Voopootech…hmm, interesting. Part of WoodyVapes (out of China), well, I’m noticing a sort of below-the-belt pattern here but, my vaping friends, once you’ve had a day with your dripper on the Voopoo Drag with it’s super-responsive, super stable and super fast Gene Chip, you’ll stop laughing.

There has been an update to the Drag mod and it’s a great update at that. Check out the following for the latest:

I love the company goals and M.O. I read about on their site, dedicated as they are to seeing a world without smoke.

They speak about striving to make gear that’s fashionable but healthy, simple to operate but not easy: I’m a fan of the fine lines and their site reads well above average.

They have a total of two products, one of which I’m proud to call my own. Does that intelligence reflect in their gear? That’s the question.

What Can We Expect From The Drag 157W TC Mod by Voopootech

The Voopoo Drag 157W (random, I know) Box Mod with Gene Chip has it’s so called cons. Such as narrow box dimensions, which make it only look good with a small dripper or <24mm tank but let me tell you, once you’ve found a suitable partner for this baby, she absolutely purrs.

What a 20 millisecond ramp, perfect stabilization and super responsiveness really means is a vaping dream. Instant fire that’s noticeably beyond the norm, feels like it’s firing at the wattage you set and man…what a beautiful, easy vape.

Let’s get started.

Oh and, another note on the name…I know a lot of vapers get a bit irritated with smoking words being used in vape tech but c’mon guys, let’s take the words back from that filthy industry: maybe one day the word ‘drag’ will remind us of a great vaping mod instead of what you do with cigarettes, I hope so!

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What’s In The Box

  • 1 X Voopoo Draw 157W TC Mod
  • 1 X USB Charge Cable
  • 1 X Warantee Card
  • 1 X User Manual


  • Power: 5-157W
  • Battery: 2 x 18650 (Supports balance charging
    whatever brand batteries)
  • Size: 90 x 54 x 24mm
  • Color: Black with white / Black with red
  • Lowest Resistance in Power mode: 0.05Ω
  • Lowest Resistance in TC mode: 0.05Ω
  • New function: Super Mode and Power
    compensation mode.
  • Firmware Upgradable
  • Temp Range 100-315 C
  • A list of 8 Handy Device Protections

Build Quality & Design

Okay, so Voopoo Drag packaging is a super fancy red and black box with a velvety style bed inside for the device, on it’s arrival it just looked top notch.

The device is a little smaller than a cassette tape (I’m trusting people still know what that is), twice the thickness with the same proportions.

It’s sharp edged, zinc alloy body is heavy enough to break your foot with batteries in (310g)…so don’t drop it, alright!

The device is very much the same size and shape as the Lost Vape Therion, only sharper edged and shinier.

The 24 ml top base features a nice, firm, spring loaded, gold-plated brass 510 connection with a slanted thumb perch on the opposite side.

If you place your thumb on the perch, your forefinger will touch the fire button, which sits above the super bright OLED screen, +- buttons and micro-USB port which all run down the narrow side of the device under the tank station.

One broad side of the device is lightly laser etched with the name DRAG but it’s so lightly done on the zinc alloy that it’s difficult even to capture on film.

Fingerprints and e-juice smears tend to show over the brushed finish alloy as well but you’ll cope.

The etched side is removed with a tug thanks to great magnets, to reveal a super clean, battery friendly chamber with a remover strip and big gold-plated connections…incredibly clean.

The inside of the door is covered in a protective plastic film (in-case of battery damage) and although most of the reviews I’ve seen mention a wobble in the battery cover once replaced, mine is as firm as…well, it’s FIRM FIRM.

The opposite side features a carbon fibre style weave, with colored, shiny ribbons in red or white, interwoven with carbon black.

This woven side is finished with a perspex finish (at least I think it’s perspex), it’s shiny and pretty and in the light it plays tricks with your eyes like a hologram.

The standing base has 10 little ventilation holes to keep the board cool…there are no battery vents but the chip is a smooth operator, with enough protections on board to prevent all mishap.

It’s heavy as hell and sits sweetly in the hand, it feels and looks gorgeous, sharper edged than usual but it’s different and quite difficult to put down.

The buttons are some of the clickiest and most satisfying you’ll find, combined with light speed responsiveness, a winner.

How Does The Voopoo Drag 157W TC Mod Perform?

Okay, so here’s the crunch…

I noticed a marked difference between this chip’s responsiveness, the responsiveness of the buttons, the resistance reading accuracy and the overall speed at which everything reads, registers, adjusts and fires on this device compared to other TC mods in this W range.

It’s considerably faster, more accurate, everything happens instantaneously, regulation is outstanding and the curve functions and adjustment options all work like a charm.

I think the Gene Chip is a huge selling point and I find this to be one of the best performing mods for those reasons…but not necessarily in the temp control department.

Sadly, the mod won’t fire above 80W in TC mode but for normal wattage vapes and non-TC vapers like myself, this is not a problem.

