Vape News Headlines: FDA Cooks the Books? – Shrinks Back Vaping Down-under – The Odd Fag Is OK – JUUL Buyout? – Italian Vapers Tax Bonus and Vapes Sold Next To Nappies Shocker!!!


Has the FDA ‘Cooked the Books?’

Yes they have according to vaping advocacy legend Clive Bates by using what he kindly calls “excessively limited and selective data” as ‘proof’ of the so called US teen ‘vaping epidemic’.

You may remember FDA supremo Scott Gottlieb trumpeting the results of the 2018 U.S. National Youth Tobacco Survey as the main reason he’s gone to war on e-liquid flavours and in particular JUUL.

However Mr Bates has taken time to drill down into the data and says:

I conclude that the partial release of data does not provide justification for FDA’s policy. This is because the data required to understand underlying changes in the pattern of tobacco use has been withheld. In other words, the data to create alarm has been released, but the data required to understand if the alarm is justified and the policy is sound has not been released.


He says without that crucial data no policy could or should be decided and certainly not used to smash an industry and calls for the FDA to release:

  • Full frequency distribution for e-cigarette use -including daily use
  • Trend in combustible tobacco use
  • Smoking / and tobacco use status of e-cigarette users – especially regular and daily users
  • Clear information on flavour use, covering tobacco, menthol/mint, and other flavours – recognising that users may try several flavours in a month
  • Use of nicotine-free liquids, nicotine or other psychoactive substances in e-cigarettes if this data is collected

In my humble opinion it’s bordering on criminal the FDA has based its whole anti-vape stance on incomplete data…as to whether they will answer those points or if this will make any difference? I sadly doubt it.

Source – and well worth a read

Aussie and Kiwi Shrinks Back Vaping

Pressure is growing on the Australian Government to leagalize nicotine based vaping as a powerful group of psychiatrists come out in support of e-cigarettes calling them ‘low risk’.

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) is keen to promote vaping as a healthier option to those those looking to quit smoking particular people from poorer backgrounds or those who are mentally ill.

This is the first actual policy statement the group has released though last year they did say they felt e-cigs should be given to patients with a mental illness that smoke.


The policy states its main aims as:

  • Nicotine should be made available as a consumer product for vaping by an exemption from the Poisons Standard
  • Minimal taxation to encourage uptake over smoked products
  • Safety and quality standards
  • Minimum age of sale
  • Appropriate restrictions on advertising and display
  • Further research

Whilst backing vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking the group says it understands the need for more research adding:

This does not justify withholding what is, on the current evidence, a lower-risk product from existing smokers while such data is solicited.

Can’t say fairer than that and I’ve kept a close eye on what’s happening over in Australia and cracks are certainly starting to show however there’s still a long way to go until vaping on nic based e-liquids becomes completely legal.


Study Says Vapers Having The Odd Fag Is OK

There’s long been a concern that new vapers in particular that are tempted by a cigarette may go back to smoking full time – but this isn’t the case.

A new study by scientists from the University of East Anglia UK say the odd fag here and there certainly doesn’t mean vapers are relapsing back into smoking.

Lead researcher Dr Caitlin Notley from the university’s medical school said:

E-cigarettes are the most popular aid to quitting smoking in the UK. Our previous research has shown that e-cigarettes are really important for helping people stay smoke free – by substituting the physical, psychological and social aspects of smoking.

We wanted to know what happens when people who have switched to vaping, lapse back into smoking.

It’s really important to understand this so that we can develop advice, guidance and support to help people stay smoke free long term – particularly as relapsing back to smoking cigarettes is so harmful.

E-Cigarette vs cigarette

So with all those Christmas parties coming up and the temptation to smoke a fag to be sociable – don’t beat yourself up if you slip a little – chances are you’ll bounce back to vaping and a healthier life very quickly indeed – science sez so 😉

BTW I actually had a puff on my mates fag the other day – don’t ask lol – however it was absolutely bloody disgusting to say the least lol as the study found:

Because vaping is a more pleasurable alternative, our research found that a full relapse into smoking isn’t inevitable when people find themselves having the odd cigarette.

There has been a lot of theorising around the process of smoking relapse after quit attempts. But all of these date back to pre-vaping times. This fresh evidence makes us question the usefulness of that understanding now that so many people are choosing to switch to vaping.

For ex-smokers, vaping offers a pleasurable, social and psychological substitute to cigarettes – and it powerfully alters the threat of relapse. The old ‘not a puff’ advice may need revisiting.

The study was funded by Cancer Research UK who are big supporters of e-cigarettes.


Big Tobacco In JUUL Buyout?

There’s nothing concrete yet but the rumour mill is strong in the business world that Altria could be buying a share in vape giant JUUL.

Altria is the parent company of Phillip Morris Inc that was recently knocked back by a panel of FDA advisors over the HNB health claims – so it would certainly make sense for PMI to get a foothold in the vape market over there.

It also seems feasible given the FDA met with x4 Big Tobacco companies and JUUL to discuss how to combat the alleged teen vaping epidemic with JUUL removing its flavoured pods for sale in brick and mortar shops.

Watch this space 😉

Italy Removes Tax On E-liquids

We covered the possibility of this earlier this year but now its signed into law and Italian vapers are going to enjoy huge savings on their e-liquids.

The coalition government have now slashed 90% off the tax on none nicotine juices and 80% on those with a nicotine base.

The only sting in the tail is the countries e-liquid producers must now follow all the TPD legislation including the 20mg max nicotine rule.

and finally…RIDICULOUS News Story Of The Week…

Why ARE flavoured e-cigs being aimed at British children? Vaping devices rolled out in supermarkets despite facing crackdown in America.

That’s the screaming headline in what the Daily Mail is calling ‘an investigation!” Oh my I remember when journalists uncovered stories and scandals that actually meant something…

Not these days – instead they take a press release – read a few lines from the avalanche of bad press over in the States – chuck in a few unattributed ‘facts’ and bingo there’s your investigation!

Absolute crap – but thousands have read this meaning thousands will assume once again the vape industry is the Pied Piper of the day!

So what brand are we on about? Why JUUL of course…it seems the British media won’t be outdone on the hysteria stakes lol.


Now HOW can they get away with the absolute BS of that opening sentence? No-one in the vape industry is actively targeting children of any nationality FFS!

Read the article and you’ll see its an absolute joke and then some – and you gotta love this paragraph:

The e-cigarettes are now on open display at eye level in supermarket aisles in branches in Warrington and Worcester, and in Shirley in the West Midlands and Taunton and Bridgwater in Somerset. In a branch of the store in Selhurst, South London, the products were in the same aisle as nappies and baby products.

Shock Horror! You can now buy vape stuff when you pop in for gripe water and nappies – handy for our Jonny soon 😉

I’m guessing that’s an attempt to suggest vape companies are now going after babies and toddlers…nope I’m not joking…OK kind of…but you get my drift!

I think this is the first in a tsunami of BS anti vape – and pod kit stories that will appear over the coming months directly aimed at flavours and kids here in the UK.

I just hope our MPs stand firm – resist the mainstream media’s pathetic sensationalist crap…and not fold like those idiots over in the States…we shall see…


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