I have just received the new Wotofo Profile M RTA and I have no idea what to expect, as I have had mixed opinions of its predecessors.

Wotofos Profile range currently consists of the Wotofo Profile RDA, Profile 1.5 RDA Profile Unity RTA and Profile RDTA.

Wotofo Profile M RTA straight glass

Although they were very popular, after using the Wotofo Profile RDA and Profile Unity RTA I wasn’t a fan. Mostly because I am not a massive rebuildable mesh lover.

However the last Profile was the Wotofo Profile RDTA and I loved it, even with the mesh!

In my review I gave it a whopping 9.6 out of 10! So for me, the Profile M RTA could really go either way, hopefully it is just as good as the RDTA.

For those of you that don’t know, Wotofo was founded in 2012 and introduced themselves as a “premier manufacture of vape products, Wotofo has established it’s leading position in rebuildable devices producing some of today’s top RDAs, RTAs, Mods, Kits and accessories“.

Wotofo’s catalogue at the time of writing consists of:

  • 2 pod kits
  • 3 Mods (including 3 Squonk mods)
  • 4 Sub-ohm Tanks
  • 7 RDAs
  • 8 RTAs
  • 2 RDTAs

What Can We Expect From The Wotofo Profile M RTA?

Standing at 33mm including the mouth piece, it seems very small, and is 15.5mm shorter than the Profile Unity RTA which stands at 48.5mm tall.

However looks can be deceiving as it holds 3.1ml of e-liquid and comes with a bubble glass to push it up to to 4ml.

Wotofo Profile M RTA under the base

It has adjustable top airflow with “splits and slanted paths“, which apparently means it splits the airflow into multiple steams before it gets to the inner honeycombed holes in the chamber.

The deck looks very reminiscent of the Profile deck we’ve seen before, which should mean it’s pretty easy to build on.

Without further ado let’s take a closer look!

Video Review Of the Wotofo Profile M RTA

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Inside The Box

As always Wotofo has been rather generous.

  • 1 x Profile M RTA
  • 1 x Extra 510 Driptip
  • 1 x PCTG Bubble Tube (4ml)
  • 1 x Clapton Mesh A1 + Ni80 0.15ohm
  • 1 x Classic Wotofo Mesh A1 0.18ohm
  • 1 x nexMESH A1 0.13ohm
  • 3 x Cotton Laces
  • 1 x Accessory Bag (Including Bending tool & screw driver)
  • 1 x User Manual

Specs & Features

  • Size: 24.5 x 27.8mm (Excluding driptip and 510 connector)
  • Capacity: 3.1ml (4ml bubble)
  • Filling System: Slide top fill
  • Airflow: Top & Adjustable
  • Easy Clamping
  • 810 Driptip
  • Mesh Build Deck with Wicking Spring
  • Honeycomb deck airflow
  • Compatible with original Profile mesh strips

Design and Build Quality

The Wotofo Profile M RTA comes in 6 colours.

Wotofo Profile M RTA colours

I received the blue one.

The Wotofo Profile M RTA Assembly

The assembly itself is pretty much standard.

It has the deck / base, glass, chamber, airflow ring, top cap and the drip tip.

profile m rta components

Let’s take a look at those components a bit closer.

The Wotofo Profile M RTA Drip Tip

The resin drip tip that comes on the RTA is really short.

The part that protrudes from the top, measures at just 4mm.

Wotofo Profile M RTA drip tips

Then there is also a 1.5mm lip on the top cap as well. So it is only raised by 5.5mm in total. In other words there is no way of using this drip tip without your lips touching the top cap.

You may have noticed, that it comes with a spare mouth piece. The spare is much higher, it protrudes 6mm (plus the 1.5mm from the top cap makes 7.5mm), it’s still fairly low though.

However the low drip tip didn’t bother me as much as I expected. However if it’s really annoying you, you could always buy a taller replacement as it is a standard 810 tip without O-Rings (the O-ring are inside the top cap).

Wotofo Profile M RTA Top Cap & Filling System

The top cap is the key to the slide out filling system and although it’s nothing truly original, I like this type of system.

If you unscrew the very top cap, it lifts off, which is great for maintenance and cleaning. It is also by removing the topcap that we are able to remove the airflow ring.

The little sliding plate the covers the fill whole and that the top cap screws onto can be placed at either rotation, unlike some RTAs, in which the place can only go on in one direction.

With the Profile M it’s the actual top cap that prevents it from sliding off in any direction when assembled.

(for those wondering, the one direction top cap plates, are shaped a bit like a mushroom, to latch onto the ledges when it’s closed).

