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Keep On Vaping Say UK Medical and Vape Experts

The US Government is wrong to urge vapers across the country to “stop vaping immediately” according to UK medical and vape experts.

As you have probably seen in the media, there has been 2 and maybe more deaths and 450 respiratory illnesses in the United States, all of which the have been falsely linked to vaping as the root cause.

As I say in my article: Vaping Is NOT About To Kill You – But Black-Market THC Cartridges Might – the link appears to be contamination or a combo of dangerous substances added to illicit THC cartridges.

New York State Department of Health)
Image via New York State DOH

These are street bought cartridges containing cannabis, of which most appear to contain a Vitamin E acetate – safe to ingest, but reacts differently when heated and inhaled, and in some cases a diluent known as Honey Cut – read more in the article above.

However renowned cardiologist and huge vape advocate, Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos thinks the authorities maybe a little too quick to blame Vitamin E acetate as the root cause.

I suggest reading his Tweet and in particular the learned responses:

Dr Farsalinos has also written an extensive and excellent blog post on the matter which is well worth a read.

The THC cartridges currently believed to link to many of the reported cases include: Chronic Carts, Dank Vapes, and West Coast Carts – though many others containing Honey Cut are out there.

The advice is simple – throw away any ‘street bought’ cartridges and buy only from reputable stores.

UK Vape Experts Say No Need For Alarm

Prof Paul Aveyard, is a Professor of Behavioural Medicine at the University of Oxford, and says there is no evidence regular vaping causes harm adding:

While vaping does produce some toxins, those are at significantly lower levels than seen in cigarette smoke.

If vaping typically caused severe lung damage, we’d have seen many more cases in people who smoke, which we have not.

These cases are worrying and need investigating, but advice from all official bodies in the UK is that it is always preferable to vape than to smoke.

Today’s reports should not change that advice.

dr sarah jackson
Dr Sarah Jackson via Twitter

Dr Sarah Jackson, Senior Research Fellow, UCL Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group, University College London, agreed:

The recent cluster of vapers developing lung problems follows a decade of widespread e-cigarette use without reports of similar adverse effects.

The majority of cases appear to have been vaping illicit e-liquids containing THC.

E-cigarettes are the most popular quitting aid used by smokers – and among the most effective.

Advice to discourage people from vaping legal, regulated e-liquids appears to be unwarranted and risks pushing people back to smoking.

Prof Peter Hajek, Director of the Tobacco Dependence Research Unit, Queen Mary University of London, likened the outbreak to cases where illegal alcohol was sold giving people acute illness and symptoms:

The mystery seems to have been resolved now, with cases being traced to a contaminated marijuana extract.

Although the scare is being used to put smokers off switching from cigarettes to much less risky vaping, it has nothing to do with e-cigarettes as they are normally used in this country.

E-cigarettes have been around for over a decade now and are used by millions of people, with no such cases occurring. The outbreak is similar to methanol poisonings that kill people every now and then when contaminated alcohol is sold.

Final word to John Dunne, chairman of the UK Vaping Industry Association [UKVIA]:

UK vapers and smokers can be assured that the vaping devices and e-liquids they purchase in reputable local vape shops , online suppliers or convenience stores in the UK are produced to the highest standards.

Vaping is still at least 95% safer than smoking.

He also sent out this Tweet:

It really can’t be clearer than this – it’s the street bought THC contaminated cartridges causing this health crisis and NOT your everyday vape device or e-liquid.

Be smart and be safe and ONLY buy from reputable stores.

Heat Not Burn Sales War Hots Up

PMI’s IQOS is the current market leader for heat not burn products, but now British American Tobacco [BAT] is hoping for glowing sales figures from two new devices.

The glo pro and glo nano will be going head to head with the Phillip Morris Inc IQOS when it launches in Japan next month.

BAT glo pro hnb device
Image via Reuters

The Japanese heat not burn market is particularly strong and doubled sales in 2018 with IQOS holding over 70% of the market.

The glo brand lies in second and with PMI and Altria looking to join forces again, BAT knows this would mean the new joint company will dominate the e-cigarette and HNB industry.


Smoking Ban Has Improved UK’s Pubs

The latest edition of the Good Pub Guide reckons the smoking ban has made the UK’s pubs better places to eat and drink.

12 years on from the ban – that I remember bloody hating lol – pubs are now cleaner – fresher and perfect for families to enjoy.

The yearly guide is made up from both visitor and editor recommendations and includes 40,000 pubs across the country.

More Pubs Should Be Vape Friendly!

The Guide says:

Those bars full of fug and male chat quickly became a thing of the past.

Pubs adapted by installing smokers shelters and outdoor heaters, and licensees soon realized that by making their pubs smoke-free, they turned into cleaner, brighter places, and opened up a massive new customer base: women and families with young children who headed to pubs for a meal and even an overnight stay.

I think most vapers and of course none-smokers will agree, but being a bit shall we say ‘old school’ I don’t like the use of the term ‘male chat’ – pretty sexist if you ask me 😉

However, it would be nice if more pubs allowed vaping and I suggest you read my articles – links below – and then grab an NNA Considerate Vaping Welcome sticker and pop down your local and have a chat with the landlord/lady:


Vaping Tweet of the Week

Of course the spate of illness and deaths over in the US is a serious issue.

However, the speed of which health officials over in the States linked the root cause to vaping has led to the media frenzy and panic we’re faced with.

So over to vice chair of the New Nicotine Alliance – known as @grannylouisa over on Twitter who tweeted to our old frenemy Scott Gottlieb this little pearl:

Excellent 😉

…and finally…Mice That Vape Regularly Can Get Lung Diseases

I get the feeling one eminent professor who I’ve quoted a lot on here is getting a little sick and tired of those ridiculous experiments and studies showing vaping is dangerous.

Personally, next to pod review fatigue [a known mental illness nowadays] – it does get a little tiresome writing the plethora of anti-vape scaremongering study rebuttal articles I have to write…not complaining as I like to get the real facts out there – but you get my drift.

And yes, sometimes I’ve been shall we say a little snippy.

So hat’s off to esteemed scientist Prof John Britton, Director of the UK Centre for Tobacco & Alcohol Studies, University of Nottingham.

prof john britton

Faced with yet another spurious claim from a study that found mice that vaped were prone to getting lung diseases, the pun filled prof responded thus:

This will be helpful to doctors who are consulted by mice thinking of moving into a cage full of smoke or vapour for the rest of their lives.

Lungs are delicate organs, and long-term inhalation of anything other than clean air is likely to cause damage, but the relevance of damage to mouse lungs to human health is far from clear.

HaHa excellent 🙂

Here’s a couple of my No! Vaping Wont Give You – fill in the blanks…articles:

More vape news on Wednesday!

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