Jacvapour Review – A Good Starting Point For an Electronic Cigarette?

Jac Vapour is one of my favourite UK e cig brands; based in Scotland they offer a wide range of options for both new and experienced e cigarette users.

For those looking for a larger battery check out the Jacvapour Series S22 review here.

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In The Box

  • 2 x JAC V3i batteries (1 X 55mm and 1x 65mm Black V3i battery supplied by default)
  • 5x Pre-Filled Cartomisers
  • 5x Mixed bungs – For marking different flavours in cartomisers
  • 1x Coloured V3i LED tip
  • 1x 5v USB charger

JacVapour V3i Starter Kit Review

Jacvapour have a few core e cigarette kits available which include the previously reviewed Series S, Series B Tilt, Series B DNA75. All offer something different depending on how customisable you want your e cigarette to be.

For this review we will be taking a look at the entry level Jacvapour V3i Basic kit. This will be the preferred choice for those brnad new to vaping or want a discreet e-cigarette.

The kit, like many others, comes in a nice presentation box with all the instructions including a quick start guide and step by step instructions on how to use the kit.

How Does The V3i E Cig Perform?

The battery is one of the main components, with a poor battery life the whole e cigarette will fail.

jacvapour e cigarette

I received 2 batteries in my Jacvapour starter kit, both the black rubberised V3i automatic batteries. One measuring 55mm and the other slightly longer at 65mm. Again, great look and feel to the batteries with the soft touch coating great in the hand.

They are a good size as well for those wanting to keep their electronic cigarette as near to the real thing as possible.

With everything looking great I was pretty relieved when it came to taking a drag, the draw was smooth and I didn’t need to take any ‘primer drags’ to get it producing a good vapour.

If the battery was not up to scratch I would have been gutted but it’s spot on.

The life, as with all ‘cig-a-like’ batteries isn’t going to be the best but for what it is works fine. I was managing a few hours of moderate vaping.

One thing I will say is, if budget allows be sure to get a kit with two V3i batteries or purchase an extra one on the product page. It is good practice to have batteries in rotation. You can then add further batteries that Jacvapour sell separately.

Vapour / Flavour

jacvapour cartomizers

Another very important part in the overall product is the flavour and the vapour that the cartomisers produce.

I was supplied with a pack of their tobacco flavoured carts.

Now for me these are stronger than my normal nicotine strength, I normally use a low 6mg or medium 12mg strength.

They do have also have an 18mg available.

The flavour of all e liquids is dependent on each individual but for me the tobacco flavour was good, not too far off the real thing. The vapour volume was very good as well producing a good amount that was up there with Vapour2 Cigs

One area where the Jacvapour cartridges stand out above the other e cigs reviewed however, is that they are refillable, this is a great feature as you can reduce your costs further by buying e liquid rather than just disposing of your carts once they run out.

E-Liquid is available on their website (check some of the Jacvapour e-liquid reviews out here) in both PG (Propylene Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycol) form and a mix of the two.

The difference is not only in the ingredients, PG e-liquid is the standard liquid that you will find in the majority of the big brands out there. It produces a bigger throat hit, a touch more flavour and slightly less vapour but can last longer.

jacvapour cartomiser battery

VG is an alternative to the PG and produces more vapour, but less throat hit. It’s a good alternative for those that may have allergies to PG.

These again give you an added option to suit your needs.

Recently Jacvapour have released their UK made range of e-liquids which are fantastic. I have a number of favourites from this range but the Real Tobacco Lite along with Banana Milkshake and Toffee are some of my personal picks.

The only real negative there is regarding the cartomisers is that the pre-filled flavours available to buy immediately with the kit are limited to Tobacco and Menthol. Although it has to be said that’s where 95% of users switching from smoking will start.

There are however loads of other pre-filled cartomiser flavours and e-liquids available to buy separately.

Starter Kits

You have two kit options:

Social Starter Kit –

This is the entry level kit, great for those that are “testing the water”. Included is 1 V3i battery and 5 Cartomisers.

Basic Starter Kit

This kit includes 2 X V3i batteries and 5 Cartomisers. This is the kit on review here

Jacvapour Advanced Kits

Jac Vapour have a new range of advanced kits for, as the name would suggest, advanced vapers. Notably the Series B DNA75 vape mod.

Jacvapour Voucher Code

We have an exclusive JacVapour coupon code or ecigclick readers. This voucher can be used for all purchases on the Jac Vapour website not just your first.

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Jacvapour Guarantee / Warranty

Jacvapour offer a no questions asked 14 day return policy (excluding cartomisers and e-liquid) if you find it’s not for you.

They also offer a warranty on their batteries and PCC products. Please check out their website for the latest terms and conditions!

Jacvapour V3i Video Review (Portable Charging Case Is no Longer Available But The E Cigarette Itself is the Same)

Final Jacvapour Review Verdict

Jacvapour have got a really solid product here and one that is definitely among the best e cigarettes in the UK I have tried (for a cig-a-like)

Here is an overview of the good and not so good points:


  • Fantastic quality, feels good in the hand
  • The option to refill the cartridges with e-liquid helping you save more money on your cartridges
  • Jac Vapour customer service is second to none. Refund offered even after trying.
  • Large selection of bottled e juice with a UK made line.


  • The only thing that comes to mind would be heavy smokers may be better suited to a vape pen style e cig for increased battery life

If you are new to vaping and want a small e cigarette then look no further, the V3i kit by Jacvapour really is a cracking place to start.

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Final Jacvapour V3i review verdict:

Jacvapour – Highly Recommended By www.ecigclick.co.uk

Did you buy the JAC Vapour V3i kit? Leave your review in the comments below.


As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!
jacvapour-reviewThe Jacvpaour V3i Starter kit is still a fantastic device for new vapers looking for a compact vape experience.


  1. I have probably disposed of atomisers that were still working purely because I was never sure exactly what was causing my ecig not to work. It was too temperamental and I found the liquid refilling very fiddly and messy. When I thought it maybe needed a refill because it had stopped working I would unscrew it and the liquid would leak everywhere. Sometimes the battery needed to be screwed on far too tightly for it to work and then it was difficult to unscrew. The viewing window is too small and ineffective, especially when using clear liquids as you can’t tell how much liquid is in there. Cannot know how far up you have filled the chamber as you’re filling it, whether it’s too much or not enough, just have to guess really. my fourth atomiser has now stopped working (it appears!?) in a matter of couple weeks. Not happy

  2. One of my goals for 2015 was to get an ecig to help me quit my 25 year smoking habit. My wife bought me a Vapestick kit for my Christmas but the batteries were a bit crap and the flavour from the refills wasn’t up to much. But, i was determined to switch to vaping, I did a bit of web research, read reviews, looked at company facebook pages etc and am glad I did as I found jac vapour. Their product was like night and day. Amazing delivery too – got it the day after I ordered it on standard delivery which they say can take 4 days. It’s easy to use, i got the black rubber batteries at the medium size and they look the business. Better than that, they work really well. I chose the tobbaco carts (used to smoke B+H) but I also ordered a mixed flavour pack too. Glad I did cause I really really like the taste of the vanilla and cherry carts, which i actually didn’t think i would. read the last couple of reviews and worried a bit but i guess faulty goods do happen, even to good companies. The other 5 star reviews are more like my experience. I would recommend this to anyone, in fact ive already sent a few pals to their website

  3. Nice looking electronic cigarette and seem to get good reviews but I gave up trying after both my batteries and their replacements stopped charging. Thumbs down Im afraid.

  4. I had high hopes for this product but let down by poor battery life, cartos drying out extremely quickly and constantly getting a burnt taste that is totally gross.

  5. I went for the Jacvapour v1p based on the reviews here and I have to say I’m over the moon with it.

    I was worried I would struggle usingit and while it took a few days to get the hang of everything becomes second nature.

    I only bought one battery to begin with but quickly purchased a second, it just makes everything flow much easier as you just swap the batteries when they need to charge.

    If you are unsure, don’t hesitate, great e cig kit!

  6. This kits is so much better than the other kit I had. The batteries last forever, i havent had a single problem with them in 4 months (i ordered the spare – which i recommend anyone purchasing this kit does) and the kit is so handy to charge your batteries on the go, im never caught short.

    I previously smoked menthol so i also orderded the Pure Menthol UK eliquid to go with my kit – amazingly realistic, this flavour works for me and i wont be changing!

    Also, someone in the reviews had said that the branding on the items wasnt great – i don’t understand those comments, all my products arrived with jac vapour branding and look really top quality.

    I think you can tell I am a Jac fan. Have not been let down by them. Also, i emailed to ask about how to fil my refillable cartos properly and they got back to me super quickly were really help;ful. Great company.

    Love their eliquids too, btw. Quality is what it’s all about.

  7. I received my V1P PCC Starter Kit 29/11/2013 and only ordered it the day before so was pleasantly surprised with the speed of delivery, having now used the kit for 2 days I must give the full 5 stars and say that I am very happy with the product and will definitely be recommending it to friends and family, also the tobacco filled carts it came with give a very nice vape, the pcc supplied is of a nice design and not cumbersome. I have been a non smoker for 16 months and a Liberro ecig user during this time but will now stay with Jacvapour.

