Introduction asMODus Triad Genesis RDTA Review

asMODus is an American vapor company that manufactures and distributes through their Los Angeles, California based facility.

Many folk will recognize the company name they have been around the vaping scene for a good many years, bringing us mods such as the Minikin and the Snow Wolf.

asmodus-triad-genesis RDTA
Triad Genesis RDTA.

A velocity styled deck that has evolved into tri-posted version which allows for limited building capabilities.

The asMODus Triad is the first rebuildable to use this new Tri Post design.

Available in 3 colours Black, Gold and Stainless Steel. Lets see how it performs!

In The Bag

  • 1x Triad Genesis RDTA
  • 1x Sloped Delrin Widebore Drip Tip for direct to lung vaping
  • 2x Bags of Spare Parts

Main Specs/Features

  • 24mm Diameter
  • 2mL Max Juice Capacity
  • Superior 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • 2x2ml Pyrex Glass tanks
  • Unique 3-Point Triple-Post Design
  • Single, Dual, or Triple Coil Configurations
  • PEEK Insulator
  • 2x Delrin Blocks
  • Precision Side Airflow Control
  • 3mm Wicking Ports
  • 1 anti suction hole
  • Hand-Turned Screws Filling Port – Inside Chamber
  • Sloped Delrin Widebore Drip Tip
  • 510 Connection

Design and Build Quality

When I first saw the Triad Genesis I was struck by the wow factor due to the gold colour I purchased!

The design of the RDTA is extremely pleasant to look at. In fact I would say the whole RDTA has been built to a very high standard.

asmodus-triad-genesis - 2 partsThe Cap

The top cap is made from high grade SS316.

The sleeve and cap comes in two pieces which slip together to give you your airflow.

The cap has 3 airflow holes which are made up of triangles into almost an octagon shape, the sleeve or airflow ring has 4 holes which enables you to precisely cut the airflow down.

On the sleeve you have laser etched Triad Genesis.

The Deck

The deck is constructed with SS304. On the bottom of the base of the deck you have a gold plated connection pin to enhance its conductivity, along with asMODus laser etched branding.

asmodus-triad-genesis - base

The deck has enlarged post holes and is a diameter of 24mm which provides a fair amount of building space for vertical coils.

The base ring completely unscrews to allow you to remove the glass.

On the inside you have the ‘tri’ Velocity style posts!

asmodus-triad-genesis - Tri Deck

You will also see the 3x3mm wicking holes and 1 anti suction hole.

A Stainless Steel screw pin allows you to fill the tank from the top.

How Does The asMODus Triad Genesis Perform?

The vapour I experienced from the asMODus Triad Genesis RDTA was thick and very flavoursome. This was set with the airflow fully open.

Even though I only used 1 of the 2 Delrin blocks!

I used dual vertical Tiger coils = 0.19ohms and a banana liquid from Bare at 75 watts sat on top od my Wismec RX Gen 3.

asmodus-triad-genesis-insideBuilding and Wicking

Like all Velocity style decks this one is very easy to build on!

However, I found no way of putting my coils in unless they were vertically set, I also found that the Allen key they supply strips very easily – I ended up using a Geek Vape T tool to install my coils.

To wick you have to take the entire RDTA apart!

You have 2 ways to be able to wick your coils:

  • From the top through the coils
  • From the bottom under the deck and through your coils

I personally prefer from the top.

asmodus-triad-genesis - tank coiledFilling The Triad Genesis

I found 2 ways to fill the triad Genesis. First was by taking the top cap off and removing the fill pin, this can be difficult to do if your RDTA is hot!

I opt for leaving the pin out, leaving the cap in place, but removing the driptip and using a unicorn bottle to fill.

Filling can be very messy if you use a dripping pipette.

asmodus-triad-genesis - Tri DeckAirflow

The airflow is acceptable with 2 airflows open, but the one coil option and one airflow makes the RDTA incredibly tight to draw on, you can get a descent mouth to lung, however, should you wish this.

O rings

While I’ve had no leaks from the tank in the time I have used the Triad I feel that the O rings they supply are a tad thin for the job and could strip easily. You have two on the base and one on each end of the glass.

What I Like

The Tri Velocity posts. Like all velocity decks it’s a breeze to coil. The ability to install 1, 2 or 3 coils or block off those you are not using is also a plus point.

Last but by no means least, the flavour the asMODus Triad kicks out is incredible.

What I Didn’t Like

The size of the tank! Vaping at 75 watts the 2ml capacity takes only 5 or 6 good pulls to empty the tank.

I also found the cap airflow is too small and taking the whole thing apart to change the cotton can be a chore. The fill pin, can get very got so filling the tank after vaping could burn fingers.

Last, only being able to coil with vertical coil’s.

Final Review Verdict

The asMODus Triad Genesis RDTA is not really my cup of tea!

However it has its good and bad points. The flavour is very good and the vapour is thick but the airflow is too small!

In its next incarnation I’d like to see bigger airflow and a fill port more like the Limitless RDTA. While I have no problem taking off the cap and unscrewing the fill pin, one needs caution if the RDTA is hot, it would have been better if the fill pin was longer!

Would I rush out and buy the asMODus Triad RDTA again should I loose or damage this one?

Possibly: But mainly for the flavour.


  • Flavour was top notch.
  • No leaking in the time I was testing.
  • Fairly roomy deck. Easy to build on even for those new to rebuilding.
  • Build quality was spot on, and to a very high standard.


  • Only vertical coils coil’s can be put in this RDTA.
  • 2ml liquid capacity.
  • Airflow to restrictive for one coil option.
  • Having to disassemble the Triad Genesis to change your cotton.
  • O rings are thin quality.
  • The fill pin.
  • Allen Key stripped after one use.
Build Quality
Ease of use
Cloud production
Likelihood of replacing if lost or damaged
Price point
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