The Artery Summa – New All In One Box Mod

We recently carried out the Artery Nugget review and without hyping too much, for a mini/stealth box mod, that device was very impressive.

So, following on from that I was looking forward to using the Artery Summa All-In-One box mod to see if Artery could follow up to the Nugget with an equally impressive mod.Artery-Summa All In One Vape mod review

All in one mods have seen a recent rise in popularity due to them having huge e juice capacities while keeping overall sizes to a minimum.

If you are unfamiliar with All In One vape mods, they are basically mods with the tank built into the device. Hiding, what can be, unsightly tanks sitting on top of the mod.

So, back to the review in hand. Let’s take a closer look at the Artery Summa vape mod.

In The Box

Within the tidy Summa presentation box you will find the following gear:

  • Artery Summa all in one mod (Powered by 18650 battery – Not included)
  • 1 X Kanthal 0.5 Ohm ASC Coil – Pre-Installed
  • 1 X 0.8ohm SS316 coil
  • Spare Glass tube
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Artery Summa User Manual

Main Features

  • Size: 98.5mm x 56.3mm x 23mm
  • Resistance range: 0.1ohm – 3ohm
  • Temp Range: 200˚F – 600˚F / 100˚C – 300˚C
  • Wattage: 5 – 70W adjustable
  • Battery: External 18650 battery
  • Work mode: TM/PM/VM
  • Airflow Control
  • Juice capacity: 5ml
  • Firmware upgradeable via Micro USB

Design And Build Quality

As soon as I picked this up the quality of the device is immediately apparent. Made from Aluminium and zinc alloy the Summa is a weighty, solid box mod.

I have pretty small hands but the Artery Summa feels right at home in the hand with the rounded edges, it’s a pleasure to hold.Artery Summa review

The top of the mod has a black mirrored finish, which initially I thought maybe some sort of OLED screen. But that’s not the case, this is just an extra touch to the mod, and a good one at that. Artery Summa box mod top

It can be a bit of a fingerprint magnet but it’s rarely an issue as my fingers generally don’t stray onto the top of the mod.

Next to this is the 510, removable drip tip, airflow control ring and where the coil replacement takes place. More on that below.

The large flat sides of the mod are reserved for nothing but the classy branding. The two outer sides are reserved for the OLED screen and e juice window.

The OLED screen is a standard size and while it’s clear I feel it could benefit from being a touch brighter. Although I’m probably being a little picky there.Artery Summa OLED wattage mode

The power button sits above the screen and the function (+ / -) buttons below just above the Micro USB port. The latter of which can be used for charging and upgrading the firmware.

The buttons themselves are set well with no rattle. They do have a nice ‘click’ to them when pressed as well.

The buttons themselves are set well with no rattle. They do have a nice ‘click’ to them when pressed as well.

Firmware Upgradeable

The Summa, as it stands, can only be upgraded via a Windows PC. Which I don’t have, so something to keep in mind for non PC users.

There is also no pass through (vape while charging) functionality, which is no bad thing when it comes to devices powered by removable 18650 batteries.

Juice Window

The opposite side is where the juice window sits. The glass tank, which is replaceable, sits behind 4 diagonal slots. There is also a refill line for guidance when filling.Artery Summa juice window

I was using a clear e liquid for this review and while the window doesn’t have the best visibility when checking the levels of juice remaining it still does it’s job. I can see a juice with color being easier to see.

Base Of The Mod

At the base of the Summa is the juice fill hole and 18650 battery compartment. The battery cap is designed to be unscrewed by a coin but if you have nails then this works just as well. Artery Summa TC vape mod 18650

Would have been nice to see a latch included here for easier access (such as the Cool Fire 4 TC-18650) but the threading is still smooth and the cap also features two vent holes.Artery Summa Temp Control Mod

So, the build quality is… well… quality. I think we’ve gathered that.

What About The Looks?

As juice flavors are an individual preference, so is the design of any box mod.

Without sounding too gushing about the Summa though, I love the looks of this mod. It’s almost like the ‘Apple’ of the All-In-One vape mod world.

It’s also compact enough to carry around easily. Check out the size scales to get a better idea.