  8. I cant stand that burning taste, I try n keep the carts wet but it keeps getting tainted eventually by that bad plastic taste. How healthy ecigs are generally i dont know, but that plastic taste I’m very worried about could be deadly? smoking burning plastic deep into lungs is gonna mess you up. Oh and these are relatively new carts im talking about.. maybe a week or just over?

    any tips or ideas about this would be great! I have that starter pack that jac vapour does..

    would love any advice


    • Hey Jack,

      Is this happening with all your cartomisers?

      If you initially vaped until empty and you got the burnt taste then the cartomiser will most likely need replacing. This can sometimes happen if little time has been given to allow for the juice to soak in to the filler material. Once the burnt taste is there its difficult to get rid off as the coil that heats up on taking a drag could have burnt the filler in the cartomiser.

      It is possible you could have a bad carto as well, if it is happening with all of them though then it is likely some other problem.

      It may be worth you trying clearomisers/tanks so you can see what level your e-liquid is at.

      If you stick with the cartomisers, fill then allow the juice to soak in for 5 mins before vaping. Then just top up a little more often before you get to the burnt taste.

      Let me know how you get on.

  9. When I decided to quit smoking and start vaping I did a fair bit of research and settled on JacVapour as supplier and the V1P kit, I have been using it for two weeks now and am very happy with it.

    One of the batteries had a fault and wouldn’t charge of the PCC, so I e-mailed JacVapour and asked if it was a fault, they replied saying it could be faulty and they would send me a new battery. 1 minute later i got the shipping confirmation mail for the new batt!

    I am already looking at upgrading to the Vgo2 VV but the V1P PCC isn’t a waste as I will continue to use it out and about.

  10. So this is my first and only kit I’ve owned so can’t really compare to others. I have tried some others at pop up shops (weirdly these didn’t warm the vapour and the staff didn’t know others did).

    I bought a V1P starter kit with 2 batteries and a mix of cart flavours and strengths. The PCC is a good size for carrying around and i can go away for 3 days (if i’ve fully charged the PCC and batteries before I leave) without any worry i’ll be out of power.

    The flavours are obviously all down to taste, I find the generic tobacco flavour a little bit caramel sweet for a good substitute but the virginia is a good start for someone looking for a direct replacement. The marlboro’s pretty good as well but the camel is really not to my tastes. I’ve moved onto flavoured juice now, apple and menthol. The apple has a nice flavour without being too sweet. The menthol is fantastic, especially mixed with a tobacco flavour.

    I re-use the carts a number of times which is good for the overall cost but there’s a bit variance in how well they perform past about 5 refills, some go on forever, some are ready for the bin after 2 or 3. A new cart is so much better than an old one though.

    I don’t tend to agree with the claims that the carts are filled with a certain number of equivalent cigarettes. After one or two sessions i tend to top up with more juice to keep the vapour quantity high otherwise it gets disappointing. This also stops drawing on a dry cart which affect quality.

    Batteries last an age. I’ve had 4 in 4 months, but only because I lost two. No signs of reduced charge holding yet.

    I’d be interested to try a competitors but nothing is stopping me recommending Jac to others.

    Customer service is top, no time at all to get back to you with a personal message. The free delivery threshold is a bit high for my liking as it’s about 6 month worth of supplies for me.

  11. I used to smoke a 50 qram pouch of tobaco a fortnight. Now i smoke 0. This is ideal for people who want to quit as the vapour is thick and has a waonderful taste. It also looks nicer than a cigarette. I ordered the gloss black case by accident and it stil doesnt look cheap. The functionality is really easy to use. The one big let down is the tobaco flavour as it doesnt resemble tobaco however the other flavours are pretty spot on. My personal favourite is cherry. Wouldnt use another company as the delivery was fast and its a quality product.

  12. After using smoko being unhappy and some internet search I found your site and now delighted that I’ve ordered this kit. This is an elite product and they have the best customer service, sorted my problem in quick time and delivery is unbelievably fast. I didn’t cut down yet but I enjoy the flavor more than my cigarettes so hopefully there will be a progress charge lasts for long time specially if you unscrew the tip. PCC is solid, sturdy and nice. Weight is good as well I’ll order an other kit Jac Vapour is the best. I highly recommend this product.

  13. I was keen to receive this product after reading all the glowing reviews, so went for the longer battery, tobacco flavoured cartos and the PCC. Now, it is stated that the longer batteries won’t fit in the PCC, but it surprised me just how generic the PCC was. It is a few mms too short to hold 3 cartos and does not fit an assembled full cig, thereby making it entirely pointless. V2 do an identical case and one which will fit these larger batteries, so it’s surprising that they do not offer this as an option as it’s clearly made in the same factory.

    On top of this, the cartos are quite appalling quality when compared to identical Boge ones. They get the burnt taste very quickly no matter how wet you keep them, and if you go for the pre-filled tobacco taste…..wow! is all I can say. Truly putrid! Almost put me off vaping for life, giving me an excruciating headache and nauseous feeling for an entire day with the chemical taste.

    As a designer who has worked in brand identity most of my professional life, their inconsistent branding irritated me somewhat too. The branding across all products and packaging is different and gives the products a rather cheap, generic Chinese feel.

    The customer service however is brilliant; they refunded the items without question.

    I’ve since gone for the E-Lites Pro 4 PCC starter kit and am refilling compatible Boge cartos to avoid the extortionate costs of the e-tips. Far less hassle than screwing the battery into an ill-fitting charge case.

    Overall, I feel that it’s a rather poor and cheap feeling product which is too generic for anyone who actually cares about the appearance and feel of the main product which they’ll be sporting out and about.

  14. Well i got this kit a week ago after trying a cheaper disposable e cig and I can tell you that the difference is incredible. The charging case is small and sleek and holds a great charge so you won’t be caught out with no battery life unlike the disposables! The actual “smoke” is very satisfying as well, i have had cut down almost completely with the occasional day i will have a rollup but most days i don’t need to. One of the better features is that you can refill the cartridges which makes it much cheaper in the long run. fantastic product.

  15. I must confess, to begin with, that my review might seem very premature as I’m totally new to e-cigarettes and had never previously tried any until my first order arrived just a few hours ago. Having said that I’m absolutely delighted so far so am hoping this review will be helpful for anyone considering e-cigarettes for the first time. I still enjoy smoking after many years of doing so but wanted to give e-cigarettes a try in the hope they might be a lot less unhealthy for me and also for my cats breathing in my smoke. After spending a bit of time researching e-cigarettes on the internet I chose to buy from JAC Vapour because of the reviews on this website.

    I decided to go for one of their large Nova tanks and a 74mm battery with variable voltage which lets you control how much the battery warms the liquid.

    The Nova tank is the bit you pour the fluid into and holds 3.5ml of the e-liquid which was the largest capacity of anything they sell. The main tank is also washable and refillable and looks like it should last for several months, at least, with the right care. The tank just has the one component inside which is a small atomiser with the wick material attached. This is the only bit of the cigarette which needs regular replacing and they currently cost £2 each. However, the blurb says it should last for roughly 15 fills of the tank and if you place the cigarette upright when not in use and also maintain enough fluid level in the tank to make sure the wick material isn’t allowed to dry out it should help it last longer. This component can be bought in a few different resistance ratings which again vary the heating of the fluid. The tank can take any type of e-liquid but the quality of the fluid will affect how long the atomiser and tank lasts so consider this when deciding what e-liquid to buy.

    I felt this combination of battery and tank, along with the huge variety of strengths and flavours of e-liquid, would allow me far more options to experiment to get the nicest smoke whilst also trying to make it as cheap as possible to use. Also I wanted the larger battery and tank so it should last when I’m out without any need for recharging or refilling and so far it looks more than adequate on that score.

    So far I am delighted with the results because I haven’t even looked at my usual roll-ups since starting on this. The smoke is easily good enough and I just can’t see me picking up a normal cigarette again ever as long as I have this.

    I chose a cherry flavour ‘PG’ based liquid with 1.8% nicotine which seems plenty strong enough to replace my usual rollies. However, I did find it fairly harsh on my throat for the first few puffs but I cured that by sucking a little plain air through the mouthpiece prior to pressing the button to heat the fluid. Doubtless I’ll do a lot of playing around with all the various possibilities of different settings and fluids but so far I’m delighted and can’t see me going back to normal cigarettes.

  16. I bought the V1P PCC kit initially plus 1 x extra battery, 1 x USB adaptor and a set of the prefilled cherry cartomisers – very easy to understand, very happy.

    The first week is the figuring out week – how long will the cartomiser/battery/charging case will last. I found it lasted me initially for about 5 days! I didn’t smoke it that much oddly – especially after giving up tobacco, but not sure how it lasted so long. The battery light at the end of the e-cig will flash when the battery finishes, plus vaping will stop- which is why it’s good to have a spare charged battery.

    The cartomiser starts to lose vape/strength/flavourwhen it begins to run out – possibly after 3 days or so for me at the moment. I’m still figuring it out though because sometimes I swap cartomisers. Also there will be a slightly dry/burnt taste to the vape when the cartomiser runs out.

    You can keep the prefilled carts once they’re finished by the way – you can use any e-liquid to refill them.

    I just bought some stainless steel empty carts and a small bottle of pipe tobacco liquid. I must say, I don’t like the stainless steel carts, they’re a bit ‘metallic’ tasting for me – because they are stainless steel after all – they would! However, they’re a bit ‘heavy’ – not a big deal. I bough them to differentiate between the empties and the pre-filled.

