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Scottish Government Urged To Use Vaping As Route To Smoke Free Generation

A panel of experts has told Scottish politicians that vaping is good for public health and should be embraced as a smoking cessation tool.

Scotland is still dithering over how to use e-cigarettes as a way to achieve the lofty ambitions of a smoke free generation by 2034.

quit smoking scotland
image via ASH

Political magazine Holyrood and the Scottish Grocers’ Federation have teamed up to discuss the issue, alongside those really in the know.

The resulting ‘round table‘ seems to have helped those anti-vaping Scottish politicians get a greater understanding of just how safe and incredibly useful vaping is to help smokers quit.

After hearing the real science from experts such as the awesome Professor Lion Shahbab – he of the famous cotton wool smoking vs vaping test video – some of the doubters may have had their collective eyes opened.

effect of vapour on cotton wool vs smoking

For instance, and on the matter of vaping being a danger to lung health, Professor Shahbab said:

There are around 40 million users of e-cigarettes and e-cigarettes have been used since 2005… and there’s very little report of any lung diseases otherwise occurring, given this large number of people having used e-cigarettes for this length of time.

So, if there were any serious concerns with regards lung health, one would have thought they would start to be picked up by now.

My belief is, if you look at the impact e-cigarettes have on smoking cessation rates at population level, taken together with relatively reduced risk of harm associated with e-cigarette use, as well as the lack of evidence that e-cigarettes – either in the US or the UK – are a gateway to smoking for adolescents, that they are likely to be a public health good.

The discussion also included Mark Oates, the director of We Vape – a UK based vaping advocacy group.

we vape

He told the discussion group that vaping not only saved smokers lives, but money too:

The price is a major point.

Smoking is incredibly expensive. It causes massive inequality.

I’ve been doing some work on the effect that smoking cost has on inequality in the UK, both health and on financials, and vaping can put £2,000 to £3,000 a year into some of the poorest people in the UK’s pockets.

Former smoker SNP MSP Richard Lyle reckons it’s about time more smokers were urged to make the switch to vaping adding:

I’m not knocking anyone who smokes.

We’ve got to try and see what works for people.

People have done patches, people have done chewing gum, I’ve done all that.

But basically, vaping is the answer and how we get people to move on to that.

The Scottish Government acknowledges that vaping is a ‘possible‘ route out of smoking and it’s hoped more discussions like this one will finally get them to accept what we all know – vaping is not only safer it works as a smoking cessation aid too.

It’s a great article and well worth a read – link above 😉

World Vape Show Ready To Go

It’s been put back a couple of times but the World Vape Show looks set for September this year.

To be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre, organizers say the event has attracted the great and the good from the world of vaping.

world vape show

Around 200 vape brands have already signed up and there’s a stellar list of over 50 harm reduction and industry insiders ready to speak too.

Organizer Tony Crinion, managing director at Quartz Business Media, said:

The postponement of the event owing to the coronavirus served only to reinforce our efforts to make this the largest vape community gathering in the Middle East, with a truly global audience.

The UAE and wider Middle East market has been an area of prime focus since we started in 2016.

It’s a region I’ve personally worked on because of the pure enthusiasm I’ve seen from avid vapers in the market.

The UAE only deemed e-cigarettes legal a couple of years ago and is fast becoming one of the most lucrative markets in the world.

Money talks and with vaping estimated to be worth a staggering $67 billion plus over the next few years, Dubai looks like the ideal venue.

It runs from September 19th – 21st and for more info and to book tickets, checkout out the World Vape Show website.

Fingers crossed we hear some good news regarding the UK Vaper Expo…October maybe..?

EU Politicians Mixed Message On Vaping And Nicotine Products

As the EU lumbers ever on wards towards a plan to ban or at least heavily restrict vaping, a new survey suggests EU politicians have little grasp of just how safe e-cigarettes are.

A survey carried out by ECigIntelligence and TobaccoIntelligence showed that the politicians deciding on the future of vaping – have no real understanding of them at all!

quelle surprise

MEP survey on e-cigarettes

The MEPs ignorance is not confined to vaping either, with SNUS and HNB products also a mystery to the faceless bureaucrats!

The survey’s key findings were:

  • A high proportion of MEPs have no knowledge about new nicotine products.
  • Views on risk seem linked to knowledge of the products. Those MEPs with knowledge of the products are more likely to consider the products less risky than smoking; those with no knowledge are more likely to consider the products the same or more harmful compared to smoking.
  • A majority of MEPs believe new nicotine products are likely to help existing smokers quit.
  • MEPs predominantly think that vaping is safer than smoking, but up to 1 in 5 think that some new nicotine products can be as risky as smoking.

God help us all when the ‘idiots‘ in charge have no idea what they’re talking about…

VAPRIL Update…

A reminder that we’re into #VAPRIL – the month long campaign to help and urge smokers to make the switch to safer and healthier e-cigarettes.

Supported by UKVIA – the UK’s Vaping Industry Association, our very own Neil Cozens has featured in the launch of the event being one of the first ex smokers used to illustrate personal quit smoking stories.

neil cozens

Neil C told the VAPRIL team:

Personally, the benefits were instantaneous.

After a few hours my heart rate had lowered and ceased to be under any added demands.

I didn’t feel so agitated in general if I’m honest.

Nice one Neil C 🙂

Checkout the VAPRIL website for more info.

And do checkout the extremely helpful and informative series of Tuesday Tips and Wednesday Wisdom on all social media – the latest being this sage advice on the best nicotine strength e-liquid for new vapers:

vapril quit smoking advice

And if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration to quit this VAPRIL – the Ecigclick reviewers have added their own advice: VAPRIL Make the Switch To Vaping – Top Tips From Ecigclick Reviewers

We know only too well how hard it is to quit smoking – but you can and WILL do it 😉

Good luck!

and finally…Vaping Lottery Winner!

Making the switch to vaping can not only help your health but also make you a lottery millionaire!

OK, not everyone, but for 63-year-old Southampton van driver John McFadden, his decision to make the switch was a bit of an earner to say the least.

vaping lottery winner
image via: East London and West Essex Guardian

As a smoker desperate to quit, he decided to buy a vape kit, and with the change bought a lottery ticket netting him a cool £1 million – nice 🙂

He told his local newspaper:

I knew I had to do something about my smoking. With the change from buying the vape, I bought a Scratchcard and took it home.

When I started scratching it off, it said £50,000 under the first number and I thought ‘whoopee!’.

I carried on and just kept seeing more and more £50,000s.

I thought it was a lot but didn’t know what to believe.

Lucky bugger…in more ways than one.

If he continues on his quit smoking journey he’ll win an even bigger jackpot…a healthier lifestyle 😉


More vaping news on Sunday!

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  1. Hi Guys,
    I was a smoker for 40 years and tried patches, gum and sprays, none of which worked. I then did hours of my own research and asked vape shopd for advice before taking up vaping. THANK GOODNESS I did, after a minor stroke the cigarettes were binned and I am now looking at 3 years as a non smoker, I really feel that without vaping I may either be not here or be badly disabled. I am now 64 and my health is way better than it has been for years. I hope those who make decisions in Government see this and realise that vaping saves lives!!


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