Artery Summa Next To 30ML Juice BottleArtery Summa Siz with 30ml E Juice BottleArtery Summa Next To the Innokin Cool Fire 4 TC100Artery Summa next to Innnokin Cool Fire 4 tc100How To Fill The Artery Summa

The Summa mod is filled through the cap on the base of the device. Nice and easy to do following these stepsArtery-Summa vape mod base

  • Ensure the top cap/drip tip is screwed securely in place
  • Turn the mod upside down
  • Unscrew bottom cap
  • Fill through one of the many juice holes
  • Ensure you don’t go over the fill line on the side of the mod
  • Screw bottom cap back on and give the coil 5 minutes to soak up the juice
  • Done!Artery Summa ejuice filling

How To Change The Summa Coil

The coil can be changed with a full tank of juice if needed. Just follow these steps.Artery Summa coil head replace

  • Unscrew the top cap, the section that also doubles up as the adjustable airflow ring
  • Remove entire piece
  • If you have juice in the tank make sure you have some kitchen roll/tissue handy
  • Unscrew the coil head
  • Screw back into place and you are doneArtery Summa coil replacement

Artery have done a great job on the Summa, let’s hope it performs as well as it looks!

How Does The Artery Summa Perform?

First let’s take a look at the functionality of the Summa mod.

When placing a new coil in the mod it will always ask you if you have installed a new coil, simply select new or same on the OLED screen.Artery Summa all in one box mod

This mod has pretty much the same menu system as the Artery Nugget. Simple to use, the main functions work by doing the following:

  • 5 Click On/Off
  • Press ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons together to enter main menu
  • Use the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons to cycle through the options
  • Click power button to select options.
  • When you have selected the correct settings for you use the ‘+’ / ‘-‘ buttons to scroll to the exit.

The OLED screen displays all the usual information such as coil resistance, battery life, and power/temp setting.

All very easy to use. If you are new to temp control menus it may take a couple of minutes to familiarize yourself. If TC is something you have already used then you will pick this up in no time.

The Artery Summa box mod has temperature control functionality for those that prefer this method of vaping. It has to be said, though, Artery are only producing stainless steel for stock TC coils.

Not an issue for me personally. I actually prefer using any mod in wattage mode and if I were to use temperature control then stainless steel would be my pick over Nickel and Titanium. Mainly due to me not liking the idea of vaping with those mediums.

If this is an issue for you as a vaper, Artery are due to release an RBA head for the Summa mod so you can choose the wire type you prefer to vape.

Coil Performance

This Kit comes with one 0.5ohm Kanthal coil and 0.8ohm SS316 coil as standard. I was actually surprised with the dense clouds the Kanthal coils produced, pretty impressive if clouds are your thing.Artery Summa coil head

If flavor is what you want, the Summa coils didn’t disappoint here either. I was vaping a fruit e-liquid flavour by Illusions and it came through a treat.

As for the temperature control, this also worked as you would expect with the SS316 coil head.

The coil heads like to drink the vape juice, like so many nowadays, but apart from that I had no problems, the Artery Summa gave me a highly satisfying vape.

Airflow Control

The adjustable airflow ring is at the base of the drip tip and is smooth to operate. The airflow gives a good range of options to create looser or tighter draws. The only thing I noticed was that when fully open the draw is on the noisy side.Artery Summa vape mod

What I Like

The design and build quality of the Artery Summa is superb. It feels great in the hand and is easy to operate and fill. With it being an all in one mod it feels nice and compact.

Performance also hit the spot for me with flavours and clouds both very good.

RBA deck will also soon be available to cater to vapers that like to build their own coils. And of course it’s powered by a replaceable 18650 battery.

What I Don’t Like

There isn’t much I don’t like but there are a some things that other vapers may want to keep in mind.

There are no Ni200 or Ti stock coil heads for temp control. Only the stainless steel coil included is compatible with TC. This is being addressed with the release of the RBA option as mentioned above allowing you to build any coils you choose.

I also found the coils were on the thirsty side. Not on a SMOK TFV8 level, mind you.

Final Artery Summa Review Verdict

I enjoyed using the Artery Summa all in one mod so much so that I would definitely buy another if I happened to loose this one.


  • Solid Mod, will likely break the floor if you drop it
  • Compact all-in-one design
  • Easy to refill and clean
  • Replaceable 18650 battery
  • Adjustable airflow works well


  • Coil heads are quite thirsty



Build Quality
Vapor Volume
Ease of use
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
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