The headline is all you really need to know and it’s astonishing the WHO is praising the harsh vape regulations currently adopted in Finland.

And this ‘statement of support‘ for the Finnish Government, could be just the start of an all out assault on vaping not just in that country – but across Europe.

who praising harsh vape regulations

Sadly it’s not unexpected given this faceless bureaucratic un-elected monolithic organization is as anti-vaping as you could possibly get.

Guardians of world health my arse – more like the World Harm Organization judging by its track record…especially lately in its bungling ineptitude tackling COVID-19…

The onset of the TPD saw Finland bring in the toughest vape regulations in Europe and to this day includes tough measures including a flavour ban.

When the upgraded new vape laws were in the planning stage, Vapers Finland contacted the WHO, but its cleverly researched, and science backed consultation paper was ignored.

Probably because it was indeed well thought out and a pretty good argument to relax not tighten vape regulations, including:

…the observational evidence is very clear: popularity of vaping hasn’t increased smoking prevalence or even nicotine use.

On the contrary, vaping has significantly replaced smoking which has never before decreased as rapidly as after the rise of e-cigarette sales.

But hey, as I always say, don’t let the facts get in the way of banning the shit out of e-cigarettes…

Little wonder then, Finland sits on top of the 2019 Nanny State Index.

This is a clever barometer looking at the worst countries within the EU for the ‘freedom’ to eat, drink, smoke and vape.

Incidentally, the UK is ranked 4th overall but gets high marks for its stance on vaping – better than our results in Eurovision I guess, but nothing to be proud of for a so called free country.

Anyway, I digress…

Praising Harsh Vape Regulations : “Strong legislation helps defeat e-cigarettes in Finland”

The World Health Organization reckons the Finnish approach is the very best way to “defeat e-cigarettes“.


“Defeat” is fighting talk to say the least – so has the WHO now ‘officially‘ declared a “War On Vaping?”

philipines vape ban

Let’s face it, the WHO has been running a guerilla style war on all things vape for some time.

Its tactics have included sniping from the sidelines with completely fake news and ‘science’ surrounding e-cigarettes, issuing totally made up decrees based on fresh air and billionaire paid for ‘research’, flooding the social and mainstream media with horrific scaremongering based on total BS, and churning out enough anti-vape propaganda to make a dictator of a tin-pot country jealous.

So is there a war looming with Europe as one of the theatres?

It would seem so, given the recent statement from the WHO, concentrating as it does, in support of ‘tougher’ vape legislation in a European country, and that does not bode well for the future.

Discussion by the EU around the new TPD 3 legislation might be on hold due to the pandemic, but trust me those other unelected nonentities in the EU and the EU Commission are eying all things vape like hungry predators.

Just as Martin Cullip – chair of the New Nicotine Alliance warned last year.

martin cullip chair nna
Chair of the New Nicotine Alliance – Martin Cullip

He told me:

2020 will require a lot of input from vapers as there are very real threats coming.

We will be encouraging vapers to write to politicians, non-governmental organizations, their government and others.

It is not an option to just duck out.

Indeed it isn’t.

The first shots have been fired in this apparent Europe wide war on vaping, with calls for flavour bans, among other tough new vape laws in Denmark, and more recently politicians in the Netherlands were sharpening their knives to stick it to the country’s vapers.

Right now it’s not so much a war in Europe on vaping, more of a collection of opening skirmishes.

But be in no doubt, all out war is most definitely on the table, and led by the brain dead kool-aid drinking virtue signalling WHO despots desperate to keep the ‘fight’ against lit tobacco relevant.

And that’s where these idiotic busybodies really don’t get it.

By constantly attacking vaping – they are propping up lit tobacco production and sales and so killing billions of smokers across the globe, who could be switching to the at least 95% safer e-cigarettes.

Praising Harsh Vape Regulations – Is World No Tobacco Day D Day?

