Vapouriz: Strawberry Bliss

Vapouriz E Liquid ReviewI recently reviewed the Black Cherry e-liquid from Vapouriz which I thought was a great flavour.

Keeping on with the fruity theme I will now being trying their Strawberry Bliss flavour.

Vapouriz Say: Vapouriz’s Strawberry Bliss is deep, warm and utter heaven: fruity, sweet and thoroughly refreshing, it will blow your mind with how amazing it is! Somewhere between real, summer fresh strawberries and delicious sweets, it tastes so perfect you’ll simply want more!”

E Cig/Tank used in this review: Aspire Nautilus Mini with the Innokin iTaste VV4


The aroma is a robust, slightly sweet smelling strawberry which is really nice. One thing I have noticed so far is that Vapouriz juices have a good strong whiff to them out of the bottle, a good start for me.

Taking a drag the first thing I notice is that while the strawberry flavour isn’t as robust as the smell would imply it still delivers a very good version.

This isn’t a fruity strawberry, more of a sweet strawberry. The good thing is it isn’t a sickly sweetness, the exhale leaves remnants of strawberry cream sweets that for me is nice in the mouth. 

The Vapouriz description of this juice may be overplaying things a little, while it didn’t blow my mind it certainly left me wanting more making for a really easy, pleasant all day vape. Another great juice.

Vapour Volume

The PG/VG mix gave a very good vapour volume.

Production Details

Vapouriz do produce their own e-liquid in the UK. Unfortunately they don’t (from what I could see) provide anymore details. In todays vaping world I think a bit more transparency would go a long way.


Vapouriz have produced another tasty juice with Strawberry Bliss. Very much like strawberries and cream that provides a nice smooth vape.

Have you used the Strawberry Bliss from Vapouriz? If you have leave a review down below!

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