The so-called ‘super mode’ is a bit of a conundrum…nothing changes, as far as I know…it just says it’s in super mode once you scroll up past 130 W, that’s all.

Oh but, super mode does work super well nonetheless!

I’m not usually inclined to fire a device up to it’s max but I did with the Voopoo, on a regular basis.

When you’re at 150W on this device, you feel like you really are.

It fires better, with a faster ramp time and feels like it has just a little more kick and better regulation than most of the vape mods I currently have…and I have many.

Its chip’s been hailed as a contender with the eVolv DNA chip and it truly is. There are aspects that don’t compare but when it comes to wattage accuracy and resistance regulation, as well as ramp time, I feel this device is in a class right at the top.

The ramp time on this device sets it apart from its competitors…it’s so affordable and has probably the best ramp time on the market.

You can’t even switch the device on and off with out it firing like hell during your quickest 5 click…20 milliseconds is nothing, nada: freaking instantaneous.

The ramp time and wattage accuracy are the reasons why I really really love this device.

80 watts here feels a sight more powerful than 80w on many other popular mods of an alleged higher caliber.

Its a pity about the narrow dimensions and wattage limitations in TC mode, I’d love to operate some of my super-tanks and coils in TC mode with this kind of ramp time, what a pleasure that would be.

How To Operate the Menu System

Just a word on the zinc alloy buttons, their responsiveness is off the hook.

They click audibly and never miss a press…on some of my favorite mods, I’ve had misfires when pressing buttons but not so here, the buttons work really, really well.

5 Clicks will start up the device in wattage mode…your battery level, coil resistance, voltage and wattage are very clearly displayed on the bright and adjustable OLED screen.

Three clicks on fire will put you onto the first of your TC modes, after which 3 clicks a time will scroll you through them in series until you get back to wattage mode.

A hold on plus and fire will lock or unlock your screen while a hold on minus and fire will flip your display.

Temp control in TC mode works exceptionally well, although you can’t push it above 80 W in TC…that doesn’t mean you can’t get a damn good vape.

There are a host of functions, including temp curve and various memory settings that are all highly customizable via the device and via the download section on their website.

Functions are actually too many to list here and while I’ve played with the curve functions a little, TC is actually a lot of PT for me but you feel free to check out the rest.

How To Replace The Batteries

The battery cover comes off smooth with a lift on the thumb tab at the bottom on the side engraved with the words DRAG.

After which clear +- signs and a neat silk battery remover strip will make replacement easy as can be.

The chamber holds the batteries flush but safe with no scratching, or unnecessary closeness, you need to use the strip to remove the batteries though…so as not to damage them.

The door replaces easily on account of powerful dual magnets but make sure the thumb tab is at the bottom, as the magnets don’t discern and its possible for you to replace the cover upside down.

Battery Life

Well, considering the fact that I only used low wattage 2500mAh Samsungs for this review, battery life was excellent!

Charge was super fast and the balance charge works well above average.

For solid vaping in the higher wattage range without switching the device off, my power lasted for 6 hours…impressive.


  • The Gene Chip provides unparalleled regulation, responsiveness and instant ramp functions that really are a pleasure to use.
  • Well, it’s weird but it’s definitely not ugly.
  • Clean, durable design makes it look and feel like quality, exceptional for the price.
  • No fail new atomizer detect and adjust functions, which set your wattage safely low when you fit a new tank and always get the resistance spot on.
  • Really provides an outstanding vape. 130W On this device feels a good 15W higher than 130W on most other devices…what’s that about?
  • There are a ton of functions, modes and customizable settings for those who like to play around and make everything just right!


  • Oh Lordie…just 1mm more!
  • Wattage limit in TC mode.
  • It would have been nice to see more colour options or alternatively…if the color panel had been on the battery cover, then they could have made interchangeable color panels.
  • I’d like to see an app and download for Mac…the Adobe form file requires some kind of degree to get running, unfortunately. I have heard though, that with the upgrade you can do al kinds of customization, from your curve settings to your start up screen text and screen brightness.

Final Review Verdict

The Voopoo Drag 157W TC mod has breathed new life into my 22ml tanks and RDAs and its instant fire and awesomely responsive Gene Chip has breathed new life into me.

I didn’t think that an unknown brand would come out with an affordable little TC device with a random max wattage of 157W and actually surprise the hell out of me with a really noticeable advance in responsiveness and an instant fire capacity that just makes it a sheer pleasure to vape on all freakin’ day! I love it!!

I simply cannot wait to see what’s next from Voopoo, I look forward to a 3 x 18650 mod from them that can fit my super tanks…with this kind of responsiveness, OMG.


Would I buy the Voopoo Drag if I lost/broke the device? Without a second thought.

UK/Europe – Use Code ECIGCLICK for 5% Off
USA – Use Code DNA10 for 10% Off
Rest of the World – Save 10% With Code ECC

Build & Design
Menu System
Ramp Time
TC Operation
Gene Chip Benefits & Responsiveness
Battery Life
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