Introduction To The Wotofo Recurve RDA

Today we are looking at the Wotofo Recurve RDA – A collaboration between Wotofo and the popular American YouTube Reviewer, Mike Vapes!Wotofo-Recurve-Boxed

The Wotofo Recurve is a 24mm RDA and gets its name from the curvy barrel design, as well as the same curve featured on the included drip tips. It is a single coil RDA and even the deck has some amazing curves in it as well!

How did I get on with it? Find out in my written and video review!

Currently priced around $23.99 and £24.99, The Recurve RDA is available in six different finishes which are stainless steel, black, gunmetal, blue, gold and rainbow, but today I am looking at the black Version.

As always my opinions are honest and my own.

See The Recurve RDA In Action With My Video Review

What’s In The Box

  • Wotofo Recurve RDA
  • Spare 810 Drip Tip
  • 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • User Manual
  • 3 x Compwire Coils (0.25Ω Ni80)
  • Japanese Cotton
  • Coil Cutting Jigs
  • Spares Bag


  • Size: 24 x 35mm
  • Drip tip material: 810 Resin
  • Single Coil, Postless Deck

Build Quality & Design

We’ll start from the top and make our way down the RDA…Recurve On Pulse 80w

The Drip Tip:

The drip tip is 810 sized and made from resin. I really like the mottled pattern on this! The curve of the drip tip fits in the mouth very comfortably too!Wotofo-Recurve-Drip-Tip

Also, you can use the 510 drip tip adapter that is included in the box to use your own 510 sized drip tip.

The Airflow Barrel:

Below the drip tip, is the airflow barrel. It is made from a thick stainless steel. The first thing that sticks out for me, are the sleek curves on the sides and how thick it is!Wotofo-Recurve-Branding

Drilled into opposite sides of the airflow barrel are the airflow holes. There are 6 holes on either side. If you turn the barrel on the deck, you can change the airflow to what suits you best.

In between the airflow holes, there is Recurve engraved into the metal.Wotofo-Recurve-Branding

The inside of the Recurve RDA is equally as curvy! At the top near the drip tip, it is domed to produce some absolutely lovely flavour!

The Build Deck & Base:

The deck of the Recurve RDA is unlike anything I have seen before on an atomiser!

Shaped like a half-pipe with holes drilled into the side for the airflow to hit the coil perfectly. The postless deck also allows quite large coils to be installed in between the two curves.Wotofo-Recurve-Deck1

The holes either side slope downwards to prevent leaking from the airflow in the event of over squonking the atomiser. I personally have never had any leaking from the airflow, and I do tend to over squonk quite a bit!Wotofo-Recurve-Airflow

The juice wells on the Recurve RDA aren’t massively deep, but they do the job well enough not to complain about them.Wotofo-Recurve-Juice-Well

You access the post screws via the side of the RDA. Both Phillips head or a flat head screwdrivers can be used.Wotofo-Recurve-Deck2

Below these are two large o-rings which secure the top cap to the deck.

At the base of the RDA there is the new Wotofo branding, Recurve, Mike Vapes signature and certification stamps, as well as a nicely protruding 510 centre pin which can be exchanged for the hollow version if you wish to put on top of a squonker.Wotofo-Recurve-510

Wotofo Recurve RDA Build Tutorial & Performance

On this RDA, I am using the included Compwire Clapton Coils which are advertised as 0.24Ω ± 0.05Ω 0.3×4+0.08 Nichrome in 5 wraps with a 3mm internal diameter.

Recurve RDA Build Tutorial

Firstly, you need to cut your coil legs to length. Included in the kit are two L-shaped tools which are used to get the exact leg length needed to have your coils positioned correctly over the airflow.Recurve-Coil-Jig1

Next, place your coil over the longer portion of the tool and slide it towards the end. You then want to cut the coil level with the short part of the tool.Recurve-Coil-Jig2

After that, flip the coil around and cut the other leg in the same way.

Then you need to determine what post screws to undo. Once you’ve figured this bit out, unscrew the two screws and place the coil legs inside the hole.Recurve-Build1

Tighten them up and tweak the coil so that it is centralised between the curves of the deck.Recurve-Coil-Installed

Then it’s onto the pinching and pulsing stage. Get them coils glowing from the inside outwards without any hotspots.

After you have let the coil cool. Grab your vape cotton, put it through the coil and floss it slightly to create a little gap between the wick and the coil.Recurve-Wicking

In terms of wick length. I have found that cutting it just outside the deck is best.Recurve-Cut-Wick

Tuck those wicks into the juice well, get some juice on it and you are good to go!!Recurve-Wicked

Recurve RDA Performance


The flavour… Bloody amazing! With the airflow fully open, you get a nice amount of restriction. The flavour just seems very pure even at low wattages! For me it is perfect at around 40w, but I do change it up or down a few watts depending on what e-liquid I am on.


In terms of cloud production, they’re about average. But I would say that this RDA is more of a flavour chasing atty than a cloud chucker.

The airflow on the Recurve RDA is pretty much spot on as well. Having it wide open offers a nice amount of restriction. It’s not 100% free flowing, but it’s damn good!

Cranking it down obviously tightens the airflow up quite a bit. But on the lowest setting I would say that it’s a heavily restricted direct lung hit. I don’t think there’s a chance in hell that you will be Mouth to Lung (MTL)-ing this RDA.


  • Unique design
  • Great flavour
  • Spot on airflow
  • Easy to build on


  • Juice wells could be deeper

Final Review Verdict

The Wotofo Recurve RDA is an amazing RDA. That amazing that it’s now my flavour RDA of choice. Perfect in more ways than one and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new flavour orientated RDA!

Build Quality
Ease of Build
Chance of Replacing if Lost or Damaged
Hi, my name is Dean and I have been vaping since April 2014. I decided to start reviewing back in mid 2015 as my friends kept asking me about different e-liquids I had tried and whether they were worth buying. So I thought I'd start on Instagram writing written reviews for them to read. Then several months later, I saw that people were publishing reviews on YouTube, so in late 2015 'TheDevilVaper' was born! And since then, I have built a following across social media and I'm reviewing anything from starter kits to mech mods. Budget e-liquids to premium flavours and prebuilt coils to carry cases. To me, vaping is more than just a way to quit smoking. It is now a hobby. And a hobby that I have great pleasure in doing! And if my reviews help people ditch the cigarettes, then it's a job well done. TheDevilVaper


  1. Great review!
    For me personally, the Recurve has been my daily RDA.
    Great flavor, cloud production (although that is less important to me) and ease of use.
    Used with various mods, Dovpo’s Topside currently and previously Vandy Vape’s Pulse box.
    It is great as a squonk RDA. Thanks to the great air holes, which are at an angle, leakage is almost nonexistent, unless you over squonk or drip of course haha 🙂
    This was my first RDA and every time I try a new one I find myself coming back to this one…


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