As the whole world gets to grips with the COVID-19 lock down is there any vape related panic buying going on?

And if so, is there even a need for vapers to order boxes full of cotton, coils and e-liquid?

vape mail no vape related panic buying

I mean let’s face it, things like toilet paper are as rare as rocking horse sh!t – pun intended – so should vapers be stockpiling as if Armageddon is nigh?

We’ve spoken to three of the UK’s major online vape shops who say that at the time of writing, stocks on the shelves are plentiful and they are getting regular deliveries in from China and elsewhere.

The UK Government is still undecided as to making bricks and mortar vape shops ‘essential’. As I’ve argued before, if off licenses and liquor stores are deemed as ‘essential’ – then why not bricks and mortar vape shops? Alcohol kills millions each year, whilst vaping saves millions.

I know very many high street vape shops, from the chains to the independents, are offering delivery services, but if you live away from one doing that – online is your only option.

We asked the same questions to online vape stores, let’s see what the business owners have to say.

Vape Related Panic Buying – – Has Increased Stock say there’s plenty of vape stock to go around but only if vapers continue to buy their usual orders.

vape related panic buying

However, they say they have indeed brought in extra stock of the most popular vape coils and e-liquid.

Are you open for business?

We certainly are. As it stands the government is encouraging online shopping and we hope to be able to continue to keep vapers vaping in these tough times.

We are of course monitoring government guidelines on a regular basis and will react according to their guidelines.

Any extra precautions in place for staff?

All office based staff are working from home but there is no change in the way customers can get in touch.

We currently distribute from a Customs bonded facility, endorsed by the Government. The safety of warehouse staff and the public is of course paramount. Government requirements are met, social distancing is implemented and hand sanitisers are made available and are used.

Are you getting enough vape gear, coils and juice in from China/UK suppliers?

We work closely with a number of suppliers many of which are based in the UK. Our suppliers have increased stock with certain product lines such as coils.

It is something we are keeping an eye on throughout each day and we are reacting best we can to keep stock levels up on best selling coils/e-liquids. So as of yet we have not had any issue with stock.

Should vapers be stocking up on anything in particular?

As it stands we have good stock levels on important product lines such as coils and e-liquid. We don’t see a need for loo roll inspired panic buying though.

Just buy as you usually would and cover for the period of time you would normally.

Do you think you’ll remain open for the foreseeable future?

We use a number of different delivery companies so as long as they are still operational we don’t see any disruption to our day to day operation. As previously mentioned we are keeping a close eye on government guidelines and will of course follow these as and when any change may be needed.

Any message to your customers?

First and foremost we wish the best for everyone in these unprecedented times we are all currently living through. As proud members of this great industry we understand that many rely on vaping to keep them off the cigarettes. We are also in the same situation as vapers and ex smokers.

So we hope we can continue to help keep you vaping. Also, if we don’t have something listed on the site that you use and are struggling to find it then please send us a message and we will do our best to source the item for you.

Checkout the website here. Save 5% With Code ECIGCLICK.

Vape Related Panic Buying – JAC Vapour Says Big Increase In Demand

Scottish based vape manufacturer JAC Vapour says its business as usual but there has been a spike in orders.

jac vapour no vape related panic buying

The company does not have any bricks and mortar vape shops and most staff are able to work from home.

Are you open for business?


As an exclusively online business, the government has encouraged us to stay open and continue serving customers during the ‘lockdown’ period announced on Monday 23rd March. Customers can continue to browse and order as normal via our website.

Any extra precautions in place for staff?

We made the decision two weeks ago for our head office team to begin remote working, but this doesn’t have any impact on our ability to speak to and assist customers.

We’re still hard at work, and ready to deliver the same excellent support and customer service as always.

At our packhouse, in a remote part of Scotland, the hard-working team are taking all necessary and required precautions to protect themselves, as well as any delivery drivers visiting.

This includes regular handwashing, the use of protective gloves, regular cleaning with disinfectant products and social distancing within the warehouse.

Are you getting enough vape gear – coils and juice in from China/UK suppliers?

We have been working with our suppliers and delivery partners to ensure that our shelves remain stocked throughout the lock down period and beyond, and that we can continue to get our customers’ orders delivered as quickly as possible.

