The new Vozol G-Roar pod kit is a funky looking set-up that offers both MTL and DTL vape styles.

It’s one of the more substantially build pod mods – as in it has a bit of weight and chunkiness to it – and a very contemporary design going on.

in hand

Vozol is better known for its disposable pod kits and we’ve reviewed the Vozol D1 and the Vozol D2, both of which impressed and scored big on the flavour scale.

As to if the more substantial Vozol G-Roar matches the flavour we shall of course find out in this vape review.

What Can We Expect From the Vozol G-Roar Kit?

Given this is a pod kit I’ll be looking for ease of use – good flavour – good battery life and of course no bloody leaking.

The mod/battery has a generous 1500mAH internal battery, powers up to 40w, airflow and bottom pod filling.

vozol g-roar pod kits

There’s x2 coils included in the box – both mesh with seaweed fibre!

The coils offer either MTL or DTL and we’ll see if this is pulled off.

There’s a singe fire button – used to vape and enter the menu, and of course the wattage control ring is a twist/dial style at the base of the mod.

There’s also an ‘innovative‘ anti coil burn feature.

Basically the V shaped inner design of the pod means more vape juice gets to the cotton…

OK, on with the review.

For the record the kit was sent to me direct from Vozol – thank you – and as always my thoughts and opinions are not clouded by freebies.

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Inside the Box

vozol g-roar kit box

  • 1 x G-ROAR Device (1500mAh)
  • 1 x AIS-M3 0.3ohm Mesh Coil (25-40W)
  • 1 x AIS-M8 0.8ohm Mesh Coil (11-18W)
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x MTL 510 Drip Tips
  • 1 x Type-C Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

vozol g-roar kit contents

A quick word on the packaging…as you can see everything is beautifully laid out – nice job!

Vozol G-Roar Specs and Features

  • Twist Base Wattage Adjustment
  • 5W to 40W Power Range
  • 2ml/4ml pod capacity
  • 1500mAh Built-in Battery
  • 2A fast charging – 45min
  • Seaweed Fiber Cotton Coil
  • 26.5 x 115mm
  • 3.3V – 4.2V
  • 0.69″ Screen

Colours: Phantom Gray, Mystic Black, Gentian Blue, Rimini Red, Punk Brown, Tango Orange


Vozol G-Roar Key Features

As you can see the Vozol G-Roar vape kit is a pen style with a bottom twist ring to change wattage – similar to the hugely popular FreeMax Twister.

This one is a little chunkier and features pods that pop on and off with a choice of DTL/MTL coils and drip tips.

vozol g-roar screen

It maxes out at 40w however, of the included coils only one make can hit those lofty heights.

Airflow comes from a Cyclops style ring – I say that, there’s actually another slot opposite the main one and I’ll talk about that later.

There’s an extremely basic – yet clear – smallish screen and what I guess you’d call a ‘limited‘ menu – again more on that soon.

Design wise you’re going to love it or hate it – as to what I think of the rugged pleather and stitching look – it might surprise you given I prefer shall we say ‘quieter‘ designs on my vape mods.

Design and Build Quality

OK, let’s look at the elephant in the room…the design.

As I’ve already hinted, the look of the Vozol G-Roar is definitely Marmite – as in a big yes or a massive no.

vozol g-roar punk brown

I actually quite like it!

Yes, even the Punk Brown which, believe it or not, features metal studs!

Sure it can look a little like a handbag or maybe an old leather sofa, but it looks pretty cool and adds excellent grip [my weak wrists and hands again lol].

I received x3 colours and a mate has already ‘bagged‘ the Gentian Blue – which looks like denim – so I’m not alone.

He has a proper job as a builder BTW – and reckons it will be perfect for work…so the Vozol G-Roar has definitely attracted some interest in the beer garden.

Vozol G-Raw – Well Made?

As for the build?

It’s all very well machined and put together and even the stitching looks like it will last for quite some time.

The pods pop in and out nicely with very strong magnets holding them firmly in place.

Swapping out the coils is a doddle – push ‘n pull – whilst filling is from the bottom. There’s a very substantial fill port cover and I’ve had zero leaks in my rucksack or left on its side over night.

The single button has a good throw, the airflow ring has a good resistance as does the wattage dial on the base – once in place both rings stay put.

Vozol G-Roar Kit – Quick Start Guide

Before we take a look at how the Vozol G-Roar Kit performs, let’s get it up and running:

  • x5 clicks of the fire button to turn on
  • x3 clicks to enter menu
  • Insert chosen coil at the base of the pod
  • Fill via bottom fill port
  • To adjust wattage twist base
  • To adjust airflow twist top ring
  • Press fire to vape

Note: remove protective ring from base of pod before use!

