Introduction – The IndeRemix by Wismec

Wismec, yet another massively popular vaping giant out of China, has teamed up again with the inimitable Jaybo to bring us a teeny tiny RDA with a big soul and a few impressive features: the Wismec IndeRemix RDA.

This successful partnership has been churning out winners of late, not the least of which include the Reuleaux RX200s and the RX300, the little brother the RX Mini as well as the massively popular Indestructible RDA: all of which were breakthroughs in the field.

With the new IndeDuo and the Cylin also making waves, it’s no secret we expect great things from the IndeRemix…even though it is ever so small!

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What’s In The Box

  • 1 X IndeRemix RDA
  • 1 X Vaping Cotton
  • 1 X Hex Key
  • 2 X Clapton Coil 0.5 Ohm
  • 3 X Seal Rings
  • 4 X Screws


  • Length 31.4 mm
  • Diameter 22 mm
  • 12mm Delrin Widebore Driptip
  • 3 x Positive Terminals on ‘T’ shaped upper Post
  • Dual Lower Negative Terminals
  • Jaybo’s Dual Triple O Airflow
  • Brass 510 Connection
  • Ample Build Deck With Wide 2mm Terminals for Variable Builds
  • Vertical or Offset Arrangement Capacity
  • Basic User Manual

Design & Build Quality

My first impression of the IndeRemix was “s*@$, that thing is small” but let me tell you, the compact design in no way detracts from the build capacity because it’s designed so cleanly and efficiently that there is little it can’t handle.

The Delrin drip-tip is so wide that you needn’t even remove it when it comes time to get your flavour on.

The airflow is classic Jaybo, with three ample airflow holes perfectly placed on either side of the cap.

The build deck is cleanly designed, featuring three posts instead of the normal velocity style configuration.

Here the positive and negative posts are separated…with the negative terminals either side on posts of their own and then a T shaped positive post standing in the centre so one positive terminal sits right in the middle, allowing for offset builds, and then your usual twin positive terminals overhanging the negatives on either side.

That’s right, there are three positive terminals, cool.

I must say, this RDA really is so small that it doesn’t look right on most dual 18650 or bigger box mods.

Which is a shame because the terminals are so ample that they really allow for just about any fancy coil insert, I know because I tested out a little birds nest 0.1 Ohm build of my own and was pretty impressed by how freely the coils slipped in and how much wicking space was still left in the chamber.

The piece is a little too small to look right on a mech and in the end, the only mod I had in hand that it really just looked and operated so sweetly on was, believe it or not, the Pico Dual from Eleaf.

But you’re your own judge of looks so go ahead and play around with it and see what it looks best on. 22mm aint wide at all.

Another nifty little feature is the fact that, if you chose not (yet, at least) to make use of that central positive terminal, you can remove the hex screw and enjoy an increased airflow through the centre of your build that’s going to seriously enhance some already great flavour.

How Does The Wismec IndeRemix RDA Perform?


I experienced great airflow and minimal mess through the airflow slots, as I so often get when the airflow’s not perfectly placed.

Plus, removing the central hex screw from the middle positive terminal can increase your airflow even more.


So, the Delrin drip-tip and mouth piece in one comes off super smoothly and, like I said…it’s not really even necessary to remove it for dripping since the wide bore is so ample.

How To Change the Coil:

Coil change couldn’t be easier…not only do the hex key take to the screws super easily because of deep indentations but the wide terminals make for one of the easiest coil changes around, in fact I can recommend this device to beginners to building for the utter ease of use and smoothness of both wicking and coil change.

Juice Wells and Wicking Space

The little half-moon sausage juice wells on either side are deeply dug so you can get a good clean drip in and dunk your wicks nice and deep.

Because the posts are so efficiently laid out they leave more than enough space for decent flavour wicking and flavour is exactly what I got out of my Wismec IndeRemix vape.

Stock Coil Performance

Ah…those 0.5 Ohm Claptons:

Okay so, testing the resistance of my first build with the included Claptons, I clocked in at exactly 0.25 Ohms so it is like it says and I’m proud of myself and super happy with their performance.

I got profound vapour production and awesome flavour off these coils with my DIY 90VG, no nicotine juice and, having tired of the birds nest…they’re still burning strong a week later.

Performance with other coils

I also tried out a birds nest, dual coil build that clocked in at 0.1 Ohms.

I definitely found that the dimensions of the RDA, with that huge wide bore drip tip and your mouth so close to the coils meant that a little too much heat and spluttering was coming off for my liking.

Anything up to a 0.25 Ohm build I’d say is an absolute delight on this deck…although at higher wattages…80+, you’re set to feel the heat.

What I Liked

The dimensions are perfect for a mini high powered mod and the compact design and wide drip tip…combined with an awesome deck and deep well for juice and wicking allow for a fully decent, flavorful sub-Ohm vape!

What I Dislike

There’s not much to dislike, I love the T post configuration and versatility of the device but feel that the dimensions, combined with the stainless steel cap can make for a little too much heat on lower builds and higher wattages.

Final Review Verdict

The Wismec Inderemix is an innovative, easy to use, versatile RDA that’s ideal for beginner builders and RDA lovers who’re looking for a good match for their mini vape mod.

Would I buy this if I lost/broke the device? For sure, I haven’t found an RDA that looks quite so cute on a Pico and the build is super easy. Oh.. And did I mention the price? A relative bargain in todays money.


  • Versatile Deck, for standard or offset builds
  • Deep juice wells
  • Wide-bore drip-tip
  • Easy Recoil
  • Awesome airflow
  • Minimal Mess
  • Wide terminals
  • Great price


  • Dimensions and Stainless steel cap make for a hot vape at higher wattages, though for some, this isn’t much of a con.

Free Shipping Options
USA – Save 10% With Code DNA10

Ease of Build
Stock Coils
Wicking & Juice
Overall Performance
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