In this case the ‘D’ appears to stand for ‘defeat‘.

That is the WHO’s now apparent goal in the ‘defeat‘ of e-cigarettes across mainstream Europe.

world no tobacco day 2020

Why the f**k they want to eradicate e-cigarettes from the globe is anyone’s guess – I always say it’s down to the money honey.

After all with Trump threatening to remove all WHO funding, it’s anti-vaping billionaires Bill ‘Vaccinate the World’ Gates and mini Mike ‘Ban It All’ Bloomberg that are the largest funders.

Hey if those ill informed moneybags says it’s bad it must be right? Forget the actual science…nothing to see here…move along whilst I ready my new ‘vape device’ [the Hale – see the Bloomberg link above] to sell to the masses…

As we get closer to the World No Tobacco Day, the WHO has set out its stall.

As you can see, it positively gushed over the ‘defeat’ of e-cigarettes in Finland, interviewing Meri Paavola from the country’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

She was one of the architects of the ridiculously harsh vaping regulations and said:

Legislation is a very important way of protecting vulnerable groups from e-cigarettes.

For example, candy flavours in e-cigarettes clearly target children and adolescents.

Jesus H Christ – not that argument again FFS…

I refuted that little gem once again in the Vape News…kids DON’T vape for flavours and that’s research from a prestigious university in of all places America – where as you know, politicians seem to have a perpetual hard on for banning vaping full stop!

She also goes on the celebrate the fact that any ‘appeals’ lodged against the draconian vape laws were swiftly dismissed – including a vape shop owner that advertised on a bus!

These despots do like their power and control don’t they..?

And this is the world the WHO wants – e-cigarettes wiped off the face of the earth – but of course leaving the only choice for smokers desperate to quit Big Pharma suicide inducing drugs and the proven useless nicotine sprays, gums and patches

The WHO knows where the money is…Big Pharma and its products and of course crazed billionaires.

Save the Children!

The theme of this years World No Tobacco Day is – and yeah you’ve guessed it – protecting the children…

The WHO says:

…The theme for this year’s World No Tobacco Day is the protection of youth from industry manipulation, to prevent them from both tobacco and nicotine use.

Young people who use electronic nicotine delivery systems risk developing a nicotine addiction, given that habitual use of these products is primarily established in adolescence.

E-cigarettes are not harmless…

Praising Harsh Vape Regulations world no tobacco day

No one’s ever said e-cigarettes are completely harmless – nothing is – but they are almost a hundred fold safer than lit tobacco – which the WHO never really seems to get passionate about ‘defeating’…strange that

Of course, any statement from the WHO on e-cigarettes wouldn’t be the same without a bit of fearmongering thrown in:

Reducing e-cigarette prevalence in children is vital to preventing nicotine poisoning; several studies have also suggested that certain flavours themselves are harmful to health, proving the need for putting flavour bans at the core of any new regulations.

It is more important than ever to remain vigilant in the face of innovative marketing strategies by the industry and to respond in kind with inventive tobacco control legislation.

*bangs head on desk*

Pretty sure a lot of kids get poisoned by a plethora of household products – let’s ban the shit out of them too…

I assume they are referring to an obscure study that claimed menthol and cinnamon flavours inside e-liquids would kill you with a heart attack.

Complete bollocks and I was able to prove that in the article: ‘Flawed’ Study Suggests Some E-Liquid Flavourings MAY Effect the Heart.

That’s just one of the VERY many fake science studies centering around the health of the heart I’ve easily been able to refute…

That last sentence is also the WHO drawing its line in the sand pretty much telling Governments that any new harm reduction tool should be so heavily legislated so much so it becomes impossible to produce or use.

Shocking stuff and yet more proof the World Health Organization is not fit for purpose.

ETHRA – the Alternative World No Tobacco Day Message

ETHRA, the European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates group, is planning to go head to head with the WHO on World No Tobacco Day.

