Introduction To The Wismec Luxotic NC Kit

Today we are looking at the Wismec Luxotic NC Kit, another collaboration between Wismec and JayBo.

The kit comprises of the Luxotic NC mod which is a resin and stainless steel device that uses 20700s or 18650 batteries. You can also use it in either a series or parallel configuration with the flick of a switch at the top.Wismec Luxotic NC Hand

It also comes with the Wismec Guillotine V2 RDA which is a dual coil, 24mm RDA that has a guillotine clamp system which works very well!

The Luxotic NC comes in two different colours; a green resin or a red resin, but I would assume that every device is different, so hopefully you will never see two that are exactly the same!

This kit was sent to me for the purposes of review – As always my opinions are honest and my own.

See The Wismec Luxotic NC Kit In Action With My Video Review

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What’s In The Box

  • Wismec LUXOTIC NC mod
  • Guillotine V2 RDA
  • Battery sleeves
  • Pre-built Clapton coils
  • Ultem Drip Tip
  • Sheet of cotton
  • Spare parts
  • User Manual


Luxotic NC Mod:

  • Size: 54.5 x 26.6 x 96.2mm
  • Thread Type: Spring Loaded 510
  • Cell Type: 20700/18650
  • Max Output: 250w
  • Colour: Red Resin / Green Resin

Guillotine v2 RDA:

  • Height: 34.8mm
  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Dual Guillotine Post Design
  • Side and Bottom Airflow Options
  • Decorative Ring: 3.9 x 25.5mm

Wismec Luxotic NC Build Quality, Design & Performance

Guillotine v2 RDA:

Drip Tip:

The drip tip is 810 sized and made from a resin to match the resin on the device. You also get an Ultem version in the spares if you wish to use that.Guillotine RDA Drip Tip

Top Cap & Airflow Barrel:

The top cap is made from stainless steel and has two ultem ‘blades on it. This is for when you flip the airflow barrel upside down from bottom airflow to side airflow, then you can adjust the airflow by twisting the top cap.Guillotine RDA Airflow2The airflow barrel is made from stainless steel, it has a JayBo logo on it as well as two airflow slots.Guillotine RDA Full

Build Deck:

The deck has a dual post design with clamps that are adjusted with 4 grub screws at the top.Guillotine RDA DeckThe juice well is extremely deep, so if you’re prone to over dripping or squonking, leaking shouldn’t be an issue.Guillotine RDA Well

Guillotine v2 RDA – Overall:

Overall, the construction and look of this RDA is pretty good! I like how it looks and how it performs. The flavour is pretty good using the coils supplied. I would say that the flavour and airflow is a lot better when you have it side airflow mode though. It just seems a lot smoother and purer. Overall, A great functioning RDA, but not overly amazing flavour.

The Wismec Luxotic NC Mod:

At the top of the device we have the 510 connector that is located toward the back side of the device. It has stainless steel threading and a 510 pin with a nice amount of throw to it! I would say you could fit 25mm atomisers on here, maximum.Wismec Luxotic NC 510Opposite that we have a switch. Switch it to the left to use in parallel mode which outputs a maximum of 4.2v which is determined by the resistance of the build in your RDA. By switching it to the right you can use it in series mode and can adjust the voltage from 1.3v to 5.3v on the dial located on the front.Wismec Luxotic NC Kit SwitchWorking our way to the front of the Wismec Luxotic NC, we have a square button that is slightly spongy, but does have a click to it. Below that we have the dial which is used to adjust the voltage in Series Mode from 1.3v to 5.3vWismec Luxotic NC ButtonsOn either side of the device we have a combination of resin and stainless steel. Upon arrival, my resin section moved up and down slightly, but this was easily rectified by tightening the screws inside the battery compartment.Wismec Luxotic NC KitAt the base of the Luxotic NC we have the battery door which has 6 holes for venting as well as branding etched into the metal.Wismec Luxotic NC Battery DoorOpening the door is pretty easy, just push down and slide it outwards to reveal the bottom of the battery door which is clearly labelled with the polarity.Wismec Luxotic NC Door OpenIn this device you can use 20700 batteriesWismec Luxotic NC 20700Or 18650 batteries by using the battery sleeves suppliedWismec Luxotic NC 18650

The Luxotic NC Mod – Overall:

Overall, I like the look of the device. It looks bloody good! Function wise, it’s great as well! I like that you can change from parallel to series, as well as the adjustability of the voltage in series mode.

Now, the full 8.4v can only be achieved by switching the switch to the left, locking the device by pressing the fire button 5 times and then pressing and holding the button for a few seconds until the light flashes white. You’ll then be in unregulated series mode which outputs the maximum 8.4v!

Obviously, do this at your own risk!

Building on the Guillotine v2 RDA

In this review, I thought I’d add a build tutorial to help people get set up using the coils supplied. You’ll be needing the RDA (obviously) two coils, cotton, the supplied allen key tool, coil snips, ceramic tweezers and of course, a bottle of E-LIQUID!

So, first off, start by backing off all 4 grub screws on top of the RDA. Three quarters of the way out should do it, and then you’ll need to turn the Guillotine v2 upside down as the clamps are being held down by gravity.Guillotine RDA Build 1

Then get your two coils and insert them into the deck and clamp them down. Cut off the excess from the legs and then double check the grub screw.Guillotine RDA Build 2

You’ll want them placed centrally in the deck, this picture should help you out.Guillotine RDA Build 3

Now check the resistance, to make sure there aren’t any shorts!Guillotine RDA Build 4

And get firing those coils so that they’re heating evenly from the inside out. You may need to pinch and strum them to get them doing this.Guillotine RDA Build 5

Next, you’ll have to let them cool down for a bit as there is a lot of heat left in the coils.Guillotine RDA Build 6

Once they’re cool to the touch, get your preferred wicking material, roll them into tubes and pie them through the coils. Cut off the excess cotton just outside the deck so that they will just touch the deck of the RDA.

Now you can poke the wicks into the deck and get them juiced up!Guillotine RDA Build 7

I have found that pulsing the coils whilst putting juice over them helps the cotton absorb the e-liquid. But please make sure that the wick inside the coils has some juice on before pulsing the coils, otherwise you’ll have to rewick again!

Last but not least… ENJOY!


  • Premium look & feel
  • Good flavour and airflow
  • Different firing options
  • Multiple safety features


  • Loose panel (easily fixed)
  • Not for beginners
  • Gap below RDA without beauty ring

Final Review Verdict

To round things off, I would say that the Wismec Luxotic NC is a beautiful looking kit, but it’s not for newbies or the faint hearted.

The Guillotine v2 RDA produces some nice flavour, has great airflow options and is super easy to build on.

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Build Quality - Mod
Build Quality - Tank
Ease of Use
Likelihood of Buying if lost or Damaged
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