The rubber seal below that plate plays an important role. Without it, when the mod is tipped upside down, e-liquid can slip between the fill hole and the top cap and cause internal or external leaking.

However Wotofo has gone that step further, they added the anti flow back lips on the fill hole.

I do love these fill holes because they make leaking from the fill hole a lot less likely but they also make it less likely that the e-liquid will pour out while you’re filling it.

Wotofo Profile M RTA Airflow Ring

The Wotofo Profile M’s airflow ring rotates just less than 90 degrees; which is enough to have the airflow holes fully open or fully closed.

There is one airflow hole on either side and each measures about 13.5 x 2mm and they allow a fairly free airflow. It’s not restriction-less but there isn’t much restriction.

If you recall, at the beginning of the review I mentioned “Slits and Slants“.

That simply means as the airflow goes through the airflow ring, and then the chamber slants it wards towards the mesh strip (coil), then the airflow is ‘split’ by the honeycombed chamber.

Wotofo Profile M RTA Chamber

As I have just mentioned, the roof of the chamber is honeycombed to split the airflow before it hits the ‘coil’.

Because the Profile M using top airflow, it needs a anti-rotation system of some sort, to ensure the airflow hits the mesh strip.

Wotofo Profile M RTA chamber

This is achieved by 2 notches inside the chamber (one at either side), that match up with 2 lips on the deck.

The roof of the chamber is domed, which usually results in better flavour delivery, and interestingly the airflow holes go all the way to the top of that doming structure.

When the chamber isn’t connected to the deck it rattles a fair bit, however soon as it is connected to the deck that stops because the notches hold the inside of the chamber in place.

Wotofo Profile M RTA Glass

You may have noticed in nearly all of my photos, I’m using the 3.1ml straight glass instead of the 4ml PCTG bubble.

Wotofo Profile M RTA bubble ptcg

And that’s purely because I don’t like how the ‘frosted’ PCTG looks.

Wotofo Profile M RTA Build Deck

The build deck is quite typical of a Profile deck, with the ceramic spring loaded plate and a clap at either side.

The ceramic spring loaded plate is a must have for Mesh RBAs in my eyes, it makes wicking without skewing the mesh strip so much easier.

Wotofo Profile M RTA build deck

As on all mesh build decks the clamps are flat plates which make clamping the mesh strips down super easy. On the Wotofo Profile M the clamps use small Philips (cross head) screws.

All in all I like it, for a mesh deck. The wicking holes look pretty big, but don’t forget mesh wicks are pretty huge!

How To Build The Wotofo Profile M RTA

Build the Wotofo Profile M RTA is pretty much the same as any other Wotofo Profile RBA. But for those of you that haven’t built on a mesh deck before here’s how we do so…

  • First pick the strip you’re going to use
  • Grab the bending tool (black bar) and gently bend the mesh strip around the thick part.
  • Now your strip should be a nice even arch shape.
  • If you haven’t unscrewed your clamps do so now
  • Gently Slide the mesh strips into the clamps and tighten them (it’s important you don’t bend/ skew the mesh)
  • Preburn the mesh at a [really] low wattage, keep an eye out for any unwanted hot spots
  • When the mesh has cooled, insert the cotton lace, pressing down on the ceramic plate to make it easier
  • As with most Profile RBAs the cotton needs to be cut diagonally, starting at the top near the mesh and cutting down, away from the center.
  • Push the ends of the cotton in to the wicking holes then make sure the cotton is fully saturated in eliquid

Wotofo Profile M RTA wicked and built

How Does the Wotofo Profile M RTA Perform?

The nexMESH A1 0.13ohm Strip

The strip actually reads at 0.15ohms for me. The recommended wattage range is 60-70W.

Let’s start way down low at 55W. Here we get a nice small but thick cloud, you can taste the flavour but it’s not really a huge flavour production.

 nexmesh A1 0.13ohm

60W is the minimum recommended and it’s here the flavour gets more prominent but it’s still not flooding my mouth, it’s got me wanting more! The vapour production hasn’t changed all that much.

At 65W the flavour is upped nicely, its a full mouth flavour production, but doesn’t quite flood the mouth yet. The vapour production is slowly growing.

70W is the top of the recommend wattage range and it’s beautiful! There is a decent vapour production an the flavour is on point.

When I first wicked this mesh strip I did a few drags at 50w, a few at 60w and then a few at 70w.

After 2 or 3 70W puffs I got a real dry hit, which made me really apprehensive but I left it for a day then started using it again and it was OK, which makes me think I hadn’t saturated the wick enough to start with.

