The Wotofo Serpent BF RDA is a newcomer to the bottom fed RDA market. But how did I get on with it? Find out below!

Today we are looking at the Wotofo Serpent BF RDA. The ‘BF’ stands for “Bottom Fed” which means it can be used in conjunction with a squonking device. This can also be used as a regular RDA if you wish.

Wotofo is a company based in China and have been operating since 2009. Since then they have released atomisers such as the Troll V2Freakshow and Sapor RDA’s and the original Serpent RTA as well as the Troll and Conqueror RTA’s.

The Serpent BF is currently available in two finishes, black and stainless steel. Both look equally as nice as each other, so it’s completely up to you what colour you go for. In this review, we will be concentrating on the black version.

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As always my opinions are honest and my own.

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What’s In The Box

  • Wotofo Serpent BF RDA
  • 810 ULTEM Drip Tip
  • T-Tool
  • Spare Parts Pack
  • Pack of Wotofo Comp Wire Pre-built Coils
  • Pack of Organic Cotton


  • 22mm Diameter
  • Two Post Four Terminal
  • 2mm Per Terminal
  • Top Mounted Allen Screws
  • 6mm Deep Juice Well
  • Single Coil Adaptor
  • PEEK Insulator
  • Double O-Ring Secured
  • Adjustable Side Airflow System
  • Dual 7mm by 2mm Air slots
  • Single Airflow Option
  • 9mm Tapered Bore Drip Tip
  • 810 ULTEM Drip Tip
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 24K Gold Plated 510 Connection

Build Quality & Design

We’ll start from the top and make our way down the device.

The Drip Tips:

At the top of the Serpent BF, we have a stainless steel 510 drip tip that is black in colour. I presume this is some sort of electroplating. It is held into the Ultem 510 top cap with a single o-ring.

It is wide, but not enough to cause any problems in the mouth. The inside of the drip tip is conical which reduces the airflow slightly. Overall this has been my preferred drip tip on the Serpent BF.

You are able to replace the Ultem top cap and 510 drip tip assembly with a fully Ultem 810 drip tip. This is a much larger bore than the original 510 drip tip both internally and externally.

It offers increased airflow and slightly better flavour, but you do get spit-back on the tongue at times. I personally feel that this drip tip looks out of place on top of the RDA compared to the 510 drip tip, so it would be nice to see a black 810 drip tip available.

The Inner Airflow Control Barrel:

Below that is the inner airflow control barrel. This is held into the outer airflow barrel with dual o-rings, and to be honest, they are pretty tight!

It has faint bobbly bits on which aid in adjusting the airflow, but it’s absolutely useless at aiding removal of the airflow barrel from the main body of the atomiser. You either have to pull the 810 drip tip if it is installed, or remove the atomiser from the device and push the 510 connector through the lower cup of the RDA.

This is a slight negative if you require to remove the top cap regularly.Serpent-BF-Airflow-Control

The airflow barrel contains two cut outs which line up with the holes on the outer airflow barrel/cup. The air flow is difficult to adjust at times, but make sure you lube up your o-rings often which will help free up the airflow control.

The Outer Barrel:

The outer barrel cups the RDA deck. This is to prevent any leaks onto the atomiser. But does it? I can confirm that it does quite well.

The outer airflow barrel on the Serpent BF has three cyclops airflow cut outs. Two opposite each other for dual coil mode and a single airflow for single coil mode. It also has an engraved U with a wave through it. I’m not sure what this means, but it doesn’t look out of place.

The RDA Deck:

The RDA deck is cupped inside the outer barrel. It is a dual post design and has four holes for clamping down your coils.

This is done with four Allen-Key grub screws. The holes are of average size and easily fits a pair of fused Clapton coils in without any problems.

Unfortunately, wider and more complex coils will not fit through the post holes. In between the posts is the hollow 510 which allows the Serpent BF to be used with squonking devices.

The juice well is roughly 6mm deep to allow deliberate over-dripping and/or squonking so that you can vape for longer without having to re-drip/squonk.

At the base of the RDA deck are two o-rings which prevent leakage and secures the RDA base into the outer airflow cup/barrel. Underneath, you also have a Phillips head screw for your negative post, and a gold plated hollow 510 pin.

How Does the Wotofo Serpent BF Perform?

On this RDA, I have mainly been using a pair of twisted kanthal coils as well as the included fused Clapton coils.

Ease Of Build On The Wotofo Serpent BF RDA

The Wotofo Serpent BF is extremely simple to build on. The dual post design along with separate holes and the large deck space allow easy coil placement.

Slotting in the coils is an absolute breeze, just poke the legs through, clamp them down and cut off the legs.

I find that positioning the top of the coils with the top of the posts is best, as this allows the airflow to come in direct contact with the coils.

Wicking the device is also simple and easy. Just poke the wick through the coils, cut off the excess and poke the wick down into the deep juice wells.

Juice them up, and you’re ready to go!

Single Coil Mode:

If you prefer to vape with a single coil, this can be done by putting the included rubber bung into the juice well that you aren’t using after you have installed the coil on the opposite side.

Flavour & Cloud Production

With the build I am using in the Serpent BF, I am getting semi-restricted airflow, but it seems spot on for this atomiser. Obviously closing down the airflow will restrict the airflow further and increase the heat of the inhale.

Overall, the clouds and flavour are pretty damn good on the Serpent BF. I wouldn’t say that this is a cloud chasing atty. It’s more of a flavour orientated RDA.

The Serpent BF On Various Devices

Wotofo Serpent Box:

Wotofo Thunder:

Lost Vape Drone BF:

See The Wotofo Serpent BF RDA In Action With My Video Review

What I Like

The simple looks, interchangeable drip tips and deck design. All beautifully machined to a high standard, no sharp edges or burrs. Overall an extremely clean and tidy RDA!

What I Dislike

The colour of the ultem. Surely there must be a colour that can be added to make it more attractive?

Removal of the inner airflow barrel. This is extremely difficult. Maybe some thinner o-rings would sort this issue out? Also, there is literally nothing to grip on when trying to pull it off, and most of the time, gripping the drip tip only pulls the drip tip off.

Final Review Verdict

The Wotofo Serpent BF RDA is an absolutely lovely dripper. The squonking action on it is extremely smooth and doesn’t seem to be restricted at all. Overall, this is one of my favourite bottom fed RDA’s that I have used.


  • Great looks
  • Good flavour & Clouds
  • Easy to build on
  • Two airflow options
  • Affordable


  • Upper airflow difficult to remove
  • Colour of the Ultem

USA – Save 10% With Code DNA10
Rest of the World – Free Shipping Options

Build Quality
Ease Of Build
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
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  1. What would you say is the best gauge of a nichrome Clapton wire would be best to use with this rda? Especially since I am using a wotofo stentorian ram MOD with a Samsung 20S 18650 2000mAh 30A Battery?

    • Hi David! I have used it on a regular mod with the BF pin in and haven’t experienced any leaks. Although, I would highly recommend fitting the solid pin to avoid any leaks onto your devices 510 pin.



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