Any stock shortages now or very soon?

We have, inevitably, seen increased demand on many of the ‘essentials’, which we consider the most popular tobacco and menthol flavours, as well as replacement coils for our S17/S22/VIM tanks.

Fortunately, we carry a lot of stock of these lines, in future weeks we may see reduced stock on some lines but we have orders due for regular delivery therefore stock replenishment is on-going.

Should vapers be stocking up on anything in particular?

While Royal Mail continues to operate as normal and we’re able to fulfil and dispatch orders, there’s really no need to stockpile.

We do recommend only ordering the supplies you need to help ensure that all customers have access to as many products as possible.

Do you think you’ll remain open for the foreseeable future?

All of the indications we have seen point to our being able to remain open, as an online business, and to serve our customers for the foreseeable future.

The picture has changed dramatically in the past few weeks, and we will obviously follow all guidance or instructions set out by the Government.

Any message to your customers?

We know this is a strange time and everyone feels the impact in different ways, what is important is that we are here to help whether an existing customer or new, we are just an email or phone call away if you have any questions.

Keep calm, stay indoors, and vape on.

Checkout the JAC Vapour website here. New customers save 15% With Code ECC.

Vape Related Panic Buying – Vape Superstore Says New Lines being Added!

Vape Superstore and it’s sister company E-liquids Superstore, might have had to close it’s flagship vape shops in London and Peckham, but the online business is very much up and running.

vape superstore uk open for business

Stocks have been flying off the shelves and a recent huge order has helped with the demand and they’re even adding new lines to keep vapers satisfied.

Are you open for business?

Our online store is fully operational, processing and delivering items as normal.

However, we have unfortunately had to close our stores in Central London and Peckham.

Any extra precautions in place for staff?

We have a team working from home dealing with the day to day operations, customer service etc.

And have taken extra steps to protect our warehouse team, ensuring social distancing in our warehouse and communal areas, and have increased our already high standard of hygiene with regular deep cleans and readily available hand sanitiser.

Are you getting enough vape gear – coils and juice in from China/UK suppliers?

Demand is obviously very high, in terms of juice we have very good level of stock and are adding new lines to ensure if any are to go out we have a vast enough range to keep our customers satisfied.

There has obviously been delays of tech deliveries, however again we have good stock levels across the board – and are still receiving regular deliveries.

For instance today we are due to receive a sizeable delivery, and have a small team of staff that have worked over the weekend to take in our delivery, restock the shelves and stock levels on the website ready for the week ahead.

Any stock shortages now or very soon?

Based on the above we do not envisage any shortages, and if as mentioned, anything was to go OOS we are adding new lines to cover any shortfalls.

Should vapers be stocking up on anything in particular?

We would advise our customers and anyone wishing to purchase from our store to please be considerate of other vapers when purchasing.

We have enough stock and are continually replenishing so please do not feel it’s necessary to buy in bulk.

Our deliveries are still being received in a timely manner, and do not foresee any issues in getting products to our customers.

We are also currently offering free UK delivery on all orders – no minimum spend.

Also have extended our returns period to 180 days so that anyone wishing to send products back do not need to go outside unnecessarily to do so.

Do you think you’ll remain open for the forseeable future?

Yes, we do not foresee any closure to our online operations and have contingency plans in place for any issues that arise.

Any message to your customers?

We appreciate everyone’s stress levels may be on the rise due to the situation we find ourselves in.

To help reduce any stresses Vape Superstore will continue to do our upmost to get the products our customers love to their door in a safe and effective manner.

Our hope is that everyone can navigate these stressful and unprecedented times with clean hands and an open heart.

Let’s bring a sense of unity this industry has never seen before.

Check out the Vape Superstore here. Save 10% with code ECIG10.

Final Thoughts

It looks like there’s absolutely no need for vape related panic buying to become a ‘thing‘ with the stores we’ve spoken to confident stock levels will last – for the time being anyway!

So if you can’t get a home delivery from your local high street shop – at least none of us will be rushing out to buy sub-standard sealed pods and kits from the corner shop or supermarket 😉

OK, during the COVID-19 pandemic, please make sure you clean your vape kit regularly – especially the drip tips – every little helps to stop this virus and keep you and your family healthy 🙂

Stay safe 😉

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