    I put in about 40 drops of the e-liq into the empty carts. They vape and taste wasn’t that great. I emailed customer service and they suggested I let it ‘steep’ – leave the top of the liquid off in a warm place for 3 days. They tell me it should be better by then. Fingers crossed, I’m on day 1 of that – apparently this is the downfall with the stronger/tobacco tastes – which is why it’s good to have e-cig backup whilst experimenting.

    All in all, 6 weeks on and I’ve not gone back to tobacco. Love the ease of charging on the go with the portable case. All I need now is a slightly bigger case to out all my e-cig extras in!

  17. ok i have tried “A N OTHER” brand that’s easy to get from local stockists, and while it was “okish” no where Near as good as the Jac Vapour V3i system and Cost a whole lot more.

    Tried the “A N Other” in menthol and while it was “okish” the jac vapour 12mg Menthol cartomisers are Miles better

    went for the “V1P” kit as follows
    2 of the long 78mm bats
    12mg (med) menthol cartomisers
    USB/mains charger
    USB long lead charger

    with the % discounts from here AND using the “jac points” you get for simply signing up to there newsletter/website the bill came to £43 ,, which before the discounts entitled me to free shipping.
    ordered late Friday (after 4pm) arrived 1st thing this morning.

    Pretty much perfect timing as i had run out of rolling tobacco, so screwed a cartomiser onto the battery and away i went, haven’t had a “real” cig since and haven’t wanted to , this from a 30 year smoker ! impressive

    Bats came pre charged , PCC came 4/5ths charged, so ready to go the moment the packet was opened.

    Vapor production was excellent from the first puff to ,,well the cartomiser hasn’t yet run out. Taste of the menthol is very nice, not harsh menthol not over powering yet enough to satisfy.
    nicotine “wants” haven’t happened, missed the “real ones” not at all
    i Might have a real one 1st thing in the morning, which is fine for me, i can cope with 1 or 2 real ones a day and Jac Vapour’s excellent V3i can deal with the rest of the days smoking needs/wants.

    the 78mm battery has lasted the whole day so far , Very impressed

    i can not speak highly enough of this system and would recommend it to anyone who asks without reservations.

  18. The cons are basically that the battery life doesn’t last long but the PCC kind of sorts that problem and I do have to change the battery at least once in an 8 hr shift. The cartridges I think are not ideal I’ve had some arrive empty and you get a burnt taste if there are wicking problems which happen to me quite a lot and I can’t seem to fix it so can no longer use that cartridge and the e liquid has been wasted.

    Saying that though, the pricing is very fair the shipping is pretty speedy and although limited the flavours are really good personally live mixing the cherry and menthol/mint and also love cappuccino too. I have not bad a single normal cigarette in 6 weeks now and I feel fantastic because of it and there’s no way I could have done it without this e-cig. The vapour pretty good and throat hit is good with the high cartridges.

  19. Nearly 3 months since I bought this kit and it’s still going strong. Batteries are really lasting and I have used them and re-charged them a lot!
    Still get nico cravings, but only have been smoking 1 roll up a day! not sure why I am but I have sucking on these e cigs still like a loonie!
    I went ‘rogue’ and bought some bigger batteries from another company and big mistake! one failed as soon as I used it and hardly any power in the other. Jac vapour cartos are the best I have found and have stuck to re-orders from the site as well as getting the e liquids to do the refills.
    Customer service service is excellent and delivery is always fast and that helps when your running low on the old juice!
    Really good to use when out and about and I highly recommend this kit.

  20. I started the e-cig thing with Skycig and then progressed to Green Smoke and Totally Wicked Tornado, both of which I still think are brilliant.

    I wanted a neat and tidy option which was better than Skycig, which proved to be hopelessly unreliable and ‘supported’ by equally disappointing customer service, so I tried Jacvapour. I’m glad I did.

    The starter kit with charging case, reviewed here are superb. The batteries look and feel really classy with the rubber-like finish and the vapour production and general vaping experience are excellent.

    However the Totally Wicked Tornado opened my eyes to e-liquids, so I bought some blank JacVapour carts and tried filling with Totally Wicked liquids. Perfection!

    With the Ice Menthol Totally Liquid fluid (and others) the JacVapour is a stunning product and it looks cool too. So I now enjoy Jacvapour for everyday vaping, Green Smoke for when I fancy more of a analog cig vibe and the Totally
    Wicked Tornado for a more hardcore vaping session.

    I wholeheartedly recommend Vacvapour’s product. Maybe their e-liquids are too (I haven’t tried them yet) but the hardware is faultless in my view

  21. I can honestly say I was very impressed, I have tried a few other e-cigs and this one is definitely the best so far.

    I received my package very quickly after I had ordered it, and it arrived 24 hours ago. I was so excited but also dubious as I haven’t been that impressed with other electric cigarettes I have tried before. As I opened the kit I was not disappointed and I could instantly see I was dealing with something far superior than I had seen before, in fact I have not had the need for a cigarette and think I actually might be able to quit smoking using these e-cigs.

    I smoked roll ups with a menthol filter previously and so was quite worried they would feel huge in my hand and wouldn’t satisfy me the same way a roll up did. I am pleasantly surprised, they are slightly thinner than the disposable ones I have tried and so feel quite comfortable in my hand, Everything does feel well made. I went for the black rubber battery which feels great to hold, and black carts, and to be honest it looks great. I also ordered an extra silver battery (as everyone suggested ) as I thought I would like to see the difference between the two. If I buy silver carts next time I can refill the black and silver carts so I will have two colour e-cigs to use, bonus!!

    With disposable e-cigs I felt after a few days my throat was getting raspy so I was a bit worried about that however I love the fact I can try out different e-liquids and mix and match to find exactly what suits me best, and it is so convenient to be able to buy the carts empty or pre-filled asit just adds to the choice, using the liquid makes it a lot cheaper in the long run and being able to refill is another reason I went for the Jac Vapour starter kit.

    I also hated the whistle that I got with others I have tried but this is more like a burning sound it really is impressive. I also like that the branding is subtle, not in your face and I think the e-cigs and case look like a quality piece of kit, I read and re-read all the reviews and I have to say everything that has been said by others is true, this really is an impressive replacement for smoking and I would recommend Jac Vapour to everyone.

  22. I bought this product after researching the best but affordable options available. Since then I have bought two more batteries and extra juice. After 30 years of smoking and only giving up once for a year during that time I decided enough was enough. Health issues were giving me scares at the time, too. I ordered the starter pack and paid the extra for next day delivery.

    As soon as it came I put it on charge and started vaping instead. I have now bought spares to cover the times when it runs out as you can’t just pop to the shop and get another and I did not want to end up buying tobacco instead – I guess I am weak willed!

    I started on 18mg but now cut down to 11mg and will keep reducing this amount.

    Nobody has ever really given me strange looks with this and it is easy to keep hidden as to not draw attention to yourself. The problem I have now is that whenever I go past smokers, the smell makes me feel quite sick. I now have no stains on my fingers, I smell nice my partner (who has never smoked) thinks it is brilliant.

    Jacvapour have got it right – thank you

  23. Alright, So I ordered this Jacvapour after some serious research. I was going to go with the skycig and then just got turned of with their response to the questions I had. I am semi-permenantly based in Africa and I cant get these items easily, so wanted to order a proper e-cig and not try any out.

    Jacvapour responded super fast (but my impatience got the best of me and I ordered before they responded)

    Product came lighning fast, had to get it reshipped from my friend to my location and the courier service kept scanning the item so that was delayed (by no fault of the company)

    Product came, and I was a little confused, it is much simpler a setup than expected. 1 MILLION POINTS for sending the batteries and the case charged!!! I was too eager to be waiting for it to charge.

    My case came scratched which sucked a bit, but its a sweet case.
    Everything has been excellent
    Got a mint, a DK-TObacco and a regular tobacco. First hit:- DK tobacco: super sweet, initially didnt like it, tasted like corn syrup. Menthol was awesome. Been vaping consistently (hopefully its the novelty phase, as I probably vape as much as I smoke, and have no idea how to guage quantities…) The menthol is a little light with the smoke.

    I understood the terminology much better once using it. I vaped onsistently yesterday and was jokingly worried I would give myself nicotine poisoning. (flavour reviews briefly on bottom)

    I got the extra long battery with the blue and orange tips: depending on what you want (everyone asking you why your smoking a pen or telling you you cant smoke) you should choose your tips properly: Blue is nice, but a bit ridic. Orange is much better in my opinion cause it doesnt bring people to ask you what your doing

    Tried the tobacco (regular) flavour today and it smacked me in the face! Thick, 18mg of tobacco and not poor in taste allows me to take those power drags after a meal that I used to crave cigs for: – but this is also what made me understand the terminology ‘All day vape” (on the ecigclick website people say I use this one for my all day…..

    Pros: feels like a real cig, smoke and flavour are enough to satisfy the nicotine cravings, shape and size and texture of the cig are wicked in that you dont miss holding or puffing an analogue.
    Menthol is light and good for puffing all day, and the sweet tobacco grows on you. The original tobacco is powerful and a good way to really get that tobacco substitute.

    My Lungs!! My Teeth!!

