The Wismec Cylin Plus RTA is from two huge names in vaping. Wismec & Jaybo.

Best known for the seriously high powered and extremely easy-to-use Reuleaux mod range…and more recently we’ve seen the updated Noisy Cricket, which is currently enjoying a massively popular reception.
With the release of the innovative and flavour punching Theorem RTA in early 2016, it became clear that this partnership wasn’t intent on taking prisoners.

The Cylin Plus RTA By Wismec & Jaybo

Unique concepts, innovative features and a seriously good vape arrived with the Cylin RTA.

Yet some regarded their steps toward convenience as steps in the wrong direction. Complicated design features make the range inaccessible for any but the seriously experienced vaper and let me tell you, as much as I’m now loving the device: the Wismec Cylin Plus RTA is no different.

The thing about the Cylin Plus is this: if you don’t know EXACTLY what to do with this complex doohickey beforehand…you are going to have a seriously frustrating time.

You might moan, you might scream, you might even cry.

However, if you’re up for a challenge (which I’m sure you are) then the Cylin Plus can truly be worth your while. As I’ve seen, in the end it amounts to an outstanding and flavourful vape that could very well be a Best RTA contender. Maybe..

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What’s In The Box

  • 1 x Wismec Cylin Plus RTA
  • 1 x Spare Glass Tube
  • 1 x Transparent Mouthpiece
  • 2 x 0.4 Ohm Clapton Coils, Not Installed
  • 10 x O rings
  • 2 x Phillips Screws
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x User Manual


  • Can be used either as an RTA or an RDA
  • Bottom Airflow Control
  • Top Fill System
  • Removable 3.5 Ml Top Tank With Adjustable E-Liquid Inlets
  • 57.2 mm x 22 mm
  • Versatile build deck for single or double coil installations
  • 510 Threaded
  • 510 Drip Tip Compatible
  • Inter-compatible tank sleeve
  • Stainless steel and glass (and plastic) construction

Build Quality & Design

After opening the standard, see-through plastic, Wismec packaging, my first impressions are that I love the spiraling fixed support in the tank, combined with artful knurling and notch work, the branding on the RDA cap and the unique raised-looking design on the bottom airflow.

It all combines to make a pleasing and complex looking tank system.

Although I feel that the length combined with the small diameter will make it a difficult or odd looking match for most high powered mods.

The device consists of an RDA Deck and tube cover below, with a juice tank sitting above it with two holes in the bottom of it (adjustable) for dripping juice down onto your coils.

There is a mouthpiece included in the Cylin Plus kit in case you want to use the device as a regular RDA. You’d just pull the top tank off straight, it has rubber seals holding it in place.

My first impulse, even before reading the instructions, was to try to dismantle the device by myself…this shows me how intuitive the design really is for vapers to make their way around.

Specifically, I wanted to see the build deck…good luck with that!

To remove the RDA tube/cover, you need to twist to the left and then lift: sounds simple but it’s not since the RDA is ‘raised’ by this bottom adjustable airflow design which is rather different and the cap is locked in place.

I still struggle to open it and I’ve been using it on and off for a week.

The top cap (above the juice tank) just pulls off straight, which is unusual in itself…topped off by the fact that it doesn’t lock in place once it’s replaced.

Also, moving the top cap side to side adjusts the juice flow into the RDA well and yes, accidentally leaving it open or twisting the cap accidentally when attempting to lock, open, close…whatever, can result in a serious juice catastrophe (all dependent on whether you’ve wicked the RDA in such a way as to obstruct the juice flow down through the two holes at the bottom of the juice tank).

I’ve personally wasted a good 10ml or more of some of my best e-liquid during the ups and downs of this review: by far the most interesting experience I’ve had with any tank/RDA/RTA to date.


I got everything I needed included in the pack, except a set of instructions that was capable of saving me from the frustrations of figuring out the ins and outs of this complicated tank.

How Does The Wismec Cylin Plus RTA Perform?

How To Fill The Cylin Plus RTA

  • Separate the tank from the RDA base by pulling off the tank (not twisting)
  • Look at the bottom of the glass tank section to see where the e-juice holes are
  • Turn the top cap counter clockwise to close them (clockwise opens)
  • Pull off the top cap without twisting (as twisting can open those holes)
  • Fill by pouring down the side of the tank, avoiding the central shaft
  • Replace the top cap, remembering not to twist
  • Reattach the tank and base

Of course, you needn’t look under the tank to see where those holes are, once you know how it works…oh yes, vapers: trying to fill the tank with those holes open can lead to serious juicy nightmares as I quickly learned (twice, thrice…).

How To Change the Coil

  • Unlock the steel RDA sleeve by twisting the tube left and then up (yes, I know it’s near impossible)
  • Remove the cap to expose the build deck
  • Loosen the Phillips screws on either post, remove coil
  • Install new coil
  • Tighten the screws

Stock Coil Performance

You’ll see that the 0.4 Ohm Clapton coils included in the Cylin Plus kit are for single installation, their leads facing opposite directions.

