The Global Forum On Nicotine kicks off today and the message is a shocker – another 7 million smokers deaths are forecast for 2020 alone.

It makes for sobering reading and yet still the World Health Organization and it’s cult like anti-vaping groups and cynical billionaires continue to squeal about the dangers of e-cigarettes whilst the world burns – literally.

7 million deaths from smoking in 2020

Despite the world knowing that smoking kills half of those that take it up and damages the health of the vast majority of others, there’s still over one billion smokers in the world.

Imagine just how many lives could be saved or made healthier if those idiots I’ve just mentioned stopped attacking vaping and embraced it…

The GFN brings together the worlds foremost experts in Tobacco Harm Reduction [THR] and is usually held in Warsaw Poland. Due to COVID-19 this year’s event if online and FREE for anyone to sign up and watch.

The World’s Foremost THR Experts In One Place

And watch you should, as 30 speakers including: Clive Bates, Professor Riccardo Polosa – Dr. Konstantinos E. Farsalinos, M.D – Professor David Sweanor and the GFN Director and former chair of the New Nicotine Alliance, Professor Gerry Stimson – will be speaking about everything from vaping to SNUS – Big Philanthropy’s effect on global public health and EVALI.

Gerry Stimson NNA
Professor Gerry Stimson

The forum begins at 11am GMT today and runs through until tomorrow – I’m pretty sure you can still sign up free of charge for the event and the link will be at the bottom of this article.

This is the seventh running of the GFN and given it’s online, it looks like thousands will be dropping in.

Professor David Sweanor, of the Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics at the University of Ottawa and also a lawyer said:

Consumers in many countries including Sweden, Norway, Iceland and now Japan have shown they move to alternatives to cigarettes when they get an option to.

Imagine what would happen if people get access to a broad range of low-risk alternatives to cigarettes, if they get information on relative risk, and if they’re nudged toward those options through intelligent, risk-proportionate regulation?

The opportunity we have is to fundamentally change the course of public health history, relegating cigarettes to history’s ashtray.

gfn 2020 online speakers

GFN conference director Professor Gerry Stimson, emeritus professor at Imperial College London and former honorary professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said:

Tobacco harm reduction is good public health.

It starts with the people who matter – people who smoke, and people who have switched to a chosen alternative – and it fosters and encourages change.

Tobacco harm reduction is not antithetical to tobacco control; it should be part of it.

Currently, obstacles to widespread adoption of tobacco harm reduction include big US philanthropic foundations with a myopic view of tobacco control, creating divisions where none should exist, and international organisations wedded to a narrow view of what defines success.

The global public health community must develop more ambition about what can be done – as well as a healthy dose of compassion for the individuals living with the consequences of inaction, of whom around seven million will die this year.

With 7 million smokers deaths expected for this year alone, something needs to be done to move organizations like the WHO and billionaire like Bloomberg, away from the crap they continue to spout – and recognize vaping, Heat Not Burn and Snus are saving lives.

REGISTER now on the Global Forum On Nicotine registration page.

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  1. I guess the problem is not actually in smoking, the issue is more about people’s attitude. Some of them don’t even care what the smoke. I have been smoking a vape pen for 5 years. Albeit my lugs are in excellent condition.

    • Good for you and yeah some folks smoke the strangest stuff…not being pedantic, but ‘vaping’ a pen rather than ‘smoking’ one maybe 🙂 Thanks for the comment 🙂


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