Introduction – The WonderVape RDA, Designed By Cigpet, Manufactured By iJoy

iJoy, Shenzhen based vaping super brand, has been racking up the wins lately. From the groundbreaking Captain PD270 box mod to the RDTA 5s, everything they do is met with success and their offerings have been becoming increasingly badass, in my opinion.
Now, here follows a review of iJoy’s lovechild with sister brand Cigpet, the WonderVape RDA, which has so many brand names printed on the box that you’ll be forgiven for being confused.

The 24 mm (actually 23.8 mm) dual post rebuildable features that ever so stylish Ultem Drip Tip that we’ve been seeing on all of iJoy’s RDA/RDTAs of late, it’s becoming a bit of a trademark and I definitely like it! Yet, this RDA isn’t just about an awesome driptip.

As you’ll soon find out, from the super easy to work with deck and deep juice wells, to the inclusion of both a fixed bottom and adjustable side airflow…. The Wondervape RDA has got a whole lot going for it.

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What’s In The Box

  • 1 X Wondervape RDA
  • 1 X Vaping Cotton
  • 1 X Phillips Screw Driver
  • 2 X Clapton Coil 0.3ohm
  • 4 X Seal Rings
  • 2 X Screws


  • Diameter 23.8 mm
  • ULTEM Driptip
  • 2 Post Build Deck
  • PEEK Insulator
  • Adjustable Side Airflow
  • Bottom Airflow
  • Single Coil Build Compatible
  • Gold Plated, Protruding 510
  • Rounded Internal Top Cap

Design & Build Quality

My first impression on opening the minimalist orange box packaging is that this definitely is a good looking RDA. There are 4 colors available, rainbow, gunmetal, stainless steel and black.

Wondervape RDA On Voopoo Drag mod
Wondervape RDA on Voopoo Drag Mod

I’ve got the stainless steel and a combination of high quality metal finish, that beautiful orange ULTEM drip tip and the attractive tapering top cap design of the piece just make it a looker.

The drip tip gives it an air of quality and the expert tooling further adds to the solid feel of the atty. So, they say it’s 24 mm but in reality it’s 23.8 mm in diameter, I see two sets of airflow holes, dual, fixed bottom airflow on the lower base and triple adjustable side airflow, perfectly positioned to tell you that this RDA will play nicely with a single coil arrangement too.

Wondervapeco branding is neatly laser etched around the side in a minimalist cursive font that actually looks quite nice.

The top cap pulls off easy but it’s solid enough to reassure you about the quality of the parts. Two thick o-rings are revealed as responsible for that top cap sitting so snug, the way they’re positioned actually also gives them a decorative appeal while you’re dripping.

It’s the top cap swiveling that will adjust your side airflow so you’ll see matching holes in the top cap. The 810, goon style drip tip is removable too but sits so tight you might not even realize it at first, the removal does loosen up a bit though after time. The piece is 32.9 mm high including the drip tip.

The deck is nicely designed with that bottom airflow opening right under where those coils will sit and a nice…very deep juice well. Dual posts with Phillips

screws look like they’ll allow a coil of just about any size and thickness, whether two coils or one. I can’t wait to get a build on this deck.

The middle barrel pulls away from the deck with difficulty, once you’ve screwed it into something, all thanks to two massive o-rings again, which do even more of a good job down here and will definitely need replacing in short turn.

Luckily there are some extras and we all collect o-rings as a freakin’ hobby (I have thousands, I’m sure some of them will fit).

How Does The Wondervapeco RDA Perform?


The combination of bottom fixed and adjustable side airflow is a real winner. Resulting in a very seriously flavorful vaping experience. I have a tendency to keep that side airflow about halfway open, I like feeling just a little bit of friction (if I can call it that) when I vape, otherwise I’ve just got too much air going on, especially on a RDA.

I find myself sort of chewing on the vapor because it’s just soooo full of flavor. I also like the fact that if you fit a single coil, you can adjust that side airflow to open just one slot, very thoughtful.


Whether you choose to remove the whole top cap or just pull off the ULTEM drip tip, dripping is a pleasure on this RDA.

How To Change the Coil:

Well, I really enjoy this type of deck, it leaves loads of maneuvering space and the terminals are so ample, you can fit just about any big ass coil configuration, whether single or double.

The screws come and go so easily, with nice deep threading. This is the perfect deck for a beginner to the RDA game but also a great option for extreme coilers who need that extra terminal space. Extremely quick on the change, nothing is so small that it’s fiddly.

Juice Wells and Wicking Space

The ejuice wells are really, really deep, which results in a lot less leaking than I’m prone to with my RDAs, plus those deep wells make for a nice snug tucking in of the wicks on either side.

Altogether a solid set up, beautifully, functionally designed and a real pleasure to vape on.

Stock Coil Performance

Ah…there’s not a word of warning nor any form of instruction manual in the box and everything I find about the included coils says…heating coils, yes thanks! All I know is that when I’d positioned both coils nice and straight on my deck with everything in place, I got a 0.31 ohm reading. Which works like a charm and absolutely CHUCKS at 70 W.

Performance with other coils

I’ve vaped on a 1.8 ohm fused clapton build between 90 and 130 W and let me tell you, this is a cloud comp, flavor profiling dream RDA that I think is really going to be a hit, excuse the pun!

What I Liked

The sleek, attractive design, solid and feel and spacious deck, combined with a sexy drip tip and a airflow setup that results in one of the most flavorful vapes you’ll have in a long time.

What I Dislike

There’s nothing to dislike, except perhaps the way the middle barrel eats up your o-rings some more every time you try to remove it.

Final Review Verdict

I’m impressed with the WonderVape RDA, its ease of use, its extreme functionality, outstanding airflow resulting in phenomenal flavor and the fact that it doesn’t make a mess!

It looks great on my narrower mods like the Smoant Charon, the Voopoo Drag and all although I had wanted to brand match, all my iJoy mods are too big for this guy.

Would I buy the Wondervape RDA if I lost/broke the device? Definitely, this is one of the better RDA’s around, it’s well built, it’s pretty and it CHUCKS.


  • Versatile Deck, for standard or offset builds
  • Deep juice wells
  • Sexy ULTEM Drip Tip
  • Easy Recoil
  • Awesome airflow
  • Minimal Mess
  • Wide terminals


  • Middle barrel o-rings are too big and tend to get damaged very easily.

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Build And Design
Ease Of Build
Included Coils
Look and Feel
Quality Of Vape- Flavor
Quality of Vape-Cloud
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