Classic Wotofo Mesh A1 0.18ohm

Again this strip reads 0.02ohms above what’s stated; I get 0.2ohm. The recommended wattage range is 50-65W, it has a Honeycomb Structure and is supposed to have a “Warm and Smooth Performance”.

Let’s start way down low at 40W. Again we get a fairly thick decent sized cloud and although you can taste the flavour it isn’t prominent.

Mesh A1 0.18ohm

50W is the minimum wattage and although the flavour is more prominent, there isn’t a great deal of difference in neither the vapour or flavour production.

65W is the top of the recommend wattage range and it’s beautiful again! There is a decent vapour production and the flavour is decent although it does leave me wanting a little bit more.

When I first wicked this mesh strip I did a few drags at 50w, a few at 60w and then a few at 70w.

After 2 or 3 70W puffs I got a real dry hit, which made me really apprehensive but I left it for a day then started using it again and it was OK, which makes me think I hadn’t saturated the wick enough to start with.

Clapton Mesh A1 + Ni80 0.15ohm

I purposely left this one to last because it was my favourite on the Wotofo Profile RDTA. It has a recommended wattage of 55 to 65W.

At 45W it’s fairly impressive although the flavour isn’t great it’s very present, however the vapour production isn’t as thick as it was on the others.


55W is the minimum recommended and here the vapour production is nice and thick while the flavour production is upped to an almost full mouth flavour.

65W is the top of the recommended range and it’s perfect! The flavour is absolutely beautifully prominent while the vapour production is lovely and thick.

Traditional Round Coil

I did try the around coils, I got some flat clapton wire, made a coil, tried to install it and failed.

So I tried again… and again… and again.

I am not going to say it can’t be done, because it’s possible, the problem I was having is the clamps don’t clamp the coils strong enough.

To clarify I did manage to get it built but if you give the coil a tug it comes out.

You’d also run in to difficulties with the coil being too high and I don’t think it would perform too well because you’d need a thick ID coil to get enough wick to prevent it from leaking but there’s a good chance, the height of the RTA and the airflow won’t do too well with an RTA.

I believe I could do it, but the Wotofo Profile is only designed for Mesh and after 3 or 4 failed attempts it’s not something I’m going to take too much time trying to prove because this is a review about the RTA and not a place for me to try and prove I can do hard builds.

In summary, It can be done but it’s hard to achieve because the clamps don’t properly hold the coils and after that there is limited room inside the chamber.

Does the Wotofo Profile M RTA Leak?

I can happily say I haven’t had any leaking and the chamber hasn’t flooded at any point.


  • Fast Firing – Mesh
  • Capable of thick vapour
  • Good flavour
  • Simple & Easy to build
  • Fair Airflow
  • Small in height


  • Not good for round coils
  • juice extension only adds 0.9ml

Final Review Verdict

Look I’ve said it before mesh RBAs aren’t for me, I like a good round coil (preferably dual) at high wattage.

However, I am a rational person that can see beyond just what I like. So I’ve written this review and the score on the basis of what it is, although I’ll be knocking a few points off somewhere for the lack of round coil ability.

All in all for a mesh only RBA it is decent. The airflow is decent and it’s easy to build.

Is it good for beginners? well… erm yes? Kind of?

The thing is mesh can be really temperamental, one kink and you’re going to get a hot spot, on top of that that having to cut the wick at an angle is a bit of a pain if you’ve never done it before.

Would I choose it over the Profile Unity RTA? the fact that it isn’t a mile high is very attractive, so yes probably.

Would I choose it over the Profile RDTA? Nope not a chance, the RDTA is the one for me because I’m a lover of RDTAs and it take’s round coils.

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Flavour - nexMESH A1 0.13ohm Strip
Vapour - nexMESH A1 0.13ohm Strip
Flavour- Classic Wotofo Mesh A1 0.18ohm
Vapour- Classic Wotofo Mesh A1 0.18ohm
Flavour- Clapton Mesh A1 + Ni80 0.15ohm
Vapour- Clapton Mesh A1 + Ni80 0.15ohm
Build Quality
Ease of use
Vaping since (2012), back when choice was limited. I was rebuilding my RDA and powering it with the awesome the Vamo V2. In 2019 I’ve opened a “Brick and Mortar” vape shop, a Vaping Mystery Box service and launched a YouTube channel that’s already gained 500 followers. Between Vaping and family, i don't often have a second to spare. My YouTube subscribers have already dubbed me “brutal”. What can I say? I’m here to do honest reviews, not a sales pitch.



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