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Trump Calls For Vape Meet With the Vaping Industry

The President Trump vape meet could be a thing as he considers how to handle the huge protests organized by American vapers angry at any possible bans.

The ongoing flavour ban saga in America has taken another twist with President Trump calling for a meeting with the vape industry.

The problem is no one appears to have been invited yet!

DC vape rally
Cloudy Skies at DC Vape Rally
Image via: @tlizzy001

The president made his comments calling for an high powered ‘vape meet’ on Monday – just 2 days after he flew over the DC Vape Rally that saw up to 4000 vapers armed with the slogan #WeVapeWeVote.

In typical Trump style he made the announcement via a tweet hinting at who in the vaping industry may be invited:

Pro vaping and vape advocacy groups were quick to comment on the president’s tweet with many calling for the Vapor Technology Association and prolific e-cigarette advocate and health professionals, Dr. Michael Siegel and Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos M.D as well as Public Health England’s Martin Dockrell, to be invited.

CNN has made over a dozen calls to various individuals and organizations and as yet none have had an invite.

Dr Siegel said:

…it appears that nothing has been decided and he’s considering all options, trying to balance youth protection with the concerns of small businesses.

So I really have no idea what the final announcement will look like.

I have a strong suspicion neither does ‘the Donald’ right now so this meeting will be crucial and hopefully not be top heavy with Big Tobacco companies.

Greg Conley, president of the American Vaping Association told CNN:

As far as we know, there is not a meeting scheduled yet.

The White House has our number, so we are hopeful that we will be included.

As soon as we know when or even if the meeting is scheduled – we shall of course let you know.


Dinner Lady Opens Up Shops In Service Stations

Vape Dinner Lady is without doubt one of the successes of the UK vaping industry and they’ve now entered the retail market.

The Bolton based company has teamed up with service station giants EG Group and have opened up 14 concessions with more to follow in the future.

dinner lady opens up shops in uk service stations

John Taylor, Dinner Lady’s chief marketing officer said:

Opening a range of concession stores in forecourt services stations makes sense for both retailers and consumers alike.

Demand for quality vape products has grown significantly in recent years as consumers switch from cigarettes to vaping, which is regarded by Public Health England as being 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco.

Our new concession store formats bring first mover advantage for retailers.

They fill the gap left by reducing sales of cigarettes and make it easy for consumers to shop a wide range of products in both Vape and CBD.

The concessions can currently be found in: Burnley, Bolton, Warren, Stevenage, Ramsbottom, Three Arches, Snowhill, Cannock, Oval and Weld Blundell.

Good stuff!

Gottlieb Calls For JUUL To Be Removed From Sale

He’s the former head of the FDA and now Scott Gottlieb reckons JUUL should pull its product from the market immediately.

He also says it is the vape giant’s pod kit that’s fueling the apparent ‘teen vape epidemic‘ in America – something experts in the know say doesn’t exist.

Gottlieb Mafia Don Pose

Gottlieb pulled no punches either, telling a TV host:

It’s very clear that Juul can’t keep their products out of the hands of kids.

What’s driving the youth use is primarily Juul.

You’ve hooked a lot of kids.

Kids now, it’s become sort of fashionable and they like the form and fashion of this product.

It could be that this product can’t exist on the market anymore.

Only recently JUUL pulled its fruit and creme flavoured pods and just last week JUUL also removed mint flavours from sale.

JUUL has not reacted – as of yet – to Gottlieb’s comments.

Is the Voke A Vape Or Inhaler?

The Voke has hit the UK market and is designed to deliver nicotine in much the same way as an asthma inhaler.

The Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency [MHRA] has licensed it as a medicine meaning it could be given out on prescription in the very near future.

voke nicotine inhaler

It neither heats nor burns and looks to all intents and purposes like one of those early cig-alikes.

The user ‘prods’ the ‘tube’ into the pack which injects a measured amount of nicotine which is then inhaled.

It retails around the same price as a packet of lit cigarettes and doctors say it is particularly suitable for pregnant women who can’t quit smoking.


Kind Consumer LTD is behind the device and CEO Alan Sutherland said:

With over seven million smokers remaining in the UK, it is clear there is still a need for new options that help people in their quitting journey.

Voke is a tremendously exciting innovation that is coming on to the market at a perfect time with the potential to make a difference to many lives, first in the UK and then internationally as we roll it out.

Nicotine as a medicine!

Wow are you watching America 😉

It will be interesting to see how the Voke is received and of course – if it works.

E-cigs Top Choice For Welsh Smokers Looking To Quit

The National Survey for Wales shows that of the almost half a million smokers in the country 45% tried to quit last year with e-cigarettes the number one choice.

The survey showed that 49% of smokers in Wales turned to vaping to quit with 76% saying the started vaping to quit the killer habit.

e-cigarette breaks tobacco cigarette, isolated on white backgrou

Suzanne Cass – the CEO of ASH Wales was delighted and urged more of the country’s smokers to turn to e-cigarettes adding:

Over 5,000 people in Wales are dying every year from a tobacco related illness and e-cigarettes are proving to be a vital weapon in our armoury against this deadly addiction.

Research has shown e-cigarettes are the most effective stop smoking tool available when combined with behavioural support. We would advise all smokers to seek help and quit in whichever way suits them best.

The fact that so many Welsh smokers are switching from tobacco to vaping, proves just how popular this quit smoking tool is and what an opportunity there is to reach the remaining 30% of smokers that have yet to give it a try.

Good news indeed and any smokers from Wales looking to quit should checkout our guide: What Is The Best Vape Starter Kit? 10 E Cig Kits For Beginner Vapers

…and finally…Vaping and the Heart Scare Stories Rebuffed…Again!

I only popped out for a couple of hours yesterday and was told three times vaping was going to give me heart attack and brain damage.

That’s the power of the mainstream media and in particular the tabloid press.

Of course it’s utter bollocks and I shall be writing yet another rebuttal of the claims later this week.

Until then here’s Prof Jacob George, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine and Therapeutics, University of Dundee and what he made of the German based studies:

With regards to the human study, it is impossible to draw any firm conclusions from these small, single exposure studies which is why larger randomised clinical trials are needed.

The results are also at odds with larger and longer duration clinical trials by D’Ruiz et al1 and Farsalinos et al2 that demonstrate reduction in blood pressure with e-cigarette use, which implies improvements in vascular function with e-cigarette use.

So in effect more detailed studies show vaping actually improves the health of the hearts of smokers and vapers…

Imagine my shock…

More on this story soon 😉

And more vape news on Sunday.

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