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Jail Threat To Indian Vapers – Totally Wicked In WHSmith Deal – JUUL Sales Slip – Thailand Vape Ban Remains and Now It’s Animals Protesting JUUL!

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Jail Sentences For Vaping In India?

Leaked draft plans to ban all forms of vaping in India suggests the government may be about to get tough and impose strict punishments on anyone caught with any kind of e-cigarette.

Huge fines of up to $7,000 and jail sentences of up to 3 years could be imposed as the country creeps closer to making all forms of vaping illegal.

News agency Reuters has received internal government documents that shows the possibility of a teen vape epidemic is key to the proposed legislation.

The criminalization of vaping is on the cards – despite the country being home to over 106 million smokers with close to a million deaths from tobacco related diseases reported each year.

india vape ban

Despite this the document claims:

E-cigarettes and similar technologies that encourage tobacco use or adversely impact public health are hazardous for an active as well as passive user.

There is evidence that these products are a gateway to tobacco products and induce adolescents and young adults to nicotine use leading to addiction.

All of which is complete rubbish of course and really does make your head spin.

There’s no clue as to when or if this draft executive order will come into force, but if it does it’s absolutely disgusting and will put umpteen millions of more smokers lives at risk.


Totally Wicked In WHSmith Deal

UK vape chain Totally Wicked has secured a massive deal with WHSmith to sell its products in the iconic stores.

With 445 shops in towns, railway stations and airports, this is a major coup for the Blackburn based company.

Totally Wicked already has deals with Bargain Booze and Euro Garages and sponsors the Blackburn Rovers training kit and currently has 150 retail shops.


The company’s retail director, Julian Urry, said:

I am delighted that Totally Wicked and WHSmith will be able to provide consumers with greater access to some of our premium range of products.

As the number of people vaping in the UK continues to grow, vapers are seeking easier access to purchase vaping products, in particular, e-liquids.

Selecting the right partner to represent our brand and sell our products is extremely important to us.

WHSmith is an ideal partner, having over the past 225 years built a reputation for delivering outstanding customer service, and with 445 high street stores stocking Totally Wicked products they provide a great addition to our brand.

Good news indeed.


JUUL Facing Price War in the States

Financial experts have crunched the numbers and say vape giant JUUL’s sales are starting to slip.

Data from consumer experts Nielsen, shows a small but significant slide in JUUL sales in the first two periods of 2019.

Business insiders says JUUL’s decision to remove all fruity flavours from bricks and mortar shops led to rival companies stepping in.

juul pod styles

NJOY is selling its Ace e-cig for just 99c whilst BAT’s Vuse Alto has just begun selling at under a dollar.

Vivien Azer, a Nielson analyst said it was JUULs:

…first [year-over-year] share loss since its massive-run up.

JUUL still holds sway over the US vape sales commanding 75% of the market.


No Plans To Lift Ban On E-Cigs in Thailand

Despite lobbying from vape advocacy groups and Phillip Morris Inc the prime minister of Thailand says the vape ban will not be lifted.

General Prayut Chan-o-cha believes legalizing all vape products could put extra stress on the country’s health budget saying:

Someone wants these black-market products, which have a substantial value, to be legalized.

Making decisions on this matter, the government cannot simply consider the economic impact.

E-cigarettes will also impact people’s health and an extra burden on health-care.

Say what?!?

ban all the vaping things

PMI says it will continue to lobby the government however as it stands now it looks like a waste of time – bad news for the country’s smokers.

The current tough laws means anyone – including tourists – caught vaping in the country face heavy fines and jail sentences of up to 10 years!

Meanwhile lit tobacco is available legally everywhere.



and finally…Barking Mad Animal Based Anti JUUL Video!

Doug the Pug is just one of the animals used in a new advert using animals to attack JUUL!

The video ad is the work of the Truth Initiative – a vehement anti-tobacco and vaping group and premiers on the MTV awards.

The use of animals is to show in this case the human users of JUUL are in fact ‘lab rats’ as in the true effects of vaping are not known!

Rats get in on the act too holding up banners and saying:

No one knows the long term effects of JUULing, so any human who uses one is being used as a lab rat!

juul animal protest

Meanwile Doug the Pug says he’ll never stop fighting JUUL adding “or the mail man” lol.

Eric Asche from Truth Initiative said:

We did a recent survey and found out that 63 percent of young people don’t know that JUUL always contains nicotine.

We know more about what’s in a bag of potato chips than what’s in a JUUL product.

The threat is real. The danger is real.

Oh my…they’re all barking mad 😉

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any crazier over the pond…

More Vape News on Wednesday!

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