wismec rx2 21700 reviewIntroduction – Reuleaux RX2 21700 Kit from Wismec

The Wismec RX2 21700 is the one of the latest from a brand known for manufacturing some pretty good e-cigs with innovative designs, along with their long time American designer Jaybo they have developed a strong and stable partnership.

Wismec/Jaybo, have done it again with another addition to their ever popular Reuleaux range, this time they bring us the RX2 21700 with the inclusion of the Gnome tank.

Can this kit stand up to the standards Wismec and Jaybo have set in the past with such mods as the RX200, RX200s and the RX Gen 3? Let’s go take a look at the kit and find out what we think of it.

RX2 21700 Kit By Wismec Video Review

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In The Box

  • 1 x Reuleaux RX2 21700
  • 1 x Gnome sub ohm tank
  • 2 x 21700 batteries (depending on kit version purchased)
  • 2 x Battery sleeves
  • 2 x Coils (0.4 preinstalled) 0.15 spare
  • 1 x Spare Pyrex Tank
  • 1 x Spare Driptip
  • 1 x QC USB cable
  • 1 x User manual and other paperworkwismec rx2 21700 kit

Main Specs/Features

RX2 21700 230W Mod

  • Output wattage – 1 – 230W
  • Output modes – VW / RTC / TC-Ni / TC-Ti / TC-SS / TCR
  • Resistance range – 0.05-1.5ohm for TC/TCR/ 0.1-3.5ohm for Power mode
  • Temperature range – 100-315°C/ 200-600°F
  • Dimensions – 46.3mm x 37.10mm x 81.5mm
  • Battery – 2 x 21700, 4000mAh (supplied)
  • 4 colours available, Gradients White, Green, Purple, Gloss Black

Gnome Tank

  • Stainless Steel/Pyrex/Delrin
  • Approx 40mm x 24mm
  • WM01, 0.4ohm coil rated to 70w
  • WM02, 0.15 ohm coil rated to 70w

Design and Build Quality

RX2 21700 230W Mod

A sturdy mod made from spray treated gradient heavy aluminium.WISMEC Reuleaux RX2 21700 gnome tank

The mod takes dual 21700 or 18650 batteries (with sleeves), and can power up to 230W.wismec rx2 21700 batteriesFeaturing a gold plated 510 connection pin with stainless steel threading that has been placed so that it will accommodate tanks and RDA’s up to 25mm.wismec rx2 21700 510

A large sharp 1.3inch display, micro USB Port for easy 2amp charging, a large fire button and a rocker style adjustment button, the interface menu screen which is reminiscent of most of the Reuleaux range and is easy to navigate.wismec rx2 21700 mod faceAn innovative push-pull battery cover for convenience.wismec rx2 21700 bdWith a slide lock.
wismec rx2 21700 door switchThere is plenty of battery venting along each side of the device which also helps to keep the board cool.

wismec rx2 21700 venting

The RX2 21700 is a well constructed, eye catching mod whose design and build quality are extremely good. The device is on the slightly heavier side with the 21700 batteries installed.

Gnome Tankwismec rx2 21700 G filled

Made from spray painted Stainless Steel with a 2ml or 4ml capacity Pyrex tank depending on which part of the world you are in.

The design and build quality of this sub ohm tank is both good and sturdy.

The Gnome tank has 5 components:wismec rx2 21700 G parts


The base has information including Gnome and Wismec along with the normal CE marks, a 510 threaded none adjustable connection pin.wismec rx2 21700 G base

The airflow is a cylon type dual airflow.wismec rx2 21700 g AFC

Chimney/Fill port/ Driptip

These are in one piece, the European version of the Gnome tank has a rubber bung to limit the liquid intake to 2ml. The American version doesn’t come with this installed and can be filled to the full 4mls, the fill port is handled by a push and slide cap.wismec rx2 21700 G intakeThe Gnome tank comes with two choices of 510 mouth piece both made of Delrin in yellow and standard black colours.

A quick guide to setting up the Reuleaux RX2 21700 Kit

The RX2 21700 Mod

Locate your 21700 batteries (if they came in the box) take off the plastic safety discs on the end the batteries.

