Does the Flavour Live Up To The Award Winning Packaging?

London based Vape Dodo is a relatively new e-liquid company with four flavours and one more due very soon.

The company recently won an award for Best Packaging and indeed the visuals are very good indeed.

However and as I’ve said many times in e-liquid reviews – the packaging is a tiny part of what makes a good e-liquid – it HAS to be all about the flavour and maybe the price.

vape dodo

Talking about packaging the e-liquids I received direct from Vape Dodo came in a sturdy box and arranged in what I’m guessing is the style of a Dodo nest.

The e-liquid descriptions – like the graphics and website – are of a rather flamboyant style which suggests adventure and exploration.

OK given the Dodo is dead – extinct – passed on – expired – gone to meet his maker…are my taste buds brought back to life by these juices?

All flavours come in a 80VG/20PG mix. I vaped half of each bottle on my trusty Doge II RDA and the Digiflavor Drop RDA in squonk mode.

Let’s take a closer look…as always my thoughts and opinions are my own and as with all e-juice reviews tastes subjective in nature.

Smooth Forbidden Peach

Vape Dodo Says:

A crime punishable by death! Snatched from the clutches of high-flying aristocrats deep in the Orient, these peaches really are forbidden.

Concealed in jars of yoghurt, smuggled onto ships before daybreak and transported across three oceans, nineteen sailors perished so that this smooth blend could make its way through the docks of Greenwich and into your lucky hands.

And what thanks give you? A few measly coins?

Be gone with ye.


I Say…

OK – and this will be a recurring theme lol – the description is shall we say a little flowery with the actual description of the flavours left to a single line – in this case:

Creamy yoghurt & sweet peaches…

Sure I get a hint of peach and a slight creamy yoghurt but certainly more a Petits Filous than shall we say a tart and robust adult yoghurt.

This is definitely an ADV as you spend all day vaping it hoping for a sudden punch of peach or a slap of sour yoghurt rather than a rather uniform sweet fruit ‘n cream flavor.

It’s OK but certainly not worth the lives of 19 sailors – decent vapour though.

Raspberry Moonshine

Vape Dodo Says:

“Shipwreck ahead!” Cried young Edmund from the crows nest. Having been at sea seven months, morale was low. We had got wind of a dangerous beast in our midst and Edmund’s calls demanded a fearful silence from the crew. Hours passed until we finally we saw it.

A gargantuan Kraken had its tentacles wrapped around a ship. Writhing in tumultuous waters the beast crushed the vessel with its powerful grip, splinters the size of trees exploded into the sky above…


I Say…

It goes on like that for a while longer…with little if any mention of the flavour…

Actual flavour is Rich wine & ripe berries…

Oh dear with that build up I was hoping for something very special.

What I’ve got is the slightest perfumed fruit fizz reminiscent of fruity candy that’s had all the sweetness sucked out by your annoying little brother.

I’m guessing the heavy back note is a bottom shelf supermarket red wine with watered down berry cordial added to make a weaker than normal spritzer.

It has an odd smell too rather like the breath of that annoying Aunt who’s had too many sherries at Christmas and wants to kiss everyone – decent vapour though…

Cast-away Coconut

Vape Dodo Say:

A wild and treacherous storm had blown our ship off course and we were lost sailing on open ocean for days. Becalmed, our rations were running low and the crew were beginning to look at each other with ravenous glee.
Days trailed by with all but the slightest of winds to guide our way until we saw land in the distance. Our luck had turned. It was paradise…

I Say…

Yup it goes on like that for a while longer…

Actual flavour = Fresh coconut with a hint of sweet fruit…

OK whilst this isn’t my idea of a taste of paradise it is much better than the previous two.

On the inhale you get a lovely rich coconut milk very nutty flavour that is extremely moreish and yeah it does remind me of a Bounty bar.

The exhale brings in the hint of fruit notes but none that I could pick out individually – think a fruit smoothie made with coconut milk that just stays the right side of being too sweet.

I liked this one – good vapour too.

Alpine Berry

Vape Dodo Says:

Our expedition into the mountains had left us wary. Most of us had avoided crevices, avalanches and snow leopards until we reached heights no man had climbed to before. And some men never would. But there, atop the highest peak, we found it.

The fabled garden in the sky. Rife with berries and mint-leaves unrivaled in freshness, we filled our packs and began the long journey home to deliver the now-sacred goods to those fortunate enough to sample them.


I Say…

Actual flavour = Red berries and fresh mint leaves…

Despite not being a fan of menthol or mint flavoured e-liquids this one almost had me ordering more.

I say almost because IF they’d put the fruit front and centre with the mellow mint as a back note this would be delicious.

Sadly the fruit tries hard to mingle with the mint but ends up slightly washed out.

To be fair it’s a refreshing vape but my tongue’s messages to the brain demanded sharper fruit flavours rather than the watered down taste I was getting – even at higher temps.

Again great vapour!

Final Verdict Vape Dodo E-Liquids

I’m 50:50 on these four Vape Dodo flavours – two are not that nice in my opinion and the other two are almost very nice indeed.

I just feel the flavours are all a little muted – especially the fruit.

If you’re looking for big and bold flavours then I personally don’t think these fit the bill.

Subtle for sure but sadly I don’t want to hunt for the taste when I’m vaping – great vapour though 😉

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Smooth Forbidden Peach
Raspberry Moonshine
Cast-away Coconut
Alpine Berry
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