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World Vape Bus Tour Visiting the UK

The arrival of the world vape bus in London coincides with the release of a type of crypto currency to help towards battling the global vape ban plan.

Nope…I have absolutely no idea how crypto currency and the like works, but those in the know and who want to support the WVA should read on lol.

world vape bus back vaping beat smoking london

But first up, the World Vapers Alliance European vape advocacy bus tour hits the streets of London tomorrow – Monday September 20th – and will park up in Shoreditch between 10am and 6pm.

You’ll be able to chat with the organizers and sign up to join the global fight to save vaping – Back Vaping. Beat Smoking.

As an extra incentive there’s freebies to be had too 😉

And as for the non-fungible tokens [NFTs]..?

They can be bought either online on the official website, or I think from the vape bus.

I’ll leave Director of the World Vapers’ Alliance, Michael Landl to explain:

Innovation is the main driver to make our world better.

Blockchains can transform the way we do business as much as vaping improves people’s lives and public health. We support innovation and are happy to have found a way to combine enthusiasm for vaping and blockchains.

Both these technologies should be embraced instead of feared.

I can certainly see the synergy between vaping and NFTs – but like I said – clear as mud to me!

vaping nfts
a small sample of the vaping NFTs available

WVA explains it thus:

The concept of NFTs is similar to the concept of a digital coin, such as Bitcoin.

However, while Bitcoin was created to be a digital currency, NFTs are created as unique collectible assets.

This means that NFTs are not interchangeable because they are unique.

A collectible-based NFT has a unique identifier stored on a blockchain to provide the owner with a proof of ownership.

The World Vapers’ Alliances invites enthusiastic vapers and supporters to obtain one of the first ever vaping NFTs especially created for the Back Vaping. Beat Smoking campaign.

WVA say the NFTs can be found and bought here – WVA donate page – and as the campaign progresses, there will be more added.

BTW, if you’re going to see the world vape bus – do send me some photos 🙂

FDA PMTA Bans Hit Major Vape Players

Despite missing the deadline for all PMTAs the FDA has banned even more vape products including some the biggest names on the American vape scene.

It was late on Friday the FDA announced the latest round of Marketing Denial Orders [MDOs] bringing the total now to 295.

fda mdos

That figure might sound low, but take into account ALL of the vape products included, and you’re looking at more than 1 million items banned from sale in America at the stroke of a pen.

A whimsical stroke of a pen at that – there’s absolutely NO way all 6.5 million PMTA applications have been studied diligently…as I’ve said before, this is simply a back door flavour ban.

Earlier this month one of the largest vape companies in the USA – Bidi Stick – had 10 of it’s flavours, including menthol, effectively banned leaving only the tobacco variety with a chance of being deemed ‘legal’.

The cost of PMTAs to the company Bidi Vapor amounted to $3.5 million – a massive loss.

However in a press release the company remains hopeful:

Bidi Vapor remains committed to demonstrating that all 11 flavors of its BIDI® Stick are appropriate for the protection of the public health.

The company has continued to update and amend its PMTA submissions as data from its ongoing studies comes in, moving ahead with immediate plans to request the agency continue to permit the marketing of the flavored BIDI® Sticks while the FDA properly reviews its PMTAs, including all amendments.

Now that the deadline has passed, the company will continue to market its tobacco and menthol varieties and is exploring additional remedies it declined to elaborate on.

Fingers crossed.

As I said, some of the biggest names in US vaping have also been hit by backdoor bans.

One of those is Turning Point Brands, a major player in vaping with links to, among others, VaporFi and DirectVapor.

A spokesman for the company said:

The PMTA denied by this MDO included an in-depth toxicological review, a clinical study, and studies on patterns and likelihood of use.

The data demonstrated that TPB products do not appeal to never users, youth, or former users and that a significant majority of users of TPB products had completely ceased use of combustible cigarettes.

As I said, despite jumping through expensive hoops – the FDA doesn’t seem to care.

For more background read my articles:

World Vape Shows Opens Today

Today is the first day of the World Vape Show with thousands expected to attend.

It’s being held in Dubai and has attracted all the big names in vaping with over 150 exhibitors showcasing the latest vape products.

world vape show 2021

There’s also a 3 day vaping conference with vape industry insiders and medical experts delivering speeches and the very latest scientific updates.

The UK Vaping Industry Association Director General John Dunne will be among a panel of experts on Tuesday speaking about: The Future Of Vaping Research And Public Health.

And of course there’s the vape tricks competition which sounds fun.

Sadly a trip to Dubai was way out of my price bracket – barely manage a wild camp in my local woods with my budget lol.

But of course, I hope the event is a great success and here’s hoping we get the UK Vaper Expo back in May next year.

and finally…We Fixed Your Dress AOC!

Not a lot to smile about in the world of vaping – at least for America.

However, the dress worn by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez [AOC] at the glitzy Met Gala has now been fixed…

It originally said Tax the Rich…but this is better 😉

Ha! Love it 🙂

#BackVapingBeatSmoking #BackVapingSaveLives


More vaping news on Wednesday!

PS…just a reminder:

fda e-cigs meme

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