    Cons: 1 out of 5 cartomizers was easily messed up (removed the ‘bung’ and all the nonsense (internal foam) came out, and i tried to repair it but with no avail! thats 20% of my cartomizers used up 🙁

    Case came nicked (okay, not really a vaping con, but I do like my stuff to be pristine

    I have no idea how much nicotine I am ingesting. I will need to get some lighter strength juice and more cartomizers

    So i have had this two days now, and I had my morning cig, just out of habit and i threw it away and some of my e-cig instead. The reason i purchased this device (Jacvapour V3, extra battery, usb lead, 3 flavours) was not to quit smoking: I am tired of always smelling like cigs. The local cigs we have smell something furious and even a couple drags (as a proper smoker) and I can still smell it lingering. I was alo getting tired a lot, and the consensus was that it was the smoke that was doing it (2,500meters above sea level + fair amount of smoke = not great) and my dentist was complaining that I smoked and drank too much coffee.

    it has done everything I wanted it to, and I will soon try and expand my e-juice range, and am showing off my devices to the city! BTW get a second battery and its equivalent of having 2 e-cigs!

  24. I think this cig is definitely a recommendable e-cig everything from the look and feel to the amount of vapour and battery life is a 10 out of 10 ! It’s massively changed my smoking habbit as I only smoke on a weekend now when I’ve had a drink but that is out of choice not because the e cig is not good enough. Great product !

  25. Firstly I’d like to say that I really loved smoking but always hated the fact that I was inundating my lungs with all that gunk, the poor stamina, the heavy breathing after a 10m sprint. My lady then suggested these and after carefully researching the web I came across ecigclick.co.uk. They really helped understanding what to look for in a vaping kit as I was totally new to it. The videos are brilliant as you can actually see how each e-cig performs so you can judge for yourself. Ok now on to Jacvapour. 5 star service right from the start! As I was so desperate to get my kit asap I went for Express Delivery and somehow they forgot to post the parcel on time which meant I had to wait one more day which was more or less standard delivery and the extra paid would have been wasted. I contacted them and I got an answer straight away saying they will fully refund the charge for Express Delivery while they actually posted the kit via Express Delivery!!! Now you tell me how many other companies take such action these days? This really impressed me to bits. The product arrived and I couldn’t be happier, I could tell by the materials used, the slickness, everything is proper quality not just an artificially good looking tool. Vapour was massive and strong while keeping a soft note somehow (which is what I was hoping for). I went for Virgin Tobacco, blind choice that turned to be lovely flavour!
    Highly recommended, you will not be disappointed and don’t bother looking somewhere else, if out of 10 people 6 went for a particular product, there’s a good reason for that.
    Happy vaping!

  26. I much prefer these ecigs to normal smokes. No willpower was required in making the switch because I found a product that I much preferred, which I believe to be better for me healthwise, and which saves me over £200 per month.

    If there is a downside, I haven’t found it yet.

    A particular favourite mix of mine is Reds 24 plus Desert Ship 24.

    So grateful.

  27. Really love the design of the charging case and the ability to be out most of the day without having to rush home to charge battery as was the case with my previous ecig brand. The biggest selling points for me is the price of eliquids, how long they last and accessories available, the design, the ability to refill the cartomizers and also the choice to customise the kit you buy with various finishes and options.

    All in all very impressed with Jacvapour, I am yet to try any flavours but in time will certainly do so.

  28. Initially was unimpressed with the regular carts, which made for a laboured drag on the e-cig. With low resistance carts, I am fully converted to vaping. If anything I find it more satisfying than having a fag, and feel clean in my lungs and no residual tobacco smell on my person either. Win-win situation!

  29. Like a lot of people here I dabbled with E-Lites because they were on sale at the local One Shop. I liked the flavour but was disappointed with the amount of vapour.

    Originally I was going to opt for ClearSmoke but after reading everyone’s comments here I decided against it.

    After reading Jonny’s review and watching the videos I decided to opt for JAC Vapour mainly because I didn’t want my e-cigarette to look like an analogue cigarette with the filter that looks like cork, but I also wanted the e-cigarette to be about the same size as an analogue cigarette – odd, I don’t want it to look the same but I wanted a similar size!! Anyway they were my base criteria. I also like the fact that you can customise the e-cigarettes and that the carts are refillable.

    I ordered the V1P PCC, extra battery and a USB to mains adaptor so I can have two batteries charging at the same time and can charge the PCC from the mains.

    I have to admit that initially the tobacco flavours do seem a little odd but you soon become accustomed to them and after a while they taste better than the analogues!

    Looking at other reviews on this site I think people easily forget how bad analogue cigarettes taste when you are not accustomed to them. I think you have to be open minded with the tobacco flavours and stick with them for a couple of days.

    I’ve now progressed to the VGO2 with a rebuildable crystal tank for use at home. Currently I’m mixing the Red USA mix with Desert Ship because the Desert Ship produces more vapour than the Reds but I prefer the flavour of the Reds! I also enjoy using the Mint e-liquid.


    I decided to do a little analysis on how many drops there are in a 20ml bottle and how many cigarettes that equated to. I was using the Reds 11mg tobacco mix.

    Drops per 20ml bottle – I got 28 carts with 25 drops per cart.

    I checked the number of draws on a cigarette and did 14 draws on a Marlboro Gold but that was right down to the filter.

    Then I started counting and got 12 x 14 draws from one cart.

    So that’s 28 carts by 12 cigarettes per cart equals 336 cigarettes – not bad for £6.19 (discounted price of a 20ml bottle when you buy 5), and not including Jonny’s 15% discount!


    Put in 15 drops then wait a moment before putting in the last 10 drops.

    With a 20ml bottle it’s a lot easier to squeeze out the drops than with a 10ml bottle.

  30. At the risk of sounding a bit over dramatic (as only someone can be when just giving up smoking!) I can honestly say buying the Jac Vapour V1P starter kit has probably been one of the best decisions I have made for longer than I care to think about.

    Two weeks in now of non smoking and what has been the greatest surprise and revelation is how easy it has been to stop while using this kit. The hardest thing was trying to make the decision of what one to buy after scouring the net for hours upon hours, but it really has been so helpful coming across this review site Ecigclick and being able to do a good comparison of all the starter kits recommended here (the videos really help too as you get to see the actual e-cigg in action!)

    The biggest selling points for me of this Jac Vapour kit was the price, the style, the ability to refill the cartomizers and also the choice to customise the kit you buy with various finishes and options not only with the batteries and carts but also with the portable charging case that any gadget head is bound to love.

    I opted for the e-cigg to have the look of a white tip cigarette and chose the white carts and batteries (the advice here to buy an extra battery is a must) and got the PCC in the graphite finish. A really slick design with rounded edges makes it easy to slip into a pocket and it has a cool secret slide compartment that houses the e-cigg and two carts or an extra battery. Sure, it would of been nice if it could accommodate a full e-cigg, extra battery and a cart, but I guess that’s what keeps the PCC size small.

    It’s a nice piece of kit that makes you feel like you have bought something substantial and well made.

    The e-cigg itself assembles really easily. It’s a good size and is quick to use straight out of the box and I knew immediately after taking my first draw on it that I was experiencing something way more than any kind of ‘stop smoking’ aide or anything I could of imagined.

    I chose to get the tobacco flavoured 18mg carts that come in a pack of five along with the kit and although I can’t honestly say that they tasted exactly like a real cigarette, I did get a good hit of nicotine and was surprised at the amount of vapour that they produce.

    Another big selling point to ordering this kit was the choice of blends and flavours available to buy of carts and e-liquids on the Jac Vapour web site, so maybe I just have a bit of experimenting to do when buying more and find a strength and blend that suits me better.

    I feel like I have certainly put the kit through its paces and especially over the first few days with the PCC and batteries almost on constant rotational recharge as I more or less chain vaped! It really has stood up to the demand. I only had one query about the batteries as one seemed to be a bit less powerful than the other and did not last as long, but the customer service is excellent and I received a really helpful and friendly e-mail reply almost immediately after I asked for some advice.
    There are also some really good short and concise videos on the Jac Vapour website that show you how to maintain the batteries and re-fill the carts and even how to actually vape! Nice long slow drags seem to produce the best effect.

    It’s a hard thing to explain and it really is only early days for me with the non- smoking (I might also be on some nicotine vaping high!!) but it really is such a better experience to use these e-ciggs than it is to smoke and they taste so much better. I was only really looking for a way to give up the smokes, but buying this kit has opened up a whole new world of ‘vaping’ to me that I really did not know even existed.

    In monetary terms with the amount I was spending on cigarettes and tobacco the kit has already more than paid for itself and having that extra cash in the pocket is a major bonus especially with the way things are at the moment for a lot of us.

    So… to sum things up, I’m really glad I chose this kit, a really good find, easy to use, well priced and a good one to get started with… although I am all ready eyeing up those ‘vaping pipes’ that look akin to sucking on something like a Russian nuclear warhead!

    The Jac is truly out of the box.