It’s actual plans are embargoed until next week – World No Tobacco Day is on Sunday May 31st.

European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates against WHO Praising Harsh Vape Regulations

Hopefully I’ll have more on ETHRA’s plans early next week.

Good to see a European wide advocacy group is taking on the WHO – let’s hope they are successful.

Remember, you can lose a few battles but still win the war…so please get involved in any way you can!

So what are your thoughts on the WHO praising harsh vape regulations?

Let me know in the comments below…

The fight to save vaping is on and very real…

neil Humber 2
Neil Humber

I have simpler vape tastes these days - I never leave home without a Caliburn G, a Vaporesso Luxe 40 or Innokin EQ FLTR and a CBD vape pen or bottle of CBD drops in my rucksack...or indeed an Aspire Nautilus Prime X in my pocket... At home I'll be using various mods topped with the GeekVape Zeus X RTA or the Signature Mods Mono SQ topped with the Augvape BTFC RDA... I'm a former journalist and now a writer and sometimes author... I'm ex Army - adore dogs and never happier than hiking over the hills or with a good book on a beach.

I have simpler vape tastes these days - I never leave home without a Caliburn G, a Vaporesso Luxe 40 or Innokin EQ FLTR and a CBD vape pen or bottle of CBD drops in my rucksack...or indeed an Aspire Nautilus Prime X in my pocket... At home I'll be using various mods topped with the GeekVape Zeus X RTA or the Signature Mods Mono SQ topped with the Augvape BTFC RDA... I'm a former journalist and now a writer and sometimes author... I'm ex Army - adore dogs and never happier than hiking over the hills or with a good book on a beach.


  1. Well, the WHO is funded by tobacco-exporting nations. By their own FCTC guidelines, they ought to be barred from any public health meetings. (And really, the anti-vaping / pro-tobacco stance is rather blatant.)

    They’re going hard after flavours because they meanwhile figured out why ENDS/TASTE outmatch NRTs for smoking cessation. It’s unlikely that the pharma industry didn’t already commission a study on this (ala “Why e-cigarettes don’t need flavours”), but kept it under wraps (because: obvious findings). The psychological effect of disassociating nicotine from the tobacco taste is perhaps more significant than we all assumed.

    Hence the WHO’s preschool FUD campaign. It’s a little over the top, of course. And the shallow thought process (only kids could possibly like descriptive flavour names) can easily backfire. As with TPD2, it was the EU parliament that called out the junk science and disregard for obvious consequences of e-cig bans.

  2. I am getting really sick and tired of all these idiots interfearing for the sake of greed and back handers. I wish they would stick their sick noses elsewhere and leave us alone, to stop smoking in anyway we see fit. It is our lives after all. Im sick of all the fake reports and use of kids to get to people, its all bull***t. They don’t care about the kids, they are the next generation of heavy tax payers. They are the next generation to keep big phama going, and big tobacco. I wish we had a few billionaires on our side fighting in our corner. They are all criminals and should answer for their crimes, for being the scum they really are.

    • Every day I see some new crackpot ‘study’ or some despotic idiotic politician or ‘health’ organization spouting bollocks about the ‘dangers’ of vaping…if only the spent a fraction of the time talking about cancers from lit tobacco…

  3. It’s a sad day when the WHO, who should be impartial and balanced in their thinking, should be seen to be so blatantly bought by the big tobacco companies like this. I follow the writings of yourself and Dave Cross quite closely and it saddens and frustrates me that there is an anti vape feeling which is so strong, that it will inevitably lead to vapers returning to tobacco and ultimately hastening that slow demise to early death.
    Here’s two facts;
    Oxygen, breathe enough of it and you will die.
    Vaping, stopped my 35 year habit with tobacco, 95% less harmful than tobacco.
    I’ll take my chances.

    • It is indeed sad to say the very least…

      Thanks for following I appreciate that mate and thanks for the comment

      Cheers 🙂


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