The VGOD Stig disposable pods are from a brand that has produced some of the worlds most outstanding vape tricksters to date with their Tricklyfe initiative one of the driving forces that has taken vaping out of the realms of ‘trivial fixation’ and into ‘lucrative hobby and artform’.

vgod stig main

They truly are one of vaping’s most popular kids on the block, with a reputation for building gear that is pretty much untarnished and supporting the wonderful world of tricking.

Yup, VGOD is one of those rarities among brands, that pretty much never suffers a fail and, with award-winning products like their Elite Mech, their Pro Mech and their incredible Pro R2 RDTA, there as a testament to their immaculate design prowess, it’s easy to understand why

So…I wondered…why the hell are they releasing this weird little disposable pod system and how does it fit in with the rest of their gear?

It seems so out of place amongst their lineup and indeed, the VGOD Stig pod system can’t even be found on the brand’s website. Hmmmm….it didn’t take me too long to see the beauty in these Stig pods, with a little help from some friends who just can’t get the hang of vaping.

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What’s In The Box

  • 3 x single flavour disposable STIG pods, individually sealed in fresh-seal foil packetsstig VGOD packets


  • Draw activated
  • 100% disposable
  • 1 Stig should equal approx 20 cigarettes or 250-270 puffs
  • 6% Nicotine by volume (60mg salt-nic)
  • 1.2 ml salt-nic e-liquid pre-loaded
  • Pre-charged 260mAh Li Ion battery
  • Available in Lush Ice, Tropical Mango, Cubano, Mighty Mint

Build Quality & Design

The VGOD Stig is as simple a device as you’ll ever lay hands on. It looks like a USB stick and it’s the same size.

Black plastic, with the STIG brand on one side and the flavour brand on the other. The 72 x 10 mm pod tapers on one end to accommodate your lips comfortably.stig vgod pod

There is an 8.5 x 1.5 mm opening through which you draw on that same end.

On the other end of the Stig, there is a tiny hole which acts as restricted mouth to lung (MTL) airflow hole and a port for the blue LED light which lights up when you fire (draw activated) and flashes when your battery is flat.

That is that, honestly…you can’t open it, charge it or fill it because it is, indeed, a disposable pod!

How Does The Vgod STIG Disposable Pod Perform?

First up, if you’ve never heard of nic-salts….let me explain. Cigarettes contain a number of chemicals which are there solely to speed up your body’s nicotine uptake. Many heavy smokers, who try to use vaping to stop, fail because during a nicotine vape, the nicotine hits you slow and steady, in a very different way to the way it does when you smoke…which is quick as hell.

So, the bright minds of vaping managed to come up with a delivery method that gets that nic into your bloodstream as fast as fags do…without the struggling to breathe and eventually, possibly dying of lung cancer or emphysema part.

For a full lowdown check out our guide that answers the question: What are nicotine salts?

As a very limited nicotine user (usually 0-3mg) the nic salt, 60mg experience came as quite a shock to my system.SAtig VGOD mouthpiece

The very restricted airflow, together with the draw activation and intense nic-salt throat hit on this device, for the first few hours actually activated my guilt reflex….my subconscious was convinced I was smoking fags.

Let’s just say, nic-salts are powerful and the Stig is one great way to deliver them.

I only received the Lush Ice flavour, which is a cooling watermelon and in spite of the intensity of the nicotine hit, the flavour comes through strong and clear with a nice coolant on the tongue and the essence of watermelon singing with tongue-tip sweetness and through your nostrils.

It took me a total of about 6 hours to get addicted to the Stig, I’m not going to lie. I quickly went online to check out where I could find these in my part of the world and how much they cost. This is not so much a testament to their actual performance on the vape front as it is to the high quality of their nic-salt juice.

I’ve tried numerous cigalikes and pod mod vapes…scores of MTL devices that claim to mimic the sensation of smoking a cigarette but I’ve never tried one that worked so well that it made me feel a subconscious pang of guilt… as if I had relapsed into smoking cancer sticks.

My first thoughts were…damn, this is the ultimate cessation device and my second thought was…damn, I gotta test this theory on some actual smokers.Vgod stig box

I took the Stig on an outing with a couple of friends who I just can’t get to kick the habit.

As much as I’ve tried to push my vapes onto them they don’t take the bait…they claim that vaping can’t give them the kick that their cigarettes do. They are both heavy smokers and I always smell like a soggy, cider-drenched ashtray after a ladies night out with the pair! Lol!

The Vgod Stig was an instant hit, such a hit in fact, that I hardly got draw in for the first hour, until I finally put my foot down and said “buy your own, bitches”…both girls claiming that they found a hit of the Stig provided more of a kick, with the same hand and draw feel as their beloved fags. I now know what to get them for Christmas…birthdays or both.

I received 3 Stigs of the same flavour in a box and was sceptical when I read the claim of ‘approximately equivalent to 60 cigarettes’ printed on the back of the black box packaging.

