Vype ePen – The Future of Vaping?

Update – Check the latest Vype ePen 3 review here.

I have reviewed a number of Vype products in the past, each one gradually getting that little bit better as they evolve, their latest cig-a-like release was called the eStick which when compared to their initial releases was a much improved product.

They have also recently enter the ‘box mod‘ market with the Vype eBox.

Their latest product is called the Vype ePen, which as the name suggest is targeting the vape pen e cig market.

It’s interesting to see where the BAT owned e cig brand would go in terms of bigger battery devices after the proposed regulations by the European Parliament. After receiving the ePen could this be a glimpse into the future of e cigarettes? Is this a product that takes a step closer to fitting within TPD regulation guidelines?

Is it good enough to land a place on our recommended vape pen list?

Let’s take a closer look.

In the box / Presentation

Vype present their e cigarettes in a uniform way across product lines with the acrylic case. It all looks good, neat and tidy. Inside the ePen kit you will find:

  • 1 x Rechargeable 650 mAh battery
  • 2 x ePen Caps (refill cartomisers)
  • 1 x Hygiene mouthpiece cap
  • USB Charger


The first thing about the Vype ePen is that it is unlike the majority of other pen style e cigs on the market. There was a device I remember called the E-Lips (I think that was the name) that comes closest but that never really took off.  Vype E Pen Review

The ePen is like an EGO battery that has been flattened slightly into an oval shape. The feel in the hand is a familiar rubberised soft touch material but the device feels a little ‘plasticy’ and light weight.

The battery has a 650 mAh capacity that gave me around 5-6 hours of use which is as expected for a battery this size. The threading, unsurprisingly, will only fit Vype cartridges.

Shape of the Vype E PenThe battery itself has two power buttons each providing two voltage settings. As described in the Vype instructions – “Press and hold the ‘double arrow’ for more vapour, press and hold the ‘single arrow’ for less vapour”.

I suppose I need to take into account that this is for new vapers or their existing customers making the switch from their cig-a-like range so simplicity is probably at the forefront of their mind and rightly so.

There is no mention of what the two different voltages are but I suppose the above instruction kind of explains it all in a ‘that’s all you need to know’ kind of way!

The difference between the two voltage settings isn’t, for me, that noticeable. Yeah, the higher voltage button does sound like it’s putting more leg work into heating the e-liquid and gives a touch more vapour but the flavour difference is negligible.

The only real difference will come in running the battery down quicker if the higher voltage button is used consistently.

Vype ePen E Cigarette

The 3 click on/off function is also there which does of course come in handy and the actual buttons themselves provide a satisfactory ‘click’ when pressed.

Spare / Replacement batteries

Vype have made available spare parts with the ePen which is a welcome addition, a spare battery can be bought.

If you are considering this electronic cigarette I would recommend buying a spare straight away as back up and to use in rotation.

This just ensures you aren’t caught short with a dead battery.

Overall – The Vype ePen battery is a strange device for me. I’m all for change and new innovative products but the execution of this leaves a little to be desired. The two voltage buttons aren’t really necessary and it just all feels a little lightweight which thinking about it may be a plus point for many, especially new users.

Vapour / Flavour

The Vype ePen kit comes with two Blended Tobacco cartridge/cartomiser refills or Refill Caps as Vype calls them. They hold 1.5ml of e-liquid and are not refillable.

The ePen uses a cartomiser type design that has the atomiser built into the base.

Vype cartridge refill for epen

It looks like Vype have produced a cartridge that would fit in with regulations, it is under the maximum 2ml capacity for a tank and it also looks as though it has been designed so as to prevent any leakage.

The latter is a good thing for sure, I had a good play around with the cartridge and not one drop of e-liquid anywhere but inside the container.

This, of course, ensures the cartridges cannot be refilled although I’m sure there will be ways around it, those that would want to do that though probably wouldn’t go for this device in the first place.

I guess that is the whole point of having something of this type of design that users cannot compromise and risk liquid getting all over the place.

