Aisu may or may not know, (sorry!) a few months back I was kindly provided with the Z Fuel range of e-liquid from Manchester based Manufacturer ZAP!

It certainly appears they enjoy coming up with fresh themes for their ranges and this one of Japanese inspiration is no exception.Zap! juice Aisu Review Range

With the Aisu range, ZAP! firmly believe they are more than capable of winning yet more awards with this menthol inspired group of e-liquids.

It’s up to me to let you know if they are indeed climbing frosty mountains, Rocky Balboa style or merely slipping arse over elbow on the ice of their own making.

What Can We Expect From The Aisu E-Liquid Range?

If you’re wondering about the pronunciation, it’s ICE YOU. Leaving us in no doubt as to what to expect from ZAP!. They tell us, “A tree is known by its fruit, a man by his deeds. Aisu is known for its authenticity of flavour”.

So that’s exactly what I’m expecting to find from these five profiles. Not the tree or a man helping an old lady through the door, just the flavour. That’ll do fine..

As with the recently reviewed Z-Fuel e-liquid range the bottle designs and logos are exceptionally well thought out. Once again ZAP! have gone to extra lengths in ensuring a tamper free product on arrival.

Heat seal labelling extends above the screw cap in a very reassuring manner. Major kudos for that.

In total there are a further five profiles available outside the realms of this particular review. They are: Blackcurrant, Cactus, Green Apple, Mango and Melon. Each one in the line carries a 70VG/30PG ratio in a 50ml, nicotine free shortfill.

Before I continue I would like to thank ZAP! Juice for supplying these bottles free of charge for the purposes of review. What follows are my own opinions and may not reflect what you, yourself may experience should you decide to partake.

Speaking of partaking here we go. An Aisu review for you!

All of the following were tested on the Dead Rabbit dual coil RTA using Wotofo NI80 fused Clapton coils ohming in at 0.23 with the Horizontech 80W tube mod firing 55W.

Dragon Fruit

Zap! Aisu Dragonfruit

ZAP! says:

“Ride on the back of the giant serpent as you taste his delicate fruit, with the cold wind filling your lungs. Traverse the skies with our authentic dragon fruit flavour”.

I say:

Nothing prepared me for the blast of cold ice that hit the back of my throat! Put that down to the usual restrictive lung setting I apply to most other flavour profiles. So without further delay I opened up the airflow to prevent any further coughing fits. lol.

After around half a dozen tugs I was acclimated to the level of menthol ZAP! had applied. There’s an insane amount to be found here and initially it was stifling the dragon fruit. Once the shock had worn off however, it began offering fruity back notes of orange, kiwi and mango.

Although subtle in approach this is an otherwise authentic tropical blend. It’s somewhat softened by the blast of cold ice yet remains very smooth as a vape. Cloud production is fine and about what you would expect from the ratio.

The exhale also leaves you with a pleasant sweetness on the tip of the tongue. Worth a pat on the serpents back in my opinion..

Aloe Vera

Zap! Juice Aisu Aloe Vera

ZAP! says:

“Watch the water current as you drift through the warm countryside, with sweet (and sour) scene of spring bloom and the cool touch of river. With our unique Aloe Vera flavour, it will take you on a journey”.

I say:

The level of menthol has been dialled down with this plant inspired profile. The smell test hints heavily of a candy sweet, almost parma violet in nature. We are dealing with a very potent e-juice with Aloe Vera and hits hard on flavour every time you vape it.

In fact, this one is simply bursting with flavour! It’s totally understandable that it has already won an award in Korea in the Best Juice category.

Very sweet on the exhale, I have to write of how much I am reminded of OG, a popular juice featured in their Z-Fuel range. It’s uncannily similar to the energy drink profile and just as moreish on the exhale. I’m finding it hard to put down and is quite addictive!


Zap! Aisu Cucumber

Zap! says:

“Drift into a refreshing dream, as a clear blue wave washes over you, cleanse your body and soul. Leaving you feeling natural and pure. With our authentic cold cucumber, you’ll be reborn”.

I say:

According to science the cucumber is a fruit. To others it’s a vegetable but whichever way you slice it, Zap! have got this one nailed.

From the moment I took a smell test I knew this was going to be an excellent reproduction of the fruit.. veg.. and trust me, from days of yore I ain’t a lover of this profile. It really all comes down to simplicity once again and Zap! have pulled off an absolute stunner with this one.

