooling, but fresh and fruity.

I Say:

After adjusting to the super cool-ness of the Lemon Iced Tea, I prepared for another icy burst. But No!

Now maybe I have adjusted to the cool hit from these flavours, but actually I genuinely think the Mango Iced Teas just isn’t as cooling as the Lemon.

On the inhale there is a cool hit to it, but it’s softened by a sweet subtle mango that also comes through nicely on the exhale, and the gentlest sensation of tea – and no earthy tea aftertaste.

I feel the mango does a better job of pulling the iced-tea flavour together to make for a more enjoyable vape.

The mango is fresh and fruity and when combined with a sweet hint, a subtle bit of iced tea and the cooling hit you end up with a vape ideal for a summers day in the Garden.

Dinner Lady – Peach Mint Iced Tea 0mg 70/30 VG PG

peach mint iced tea

Dinner Lady Say:

The E-Liquid flavour profile is: Peach Mint with iced tea.

Initial Thoughts:

A sweet peach and a smooth garden mint! Unusual but pleasant…

I Say:

This one won’t be for everyone.

However, every time I try an e-liquid that has ‘mint‘ included in the description, I always frown.

But I really shouldn’t because each and every time, I have been been proven wrong and enjoyed the flavour.

The Peach Mint Iced tea is no different, on the inhale there is a really smooth, thick feeling peach which is rounded off nicely by a slightly sweet cool mint flavour and a touch of tea.

The exhale only confirms the experience and the flavour leaves you with a lovely aftertaste of a minty peach and again, a very subtle iced tea.

This one feels even less cooling than the Mango, but the very slight coolness of this one really helps the Peach and the Garden mint flavour come through, which doesn’t leave much space to enjoy the Tea flavour, but it is there just to complete the experience.

Final Review Verdict

Iced-Tea flavours won’t be for everyone, personally Iced-Tea is something I never purchase in e-liquid form but tend to enjoy when on one of my trips to Greece.

There’s just something about an Iced Tea in the late afternoon that I really enjoy when I’m by the sea in Halkidiki.

Starting from top to bottom, I really didn’t get on with the Lemon Iced Tea, I feel like the Lemon plus the over the top cooling doesn’t really do the e-liquid any favours and for some odd reason, and only on the lemon, I felt a weird earthy tea aftertaste.

The Mango Iced Tea is much better, a fresh fruity mango with a clean tea flavour to fill the mouth – definitely one for summer.

The Peach Mint Iced Tea is a winner for me, the combination of the prominent Peach, with a Minty hint really helps to pull the whole Iced Tea flavour together and leaves you with a fresh, slightly cool fruity aftertaste.

So have you tried the new Vape Dinner Lady Ice Tea e liquid range?

Let me know how you got on in the comments below 🙂

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Lemon Iced Tea
Mango Iced Tea
Peach Mint Iced Tea
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