So, once you have screwed the cartridge onto the battery comes the ‘ePen Top’. This is a sleeve that sits over the cartridge that has a hole in the end of which you draw through.

The addition of the sleeve finishes the whole look of the e cig off but if I’m being picky I’m not a fan of vaping through the rubberised plastic end. That’s a personal preference though and may not be an issue for others.

ePen mouthpiece


The ePen I have to say performs well, the Blended Tobacco flavour is OK, not the best I have tried but not offensive and the amount of vapour produced is pretty good.

I just can’t get my head around what ultimately reminds me of something my doctor would prescribe to help me quit cigs. Take 3 drags, 8 times a day Mr Williams. It just has that kind of feel for me.

My other half, on the other hand wanted to pee on it, I told her it wasn’t a pregnancy test. The brief argument was settled by taking a quick drag, she looked horrified until I blew out a cloud of vapour.

Vype looks like a pregnancy testing kit


Refills are available in a pack of three. There are just the three flavour options and one nicotine strength available as I write. Cherry, Blended Tobacco and Crisp Mint.

Prices are more expensive than the equivalent amount of e-liquid but these are of course pre-filled.

The prices are on the expensive side, it would be more reasonable to see packs of 5 cartridges for the same price.

Overall – The blended tobacco flavour was decent and the vapour volume good. The caps only hold 1.5ml of e-liquid though which heavy vapers will get through pretty rapid and with the prices for 4.5ml of e-liquid it could be just on the wrong side of expensive.


Vype do have a 28 day refund policy if you are not happy with the product.

Customer Service

Vype are available through a free phone number (UK), email and are also active on Facebook and Twitter. I also used their live chat system on site and had my questions answered within 3 minutes which is great.

Overall Vype ePen Review Verdict

I personally couldn’t shake the feeling that the Vype ePen was like using some sort of medical device prescribed to me by my GP or found on the shelf in the birth control section of Boots.

It has of course been devised to comply with the TPD rules and regs and from first glance I think it does this or at least it’s the closest I have seen.

It all just felt too sterile and I have to say it just didn’t work out for me, it wasn’t an e cig I particularly liked.

Having said that, this isn’t targeted to existing vapers. New users that want a ‘plug and play’, ‘set it and forget it’ type of e cig that has more power than a cig-a-like then this isn’t a bad choice as it’s super simple to use. You may only use it as an introductory e cig but If it gets you to ditch the cigs then that’s got to be a good thing.

Here are a few takeaway points.


  • Tobacco flavour was decent and vapour volume was good
  • Would be more suited to light/moderate smokers making the switch
  • No leaking from the cartridge
  • UK Made e-liquid
  • Pretty much a ‘Press and play’ setup that is clean and super easy for new users to get to grips with

Not so good

  • All feels to much like some sort of medical device
  • According to my other half it looks like a pregnancy test.
  • Too much of a lightweight plastic feel for my personal preference
  • Vaping through a plastic tip long term is not for me
  • The 1.5ml capacity cartridges are small and heavy vapers may have an issue with the cost of these.
  • Refills cost
  • The two voltage options are not much use.
  • Heavy smokers may still struggle with the life of the refills, they may find they are using a large quantity.

Is this a glimpse at what the future of vaping could be like if and when the regulations come into play?

What do you think of the Vype ePen? Leave your review below.

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Vapour Volume
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
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  1. I been smoking since the age of 14 😓 Smoked 30 plus a day. I brought other e pens but threw them away but this vype has been great, although didn’t realise you can smoke using the lid 😂 I am now a happy non smoker, no cravings at all. This has been brilliant for me. Thank you 😊

  2. As a 30 yr 20 a day smoker…i thought id try this as a way of weening myself off cigarettes and from the very first try of the vype epen i have never had a single cigarette and no craving to have one. As an excerseise in giving up cigarettes this device is a revelation for me. Thats the pro now the cons. After say two months use you begin to realise that the blended tobacco flavour isnt quite as pleasant as it was. Maybe i was getting my sense of taste back. The device is also very fragile. If you twist instead of pulling the top off,it will crack very easily and under no circumstances put it in your back pocket and get into a car coz it will snap at the battery housing and will be useless. It does sometimes leak so i try to put it down standing upright or raised at the battery end. As for price co-op do the cheapest starter kits and cheapest refills £3-£4 so much cheaper than a pack of 20 cigs. So my experience-a revelation,they did exactly what i wanted from them,got me away from the vice like grip of cigarettes instantly. But now the flavour just isnt for me. Best described as burnt carpet.