  31. This was the third e-cig brand I tried after researching and trying various kits & disposables and it is by far the best one and the one I have stuck with since.
    I bought this kit looking to cut down on smoking with a view to giving up and having done my research I opted for it on the strength of user reviews here and on other sites. I was not disapointed I was able straight away to tell the difference with the cheaper alternative and disposables I had tried with the build quality from the slick and well made feel of the ecig itself to the reasuring heavy feel (despite being very easy and slick to open) charging case.
    After charging the batteries I topped up my cartridges using the video guides on Jacvapours website and was ready to start vaping.
    Although I didn’t manage to completely give up using the v1p I found it a good way into vaping and when I upgraded to the Jacvapour vGo I managed to give up the cigs and use my existing 35mm carts from the v1p kit.
    I still have and use my v1p kit despite having moved onto the vGo e-cig as I find it an excellent way to intoduce smokers to vaping if I loan it to them or if I am going to be somewhere where I am short of pocket space the v1p kit is a smaller neater package to carry around.

  32. I’d read lots of reviews on this site before deciding to go for the V1P starter kit; I opted for the black set and got an additional battery to boot. The black batteries with the blue LED look really good, and nobody is going to mistake my e-cig for a real one, which was an important factor for me. The really big thing that swung in favour of the JAC was the ability to refill the carts, which I’m doing regularly and I’ve still not had a cart go on me yet, and I reckon I’ve refilled some of them more than 30 times (I think the trick is to refill well before they’re anything close to being dried out, and you can definitely tell when they’re getting close because the flavour definitely changes).

    Everything arrived 2 days after placing my order, and I stopped smoking real cigs immediately, I have since (4 weeks later) had a couple, but I really don’t see this a problem, I’m not trying to quit nicotine so having a real fag every now and again is not the start of the slippery slope it would be if you we’re going through those first few months of full on withdrawal.
    I do not feel the need to dwell on the actually quality of the product, because it’s so well summed up in the other reviews, this is however an excellent quality product and is well worth the small additional investment compared to the crappy ones you see in the petrol stations.

    Some things you should realise though are that the battery life is short, this is not a problem if you’ve got a fully charged PCC, but I’ve emptied a PCC of charge in a single day on a number of occasions when vaping heavily (Fridays for example = early start, full day at work, then out to some bars in the evening). I vape at work, at my desk and I reckon I will usually go through 3 batteries per working day, and at least 2 full carts. STILL MILES CHEAPER THAN 20 MARLBOROS A DAY!

    Having a good cleaning regimen is important because the contact points do get some e-liquid on them, as do the threads to the screws. I clean mine with a tissue once day and this seems to keep everything working smoothly.
    The guys at JAC are also great, due to a probable manufacturing fault the lid on my PCC came lose and then detached, I informed them and they just sent me another free of charge, no quibbles. The second PCC is fine. You don’t always judge a company by the problems you encounter with their products, but by the way in which they deal with those problems, so absolute 5* rating for them on customer service.

    I think I’ll be moving onto a bigger VGO type product soon, to give me the battery life and e-liquid capacity I really need but this has been an excellent starting point for myself into the world of vaping.

  33. I love the design of the PCC case: it’s not too big & bulky – about the size of a superkings pack, but the rounded corners give a far nicer feel to it; it sits nicely in the hand, & makes a satisfying ‘clunk’ when you slide the top to open or close it. My only criticism is that if you carry a full E-cig in it, plus a 2nd battery on charge, there’s not ‘quite’ enough room for a spare cart – & what’s the point in carrying a spare battery if you have no cart to go with it? Another few mms on the length would have earned it 11/10 from me.

    I opted for the 55mm battery & 35mm carts; the E-cig itself looks reassuringly like an analogue, which, for somebody who is (was) still in two minds about the whole process of switching, is A Good Thing. The compact size of the E-cig also means that it’s not too heavy to hold: I initially tried holding it in the same way that I’ve always held an analogue (& consequently kept dropping it), but have now discovered that if I curl my middle three fingers right around the top of the ecig(with thumb & little finger underneath, it’s both comfortable & secure in my hand – of course this method may not work for the more chubby-fingered vaper (I have very small hands), but I suppose that using a larger battery size with 50mm carts would work ok.

    The battery came with some charge already in it & attaching a prefilled cart was a piece of cake, so within minutes of my V1P arriving, I was having my first e-puffs. The important thing to take note of is that you do not drag on it in the same way that you do an analogue cig – it takes a bit of practice to get the technique right, but once you do, it’s possible to get a very satisfying vape.

    I would definitely order the spare battery to go with the kit, as that way you’ve always got one charging whilst the other is in use; if you’re a heavy vaper you will find that you’re charging the batteries quite frequently – but that’s no reflection on the batteries themselves, it’s simply the compromise you have to make if you want a small, discreet E-cig which by necessity also means a small battery. And whilst you’re about it, go mad & treat yourself to a bottle or two of E-liquid – I guarantee that once you’ve discovered the joys of vaping you’ll soon want to start experimenting with different flavours or combinations of flavours, & when you’ve exhausted the contents of one of the pre-filled carts which come with the kit, you can then fill it with something different.

    I’ve been a heavy smoker for over 40 years (eek, that makes me sound even older than I feel!), & in the past I’ve tried various ways of quitting; but none of them have worked, & as I figured it was now a bit late in the day to start worrying about my health, I’d resigned myself to remaining a lifelong addict. But, it was becoming ruinously expensive, & so I ordered my V1P E-cig mainly as a cost-cutting exercise: if I could just halve my cigarette consumption then I’d be quids in – but it was never my intention to completely give up smoking; and yet, barely two weeks into my E-cig journey, & my cigarette consumption has (quite painlessly) gone down from 30-a-day to just six or seven; at this rate I’ll be a reformed character whether I mean to be or not!

    Finally, I should mention the supplier, Jacvapour; their delivery is fast & efficient (when I inadvertently clicked the order button twice in one evening, they contacted me next morning to check whether I really wanted two of everything), & their customer service exemplary.

  34. This was my first ecig and I bought it based on the review’s I saw here and I was not dissapointed, my first drag I was quite suprised at how much it did feel like a real Cigarette, not exactly the same but very close, and I was suprised how good it was.

    II also like the PCC and have had no issues with it as yet, charges great and really handy if like me you are out and about all day, one minor thing about the case is its not very big for carts and batteries, but this is not even a minor issue and something that you can live with.

    Overall I would recommend this product and since purchase I have not even needed to smoke a cigarette, so I give this product 5 out of 5.

  35. I love this product. Being a smoker of 36 years, going through 30 hand rolled a day. I would recommend this kit 100%.
    It’s very stylish and compact, has a portable charger, so you always have a battery at hand. Feels, tastes and smokes like the real thing.
    I have replaced almost every cigarette i smoke on a daily basis with this.
    This is great for a light to moderate smoker.
    I cannot praise Jacvapour enough for this product, from the ease of using their web site when ordering, right through the process of delivery ( which was 3 days door to door ) to their excellent customer service and after sales care.

  36. I originally purchased an ELites cigarette on a whim. It was an acceptable alternative but felt heavy and unbalanced to hold and the replacement carts are quite expensive. I then did some internet research and was attracted by the Jac V1P PCC as I thought the case would be really useful and prevent me running out! Although quite expensive to start up it was worth every penny. The case is good quality and stylish. The assembled battery and cart feel well balance to hold and the flavour is good – very similar to Consulate! I have not touched a real cigarette in 3 weeks and haven’t had the slightest urge to do so. Only 2 problems – i) not having to go outside in the cold to smoke means that I actually use more than the cigarette equivalent – it’s so easy to puff away indoors. ii) you have to be more disciplined to stop when you’ve had a ‘cigarette’s worth’ as there is no way of telling. This is offset by the fact that you never have to throw away a half finished cigarette because you don’t have time to finish it.
    All in all – excellent, I would definitely recommend it (and have to anyone who will listen!)

  37. I recieved my first ever e-cig today and I am really stunned how close to analogue smoking it truely is!

    I am a really heavy smoker and I have tried all sorts to give up the demon tabacco… meds, patches, hand held delivery things… you name it I ahve tried it. I finally realised that I liked the taste of the cigarettes not just the hit so I felt really at an impass.

    My friend who is a heavy smoker like me has just started vaping and I thought I would do some research first before I committed myself to yet another attempt. I found this website and decided to go for the Jacvapour based on your review.
    For the price of one weeks worth of cigerettes (for me)I was set up. I had the extra battery as you suggested, re-fillable carts, extra USB charger and two bottles of e-liquid which came to £61.48, I applied the discount code provided by yourselves and got a bargain at £52.26!! Thank you so much for the saving!!

    The first thing I noticed is how smart it all looks, if you just took a quick glance you would think it was just a posh smokers case and a designer ciggie.

    After unpacking and setting everything out, construction was a doddle, I went for the refillable carts with menthol e-liquid (18mg) and they were so easy to fill. hooking up the charging case and charging was so simple! Plug and Play as simple as that! No clicking buttons or primer drags etc, fill the cart, screw on the battery and begin!

    My first ever vapour took my breath away…. literally… the hit was fab in the back of my throat! I couldn’t believe it! I got the taste as well as the hit for the first time ever!

    I have only been using this now for the last 8 hrs and I can truthfully say I have only had 2 normal ciggies and that was totally out of habit….. reaching for the packet and not the e-cig. I would have normally burned through at least 10 if not more! I am so chuffed as it has started the savings straight away.

    I have not bought this with a view to give up smoking but as a way to cut down, but the way I’m feeling after just a few hours anything is possible!