I didn’t want to try and mess with them so that I can do a dual coil install with the included coils, I used them as intended: one at a time. I’m still using the first one, in fact.

Great coils! Getting profound vapour production and a near perfect flavour profile off a 90VG 12 Monkeys e juice that I’m very familiar with.

I’m impressed by these coils and love the fact that my coil is reading at exactly 0.40 Ohms.

So often I get a coil included and regardless of how well I do a build, a 0.5 Ohm coil will read 0.58 for instance, which just irritates me: with this coil, such is not the case!

My sweet spot for these coils is at 60-70W.

Ease Of Build

The unique deck design can house single or double coils and the innovative dual post, spring terminal design makes for terminals that are massively adjustable so theoretically any fancy coil should fit.

Something I see as a huge limitation on the Cylin Plus RTA and a danger to beginners who might make a mistake during install is the raised airflow inlets underneath where either coil would sit on a dual build…they’re made of plastic!

So if through some incident your coil were to slip down, this has happened to me before…on other devices, when my coil had reached it’s limits…well then your coil would slip onto a bed of plastic and you can only imagine what that could mean, should you be inhaling at the time.

If you somehow install those coils wrong, so that they come in contact with the plastic, not fun.

Installing the coils so that the coil doesn’t sit ‘above’ the out-leads, will result in fiery metal on flammable plastic so beginners shouldn’t touch this device!

I am not an advocate of plastic parts sitting 0.5-1 mm away from a glowing metal coil…forgive me if it’s a little OCD but I don’t think it is.

Once you’ve installed the coils it’s time to get wicking and on this device, wicking is as much for your enjoyment as it is a preventative measure.

You need to make your wick extra long so that you can wick and create a sort of bow, where the wicking rises up above the coils on either side and then tucks down next to those plastic rimmed airflow inlets…awkwardly

The wicking being raised like this is the only way to obstruct the juice inlets in such a way that when you open them fully or leave them open, they don’t send juice pouring out through your airflow and all over everything…go figure.

Once again, I can’t stress how important it is to make sure that your coils don’t touch the plastic! Obviously!


The first thing I should mention, now that you’ve read about the possible woes of setup, is that when the device is screwed onto a mod…airflow adjust will happen by turning of the RDA tube section, not the knurled section at the bottom: that would unscrew the device.

So be sure to push down on it slightly, will you! Otherwise the whole thing will unscrew…uuuggghh!!!

Once you know exactly how to operate this tank, refill, recoil, adjust airflow, open…the fact is, it vapes like a dream come true!

Delicious, smooth, full airflow that comes up right past the ample wicking necessary on this device to deliver a flavour and vapour knockout with minimal effort on the inhale, lovely.

Performance is topnotch with the RDA mouthpiece attachment!!

The juice flow feature…can I swear here? It’s an awesome idea and yes, when done right it results in a constant full flavour vape.

The thing is, it’s hard to tell when those holes start to open and once they do, unless your wicking is obstructing the holes, or unless you’re vaping up the juice as it coats the coils/wick: what happens is the juiciest nastiest nightmare I’ve had in a while.

The problem is, I’m not sure about the other efforts that were required whilst getting to that point of satisfaction…do I need this in my life?

What I Like

I like the ‘idea’ of the top tank with adjustable juice flow onto my coils. I love the full flavour and exceptionally smooth, effective airflow on this device.

What I Dislike

Vaping is not supposed to be frustrating so, if you want to experience the incredible flavour and awesome cloud production, you need to know EXACTLY what you’re doing.

There are two possible BIG issues here…juice spills and plastic burnouts!

Final Review Verdict

I’m delighted with the final vape on the Wismec Cylin Plus RTA…but the fact that I say ‘final’ vape as if getting to the point of vaping was such a long journey, well, that’s not so good.

Not only is this device impossible to transport in anything but your hand, it’s convenience features ended up being the prime sources of frustration for me.

Now that I know what’s potting here, I use the device fairly often, the airflow is so brilliant, that it gives me some of the best flavour and fullest vapour around…but it’s not my favorite, it’s just too finicky, too awkward and too far from user friendly.

I feel that beginners could have serious problems with it and I can’t stress how much you need to do your research first, the addition of plastic in the chamber, combined with the possible juice spill issue, means this is a device only for gadget minded vapers who want a great, flavour punching vape that’s a great conversation starter.


Would I buy this if I lost/broke the device? I’m afraid not.


  • Outstanding, smooth, open airflow
  • Great Flavour, great cloud
  • Convenience (for those who’ve mastered the art of it)
  • Spring terminals make for max versatility
  • RDA or RTA options


  • Difficult wicking
  • Dangerous coiling (plastic)
  • Complicated features
  • Not highly portable
  • Juice spill likelihood is high
  • Awkward design

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Look and Feel
Ease of Dismantle
Ease of Refill
Ease of Build
Overall Design
Vapor Production
Included Coils
RBA Only Performance
Likelyhood Of Buyin if Lost or Damaged
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