A quick word about the menu.

The only options are: AIS – RBA – Lock/Unlock and ROTATESCRN

AIS stands for Adaptive Intelligent System which means the chip sets the best wattage [ it can be changed but will not let you go too high] and this is the standard setting.

RBA is if you have the rebuildable installed – I don’t have that.

Lock is obvious as is rotate screen.

All very simple and basic.

How Does the Vozol G-Roar Kit Perform?

You’ll need to pop in a coil before you do anything and as you’ve seen that’s a very simple task.

Filling is from the base and again as I’ve stated it’s a very secure fitting and decent sized fill port.

fill pod
bottom fill port

There are x2 coils included so lets take each one in turn…

I was intrigued as to how the flavour and clouds are from the seaweed fibre !

Vozol G-Roar Kit AIS-M8 0.8ohm Mesh Coil

I had a sniff but sadly couldn’t smell the sea…

I primed the coil before popping it in – in other words I dropped e-liquid on the exposed cotton and once filled up left to sit for 5 minutes to allow the juice in the pod to soak in.

dtl coil

This coil auto sets at 15w and I vaped using Dinner Lady Nic salts.

Impressive flavour to say the least was my first thought and it has got better as the coil breaks in.

Seriously good flavour with deep notes and plenty of clouds and no issues with wicking.

Impressive is the word.

Incidentally, I found my preferred airflow with this coil was with it almost completely shut off – a proper MTL vape indeed.

Vozol G-Roar Kit AIS-M8 0.3ohm Mesh Coil

Same procedure using a different pod, and this time I vaped on a bottle of Juice and Power Red Apple Slices that I recently bought.

My coil auto set at 33w – who am I to argue!

mtl coil

Again absolutely no issues with wicking and again very good flavour and clouds indeed.

I did bump this one up to 40w but could feel it was maybe to much.

I found the airflow half open gave me a very good vape indeed with little or no turbulence or sound come to that.

Vozol G-Roar Kit Airflow

The airflow control is one of those slider affairs and has I’ve already stated has a very good resistance to it.

Vozol say there are x3 settings – however there’s more and that’s where the opposite airflow port pops up.


It doesn’t mirror your main setting, instead and on my versions, it opens up more holes that are not quite the same.

The only time it doesn’t do that is on the very smallest airflow setting on the main port if all that makes sense!

That really isn’t an issue at all, especially as even with all the air ports wide open, there’s absolutely no dip in flavour!

Yeah I know, what wizardry is this!

I’m genuinely impressed that shut tight – half open or wide open, the flavour remains on point.

Speaking of which, with both coils, and if 10 is the airiest, shut tight and this is a 5.5/6 and wide open it’s a 8/8.5 – so a restricted direct lung is very achievable.

And BTW, wide open and this is reasonably quiet – the less air going in and the quieter it gets.


  • Very simple to use
  • VERY good flavour
  • Great clouds
  • RBA option coming
  • Snazzy designs
  • Solid build
  • MTL and DTL coils and drip tips included
  • Good battery life


  • Drinks the juice!
  • Final Review Verdict

    I’m actually seriously impressed by the Vozol G-Roar vape kit.

    Sure it might not be to everyone’s tastes design wise, but trust me and especially the more subdued ‘Mystic Black’ does look very smart indeed.

    vozol g-raw twist base

    I mean come on, if this fussy old sod likes the Punk Brown version – studs and all – it must be OK right!

    It’s a doddle to use – from the filling and coil swaps to the airflow and wattage controls and even the menu, this one’s ideal for a brand new vaper or as a back up for the more established among us.

    My mate’s – vaper for 6 weeks – eyes lit up when he took is first puff off the one I handed over, saying the flavour from his regular juice was “‘effing amazing” compared to the pod kit he was using [no name to avoid embarrassment ha!].

    Can’t argue with that!

    This is a very flavourful, solidly built, smart looking pod kit indeed and having the best of both worlds – MTL and DTL – with a very good battery life makes it an ideal choice in my eyes.

    Nice job Vozol!

    Incidentally…I have vaped this with the tiniest amount of vape juice left in the tank and whilst it eventually began to taste burned – it took a while…but still not something I suggest you do!


    How do you like the design?

    Is this a pod kit you’d be looking to buy?

    Any thoughts or opinions please let me know in the comments below 🙂

    Worldwide Shipping – Save 10% With Code ECC

    Build Quality
    Mod Functions
    Ease of Use
    Flavour 0.8ohm coil
    Flavour 0.3ohm coil
    Likelihood of Replacing if Lost Or Damaged
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