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Stop Calling E-Cigs Tobacco – Call For Vape Friendly NHS – Nicotine Doesn’t Kill! – NY Flavor Ban Latest and that Vaping Rapping LA Protestor

Vaping Is NOT A Tobacco Product

Vapers know this to be true but the media – governments and the majority of scientists still cling onto the belief and indeed description of all things vape as a tobacco product.

And now a well respected academic journal is banning the use of the phrase tobacco products to describe anything to do with vaping – and about time too!

The Nicotine and Tobacco Research group now says only loose leaf tobacco products can be labelled as such and if nicotine replace therapy items are NOT described as tobacco products then neither should anything vape related.

ecigs are not tobacco products

Indeed the editor-in-chief of the prestigious research journal – Marcus Munafò – feels so strongly about the mislabeling – he’s banned scientists and researchers from using the term to describe vaping products!

In an editorial he sets out the reasons and adds:

The guiding principle is that the terminology used should be clear, unambiguous, and scientifically appropriate.

Some of our readers may disagree with this position, but it is motivated by a desire for clarity of expression that reflects our status as an international journal with contributions from many countries, each with their own legal and regulatory frameworks around tobacco and other nicotine-containing products.

There is a great deal of ongoing debate about the potential relative harms and benefits of e-cigarettes (with heat-not-burn products likely to complicate the picture further), but we are fundamentally a scientific journal and should ensure that the terms we use are clear, unambiguous, and valid.

Couldn’t agree more and as I’ve stated very many times vaping needs clear blue water between it and smoking and any actual tobacco products.

Admittedly this is a tiny first step but lets hope it leads to more distancing between the two.

You can read his full editorial HERE.

Vaping Should Be Allowed On ALL NHS Sites

The lofty Royal College of Physicians say all NHS patients should be offered advice on quitting smoking and vaping should be allowed on all NHS sites.

As it stands at the moment patients are rarely if ever asked if they smoke or offered healthier alternatives such as e-cigarettes.

And with many NHS trusts in England banning vaping with Wales and Scotland planning or already having a ban in place the RCP says this needs an urgent rethink and an overall policy put in place.

hiding in plain sight rcp study on smoking cessation

I’ve done a larger piece on this: All NHS Sites Should Become Vape Friendly Says Royal College of Physicians.

The hard hitting report says NOT doing this means the NHS is as negligent as not treating cancer.

Professor John Britton from RCP said:

Smoking, the biggest avoidable cause of death and disability in the UK, is hiding in plain sight in our hospitals and other NHS services; the NHS must end the neglect of this huge opportunity to improve our nation’s health.

However Simon Clark from pro-smoking group Forest said:

Smoking is a choice and if adults choose to smoke they shouldn’t be pestered to quit while in hospital.

Nicotine Doesn’t Kill But Burning Tobacco Does

Two Aussie doctors speaking at the recent Global Forum on Nicotine in Warsaw – Poland – say Australia should legalize the use of nicotine in e-cigarettes now to save countless smokers lives.

Dr Colin Mendelsohn and Dr. Joe Kosterich both experts in the field of tobacco harm reduction say the policy makers have no experience of working face to face with smokers desperate to quit and should literally ‘butt out’ on making policies.

At the moment it’s illegal to vape one e-liquids containing nicotine unless prescribed by a doctor – however many doctors are reluctant to prescribe as they are unclear of the health effects.

Nicotine and vaping

Dr Mendelsohn said:

Nicotine is what causes addiction to smoking, but nicotine is relatively harmless with minor health effects.

E-cigarettes give users the same hand-to-mouth behavior and the nicotine they want—the whole cigarette smoking experience but without the harm. Moreover, the nicotine addiction with vaping is not as strong as that with cigarettes.

Dr Kosterich agreed added:

It is the burning of tobacco in cigarettes that produces harmful chemicals.

This does not occur in e-cigarettes, which only heat and vaporize liquid at lower temperatures.

The scientific evidence shows that e-cigarettes are much, much safer than tobacco cigarettes.

Australia once led the world in tobacco harm reduction however recent surveys shows that smoking rates down under have increased despite plain packaging and the highest taxation on toabcco int he world.

Dr Mendelsohn said:

Australia needs to legalize vaping as a safer alternative to smoking.


NY Flavour Ban Threat On Hold

Vapers in New York State can breath a little easier as a threat to ban all flavoured e-liquids has been put on hold.

The ban bill basically ran out of time as the State Senate closed for business and any new proposed legislation won’t be heard until after January 2019.

Vaping advocacy groups fought a rear guard action to prevent NY from following the ban in San Francisco and recognize the fight isn’t over.


Michael Frennier president of the New York State Vapor Association said:

We were sweating it out.

Our lobbyist did a phenomenal job. We’re very very pleased with the outcome. Were looking forward to this summer and fall to get get ready for January.

We know it will be back — this fight isn’t over, but we’ve had a good win.

Let’s hope sense prevails over the pond and these idiotic politicians recognize once and for all that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking and to ban flavoured e-liquids whilst allowing the sale of lit tobacco products is quite simply – ridiculous.

…and finally…that Vaping Rapping Dancing Anti Pollution Protestor

Only in LA lol.

Indeed the city was brought to a standstill earlier this week after a vaping rapping and dancing anti-pollution protestor closed down one of the cities main roads throwing traffic into chaos!

rapping vaper protest

Sadly ‘Dephree’ wasn’t protesting the recent e-liquid flavour ban in San Francisco – just pollution in general – though those in the know seem to suggest it was all a publicity stunt to kick-start his rap rather than vape career.

Can’t find one photo of him actually vaping though which begs the question does he even vape bro?

Dephree ended the protest with a back flip onto a inflatable crash pad on the freeway lol.

Funny how all of the media made a point he was seen vaping at times and given the current US media hysteria around the JUUL I guess he wasn’t vaping on one because that would have been front and centre of all news stories…


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