There’s a nice sweet kick on the exhale and the menthol/cooling effect holds long on the lips and taste buds. Thanks to no other variables being thrown into the mix we are left with an amazingly realistic cucumber flavour that’s given free reign to shine and shine it most certainly does.

This profile alone has managed to rekindle my faith in the ability of manufacturers to deliver what they promise. So many times in the past I’ve dealt with cucumber profiles that merely leave an oily, sickly taste in the mouth.

Not so here.

In fact I’m convinced there is also a subtle touch of mint leaf thrown in.

That icy cold blast only helps to lift the flavour of the cucumber to give the whole vaping experience the extra sparkle it clearly exudes. A very refreshing vape.

Pink Guava

Zap! Pink Guava Aisu

Zap says:

“Ascend the pink blossom tree as you inhale the sweet and tarty scent from the sweetest fruit at the top of the tree and exhale for smooth ice blast as you decend. With our authentic Pink Guava, you’ll see the seasons bloom”.

I say:

On the smell test I can pick up a mix between mango and orange. A very distinctive smell. The fruit content is very rich with a bitter sweet texture. Cloud production is ample and adds a nice layer of satisfaction.

The flavour seems to become amplified by the cooling ice with this profile.

Obviously guava is going to be most prominent but there are definitely back notes of orange, pineapple and grapefruit throughout. There’s no doubting this is an ideal Summer vaping companion.

Again, the menthol tones firmly shake the hand of the fruits with this one, leaving an icy blast to linger on the lips long after the exhale.

I’m very much reminded of 04 Pink Punch from the Z-Fuel range and whereas that one disappointed, Pink Guava doesn’t. There’s plenty of flavour to be found here and makes for an all day vape.

Blue Raspberry

Zap! Aisu Blue Raspberry

Zap says:

“Feel the cool shade of a fruiting bush, while lying on a gentle hill. As you gaze out at the passing/inspiring view that would relax any calm soul. With our authentic Blue Raspberry, you can watch the world come to you”

I say:

A very succulent, tasty and sweet raspberry jumps straight out of the exhale. The vape is very lively and refreshing with a nice blending of blueberry that carries a candy like edge yet compliments superbly. Again there’s that trademark icy blast that clasps the back of the throat and whilst dominating doesn’t overpower the fruit content.

The sweetness and flavour is marginally toned down in comparison to the other profiles but there’s definitely enough substance to keep coming back for more. The blueberry content softens some of the sweetness and the menthol keeps things kicking along nicely.

Some might liken this to a blue slushy drink profile but I think it has a style all of its own. Zap! juice are once again spot on with their authentic portrayal of a fresh, ripe fruit. All pretty cool stuff, just like the vape itself!

There are no gentle hills where I live but Blue Raspberry certainly calms the soul.

Final Review Verdict

Zap! Juice certainly haven’t skimped on their concentrates when putting these five Aisu e-liquid together. Each one is bursting with flavour and individual characteristics.

In all five cases the icy menthol works very well as an accompaniment but the amount left on the lips after vaping may become an annoyance to some. It does have a tendency to linger.

I’m somewhat disappointed that two of the five profiles appear to be recycled from the Z-Fuel range. If there are indeed any differences they are too subtle for my taste buds to notice. In the case of Aloe Vera and Pink Guava, it feels like I’ve already written the review!

That minor gripe is swiftly forgotten thanks to some manufacturing wizardry. Never in the course of writing e liquid reviews did I think I would be praising a cucumber profile! It’s absolutely fantastic!

There’s never been an excuse to muck up the likes of Strawberry or orange, for example. Vapers know how these popular fruits should taste from the get go. Yet so often we’ve had to settle with chemical tasting crap. Not so with Cucumber. It’s as real as it gets.

Thanks to Zap! Juice I know for the very first time in over five years of vaping that I do in fact like cucumber as an e liquid. I have to give some major kudos for that. The reason is very simple as I stated during the review. They’ve gone back to basics and kept things simple. By throwing menthol and a cheekily small amount of mint (according to my taste buds) into the mix they’ve created a perfect recipe.

I’m off to slice some cucumber with my samurai sword. Wish me luck.

Dragon Fruit
Aloe Vera
Pink Guava
Blue Raspberry
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