The Wotofo Conqueror is from one of the longer standing brands in the vaping world, Wotofo Tech, operating since 2009.wotofo conqueror mini review

Since then they have released atomisers such as the Troll V2, Freakshow and Sapor RDA’s and the Serpent Elevate and Conqueror RTA’s.

What’s The Conqueror Mini RTA by Wotofo All About?

Today we will be looking at the Conqueror Mini which is a new addition to Wotofo’s collection of rebuildable tank atomisers. This was sent free of charge for the purposes of this review. As always our views are our own.

It is available in black and stainless steel finishes and is priced at $34.99 direct from the Wotofo website.

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What’s In The Box

  • 1 x Wotofo Conqueror Mini RTA
  • 1 x Spare Tank Glass
  • 1 x Packet of Spare O-Rings/Screws
  • 1 x Packet of Organic Cotton
  • 1 x Packet of Twisted Coils & Coiling Jig
  • 1 x Flathead screwdriver
  • 1 x Giveaway Card
  • Instruction Manual



  • 22mm Diameter
  • 2.5ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • Postless Deck
  • Pyrex Glass & 304 SS Construction
  • Gold Plated 510 Pin
  • H:39mm W:22mm

Build Quality & Design

The Atomiser

I like the look and feel of this straight out of the box. The stainless steel finish looks great on it, as does the black!

It all breaks down pretty easily, especially the top cap where they have added some discreet knurling to aid grip, the threads are pretty damn smooth too!wotofo conqueror mini parts

Prebuilt Twisted Coils

Included in the Conqueror Mini kit are two prebuilt twisted coils. I actually got three which I will not complain about. They are of good quality and I found no problems with them whatsoever.


  • The big screwdriver was a bonus in this box. Not your usual little blue thing! This helps you unscrew the grub screws fairly easily.
  • There are plenty of spare o-rings and also a blue and red one so you could swap the standard black one out for one of these to match your device.
  • The cotton was your usual organic square cotton pad. Nothing to write home about, but I personally prefer not to use this type as it doesn’t offer the best flavour for your atomiser.
  • The coiling jig… I’m not 100% sure on why they included this. I originally thought it was so that you could space the coils correctly over the airflow on the deck, but this wasn’t the case. You can do the same job with a screwdriver or normal coiling rods.


How Does The Wotofo Conqueror Mini RTA Perform?

After filling the tank up with juice, I had no problems whatsoever with any leaking or flooding. Just make sure you get the right amount of cotton on the deck.

This is trial and error, but you’ll get a feel for it after a few attempts. I have had no issues with dry hits from 40-70w, which is great.

How To Fill

It’s extremely easy to fill!

Unscrewing the knurled top cap was simple enough to do, and the two large kidney-shaped holes below allow easy filling of the tank.

They’re big enough to let a good volume of e-liquid in and air to escape out the other side.

Just remember to close off the airflow before you fill the tank up to avoid any possible leaks!how to fill wotofo conqueror mini

Coil Performance (Simple Twisted Kanthal)

So, my two coils paired in the RTA came out to around about 0.25ohms. Not too low and not too high.

40w Test:

With the airflow fully open, you get a nice, tepid vape. Not too warm, very little spit-back and satisfying flavour.

The vapour production was good, but I feel that a higher wattage would be better.

50w Test: Again, the airflow fully open.

A slightly warmer vape than before, a bit more spit-back and the flavours seem to be coming out of their shell a lot more than at 40w.

Vapour production is very good! So, Could this be the sweet spot?

50w Test: Airflow half open.

OH YES! This adds a little extra restriction, great flavour, great cloud production and a slightly warmer vape! We have a new contender for the sweet spot!

60w Test: Airflow fully open again

There is a slight dryer taste to the vape but a few flavours were a bit more prominant. The drip tip was getting warm at this wattage, so it may be uncomfortable for some.

70w Test: Airflow fully open.

Lovely clouds and a very warm vape. Definitely a bit too high.

You get more spitback and that drip tip heats up a bit quicker. Flavour was alright, but it was better at a lower wattage on the build I was using.

My sweet spot was at 50w with the airflow half open.

You get great flavour, a nice bit of restriction, great clouds and the drip tip doesn’t heat up as quickly as it does at higher wattages.

Obviously this may differ from user to user, but it works well for me!

Ease Of Build

This is a tough one, the outer edges on the deck make it difficult to get the coils set at the correct height above the airflow, but if you use the included screwdriver rather than the coiling jig that is supplied. It makes the process easier.

Depending on what coils you choose to install on the deck, you may find more rigid wire a bit difficult to locate into the holes, so you may need an extra screwdriver or a pair of tweezers to help poke it into place.


See The Wotofo Conqueror RTA In Action With My Video Review


  • Great flavour across the wattage range
  • Good clouds
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Good quality feel to the RTA and accessories


  • Drip tip is a little wobbly
  • Drip tip can get hot at times
  • Build deck is a little fiddly

Final Review Verdict

I’m loving the Wotofo Conqueror RTA! Great flavour, great clouds and it looks and feels fantastic!

It does drink the juice quite a bit, so be sure to have a few bottles on standby!

Cloud Production
Build Quality
Ease Of Coiling
Chance Of Buying Again If Lost
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