Like any list attempting to collect influential people, this will be open to debate as to who has been included and who has been left out. But, for anybody new to the scene, you will probably come across these names and this will give you some background to the people who make the vaping world tick.

The first people you will come into contact with will probably be the vaping reviewers. Anyone can be a reviewer, and many people try, but only a handful have stood the test of time because they have either managed to carve themselves a niche or won people over with their style.

The Reviewers

The top reviewers tend to be sent gear free of charge because what they do is give an honest opinion of its benefits and drawbacks. It should be remembered that if you want to start reviewing gear you need to start buy buying your own. If you offer something manufacturers think is useful then you may start being sent items for review but approaching them or vendors asking for free things will be met with a swift rebuke, if they even bother replying at all.

All of the reviewers have quite strong opinions about clones – this being that they do not agree with them at all. They believe that cloners steal ideas from manufacturers and produce cheap but poor quality products off the back of other people’s hard work.

Not everyone will review things in a way you find informative and/or entertaining. Some people pick and mix based on the device they are looking to buy, a problem they are having or something new they’d like to try with a device.

You will soon find one or two that you prefer watching to the others.

Mark Todd (Todd’s Reviews)

“Hi guys…”

Todds ReviewsIf you mention reviews then inevitably Toddy will be the first name to trot off most people’s tongues. The self-deprecating Scot, along with his dog, creates highly engaging videos from the depths of the shed, with frequent interruptions from the phone.

Gently spoken and with a warm wit, Todd covers every aspect of vaping from instructional videos for beginners and basic gear through to high end, exceptionally expensive mods.

Mark is the first to say that (despite his extensive experience) he is not an expert and that his opinion is just that; his opinion. He always advises you to take in other people’s opinions too before making a purchase.

Todd’s video channel –

Scott Bonner (E-cig Reviews/igetcha69)

“Hello, my name’s Scott…”

Scott Bonner - iGetcha69Scott is the Cockney master of the vape-ring, an example of the toroid can be seen in the image on the right and has been credited by Grimm Green as:

“My hero and the man that got me in to vaping”.

As he has gone on, Scott has become a specialist in high-end gear but also produced many excellent introductory videos in the past.

Scott’s style is very scripted compared to Todd but still honest and in-depth – in fact his detailed breakdown of equipment and builds is probably the most comprehensive and easy to follow on the Internet.

Scott’s Youtube channel –

Damian Morter (A bloody good vaping/pappaspud/Safer Vapers)

Damian Mortimer - A Bloody Good VapingThe Safer Vapers were becoming a firm favorite of forum members for their light-hearted coverage of all things vaping but a split between the pair has resulted with Damian branching out on his own.

His experience with camera work and acting comes clearly to the fore, and you will also see that he has an eye for design with the layout of his pages.

Damian is another reviewer who will not cover cloned mods and atomisers – but that doesn’t mean he only specializes on expensive equipment as his recent video on the Aga-T7 goes to demonstrate.

Engaging, humorous, Damian’s range of videos are limited at present but will continue to grow as will his popularity due to the brutal honesty he applies to the devices he reviews.

Youtube –

Gareth Witty (Vapedog1666)

Garethe Witty (VApedog) Vaping ReviewsGareth, AKA Vapedog1666, has been about on the vaping review scene now for a couple of years and covers a wide spread of gear from cig-a-likes to clearomizers to e-liquids to vape mods….

Gareth reviews everything vaping and he does so in a great, clear and concise way and even though he’s a proper nice guy if he doesn’t like it he will be sure to let you know!

If you’re lucky you might even get a bit of ukulele playing here and there! Don’t worry though he hasn’t started singing…. yet 🙂

Twitter –

Crossing over the Atlantic…

Phil Busardo (Taste Your Juice)

P BusardoIf you haven’t seen Phil’s video about the The Legal Vape 4000 then you are missing out. It’s this mixture of humor and rage at unjust legislation or poor ideas that makes Phil compulsive watching…even if you do have to laugh at some of his coils.

What makes Phil stand out are his rants coupled with a dry wit and a keen eye; he’ll not pull any punches if something needs criticizing.

Youtube –

Rip Trippers

RiP Trippers Video ReviewsRip is the nearest thing you will come to Marmite in the vaping world. Heavily using the edit machine, loved and hated in equal measure, Rip cuts sentences and splices them to give a Max Headroom approach to reviews – coupled with a range of weird noises and a massive beard.

Rip’s really into pushing the envelope with coiling and wicking techniques – a must watch for those who love big clouds.

Youtube –

Grimm Green

Grimm GreenThere’s no one out there who knows more about vaping and its history. Having started vaping almost 6 years (ago after seeing a Scott Bonner e cig review), Grimm is delightfully unassuming and accessible. Watching one of Grimm’s videos is like having someone sitting in your room just offering you some sound, sensible advice step by step.

His videos cover everything for the very beginner all the way through to the advanced user, unscripted but he still retains a very fluid presentation due to his understanding of the item and what came before it.

Facebook –
Twitter – @ GrimmGreen
Youtube –

Dimitris Agrafiotis otherwise known as The Vaping Greek

Vaping GreekDimitris is much more about campaigning although he does reviews too.

As part of the VPLive team he covers topical news, imparts his views and carries out interviews about everything related to the vaping scene in the USA.
Youtube –
Twitter – @VapinGreek

UK Online Media

Vapourtrails TV (VTTV)

Vapour trails with David DornThe VTTV team is headed up by Dave Dorn, a man with the passion and vigor of a twenty-something despite his advancing years.

An experienced journalist he fronts a very slick program, VT Talk, that last year contributed to the ground-breaking documentary on ITV by Chris Choi.

Passionate about all things vaping, he works tirelessly to inform and educate vapers about current issues in vaping including the proposed legislation from the European Parliament.