  3. after 50yrs of NEVER going a day without a cigarette -i never thought i would become a non smoker but with my vype i have not had a cigarette in 3+half months,and only a tiny craving the 1st 2 weeks -i never thought it would be this easy

  4. I do like this product. It performs better than several other devices that I have tried. Refills are available at some supermarkets but the choice is very limited. Ordering from Vype takes around 5-6 days to delivery which is not good enough.
    I’ve had slight problems charging but I suspect that it’s been my own fault and when fully charged the pen performs really well.

  5. After 35 years I’ve quit smoking, over a month now & I really didn’t have to try. Simple to use, looks like a stealth fighter and i’ve enjoyed exploring the deferent flavours, eager to try more…

  6. I like the idea it does not look like a normal fag.

    It (for me) produces enough vapour to make it a substitute for normal smoking.

    The E pen itself is a bit fragile. I’ve purchased my first Vype E Pen 5weeks ago, and today after numerous times of dropping it, it now is broken in half. I am considering buying another, but as I feel I don’t need the nicotine substitute anymore, I might just buy another just to be safe of the craving.

  7. I have tried countless times to give up in the past using e cigs, patches , gum , nasal sprays , tablets etc and thought I would never be able to do it, until my husband brought this home. ( he too had quit ) after he told me how good it was , I decided to go and get one and I am so glad I did ☺ I have not touched a fag for 4 days- and for someone like me that is a massive step. I love being smoke free and am confident with this product next to me I can continue my journey confidantly.

  8. I love the customer service I don’t like the batteries or that it’s hard to get the tobacco flavour from chemist

  9. I went from smoking for 5 years to only ever smoking on the occasional night out. So I would say that this product helped me to quit smoking. Brilliant! My complaint is that the product makes me feel breathless, gives me a cough& a sore throat. There is not one piece of info on the website or on the packaging as to what is in this vapour? How do I know it is not as harmful or more harmful than cigarettes? Also the flimsy plastic design is disappointing. I dropped it once (my fault yes) but that has caused it to break straight away. Now whenever I vape the liquid leaks into to my mouth & tastes disgusting as expected. I thought changing the cartridge would help but they all leak now. The cartridges are expensive.

  10. love that it stopped me smoking after 40 years, money saved is an eye opener, tried alsorts to stop, to no avail, but have managed with this, even when i have a drink i still dont crave or want a real ciggie, battery life lets it down for me, so had to buy a spare, so i always have back up, lasts about a day, so its a big yes for me, hope they reduce refill price, but i know someone who says they can refill them on youtube

  11. I am a regular user of e-cigs, i have had to many to remember but none of them made me want to stop smoking, i was still having a regular cig whenever someone offered it to me, i think the e-pen will really help me to stop smoking all together. I’ve only tried the tobacco flavour up to now but will be buying some more on the weekend

    Deal on at lloyd pharmacy at the moment

  12. Its good to hold ,hence cirbs the habit of holding a ciggy ,taste is good (tobbacco blend)
    not prohivatively pricey ,and after 30 years of smoking ,I can leave the house without worrying if my facs and lighter are with me

  13. Very simple to use product. Works well and no leakage. Simple refill design however these are quite expensive at £7.99 for 3. 5 would be a much fairer price. As the idea surely is that it is cheaper than smoker therefore saving money but isn’t the case for me at this refill price.

