The Vapeonly Space 60W mod pod kit is up for review today.

This nifty little ultra-portable, adjustable wattage device that, while drawing on what is a very common box style pod design, actually boasts some very cool features that promise to set it apart.

vapeonly space mod main

If there’s one thing I can say about Vapeonly, it’s that this Shenzhen brand has a real flare for slick, sophisticated and compact design, at least as far as visual and tactile features go.

When it comes to performance, they tend to be hit and miss, with items like their Zen Pipe and vPipe not really hitting the mark with Eciglick reviewers.

However, the Dwarf AIO – which I reviewed – and the Arcus fared better both scoring high marks.

What Can We Expect From the Vapeonly Space?

It’s powered by a single 18650 battery and can be used for both MTL and DTL vaping and comes with refillable pods.

I’ve got no shortage of devices in this category and I’m looking at at least 10 on my shelf, which I’ve reviewed over the past couple of years.

So, I have a lot of options for comparison and am hoping to find enhanced convenience, flavour and vapour performance, as well as solid battery life from this new release.

Let’s see how the Vapeonly Space matches up…

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Inside The Box

  • 1 x Vapeonly Space Mod
  • 1 x Removable Refillable Pod Style Tank
  • 1 x Space Mesh Coilhead 0.6Ohm 15-24W
  • 1 x Space Mesh Coilhead 0.4 Ohm 25-35W
  • 1 x Type C USB Cable
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card

vapeonly space mod contents

Vapeonly Space – Key Features

vapeonly space mod fire

  • 3 Modes, Wattage, Voltage and Simple (soft, normal,hard)
  • Adjustable airflow
  • runs on a single 18650 battery, sold separately
  • 5-60W range
  • 0.2-5V range
  • Aluminium alloy, chromium plated brass, PCTG
  • Internal 0,69” OLED screen shows battery level, resistance, mode, power setting
  • Power limiting based on coil resistance
  • MTL and DL friendly
  • Fast charging
  • Removable 3.5ml tank
  • Removable 510 drip tip
  • Replaceable coilheads 0.4 Ohm, 0.6 Ohm and 1.2 Ohm and RBA deck available
  • Decorative inlays (available in brown leather, lava resin, green resin, black carbon fiber w/ gray frame, black carbon fiber w/ black frame) with 1 removable side panel

Design and Build Quality

Opening up the neat, white, Vapeonly box, I’m immediately impressed by the attention to visual design and appealing little details.

The 2cm thick, credit-card sized rectangular box is made of a matte finish aluminum alloy, with 2 decorative panels on the larger sides, 1 of which is removable.

vapeonly space mod window

The top, base and narrower sides have a continuous black matte finish on mine, with corners all rounded ergonomically.

I have the lava resin version and it’s striking and vibrant. Either side panel is split into two inlays, divided by a strip 3/5 s up and framed with a strip of equally thickness, in color and finish that’s continuous with the base, sides and top and, in my case, that means it’s black!

The fixed side panel has an off center fire button dissecting the dividing strip I mentioned above, I believe this is chromium plated brass as I saw that in the material specs.

The button is ultra clicky, with concentric grip texturing and a dent which makes it very nice to press. It’s black and framed in metallic red (on the lava version), which is just another one of those appealing visual details I mentioned earlier.

There’s a neat little Space logo near the bottom of the fixed panel too.

The opposite panel is removable with the help of a centralized tab at the bottom, it has a vertical viewing window/strip for checking juice levels in the top right and a small Vapeonly logo near the bottom.

vapeonly space mod charge

The narrow side panel nearest the fire button has a 15 hole perforated rectangle by way of air intake and a charge port near the bottom.

An off center removable, flute shaped 510 sits atop the mod, on the same side as the intake and charge port.

Opening the removable panel, I see 3 very adequate magnets inside the panel and I’m met with a few other welcome surprises…

Vapeonly Space – OLED Screen

Under the removable panel I find a 0.69” OLED screen near the bottom right, which is bright and visible in sunlight and displays mode, setting, battery level and resistance.

Below the screen are + and – adjustment buttons and a mode switch button for convenience in the centre, all buttons are clicky and responsive.

vapeonly space mod screen

Vapeonly Space – Battery Compartment

The screen was 1 surprise, this is another!