But this is no one-man show, he is aided by Andy Sutton (aka Smoke2Vape), Cat (aka Chris), Dave Kitson (aka DaveK / The Happy Vaper), Garry Dibley (aka The Modfather), Mark Jones (aka mgjones74), Mark Green (aka Marco/Marcovanbaston), Daz (aka Darren/VapingDaz) and Sav (aka Kirsteen)

The full schedule of programs can be found on the VTTV website.

The Important Folk

Professor Robert West

Prof Robert WestRobert West is Professor of Health Psychology and Director of Tobacco Studies at UCL. Also, he leads of a team of researchers on behalf of Cancer Research UK investigating how best to encourage and help smokers to stop.

He carries out surveys into what triggers quit attempts, edits the Addiction magazine and is one of Brtains foremost supporters of the adoption of e-cigarettes by NHS-funded quit smoking organisations.

Website –

Professor Gerry Stimson

Prof Gerry StimsonGerry Stimson is the Emeritus Professor at Imperial College London. He is a leading expert in drug and alcohol addiction and believes that e-cigarettes provide a golden opportunity in harm reduction.

He set up The Centre for Research on Drugs and Health Behaviour and carries out epidemiological and qualitative research. He acts as the editor in chief of a magazine dedicated to the formulation of drug policy and has advised organisations such as the World Health Organisation.

Twitter – @GerryStimson

Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos

Dr FarsalinosNot only is Dr Farsalinos one of the world’s leading cardio-vascular experts but he also carries out extensive research into the action of e-cigarettes on cardio-vascular tissue.

He has set up his own website to collate his findings with regards to electronic cigarettes, contributes open source peer-reviewed papers and is a regular speaker at events to do with vaping. His medical insights have been invaluable in debunking claims made by those opposed to the introduction of vaping as part of harm reduction policies.


Clive Bates

Clive BatesClive Bates has a mixed background including a period working in public health and for Action on Smoking and Health. His blog covers the important issues related to electronic cigarettes and is a major supporter of including them in a harm reduction program for Great Britain.

Knowledgeable, insightful and driven; Clive was the major instigator in pulling together the 53 medical practitioners and world leading experts on vaping. His passion and commitment to challenge orthodoxy has been a driving force in raising the profile of vaping in Europe and overseas.

Website –
Twitter – @ Clive_Bates

Katherine Devlin

Katherine DevlinKatherine works as the President for ECITA, the Electronic Cigarette Trade Industry Association for the UK.

If you’ve watched an article on the news or the radio then the odds are that they interviewed Katherine. Eloquent and composed, she is very adept at putting across all of the positive aspects of vaping and handling awkward questions.


All UK forums have their own particular slant, catering for different needs. Some are welcoming of people new to vaping while others cater for experienced users only. As with all things in online life, treat others with respect and politeness and you will more than likely form strong friendships that last in the real world.

Planet Of The Vapes 
Has rapidly grown over its first year due to its reputation for being the friendliest forum on the internet. It is openly tolerant of discussion of any type of device as it sticks to two principles: to maintain its friendly appeal and to help keep people away from cigarettes. It has a dedicated section for those who support original manufacturers and their products.

The Vapers Shed
Mark Todd’s forum where the word clone is replaced automatically and the posting of links is banned. That’s not to imply it’s officious, far from it, it’s a place to hang out and chat with Todd and other vapers in a small, shedlike environment.

The Vaping Forum 
The newest vaping forum on the block is a spin-off from a much larger forum dedicated to torches. Being that most of these vapers are primarily torch enthusiasts this is a very pro-clone forum.

The Pit
The Pit holds a reputation as being unwelcoming and elitist, one that is slightly unfair. It is unapologetic in its unswerving support of original devices and their manufacturers and will not tolerate any mention of clones…but in the space of two weeks raised the best part of £2,000 for a disabled non-member who was attacked in his own home.

Just Vapes Facebook group 
One of the most popular UK FB groups but, not being a forum, will have more egos on display…and we aren’t talking batteries.


The Ashtray Blog  
James Dunworth does a great job here of reporting on the latest news and issues surrounding the world of vaping and lets face it there are a lot of both at the moment.

Of course everyone has their favourites, if it isn’t listed here then feel free to let us know below!

dave cross authour

Dave is a freelance writer for companies associated with tobacco harm reduction. He provides daily news coverage to Planet of the Vapes. He has been widely published in a number of print magazines focusing on vaping and tobacco harm reduction. A physicist that holds degrees and post-grad qualifications in business, physics, education, computer science and fine art.

Dave is a freelance writer for companies associated with tobacco harm reduction. He provides daily news coverage to Planet of the Vapes. He has been widely published in a number of print magazines focusing on vaping and tobacco harm reduction. A physicist that holds degrees and post-grad qualifications in business, physics, education, computer science and fine art.


  1. Could you suggest me a great way of quit smoking in a short time? Though I have found few ways to quit smoking like- vaping, e-cigarettes, e-juice. Is this helpful? Or does their have any side effects?

    Please let me know. Thanks!

  2. I’ve been watching Nick (Grimm) Green since I started vaping back in 2009 and have watched his channel develop over the years, if not for Nick I wouldn’t have got into reviewing myself! UK reviewers like Scot Bonner, Mark Todd, Professor Vapes, Vaping with Vic and other US reviewers the likes of Indoorsmokers, Tiavapes and TW420 also I watch at times Rip mainly for his wire builds, all these reviewers have been invaluable to me in developing my own style.

  3. Plumes of Hazard is a terrific web show with a fairly large UK following that has featured several modders and reviewers from the UK as guests. Those same guys also contribute heavily to a vaping related page called which also has some UK contributors.


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