In this review I’m going to be taking a look at the DigiFlavor Drop 1.5 RDA!

I’ve been eagerly awaiting this second version of this popular dual coil 24mm RDA.

DigiFlavor Drop 1.5 RDA outside purple

DigiFlavor was established in 2016 by their parent company GeekVape.  Based in Shenzhen China, DigiFlavor has a great reputation for RDA’s and RTA’s, I loved the first version of the Drop RDA so I’m looking forward to seeing what the 1.5 version is all about!

DigiFlavor is also responsible for bring us the Lynx RDA as well as the tiny ETNA RDA, and the Pharaoh RDA all three are great RDA’s in their own right.

DigiFlavor’s latest offerings include the Torch RTA, the Drop Solo 1.5 RDA as well as this one lol.

What Can We Expect From the DigiFlavor Drop 1.5 RDA?

I think I have said in the past I love using RDA’s for the sheer quality of vapour and flavour produced.

Not forgetting the cost effectiveness of using DIY coils.

DigiFlavor Drop 1.5 RDA hand check 1

The Drop 1.5 is a dual coil RDA, the build deck reminds me very much of the original Drop RDA deck, it has a new airflow system compared to the original, and the kit comes with everything you need to get started quickly.

DigiFlavor has released the Drop 1.5 RDA in eight gorgeous finishes.

DigiFlavor Drop 1.5 RDA design colours

This product was sent to me for the purpose of review.

As always my thoughts and views are my own after a considerable testing period.

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Inside the Box

    • DigiFlavor Drop V1.5 RDA
    • 2x Ni80 Fused Clapton Coils
    • 2x shoelace cotton
    • Spare parts baggy
    • BF Squonk 510 pin
    • User manual and other paperwork

DigiFlavor Drop 1.5 RDA kit and box


  • Size: 24x42mm
  • Gold plated build deck with 4 large postholes
  • Bottom Feed squonk 510 pin
  • Multiple airflow adjustment
  • DL and RDL vaping
  • 810 drip tip

Design and Build Quality

DigiFlavor has presented the Drop 1.5 nicely in a quality card box with a paper over sleeve, the extras are included in a small box under the main tray.

DigiFlavor Drop 1.5 RDA in box display

DigiFlavor Drop 1.5 RDA

As you can see by my photos I was sent the Blue/Black version of the RDA.

DigiFlavor Drop 1.5 RDA outside green

Measuring in at 42mm tall, and with a diameter of 24mm, the whole thing is made of Stainless Steel, with the exception of the 810 mouthpiece which is made of black Delrin.

DigiFlavor Drop 1.5 RDA displaying rda

Extras pack includes, Cotton, Ni80 Coils, Replacement Post Screws, BF Pin, O-rings and a T Tool.

DigiFlavor Drop 1.5 RDA extras in bags

The Drop 1.5 RDA dismantles into 4 parts including the mouth piece, the base posts are removable for easy cleaning, likewise the 510 connection pin is replaceable for the BF pin should you wish to use this on top of a squonk mod.

DigiFlavor Drop 1.5 RDA parts 4

DigiFlavor Drop 1.5 RDA Cap/ Airflow Ring

Made of Stainless Steel the airflow ring/cap has a lined knurling decoration which has been added around the top for easy movement within the barrel.

The black 810 Delrin mouth piece sits flat to the cap and is held in position by an embedded O ring.

DigiFlavor Drop 1.5 RDA cap decoration

The body of the airflow ring has been completely redesigned instead of a graduated cut out airflow as per the original Drop, the RDA now has a set of 36 small holes and a larger slot on each side of the body.

DigiFlavor Drop 1.5 RDA body airflow

Inside the airflow cap you will see that it has a dome like effect, so that any condensation or liquid will drop back down to your coils and cotton.

doming in cap

DigiFlavor Drop 1.5 RDA Barrel

Again made of stainless steel, DigiFlavor has redesigned the external airflow system, unlike the original that had a T like airflow they have given us 4 parallel slots to each side of the barrel.

airflow barrel

For advertising simply printed on the back and front of the barrel in a large font is the word “DROP”.

Despite the design changes of the barrel they have retained the cut out on the base so the barrel still locks in place with the build deck.

DigiFlavor Drop 1.5 RDA Base and Build Deck

On the bottom of the base you will see that DigiFlavor has included all the normal expected info as well as a unique serial number.