I’m delighted to find that this little guy runs on a single 18650 which fits snugly in a slot under the removable side panel on the right of the screen, controls and tank.

pod components

Vapeonly Space – Tank and Refill

The tank sits above the control section and screen, in a little box-shaped recess. It’s easily removable by just grabbing below the base with a nail or pen or whatever you have.

It’s a little plastic pod box with a silicon-stoppered fill-port, the port is accessible without removing the tank.

vapeonly space mod fill

It’s placed away from the box’s corner, so you won’t have spillage issues when you overfill, a common problem with some similar pods I have.

The adjustable airflow ring protrudes from the base of the box and when you want to remove the coilhead, all you have to do is grab that airflow ring / base and tug it out, no twisting.

It’s convenient and all very well designed and well machined.

How Does The Vapeonly Space Mod Pod Perform?

I have to say that I’m really pleasantly surprised as, besides a little issue with seepage out the airflow when the box is left to sit for a few days with a full tank, this mod pod is a great little performer on ALL fronts.

The first thing that impressed me is the convenience of the mode button, there’s no tiresome triple clicking to change modes.

mod pod tank

I also appreciate the internal screen and quick scroll adjustment, while I find the simple pull-out coil removal to be a refreshing convenience feature.

All controls are very responsive, with quick ramp time and really solid feeling power.

I love that this mod does DTL so readily but converts to MTL with a simple airflow adjustment. For a change, here’s a pod that really excels at both DTL and MTL vaping…and the coils stand up to it to.

I wish I had the RBA deck so that I could experiment with the higher ranges of this device…I’ll be ordering that in future, for sure!

Vapeonly Space 0.4 Ohm Mesh Coil

I vaped on this baby for a week before switching coils, out of interest and not because of any burned flavor or other problems.

This coilhead delivers shocking clouds of vapour, considering its size, and gets increasingly flavorful and rich toward the upper recommended (25-35W) range.

I fancy it at 30W, where I get good sweetness from my juice and more flavour than I get from most of my pods this size.

Vapeonly Space 0.6Ohm Mesh Coil

As you’d expect, this coilhead delivers a slightly less flavorful and rich vapour, that’s not quite as warm as the 0,4 Ohm coil.

I like it at the top of its 15-24W range, so I can get some decent sweetness out of my juice.

With that said, its a durable, badass MTL coil that really delivers on vapour production and flavour, as far as MTL coil heads in this range are concerned.

Vapeonly Space Battery Life

As the Vapeonly Space pod runs on an 18650 battery, you can expect very decent battery life for a mod of this size…and that’s exactly what I got!

Depending on your wattage setting, you can expect anything from 6-9 hours off a single charge – not bad for a device this size, that’s for sure!

pod mod with 18650 battery

I love the fact that, unlike other pods, I can just pop another battery in instead of waiting for the device to charge.

Whilst the built in charge is fairly quick with this device, I always recommend charging your 18650s on a safe, external charger.


  • Easily replaceable coilheads, with RBA deck options
  • Nifty screen with easy adjustments
  • Outstanding vapour production
  • Great flavour for a device in this class
  • Convenience and extended battery life of an 18650 cell
  • Stylish, sophisticated design
  • Great ergonomics
  • Solid DTL and MTL performance
  • User friendly and great for beginner to advanced


  • Juice leaked out the airflow when I left the mod standing for 2 days with a full tank

Final Review Verdict

The Vapeonly Space Mod Pod is a surefire winner in my book, awesome vapour production, great flavour, excellent battery life, a host of useful extra features and user-friendliness that makes it a perfect device for starters.

Furthermore, the RBA compatibility will appeal to more advanced vapers.

It’s refreshing to see a trusted (or, even, clichéd) pod mod design that sets itself successfully apart on the performance front.

I highly recommend this device for convenience and all round performance!

Have you bought the Vapeonly Space mod pod?

Or is it something you’re considering buying?

Let me know in the comments below!

Worldwide Shipping – Save 15% With Code AECIGCLICK

Build Quality
Vapour Production
Flavour Production
Ease of Use
Battery Life
Likelihood of Replacing if Lost Or Damaged
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  1. You’re teasing UK with this product which is only available from over the pond at an unfortunate time for international / overseas deliveries – the contagion. Good thing the virus spread caught me without a job and I can’t afford this so I’m not impatient to get it, I got a cheaper one that’s still not here and that’s from a UK online shop. In fewer words, yes, I am considering getting this!

    How loud is the noise it makes more precisely?

    Thank you for the comprehensive review!


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