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Massachusetts Vape Bans End | New York Ban Extended | UK Anti-Vape Ambassadresses In the US | New FDA Commissioner Named | Lung Health Experts Cheer India Vape Ban | Santa Sucks On An IQOS and Which Pop Warbler Demands JUUL Pods?


Massachusetts Vape and Marijuana Bans Lifted

Some good news for beleaguered vapers and vape shops in the state of Massachusetts and just in time for Christmas!

This week the Public Health Council overturned the ban that was brought in back in September on the back of the THC scare known as EVALI.


That led to numerous deaths and serious respiratory illnesses which the Centers for Disease Control – CDC has finally stated came from oils found inside illicit street bought THC cartridges.

Sales of marijuana and vape products can now resume in bricks and mortar shops so long as they follow strict new guidelines which includes showing safety warnings inside the premises.

DPH Commissioner Dr. Monica Bharel said:

What the regulations do is allow a regulatory and legal framework to limit the access to these products, put in place warnings and signages so people can understand their risk and, importantly, limit access for youth and young people.

It’s certainly good news – but sadly it may be too late for many vape businesses that have been forced to close.

Montana Bans Flavours!

As one door opens another closes and in this case Montana will bring in a complete vape flavour ban from next Wednesday.

A temporary ban had ended back in October, however the state health department took the matter to court last Friday lookign for an extension.

The judge heard the arguments and as not yet ruled.

Despite that, health officials say the ban WILL be enforced.

New York Extends Vape Ban Despite Court Case

The actual NY vape ban is actually banned from being enforced due to an ongoing court case – but it’s going ahead anyway!

Last Thursday, the State Department of Health’s Public Health and Health Planning Council voted to extend the current ban by a further 90 days and say it’s – of course – to protect the kids.

gov cuomo NY flavour ban meme

The court case that challenges the original ban order was brought in by the Vapor Technology Association.

However Brad Hutton, deputy commissioner of the department’s Office of Public Health, has decided to ignore the court ruling adding:

We feel that a comprehensive slate of initiatives is needed to regulate e-cigarettes, just as we did with tobacco.

However, I think the single initiative needed to curb the incredibly high usage among youth is to get flavors out of the market in New York state.

Crazy and probably unlawful!

UK Stop Vaping ‘Ambassadresses’ Helping US Kids Quit the Vape!

I had to look up what ‘ambassadresses’ meant and it’s the plural of female ambassadors.

In this case the girls are taking part in the #IcanEndTheTrend campaign in Kentucky USA – the trend in this case being vaping.

The girls have visited over 50 schools and the idea is they pair up with a student vaper to support them to quit.

Hayley Leach is one of the UK ambassadresses and said:

I think they feel far more comfortable talking about the issue with someone like me who sees it on my own college campus, and has seen it within my own friend group.

Rather than the clumsy title of ambassadresses – maybe they should be called anti-influencers…

New FDA Commissioner Confirmed

As most of us were expecting, Dr Stephen Hahn will become the next commissioner of the FDA.

Last week the US Senate voted 72 to 18 to make him the Food and Drugs Administration supremo.

stephen hahn MD next fda commisioner

He replaces Norman Ned Sharpless who’s been in the post temporarily following the resignation of Scott Gottleib.

No one quite knows what his thoughts on vaping are – though he has hinted he’s keen to – yeah you guessed it – protect the kids.

When asked recently about any future flavour ban, he said:

…this is an important, urgent crisis in this country.

I’m not privy to those decision-making processes, but I very much agree and support that aggressive action needs to be taken to protect our children.

He’ll now be having meetings with President Trump and let’s hope both men see sense and legislate rather than ban flavours.

India’s Vape Ban Welcomed By Global Lung Health Experts!

The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease says India’s vape ban is to be congratulated!

It says the new Prohibition of Electronic Cigarettes Act 2019 is the best way to stop none smokers and kids from taking up vaping.

International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease

A spokesman for the Union said:

The Union has strongly supported the Government of India’s decision to ban e-cigarettes in India, and we are pleased to see that this has now been passed into law, despite heavy opposition from the industry.

Banning e-cigarettes in the country is the best way to ensure that young people and non-smokers do not take up vaping and become addicted to nicotine, making them more likely to go on to smoke harmful cigarettes. India has shown strong leadership in preventing a vaping epidemic in the country, and we hope that other countries will follow this example.

Given India is home to 120 million smokers or a whopping 12% of the world’s smokers – I have to say it’s shocking such a group of lung health specialists are pro-vape bans – guess they must get funding from the WHO 😉

As I said in my article: The India Vape Ban Is Nothing Short Of An Act Of Democide – by removing a viable harm reduction tool that is known to be 95% safer than smoking – the ban is not only ridiculous – but criminal.

Vaping Tweet of the Week

I’m assuming the rabid anti-vape crowd are up in arms over IQOS promoting its device using Father Christmas lol



Santa isn’t real?

Say it ain’t so!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

…and finally…Pop Star’s ‘Rider’ Includes JUUL Pods!

I admit I had to look up who the hell Liam Payne was – not very hip of me I know – but the pop warbler appears to be a JUULer…

He recently popped up for a 2 hour meet ‘n greet at HMV in Liverpool and had more than a few demands.

liam payne juul
image via PA

His Rider – what ‘stars’ demand in their dressing rooms – included ginseng shots – cold and room temperature bottled water lol – and JUUL pods!

The boy obviously has no taste…when it comes to vaping at least – oooo get me all bitchy and shit lol.

More Vape News on Wednesday!

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