Remove the battery cover by sliding the switch on the device towards the screen and slide off the cover, insert the two 21700 batteries and replace the cover which will click into place.wismec rx2 21700 21700 in place

You also have the choice of using the sleeves for 18650 batteries.

wismec rx2 21700slide 18650s

How To Fill The Gnome tank

Un twist the base of the tank and pre wick your coil, do this by dropping a few drips of liquid onto the cotton surrounding the coil and into the liquid intake slots on the side of the coil, reassemble the tank.wismec rx2 21700 G coilLocate the Jaybo symbol on the top cap and push open the fill port, fill the tank with e-liquid.

wismec rx2 21700 G filling

*Tip let the tank stand for a few minutes, so the cotton can soak up more liquid. To change your coil head you will need to empty any remaining liquid out first.

How Does The Wismec RX2 21700 Perform?

I tested the Wismec RX2 21700 with both the included 21700 batteries and 18650 batteries with the included sleeves.

First let’s take a quick look at the basic functions.

Basic menu and system operation

  • X5 clicks on and off.
  • X3 clicks and right adjustment button to change your fire mode – Power, TC, TCR Function.
  • To change your wire type under Temp control, left adjustment button then hit the right button to choose Ni, Ti, SS.
  • Under Temperature control X3 clicks fire button, left adjustment button and left button to highlight, right to change your, Power, Lock your Ohms, and change your Puff count to Amps or Screen.
  • To flip screen while off hold together both adjustment buttons.
  • To turn on/off the key lock while the device is on hold both adjustments buttons.
  • To turn logo on /off hold the right adjustment button and fire button together toggle the right adjustment button to enter Preheat and Time out function.
  • To turn on/off stealth function hold both fire button and left adjustment button.

Using the RX2 21700 with the Gnome tank

I filled the Gnome tank with a coffee blended DIY e-liquid; using the pre installed 0.4 coil.

20w – Airflow cut down to almost closed I was able to get a good mouth to lung style of vape, the vapour decent, yet cool with plenty of flavour.

55w – Airflow wide open DTL style the vape was warm and tasty a very cloudy amount of vapour was produced.

I then changed up to dual 24g SS316 Clapton coils at 0.16ohms in my Vandy Vape Bonza RDA with the same liquid.wismec 21700 with bonsa

65w – Was pleasantly warm with lots of flavour and creamy vapour

90w – 100w – While out of my comfort zone the delivery of vapour was tremendous. Although the vape was quite a lot hotter than I normally prefer so I wasn’t able to enjoy the flavour this high but would say it was ok.

Temp Control

Testing in Temp control with SS316 wire at 100w and 420f delivered a very good amount of vapour and flavour; over 150 at 420f however the mod kept displaying “Protect”, Wismec have now released a firmware update for the RX2 21700 that can be found here, to solve this issue

Battery Life

Battery life is extremely good with this mod at 55w using the Gnome tank the 21700 batteries lasted me a good 10 hours!

With the 18650’s I was able to use the RX2 for just under 5 hours at the same wattage.


RX2 21700

  • Works well in VW
  • Work well in TC after the firmware update is done
  • Very simple to operate with a familiar operating menu
  • Good design and form factor of this mod
  • Comfortable in the hand

Gnome Tank

  • Very Good flavour and vapour at 55W-65W
  • No leaking or dry hits
  • Excellent tank for low to mid power users


RX2 21700

  • Slightly on the heavy side
  • Firmware update is recommended – Before the update I was receiving the “Protect” warning with the RX2 21700 in temp control

Gnome tank

  • Feels underpowered for the mod – Lower rated coils would have been better.

Final Review Verdict

Wismec and Jaybo have done it again the RX2 21700 is a great looking device that I will use constantly the only thing that lets the kit down in my opinion is the Gnome tank while ok for lower to mid power users; they have not taken into account the sheer power of the device for those that vape at higher wattages.

Would I the Wismec RX2 21700 if it was lost or damaged, yes certainly for the mod but no for the Gnome tank!

UK – Free Shipping
USA Free Shipping options
Rest of World – Free Shipping + Save 10% With Code ECC

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Liklihood of Buying if Lost or Damaged
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