  38. Hadn’t really heard a great deal about ecigs but had been thinking about ways to stop smoking. Bought one of the throw-away ecigs from a supermarket to give it a try. During this trial I researched a lot about more permanent alternatives. As a roll-up smoker I was only spending about £8 a week and so saving money wasn’t an issue (i’ve spent way more in a short time on ecig stuff but it should iron out soon). The V1P arrived and, yes, the slidy-lid is pretty cool. As recommended on this site, I ordered an extra battery and a refill bottle of 18mg Virgin. I like the “hit” though at first thought the taste somewhere between coffee and chocolate, I very quickly got used to it and now enjoy it a lot. I’ve recently ordered other flavours (Cherry, Grape and Green Peppermint) even though I never used to like smoking menthol tabs and thought the flavouring of tobacco was a little childish and pointless, oh how the mighty have fallen! I’m fully aware of the fact that I’m still addicted to nicotine but taking away the dangers of smoking whilst still enjoying “smoking” (read: vaping) and not losing friends through ratty, withdrawal behaviour, I’m struggling to find cons! Being able to charge the spare battery with the PCC whilst out and about is great and I can’t imagine having to rely on only charging with USB. One of the batteries seems to last significantly longer than the other but both are okay. All in all, my ecig experience being limited, I can’t fault the V1P and am very glad I chose it, it’s way better than the 10 motives, throw-away ones which were okay but unreliable. If there is hype, believe it, these are ace.

  39. PCC brilliant so much easier to use and carry around with 2 batteries (buy a second). Feels solid and ecig well put together. I probably use it too much at the moment as love messing about with it. The cartridges are well priced and flavours good. I like the vanilla and cherry and have just started refilling my own which will save me a small fortune. Not needed a fag since buying this product. I was starting to waiver with the VIP. Would highly recommend with no come at this stage. Thank you for the review that made my decision to purchase ecigclick.

  40. Firstly, thank you so much to this website for giving such a good review/comparison to the e-cig products available – it is what helped to make my decision to buy the Jacvapour V1P kit, which was indeed worth the investment. It only took about 2 days to be a total convert, where I already then disliked the smell of my partner’s rollies and noticed no bad taste in my mouth. The clean fingers and being able to taste food better is great, not having ‘smelly’ clothes, not to mention knowing it is healthier. I now don’t feel like I have to keep sucking mints all the time and feeling like I must smell to everyone. I cannot recommend this product highly enough. The Virginia 18mg is the one I use, and sometimes the coffee flavour (I dislike the perfume-like taste of the cappuccino liquid though).

  41. After smoking for 20 years i tried a cheap ecig and was sold on vaping, but i wanted a good quality ecig and after reading the reviews on ecigclick.co.uk went for the V1P starter kit. Great service from Jacvapour and was vaping within two days of ordering.
    Great look and feel, the carts are easy to refill and with the PCC i`m never without a charged battery.
    I`m already looking to upgrade to the VGO for home vaping and using the V1P when out and about.
    Would recommend to anyone.

  42. After reading this review site,I decided to try the jac VIP kit.
    I honestly can’t thank this site enough for pointing me in the direction of jac vapour.
    I ordered the kit with an extra battery ,so I always have a battery available ,the portable charger is very well made,and the refillable carts are very easy to use.
    Customer service is absolutely second to none, I had an issue with battery life on one of my batteries,I received an e mail within the hour,and within 2 days they sent me ,a larger higher capacity battery ,at no charge.
    At the point that I received my jac kit ,I was smoking 60 pall mall a day!! I had been a smoker for 30 years ,and had cravings if I went half an hour without a fag!!!
    It’s now been 13 days since I received my jac kit,I have not touched a cigarette since !!

  43. i wanted to stop smoking for the cost really (8 quid a box a day!!!). but still wanted the smoking feeling, hence e cigs and not patches or gum. so thought would try this. bought this kit, in total cost me 55 quid, stopped smoking from day one, and have not had a craving for a fag since using this. so kit paid for itself in a week, and still have enough carts to last another 2 weeks!!! its easy to use, pcc makes sure that you always have a battery just in case you run out of power. i got 2 batteries with this kit. love this kit so much, but will upgrade in about 6 months, mainly due to the longer battery life of bigger batteries (going to stick with jacvapour still, and go for the vgo2). best thing about this kit is the carts can be refilled, meaning saving money rather than buying more carts. some companies don’t allow that on their kits. the only negative thing i would say about the liquid. although its quite good compared to other liquids, i bought some e liquid from totally wicked, and found that using a pre-filled cart after a totally wicked one of the same flavour, i would get the same vapour but less throat hit, but this is mainly down to the quality of totally wicked e liquid rather than the flaws of the prefilled liquid, but thats my personal opinion, so im using up my pre-filled carts, and then going to refill them with totally wicked liquid. overall i think the best e cig kit on the market by miles.

  44. Used to have a gammucci and then a sky cig. Found battery life was shocking and cartridge prices for sky cig very high and didn’t last anywhere near their claims(if at all in some instances)

    Used this site and bought a the v1p. Hmmmm, talk about an education!!! This is leagues ahead of the sky cig. It’s not even that big if you don’t like drawing attention to yourself. The packaging is ok, certainly not as flash as skycig and gammucci, and the pcc has been made to a budget. However, don’t let this put you off. The pcc is still quite nice, but the quality of the ecig is outstanding. Used it for two hours last night until battery died and I an quite a heavy vaper.

    If you want something quite small but with a really strong kick then look no further. What’s more you can use the Eliquid!!, trust me, many cartridges do not last as long as the claims and on a good day I could bash through three cartridges easily. This cost me a small fortune and wasn’t much cheaper than normal cigs. Being able to use liquid is a revelation.

    I like it so much I am going to add to it and buy the vg02 so I can vape at home so the v1ps are always ready for when I go out. I was losing confidence in ecigarettes due to poor performance and cost. Jacvapour have really produced something above the rest on the market.

    If you are new to ecigs and don’t want something too large I couldn’t recommend this highly enough.

  45. What can I say. Thanks Jac Vapour. Should have done this years so. It would have saved me money on both cigarettes and soap and after shave trying to hide the smell from my Mrs! She thought I’d given up “The Weed” years ago!
    Thanks again

  46. I took delivery of this product a couple of days ago. I’d already e-mailed jacvapour because I’d forgot to put the discount code in at checkout.Swift reply and refunded my discount to my card…..Good start..The packaging and instructions very good. The build quality seems to a very high standard. My first e-cig so can’t really compare how good the vape is, but seems good to me. I went for the 18mg tobacco because I was a reasonably heavy roll up smoker. Wasn’t quite sure about the taste at first, but have got used to it now

  47. I have not had the smallest desire to have an analogue since I received this Kit, In my opinion it is excellent.

    Very highly recommended, the Review is spot on.

    I will be recommending this site and the JACVAPOUR V1P to all the people I know that smoke.

    I no longer Smoke, I Vape.
    Me and my Bank balance feel much better for it

    Thank you Jonny

  48. I’m using these now instead of cigs. Only tried the tobacco flavour so far but looking forward to trying the other flavours. Refilling carts with liquid is easy, just follow steps on website.

  49. My partner bought the PCC kit, planning on just cutting down from about 20 rolys a day and managed to drop to one or two a day so 2 weeks later I went ahead and bought one too and thought I would do the same but after just one day tried a roly and hated so haven’t bothered since. Now on day 6 free of fags after a habit of 20+ roly’s a day for 40 odd years. Never thought I would be free of my addiction but already feel confident I CAN do it

  50. This has been a marvellous substitute for smoking, helping me gradually give up. It is very convenient, and comes with a slender portable charging case that is no bigger than a phone.
    The quality of build is far superior to others on the market, it has always functioned perfectly. I recommend the JAC V1P very highly.

  51. I had stopped smoking (champix) a month or two before I ordered from Jacvapour, but I was REALLY missing a smoke especially when having a drink. So I decided, after reading all the reviews, to give these a try and I can honestly say I haven’t looked back. I know from past experience of stopping that I would be back on the cigs by now, but I wouldn’t thank you for one. I feel healthier, cleaner and a whole lot better off!!! Thank you Jacvapour

  52. I bought the black battery and black carts with pink tips which light up on the end had loads a comments about it looks fantastic and the build is really good.

  53. I just received my kit from Jacvapour (v1p kit with extra battery), my first ever e-cig… Bought to supplement my nicotine intake at work (streeeeeeesssssssss), not with the intention of quitting my 20+ (or more if hand rolled) per day habit.

    So, first impressions – very slick package, being a gadget freak, the charger design is mainly what drew me to jacvapour (along with all the great reviews on here). The black, rubber textured battery feels great in my hand and the overall build quality feels solid. The cig has that comforting size, but without looking like a novelty/toy plastic cig like a lot of others I’ve seen available. It looks like the kind of thing we should all be smoking, since its officially The Future.

    Now, the actual “smoking” experience… As this is my first vape, I had practically no idea what to expect. Being a somewhat cynical person, I’d pretty much dismissed the idea of e-cigs as nonsense (despite being the aforementioned gadget fiend that I am…) On my first drag, I was pleasantly surprised to feel the familiar intake of warm cloud in my mouth, and even more surprised when I almost coughed on inhaling – clearly, this vapour malarkey is more substantial than I thought! The flavour, while marketed as “tobacco”, does not bring to mind my usual dark, aromatic (some might say harsh) Samson – instead having notes of sweetened liquorice. This is not a bad thing, in my opinion! Having opted for the 18mg carts, I also felt that wonderful burn of nicotine soaking into my mucous membranes.