  14. I’ve been using another brand of even for almost 2 years which is quite good but I’ve found the clearomisers are very unpredictable. Some last over a week but I’ve had some that don’t work at all or only last a few hours.
    So I thought I’d try the Vype e pen and I’m quite impressed. It’s much better not having to mess about filling liquid into the clearomisers tank. I think it’s going to be a bit more expensive but for the convenience it’s probably worth it. However more flavours are needed without a doubt and im finding that Lloyds chemist are out of stock,of them and having to buy them online adds to the cost with the postage.

  15. Love how convenient this product is, lightweight and I think pretty cool looking. Would like to see a few more flavours and Definitely a choice of nicotine levels. I contacted customer services and they have said that in July 2015 they are aiming to introduce more flavours and nicotine level choices. I got the starter pack direct from Vype go, but stumbled across a local pharmacy that was doing a promo, so got a spare. Would like to see cartridges more widely available in a few other outlets, not easy to get hold of unless you buy online & you have to pay p&p which takes a pack of 3 cartridges to almost £10, so can be a bit expensive. BUT I have not had a single cigarette and know I will NEVER smoke tobacco again, so this product has worked for me

  16. Ok this is great 5 weeks with out smoking. 1. Battery life: you definitely need two. the batteris are inconsistent one lasts all day the other would be lucky if you get a few hours. One of the charges gave up after a couple of weeks.
    2. Build: I have to take really good care as it is flimsy the first one I broke within days, the refill snapped off.
    3. Refills: refills are expensive don’t think I am saving any money. Some refills haven’t worked just had to go in the bin One refill leaked.
    After all the moaning I like it but needs some more thinking. More robust, batteryiest o be more consistent. Maybe more testing on the hardware. Have not smoked in 5 weeks which is great. But think it is time to look for alternative e pens

  17. I have been smoking for over a year, I bought this product as my mother recommended it to me, and today it’s my second day without having a cigarette. It got here very quickly, I like the smooth, sleek design, low fuss when changing the caps over, the only downside is that there are only 3 flavours and the caps are not refillable. Hopefully, Vype will bring out some more flavours.

  18. Lightweight to hold and put in my handbag charging it does take a while 2 hours don’t miss cigarettes refills could be a bit cheaper would recommend it to friends perhaps could be a bit smaller in size the functions are easy to use the look could be slightly different and not look like a pregnancy test

  19. Stopped 3 weeks today smoke 30 yrs tried lots of time s got this best thing ever don’t smoke it much now either do chewing gum

  20. I bought this expecting it to be as much use as others I have tried in the past and then ending up in the bin. How wrong was I. I have not even wanted to smoke a regular cigarette whilst using this, even though a good friend still smokes roll up’s in my presence. I just found real cigs smelt terrible. The design fits neatly in my hand, it’s not heavy and not too large unlike some other units I have seen people using. The lack of different flavours is a bit of a let down and the blended tobacco flavour is not very pleasant at all so I use the cherry and mint. All in all it’s a good way to get off the tobacco but you still need some willpower to achieve this. It needs more flavours introducing to the range though. It has definitely helped me and I would recommend it to anyone.

  21. Been a smoker for 7 years now. Wanted to stop for about 2 years and had no luck. I’ve tried patches, chewing gum, other ecigs including the ones that look like fags and epens including the ego. All I found myself doing was smoking the same amount of fags then puffing on the ecig in between them, with the vype however I’ve cut down by 10-15 cigarettes and I’m just going into my second week. I feel confident that this will be the ecig to help me stop I would definitely recommend.

  22. I liked the fact that the refills, although a bit expensive, were easy to change with no messing about with liquids. This is the first e cig I have bought, purchasing it with the intent to stop smoking. But the strength of the refills is too strong for me and left me with a sore throat after just a couple of tries a day. Therefore I stopped using it. Perhaps if different strengths were available I would give it another try. Maybe nicotine free ones like that available with other e pens.

  23. I think this is perfect for new vapers, some may not like the slightly soft rubberized end but that was the hardest thing for me in moving to vaping – I was used to a soft filter so a hard plastic or metal end on an ecig just felt wrong.

    First day I had one of these epens I only smoked cigarettes when I forgot the damn thing.