I would say that we got approximately 220 draws on the first Stig (yes, I did make an effort to keep count)…enough to get me very keen to open my second, despite the fact that most of the device was shared with my two, now Stig craving buddies.

On the second day…I opened my second Stig with SERIOUS anticipation. Sadly, the power on the second device felt diminished, the draws felt slightly less effective and all in all, I counted 180 draws.

I grabbed a brick from the yard and bashed the exhausted Stig…extracting the Lithium Ion battery and juice tank. About a third of the liquid was left behind, there must have been a drain on the battery somewhere along the line, to my dismay, causing the battery to fail slightly before the tank was finished.Stig VGOD battery

I can’t deny the fact that I (and my die-hard-smoker friends) enjoyed the Stig experience deeply. It’s soooo small, soooo discreet, can easily be vaped in a cinema without anyone even noticing (hahaha, yes, I did it!) and yet it delivers a potent nicotine kick that will keep you satisfied and even make you feel slightly queasy if you have too many draws in a row!

This is an effective stealth device and, I’m sure of it, and an even more effective quitting aid. We’re not necessarily supposed to call vapes quitting aids and yet I must proclaim that, based on my own experience with the VGOD Stig, I can’t think of a better cessation device for a person with a serious cigarette-nicotine habit.

As a device for people who are already vapers…there’s a place for it, as a fall back and stealth device or as a quick nicotine fix when you are tricking with a zero nic liquid for hours on end and in need of a pick-me-up.

Can I afford it, personally? Based on the rate at which I ploughed through its nicotine rushy deliciousness, no…I cannot. Can you, maybe! I am South African, so I’m pretty much always broke. At least, I think that’s because I’m South African, lol.

How To Fill

Sorry…the Stig is a disposable device! That means, no filling!

Stock Coil Performance

The Stig has a tiny little open coil and wick inside its 1.2ml juice tank. It provides very much the same amount of vapour as a cigarette provides smoke. The coil fires when you take a draw on the device. The coil’s resistance is unknown but the actual dimensions of the coil and wick combined are roughly 8mm by 2.5 mm…so I’d imagine the resistance is fairly high.

Battery Life

With intermittent use, the pre-charged battery should give you anywhere between 1 and 2 days power. I did notice a large discrepancy between devices in my single pack. Also…it’s recommended that you use your pods within 3 months as the batteries do degrade or drain.


  • Extremely compact
  • Restricted draw mimics cigarettes perfectly
  • Draw activated fire also fools the brain into thinking this is a cigarette!
  • Incredibly powerful, quick action nicotine fix
  • Awesome, full flavour with a solid as HELL throat hit


  • Batteries can be inconsistent and sometimes die before the juice runs out
  • Disposable batteries not so great for the environment

Final Review Verdict

The Vgod Stig is a very high nicotine device, I’m not gonna lie. 60 MG will have anyone with addictive tendencies climbing the walls as soon as the device runs dry (Like me, right now, no lie).

A very effective nic-salt delivery system with exceptional flavour. Perfect for transitioning from cigarettes with and also perfect for stealthy kicks at work, in the mall, in the cinema and when you’re tricking with zero nic liquids all day.

I must warn you to exercise temperance when toking on this little rocket as it is bloody strong!!!! I must admit…I’m not totally supportive of such readily disposable batteries as that does pose some serious environmental issues but if it’s a fix you’re after, the Stig will have your back, no two ways about it.

Build Quality
Battery Life
Ease of Use
Likelihood I would Buy It Again
Greetings Vapers! I’m a 34 year old writer, editor and massive vaping enthusiast (since 2015) based in the beautiful Helderberg region in South Africa. My passion for vaping has steadily grown since I started vaping in earnest (as has my scorn for smoking). See, I tried vaping years before that but returned to cancer sticks after a bad experience (PG sensitivity). When I finally got back on the vaping train I decided to make it my business to educate beginners and vapers in general, so that they don’t jump to the conclusions that I did. I visualise a world without cigarettes…not just for health reasons: I’m tired of picking thousands of cigarette butts up off my lawn every morning, tossed over the wall by passers by. I can’t believe I used to be one of those people!


  1. Be ware ! Purchased two cartons, half of them didn’t work! Contacted customer service and weren’t even interested in feedback! Waste of money and wouldn’t purchase again

  2. Good luck trying to get reply from their support team when an entire box of stig pods doesn’t work! Would not purchase again – complete waste of money and quality has dropped significantly

  3. STIG is the most popular disposable vape pod system as I know. I bought it from CSVAPE as I had a special coupon of 20% off. Which flavor do you like the most? I like mighty mint.

  4. Be aware of duds ! I bought 4 Stig Cubano. First one was great, second one was weak. Third one was flooded with ejuice inside the sealed pack. 4th one worked great.
    Although these are disposable you can hack these with tweezers and Allen-key, I refilled, rewicked and recharged the 2 of these few times. Be careful about plastic taste (my second and third ones), some of these have coil touching the plastic chimney coupler inside creating weak, spicy and plasticy taste. Nothing like RDA, won’t buy these ever again unless STIG improves the problems


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