    Basically, I am overjoyed with the device. Haven’t had, nor craved a single primitive analogue smoke all day – and actually feel marginally “better” in that strange way that one can never put ones finger on (which is in all likelyhood my body recovering from the usual carbon monoxide intake after 4 cigs per 15 minute break from the job…)

    I actually think I may stick to vaping full-time, and will buy my unsuccessful-quitter parents a kit each for their birthdays.

  54. In the 6 months I have been using this product (mild to medium use) I have been through 5 batteries and 3 chargers. The USB connector doesn’t even fit the plug very well.

    I have had issues with some of the cartomisers which had a very strong taste and smell of cleaning fluid. This lasted for a few weeks before it cleared up.

    When it does work, the flavours are fine and the vapour is good.

  55. I bought this yesterday using the 15% discount code and it arrived this morning, I was amazed at the delivery speed as I live in Northern Ireland. I swapped from VIP to this e-cig and its way better, better quality, gives of a thicker vapor and gives a better throat hit. I cant comment on the flavours as I have only received it today but I can tell you the 24mg cherry flavour is unreal. definately better than VIP!!

  56. I moved to JacVapour from VIP. And I’m glad I did.
    They deliver the taste of my e-juice very well. And do indeed produce a lot of vapour.
    The only downside to this and hence the low score for flavour is, the tobacco mix I received tasted absolutely rank. Every single one of them. In fact the first flavour made me feel quite ill. I had a few puffs on the others and they too tasted awful. I ended up tossing them in the bin ordering some more blanks from them and put my own e-liquid in. Problem solved and I thoroughly enjoyed using this product.
    I now use an Ego types battery and Lavatube. But still occasionally use JacVapour’s E-cigs.

  57. right from receiving the starter pack neither of us have had a cigarette…yes occasionally we ‘want’ one but dont ‘need’ one.suppose only a smoker would understand that comment really :)…our criteria was based on us both stopping so we had to work out what bits we needed to buy initially…you can get a starter pack or pcc charger starter pack…both are the same price but the normal starter pack comes with two batteries and both mains and sub charger….the pcc starter has only 1 battery and the chargers are options to buy BUT as an option theyre half the price…so youd think with our criteria the normal starter pack is the best option but we went for the pcc one….as the case is £25 on its own,dont forget youd pay £4 off ebay for the cheapest thing from china to keep it in so we bought the charger with an extra battery for a tenner which made the whole thing usable for both of us…we also chose blank stainless cartomisers and 3 liquids….entered the 15% discount code and cost us a few pence over £50….very happy with our purchase 🙂

  58. Good value with the refills, however the 5 refills per cart claim is not true. After the 3rd refill the taste becomes rather funky and unpleasant. However, I am always smoking it throughout the day and 3 empty carts refilled 3 times each will last me a week which compared to other brands I have tried works out a lot cheaper (I would get usually get through at least 10 prefilled carts a week with other brands).

  59. really disappointed. the ready filled cartomisers only lasted 3 hours, then when it came to refilling instead of the recommended 25 drops i was only able to add 10 drops . this ended up with me having refilling every hour. the vapour was even worse then

  60. I have not touched a real cig since I received Jac ! I have started to “smoke” comfy seating on sofa instead of outside in the wind, cold and rain… Fab ! Still going outside for a “cig break” with colleagues, but… only when the sun is shining now !!

  61. After all these reviews, I am going to order as I am a former SKYCIG customer but they are too expensive and they don’t last very long. I will report back as soon as I have tried them. On a plus note, I will have given up real cigarettes one year November 30th 2012 all due to e-cigs. I will be back!

  62. i tried several different ecigs as a means to help stop smoking , none of them i liked (to harsh , taste not good , batterys did,nt last ) i came across jacvapour reviews and thought , ok 1 last chance
    i have not had a real cig for 6 weeks now , this by far is the best taste and vapour to a real cig
    the battery last a whole day for me , i have now switched to the smaller 55mm battery and still lasts a day ,
    dont waste your money on any other brand of e cig

  63. For the past 40 years I have smoked 20 – 30 cigs a day, decided to take the plunge after a great deal of research into the various e-cig brands. Since receiving the PCC kit i haven’t had, or wanted a real cigarette.
    I bought the V1P PCC kit & an extra battery, you will need the extra battery to give yourself the comfort of having nicotine fix when required.
    With all the extra’s I paid around £60 after the 15% discount, however after one week I was already making savings!
    I am saving money, It’s clean, no bad smells, my breath is fresher, I feel healthier.
    I wasn’t convinced I would be able to give up, however JacVapour e-gigs really do work and I have no desire to go back to my old habit.

    Jacvapour – Highly Recommended

  64. I have been a smoker for nearly 50 years, from the age of 11. Both my parents have died from lung cancer, my dad at only 39 years old & my mum at 64. The fact that even knowing this I continued to smoke bears testament to how strong a hold smoking had over me.
    I have never smoked another cigarette since receiving my first e cig & I know that smoking is behind me once & for all.
    Jacvapour is the very best kit I have tried. I bought the excel which is the largest PCC & it will be the last kit for me as I cannot fault it. Added to that I would also say that the vapour & hit is the best I have experienced. I use a rival company’s e juice which is a triple menthol hit 2.4mg but will purchase Jacvapour menthol when I need to replace the carts.
    What more can I say than e cigs have already, in 6 weeks, have turned my life around and I am feeling the health benefits already. I no longer cough, my breathing is so much easier & I feel so much better. It could also be that they have, quite literally, saved my life.

  65. So, the PCC is pretty slick, everyone I’ve showed it to is pretty chuffed with it.. The charge length is pretty good and the vapour production seems pretty good. The price isn’t the best I’ve seen but the price + quality level is bang on. Shipping seems to be ok, its not quite next day but pretty damn quick.

    What’s fun is all of the flavours and the customisations, I’ve got black carts, silver carts, batteries to match, etc. It’s cool!

  66. JacVapour are an independent company selling only top quality products at a good price. Since a mini e-cig needs a lot of charging, then buying a JacVapour PCC kit is probably the best answer for most people. They sell replacement parts at a good price, cartomisers and liquids are EXCELLENT and overall they have always provided flawless service to me.
    Stopping traditional cigarettes was simply not possible with some of the leading brands. With a proper JacVapour kit, it’s easy.
    No need to look elsewhere really, unless you want a mad variety of accessories.

  67. Having given up real cigs a few months ago me and the missus bought a couple of GS ecigs but found their carto’s lasted the equivalent of about 5 or 6 cigs so as the pair of us are ex 20 a day smokers it was costing a bloody fortune in cartomisers. I wish i’d found this brilliant website before.
    The Jacvapour seemed like this ideal solution and how right I was. Great build quality,vapour,flavour and the two big plus points – the PCC and the fact that you can refill the carto’s at a fraction of the cost of GS carto’s.
    No more flat batteries for me although the v3 batteries last for ages anyway. I cant understand why anyone still smokes analogue cigs anymore. SPREAD THE WORD!!

  68. This is my first go at using proper e-cigs, I have tried E-Lites in the past and found that they don’t produce enough vapour, and you don’t really get a ‘hit’ with them.

    These though are excellent, I’m now 18 days into my stop smoking attempt and haven’t gone back to real cigs yet, and I don’t think I will.

    I’ve bought some e-liquid to go with the cartomisers which has greatly reduced the costs – by my calculations one 20ml bottle should last over 6 weeks, saving over £200/month!

    I used the reviews on this site to choose and I haven’t been disappointed, the customer service from JacVapour is excellent.

    I originally ordered 2 lots of 12mg cartomisers but emailed them to change one lot to 18mg, which they did and I’m glad as that is what I have stuck with. I was a smoker of Marlboro Lights and the ‘Reds’ tobacco seem to be the best match for flavour.

  69. I have been a 20 a day smoker for 30 years I’m now 20 smoke free and loving it ! I will never smoke a cigarette again!

  70. I decided to give this a go as I know from previous experience that patches etc do not work for me. I was amazed how easy it was to get off the fags and I already feel healthier.
    I had a slight issue with the lid of my pcc and after an email I was sent a replacement straight away with no quibble.
    All in all it’s a great product a I will stay with jac vapour for all my requirements.

  71. After trying other brands and not receiving any real taste or good level of vapour,decided to try this brand after reading other reviews.
    Now after only two weeeks of this brand I know that I will not waste my money on any other brand.The tatse and volume of vapour is in my opinion second to none and when this is combined with the level of flavours and strengths along with excellent customer service —–Why go elsewhere ??