The RDA comes with a standard gold plated 510 connection pin which as I said can be swapped out for the bottom fed squonk pin (BF) it’s located within the extras bag, the 510 connection threading has been turned well, while the threaded post is a little small in length the RDA will still function well on most mods.

threaded connection

The sides of the base include 2 projections to seat and lock the barrel in place as well as 2 O-rings that have been seated around the base for easy placement in to the barrel.

deck locking part

While a lot of changes have taken place from the original version of the Drop the build deck hasn’t changed much if any!

We still have the top loading gold plated posts with large wire holes, as for the liquid well I would estimate is about 1.5 to 2mm deep so plenty of room for cotton and liquid.

How Does the DigiFlavor Drop 1.5 RDA Perform?

For this example I will be using the Drop RDA to start with on my OXVA Velocity

And later on my Vandy Vape Pulse 80w squonkhand check

Also because of my nickel allergy, I’m going to use my own DIY Kanthal Clapton coils, 5 wraps which work out to around 0.24Ω!

I will be using Kwik Vape “Lime Slushie” a locally produced E-Liquid to me, see what I thought of it at the end of this review.

Digiflavor Drop 1.5 RDA Quick Start Guide

  • Make your coils or use those in the box, I cut my coil tails while seated in the posts, I also angled my coils inwards towards the centre a wee bit.DigiFlavor Drop 1.5 RDA in coils
  • Pulse and strum the coils.DigiFlavor Drop 1.5 RDA hot coils
  • Load your cotton into the coils – comb and trim – roughly as per my photo!DigiFlavor Drop 1.5 RDA cotton in fluffed
  • Dampen the cotton and tuck into the deck.DigiFlavor Drop 1.5 RDA dampening cotton
  • Add more liquid over the coils and cotton!DigiFlavor Drop 1.5 RDA cotton coils re damp

At this point I like to test fire; I then re-dampen the coils and test

  • Reassemble the Drop 1.5 RDA – and enjoy!

DigiFlavor Drop 1.5 RDA In Use

This version is shaping up to be just as good as the original Drop possibly better because of the new airflow.

As a dual coil deck I found the RDA easy to build on.

mod and dripper

Simply make your coils drop in to the posts and tighten the screws, I have tried quite a few different coils in the deck of various sizes and types/styles of coil, all have been great!

I found with these dual coils in place the best wattage for me was around 45 to 65w depending on my mood as a direct to lung vape, dropping to around 25 to 35w with a more restricted airflow.

The airflow is quite swishy open wide, hence I keep mine to about half as I like a little restriction to my vape.

I found that with this liquid the resulting vapour was thick with a great flavour quality.


It is possible to get a restricted direct to lung draw from the RDA with the airflow set to on the larger slots only – it’s tight and the vapour isn’t much to write home about, but the flavour is WOW!

Which mode is better BF or 510 connections?

Basically I would say it doesn’t matter which type of mod (squonk or 510 mod) you use as the performance in either mode is really good.

If you have experience with squonk mods, you will know the main benefit is no dripping! If you are careful not to over squonk you should see no leakage from the airflow, I haven’t! hand check 4

A quick word about the e liquid I have been using with this RDA “Lime Slushie” from Kwik Vape…

I have been using this particular liquid for over a year now!

The first time I tasted it, I had a eureka moment or to be more accurate OMG this is very lush, it has the most delicious taste of natural lime that I have ever tasted from any e liquid of similar flavour.

It is sharp without being over powering and has a cool zesty after taste.


  • Excellent Quality
  • Very well Designed
  • Thick vapour production
  • Flavour is awesome
  • Easy to build on
  • Bottom feed Pin
  • Newly designed airflow


The only Cons I can come up with are really nit picking, they included Ni80 coils and the fact they don’t include a 510 drip tip adaptor.

Final Review Verdict

Well the Drop 1.5 was a very pleasant surprise!

I absolutely love the redesigned airflow, the clouds are good and thick and the flavour is awesome.

The added bonus for me has to be the BF Pin it makes this RDA very versatile, I have been looking for a descent Squonk RDA for a while, that can give good flavour as well as a goodly amount of vapour! Now my search is over!

Would I recommend the DigiFlavor Drop 1.5 RDA?

In one word “Yes” even a newbie would find it easy to build upon, for an experienced Squonk user I reckon it’s a dream!

Would I buy this RDA again due loss or damage?

“Yes” I would, at the time of this review several websites have the Drop 1.5 up for less than 20 quid – cheap as chips for a decent RDA!


Is this a dripper you’re keen on or already using?

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below 🙂

Worldwide Shipping – Save 10% With Code ECC

Flavour Production
Vapour Production
Quality of Manufacturing
Ease of building
Replace if lost or Stolen
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