Guide to Evods and Pro TanksMost vapers either begin with an Evod / Protank or are recommended them as the next step after leaving mini e cigs/cigalikes or CE4/5 clearomizers.Although many go on to bigger and better things these two items remain in many vape kits across the country.


For one, because Evods and Protanks are a handy size if you find yourself out and about or somewhere that requires you to stealth vape.

Secondly, they are relatively cheap and available everywhere.Protank

Most importantly, they are very simple devices and with nothing more than some wick, a pin and some wire you can begin to hone your coil building skills that will set you in good stead for your vaping journey.

This being said, a number of vapers just keep with them and never rebuild the head, choosing instead to buy replacements that are easily fitted by unscrewing the old one and screwing the new one in.

This is also still a cost effective way to vape.

So, how do they work?

Juice in the tank is wicked to the coil (usually) by a thread of silica or cotton. Many new vapers worry about silica threads getting into their lungs when they inhale.

Good quality silica thread is about 96.7% silica, this tends to be more expensive but is harmless if carried into the lungs as it will be expelled naturally without causing any damage or danger.

When you decide to begin experimenting with making your own coils or buying replacement heads you may wish to bear this in mind. As with a lot of things, you get what you pay for and things are cheap for a reason.

Common Issues and their fixes

Too Airy

Air is drawn in, as you inhale, from the bottom of the clearomizer and meets the coil. As the coil heats the e-Liquid it is turned to vapor and carried up the central tube by the airflow to the mouthpiece.

More air leads to more vapor but less flavor and some find these atomizers too “airy”. Protank Base evod_base

A common fix for this is to take some Blu Tack, tape, match or other object (that isn’t glue) and place it into one of the air holes in the base. Or simply cover one of the holes with your finger when you vape.

This will make the draw tighter, but remember there is no correct setting – what works for you as a balance of vape, flavor and tightness of draw will not work for someone else.

It’s all a big journey of discovery, like a fun ride on a roller-coaster only without having to be afraid of heights.

Burnt Taste or E Liquid In the Mouthpiece

The next problem you may encounter will either be a burnt taste or juice coming up the mouthpiece. For both of these problems there is no “one-size fits all” solution.

Let’s start with a burnt taste.

Firstly, when you fill your tank, allow the atomizer to stand for five minutes in order for the wick to become saturated (full) of liquid.

If you try to start vaping too soon there won’t be enough juice near the coil to vaporize.

It is possible to speed this process up by either sucking on the mouthpiece without firing the battery or by holding the atomizer in your hand and covering the holes and sucking, this will aid in drawing liquid onto the wick.

E-liquids come in different concentrations, the higher the concentration of vegetable glycerin (VG) in your juice the less viscous it will be (it’s thicker and wicks more slowly). The advantages of juices like this are that some people are allergic to the other main part of e Liquid (PG) and it produces more vapor.

If it continues to be a problem after five minutes waiting then the wick is packed too tightly and you could attempt to remove some strands with a pair of tweezers. Do it a bit at a time, you can’t put back what you’ve taken out!wcks

The other main cause of this problem is that you are probably using it on a variable voltage or variable wattage device and have it set too high so that the juice is vaporizing faster than the wick can carry fresh juice to the coil.

It is always good in the beginning to start at the lowest setting and gradually increase the voltage or wattage until you reach a vape that is right for you.


If your problem is flooding / leaking out of the mouthpiece then the wick is carrying too much liquid to the coil and being sucked up.

In this case, unless you are confident in rebuilding the coil using a thicker wick, the only solution is to replace that particular coil head.

If the problem is flooding / leaking out of the base of the tank then you need to invert the device, remove the tank and check the coil head is fully screwed in.

Then, replace the tank, ensuring that it too is firmly screwed in. If the problem persists it is likely down to the o-ring, if it is new contact your vendor.

Just as with the quality of silica wick material, how well built your tank and heads are depend upon the price you paid for them. An unbranded atomizer that looks like an Evod from a market stall will not be built to the same specification as an OEM model from a reputable vendor. Kangertech are the main producers of the Evod.

Many vapers, including myself, are happy just buying replacement coil heads when needed as nowadays they are relatively cheap but if you decide to embark upon the journey to learn how to coil wicks just remember that practice makes perfect.

Through trial and error you will get better at building coils and judging what diameter of wick suits which juice best… although there will be many people on internet forums who are more than happy to offer you advice.

The biggest problem you will need to watch out for when doing this is creating a short circuit and your VV/VW device will not work or you can ruin the battery.

This is always due to either:defective head

  1. The coil touching part of the metal at the base of the stem, or
  2. A trailing piece of wire sticking out.

Throughout all of this remember that Evods and Protanks continue to be popular because they ‘just work’ and give large numbers of people satisfaction and that vaping is meant to be fun and enjoyable.

There is nothing you can encounter that hasn’t already happened to hundreds of people and vapers love to share their experiences.



  1. i had opended the holes in my evods a littzle bit, so that i got a bit more air. The coils are simple and you can rebuild them really easy 🙂


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