This is less of a review of the Vozol D1 Disposable Pod and more of a story of how these amazing little pod systems defied every expectation… In the format of a review.

Vozol D1 disposable pods

I’ve never heard of Vozol. That’s not surprising because Vozol was “born at the end of 2018”.

Their website states that they are “committed to providing healthier and innovative solutions” in regards to adult smokers. It also states that the D1 was “created to be an alternative to cigarettes”

They also have the Vozol D2 which is a dual flavour disposable pod. Yup, 2 separate flavours in one pod system!

We have reviewed a couple of disposable pods in the past, the VGOD Stig and the White Cloud Fling Wide Mini. Both impressed at the time of review.

What Can We Expect From The Vozol D1?

Honestly, a disposable vape, from a new company… I didn’t have high (if any) expectations.

We all have our own views on disposables so I’ll just be concentrating on the product I have in front of me. If they aren’t for you then be sure to check out our top rated pod systems.

The little things come in 6 different flavours (American Tobacco, Refreshing Mint, Iced Mango, Green Apple, Cool Melon, Blueberry Bomb).

Vozol D1 flavoursThey are only available in 50mg (5%) nicotine. This of course makes it unavailable in TPD areas, (as the TPD limits the maximum nicotine strength to 20mg).

Their Battery Capacity is 240mAh (which I didn’t think was a lot), Vozol also advertise the pods have a maximum of 250 puffs and are equivalent approximately 20 cigarettes.

They have a shelf life of 12 months.

Personally, at this point I’m expecting some low budget, flimsy device, that is made from cheap plastic, that provides a very small amount of flavour and vapour. Let’s see…

Check Out My Hands On Video Review


In the Box

  • 1x disposable pod (in a sealed air tight packet)
  • 1 x User Manual


  • Size: 23 x 13 x 75mm
  • Weight: 28g
  • Battery: 240mAh
  • E-liquid Capacity: 1.2ml
  • Nicotine: 50mg nic salt (5%)
  • Puff expectation: 250 (maximum)


  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over-Time Vaping Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Usable Instantly

Design & Build Quality

The first thing that stands out to me, is how well built these little pods are.


When you remove the D1 from box it is sealed in an airtight packet, with easy rip indents.

Inside that packet the pod is protected by a “Dust Plug” inside the mouth piece and a sticker on the airflow hole/led indicator.


The Vozol D1 Pod

Made out of plastic the Vozol D1 is nice and smooth with nice curved edges and no “rough bits”.

The outer shell comprises of 2 pieces; one black piece that forms the mouthpiece (and continues down the back of the pod) and another which runs down the front and bottom (the colour of this piece indicates the flavour of the liquid within).

The joints are also nice and smooth.

Vozol disposable parts
At the top, the mouth piece is a nice shape and size, it fits nice and comfortably between your lips.

The bottom of the pod irritates me. The curve at the bottom of the device looks and feels good. However because the curve starts at the middle of the device, the pod cannot stand up

Inside we have a 240mAh battery and organic cotton coils.


The brand name is quite big on front of the pod, I know big branding puts some people off but I think it would look a bit blank without it. There is the FCC logo and a few other logos/icons printed on the bottom.

Pod colours

LED Indicator

On the base of the device there is a little LED indicator. The indicator lights up when you take a puff and when the device has run out it flashes several times.

indicator light on the Vozol PodI also like the position of the indicator. Usually when the led indicator is on the bottom of a device you can’t see it.

However it is placed on the curve at the bottom of the device, this means although it is pointing away from you when you take a drag, you can still see it light up.


The airflow is decent, not too restrictive in the way it forces you to use it mouth to lung.

But restrictive enough that you can comfortably use it as mouth to lung.

The airflow hole shares the same hole as the LED indicator. However I have also noticed, air also comes through where the two pieces form the outer shell of the pod.

Quick Start

Vaping has never been so simple.

  1. Remove the pod from the air tight packet.
  2. Remove the rubber “Dust Plug” from the mouth piece.
  3. Remove the sicker from the bottom.
  4. Enjoy

When you take your first puff you should hear/feel a little pop, this is the liquid container opening and the system activating.

When it has come to an end (runs out) the led indicator flashes several times and the pod produces no vapour.