  72. Being fairly heavy smokers for 40 years, hubby and i decided to try Jacvapour Vip PCC kit after reading this sites main review. We sceptically invested in a kit each two weeks ago, and haven’t looked back, all ‘real’ cigs and related equipment dumped. We are enjoying them just as much, in fact even more when you weigh up all the advantages. The whole kit works well, is good quality and easy and convenient to use, with good vapour and throat hit from the cig. I purchased a spare battery each along with the kit so always a cig to vape while one on charge, and a wall charger for when not near the pc. Also a big plus is the carts are refillable so even more savings and so easy to do. Jacvapour offer a 14 day no quibble return policy (excluding carts & juice for health and safety reasons) so there’s nothing to lose by giving them a try and i just know you won’t be sending them back. Customer service is excellent and delivery fast. I’m grateful to Jacvapour for allowing me to give up the coffin nails so easily, something that nothing else could ever manage to do

  73. I was a hardened 25 a day Malboro Light man and I have two long haul flights coming up over the next couple of months (Australia and New Zealand) so I thought I would try this kit to supplement my smoking habit. I don’t know the rules for sure about smoking on planes but I guess you can “sneak” an e cig anywhere. However, since I bought it 10 days ago I haven’t had a real cigarette since – not because I wanted to give up – purely because I prefer “vaping”. I feel so much cleaner and healthier than before and really can’t see myself going back to cigarettes. So a big thank you from a man who never thought (nor wanted) to give up cigarettes!

  74. great product everything you want in a ecig from ordering to dilvery.best for taste vapour easy of use cost and qulitity looking forward to new products my search has ended for a top top e cig well done jac vapour..

  75. I bought this kit 6 weeks ago after watching the review on here and must say I am delighted with the V1P Kit. It is totally reliable…it just works!
    It’s the best looking, coolest, portable e-cig kit on the market, the build quality is excellent. The Jacvapour V3i batteries are the dogs bollocks, no primmer drag needed here…it just works with your first inhale.
    I ordered the aluminum matt black case with black rubberised finish batteries, I’m a medium vapper and on average I’m getting about 2 hrs before I have to switch batteries (remember to buy a 2nd battery) I’m also vapping the Jacvapour e-liquids…. Dessert Ship,DK Tab,Virgin,Reds and normal tobacco flavours…my personal favourites being Dessert Ship and DK Tab.
    Comparing Skycig to Jacvapour is the same as comparing a Ford Fiesta to a Aston Martin in terms of customer service, build quality and reliability…just night and day really!!!
    I first started e-cigs approx 3 months ago with Skycig and I have never smoked a real cigarette since after 30 years of smoking 25 a day…e-gigs really do work and I have no desire to go back to my former filthy habit (my wee boy loves me now!)
    Thanks to this site for introducing me to Jacvapour…It’s just too far ahead of the competition and I will be staying with them as long as the innovation and quality remains.

  76. I went down the Jacvapour trail in the end and now make my own ejuice and sample it at leisure.What a great way to quit smoking.The vendors cannot say they are a stop smoking item but believe me from first getting my kit I have not touched a cigarette and would refuse if offered one.
    I got this kit for out and about and the big batteries for home use

    The big batteries sold by Jacvapour attached to clearomizers is the way I went and its great .I can see how much juice I have and have just come back from holiday and used it everyday.
    When you consider ordinary smoking you have three choices of taste tobacco,herbal or menthol ,now I can have nearly any flavour I choose the peppermint is my fave at present but I can change it at the topping up of a new tank.
    As stated before I used to like the act of smoking but not the smell on my clothing ,breath or the fumes in the house they are now a thing of the past………go on give it a try

  77. Started vaping with SkyCig and LOVED their “tobacco gold” carts – apart from this found the product had many flaws so gave the kit away and moved to JAC on strength of web reviews. Very happy with the kit in terms of build quality and astonishing battery life. Some problems with finding a flavour I could live with and Andy has been hugely helpful with this. Refilling is easy and with trial liquids at only four quid or so experimenting is a pleasure. Now that I’ve discovered MINT I’m well on the way to saying goodbye to my beloved Rothmans fags! Best of all is that the people at JAC are clearly devoted to their product and treat customers like human beings – wonderful!

  78. I’ve smoked since around 14 years of age (dabbling at school) and over time have tried patches, medications and gum to stop. The fact of the matter is I love smoking. I know all the pit falls however still could not seem to give them up despite the awful stench it left on me. Thought I would give e-cigs a whirl, read and researched about them and then brands. Jacvapour kept scoring highly on all areas I looked at. I’ve waited to review so I could give a balanced opinion of the e-cig. Since the day I received my first order (early July 2012) I have NOT touched a real cigarette or cigar (I previously was M’Boro light/Lucky Strike Light girl with a penchant for King Edward Cherry Wooden tips). I originally ordered REDS 12mg (well eventually as did not read it properly and once realised contacted company and Andy was extremely helpful in pointing me in the right direction and changing the order – thank you) and Cherry 12mg carts. Loved both the flavours but as time has progressed I now only use Cherry 12mg carts and top up with E-liquid Cherry 11mg (I have read that the sweeter flavours are more appealing as your taste buds and smell comes back – plus the cherry cigar proclivity is totally satisfied). The other half (and I) is well impressed with the lack of smell and health improvements (yes no more coughing).

    Would I recommend? Yes, Yes, Yes – can’t believe I have left it so long to make the change.

  79. I had been a smoker for over 30 years, tried many times to give up the evil weed, failed every time. I started to research the e cig world, read the reviews and decided to try jac vapour, I havent looked back, wow, what a product, highly recommended. It’s clean, no bad smells, my breath is fresher, I feel healthier, I tell all my friends and recommend Jac vapour.

  80. The product is very well made and comes well packaged. I have purchased quite a few of the prefilled carts and can say they vape very well good taste and lots of vapour. The carts can be reused and so far none of them have produced any burning taste at all ( vast improvement over other refillable carts). I have also tried e juices which are very good. You just drop into old prefilled carts and away you go. This saves you a lot of money as prefilled carts can be used up to five times and still going strong.

  81. I was a heavy smoker 20-30 a day, i gave this a go I wasn’t planning to give up, just cut down as cigarettes are so expensive, i decided one day to see how i’d go smoking only this, and 5 weeks later i still haven’t had a real cigarette, If i can do it ANYONE can, why have a real one when i can have this anytime anywhere at a fraction of the price. I LOVE IT Don’t try any others like i did, they don’t work, this was my 3rd brand, glad i found it or i would have been convinced that electric cigs DO NOT WORK. Jacvapour WORKS i promise.

  82. Remember you get what you pay for. I bought this following the review on here, which was spot on. I bought the V1P PCC kit, I ordered an extra battery and charger, well worth it.

    Cost about £45 to get set up, but you will soon get your money back against ordinary cigs, even quicker if you refill your carts.

    This a good quality product, screw the cart onto the battery and away you go. The battery responds on the first drag, great throat hit and vapour. Love the slim PCC charge the PCC and then charge your batteries on the go.

    Still getting used to not smoking normal cigs but this is passing. This truly does satisfy my nicotine cravings. Word of warning, start around the 11 – 18mg carts and work up or down to suit your nicotine cravings. I went straight for the 24mg because I thought these ecigs don’t work, how wrong I was. After having a few drags ended up have huge palpitations, dizziness and being wide eyed through having a high dose of nicotine!! lol

    Contacted Andy at JAC Vapour who soon put me on the right road. My favourite flavours, Virginia and cherry 18mg, carts are very easy to fill.

    You will need to try a few flavours to find what suits you.Buy some blank carts, and order some10ml size refills to experiment with.

    Quick shipping and good communications with this company.

  83. This was my first ecig and now i am completely converted. I am glad i did some research and not buy an inferior product which might have put me off ecigs. I honestly cant recommend this product highly enough as an entry level ecig or more portable system for a seasoned vaper. Jacvapour is an excellent company to deal with, fast delivery and great communication.

  84. I have been using this for 3 weeks now. I was a 40 a day Superking menthol smoker and from the moment i put this in my mouth I have not wanted a real cigarette. The speed of delivery was excellent and I have not had a problem with out of stock products to continue to smoke. The vapour is heavy and just like a real cigarette and the menthol one is bang on the money. I have now converted 11 people to this by letting them try mine and will continue to praise this and convert the rest of my family and friends.
    Please if anyone reads this and thinks yeah whatever, DONT. Get healthy and use this. The set up kit costs around £60 which for me was less than i would normally spend in 1 week and now should cost around £10 per month. I feel better in myself, my chest is not tight, I dont get out of breath and my skin feels healthy too.
    Best thing I have ever done in my life.
    Thanks JACvapour for giving me my life back.

  85. I really wish i’d bought one of these lits a long time ago. 10 days after receiving the PCC kit i haven’t had, or wanted a real cigarette since. This is actually BETTER than a real cigarette and the refilable carts mean big savings on the cost of those horrible disgusting cancer sticks i’d been addicted to for the past 30 years. OK, i’m addicted to nicotine but this way i’m not consuming another 4000 harmfull chemicals and really enjoy a “smoke” now. I’ve converted my mother after letting her try out my new find and am ordering her a kit to get her off the weed. My daughter loves it and is ordering herself one. Do yourself a favour and buy one of these kits, honestly, it’s the best thing you will ever do and like me wonder why the hell it took you so long.

  86. I took the plunge and opted for JAC after some of the guys in work recomended them. I did look into e-lites as a first option but they don’t offer refillable carts as far as I can make out. There is a distinct lack of flavours to choose from at JAC and the 20ml bottles seem pricier than on many other websites selling the same refills. Overall though, after my first day using the Basic Starter Kit without PCC I’m very pleased. Its been difficult not to light up a real cigarette but I’ve been told I’ll be over it in a week or so. Will be buying plenty more from JAC though. Super fast delivery and a good price.


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