    Vapour amount is nice (although the change in voltage between the two is minimal) and overall it looks sleek and not out of place. I am not a fan of massive epens where there is a huge tank of liquid visible and it looks like some kind of industrial cyberpunk device you are sucking on!

  24. I found this e pen easy to use charge lasts me all day I like the sleek design I can’t believe i haven’t had a cigarette for 11 days now and haven’t missed them all because of this I smoked 20 per day for 30 years now I don’t smoke any the vype e pen has made it so easy

    • Brilliant bit of kit. Cartridges pricy but you CAN refill them! All you need is a biggish pair of pliers a pin and some boiling water! On YouTube and I do it all the time with no leaks!

  25. I love this product, I had it one day and the liquid leaked, on phoning customer service they took the serial number and stated they would send out a new Epen, I could not believe the brilliance of this customer service and true to their word a new Vype Epen was delivered the next day. I have not had a cigarette now for 1 week…..which to some probably doesn’t sound that long, to me it’s an eternity I have tried on numerous occasions to give up (once used patches and still smoked :() can’t believe how easy I have found it with this brilliant device. My mother has since bought this product bearing in mind she has smoked 30+ years and has also been smoke free for 5 days. Everybody is fascinated by this product and I have encouraged two others to buy. Go Vype

  26. So I really enjoyed it when it turned up, and I’ve had a couple e-pen style cigarettes before, but the only problem I face is that sometimes the liquid has leaked..

    As I said earlier, I reckon it was probably just because I kept it in my bag and it was getting banged around. But bar that it’s all really good! Even the pricing of the products have gone down now that the company itself has got on its feet!!

    I would definitely recommend this to someone who is trying to stop smoking, I just went straight cold turkey with this and have had the occasional cigarette if I’m on a night out! Recommend this product so much that I convinced my mum to get one and she’s cut down a lot to!

    Definitely a product fit for the younger generation who want something that looks sleek and modern.

  27. I started using this product on 1st January 2015, and have hardly noticed that I’ve given up cigarettes. Off smoking for over three weeks now, and I feel for the first time in 20 years that I can give up and become a non-smoker permanently

  28. I absolutely love this product. I’ve tried many other e-cigs but kept coming back to the real thing. I’ve been vype-ing for more than 2 weeks now and haven’t even considered going back to tobacco. Many say they are on the expensive side, but with the rising prices of tobacco I’m saving a lot with vype, one cartridge is lasts me two days and 7.99 for 3 is pretty good at least for me.

  29. I like the epen find it east to use and no mess or spills, however I seem to be charging it quite alot and I only vape on low setting?

  30. Having smoked everyday for the last 28years, this is the first thing that has really taken the craving away. It is expensive compared to regular cape pen things, but far less of a card, and not messy!

  31. I’ve been a 20 or more a day smoker for 31years. Ive tried all kinds of vapour devieses over the past year and none of them worked for me. Vype is the best I’ve tried and now I’ve not had a cigarette in 4 days. It’s been amazing for me. Honestly if I can do it after Being a heavy smoker for over 30 years you can too.
    I love this vype epen, no leaks or spills, no messy filling up with eliquids, no nasty leaks in the mouth.
    The only complaint I have about this vype epen is the flavours. I was useing the tobacco flavour the first couple of days and wanted a change, so I bought crisp mint and dark cherry. The crisp mint has no mint flavour at all and the dark cherry is also flavourless. Vype need to do some more research on these flavours as I feel a menthol cigarette smoker wouldn’t buy vype products.

  32. I have smoked for over 40 years and have always enjoyed my cigs, never wanted to give up but thought I’d try the vapour ones after seeing a work colleague using one although it was a different brand. After checking a few different ones out on the Internet I decided on the Vype e pen and so glad I did I’m only on week 2 but can honestly say have not craved or wanted a cigarrette I absolutely love this e pen. I suppose it is early days yet but feel so confident that I won’t be going back to my roll ups. I think maybe it would be nice to have some more flavours but it’s not a huge issue for me.


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