How Does the Vozol Disposable Pod Perform?

The surprises keep coming!

The Flavours in General

Although all of the favours are quite prominent, in my experience, I got used to the flavours (I couldn’t taste them as much) after 5-6 puffs. Having said that I never fully lost the flavours and after not having a puff for 10-15 minutes the full flavour returned to me.

separate boxesIt must also be noted, I didn’t get a single dry hit while using any of the Vozol D1 Systems.

The pods contain Nic-Salt e juice that helps provide a smoother hit from the high nicotine content.

OK.. onto the flavours!

American Tobacco

vozol american tobacco reviewThis is the first time I have ever had a tobacco flavour that actually tastes like smoking a cigarette.

In my experience tobacco flavours taste like tobacco (not smoke) and are often a little spicy or herbal. That’s not the case here. I can not emphasise enough how much it tastes like smoking a cigarette. (I even got my dad to taste it and he agrees; he’s a smoker).

Refreshing Mint

vozol refreshing mint reviewI think this flavour lets the range down a bit. It’s more menthol than it is mint….

Actually, I can’t taste mint at all. To be honest if I can taste anything other than menthol, it is plastic (but it’s only subtle, it’s like the new plastic smell).

However I can say the menthol kick is very refreshing.

Iced Mango

vozol iced mango reviewI’m really funny with mango flavours, I do love a good mango flavour but if it’s too sweet and strong, it’s not for me.

This flavour is perfect! The mango taste is prominent and menthol kick makes it really refreshing.

Green Apple

vozol green apple reviewHave you ever had any sour apple shots or any sour apple sweets?

That is exactly what the Green Apple tastes like… nearly, it has that great taste without the level of sourness that makes you quiver.

Also, I usually find the “sour apple” flavour dries my mouth out. I didn’t get that with green apple, although the taste was there, I found I to be subtly refreshing.

Cool Melon

vozol cool melon reviewI went for the Melon flavour first because it was the most appealing to me. I’ve tried a lot of melon flavours and the majority are a little too sweet and sickly.

That’s not the case here.

They’ve got the Cool Melon spot on, it was so refreshing and mouthwateringly good! The flavour doesn’t really flood your mouth but it is certainly prominent. The most impressive thing is, the flavour actually stays in your mouth for a fair while (5-10 minutes).

I actually had a customer try it; he asked if I could stock the flavour.

Blueberry Bomb

vozol blueberry bomb reviewI’m not quite sure how to describe the taste of this one.

I originally thought it tasted like the nice minty after taste that mouthwash leaves in your mouth. Menthol, with a hint of blueberry… However my Mrs said it tastes like a menthol cigarette, from then on that’s all I could taste.

It is very refreshing but in my opinion it is more menthol than it is blueberry.

Battery | Pod Life

Vozol advertise that the D1s have a maximum of 250 puffs.

When something says the maximum but not an expected amount it kind of puts me off…

Should I expect 250 puffs or 50 puffs?

Well the first pod I used seemed to last forever. So I bought a counter… Extreme, I know.

The Blueberry Burst lasted for 224 puffs and the Refreshing Mint lasted for 232 puffs. I don’t know about you but I think for a 50mg disposable device, that’s pretty acceptable.

puff counterEach pod lasted me the majority of a day, I’m talking between 10-12 hours. And I used them very frequently (more frequently than I should’ve, considering the nicotine strength).

Vapour production

The vapour production is very similar to the amount of smoke you would get from a cigarette.

These are not made to be cloud chuckers.


  • Really Good Flavours
  • Decent Battery Life
  • High Nicotine
  • Small in Size


  • Disposable / Not Reusable
  • Not available in TPD Countries (High Nicotine)

Final Verdict

The little Vozol D1 disposable pods are awesome!

Vozol have done an amazing job at creating an alternative to cigarettes. If they were available in the UK I’d buy one every-time I went out drinking.

They are conveniently small and light, but more importantly they are packed with nicotine and great flavours. If Vozol bring out a reusable pod, I’ll be first in the queue before the shops open!

Did you buy the Vozol D1 pods? Have any questions? Let us know in the comments below.

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Replace if Lost
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