Introduction – X Prem31r Vaporizer by Blackout

Blackout X have made something of a name for themselves in cannabis vaping circles over the past few years.

Largely geared towards dry herb users, their products have a reputation for solid design at an affordable price, with all the necessary bells and whistles we’ve come to expect from herb vaporizers.Blackout X Prem3in1 vaporizer

The PREM31R vape takes this up a few notches, and eagle-eyed readers will notice the clue is in the name. That’s right, instead of simply dry herb, this vaporizer also works with liquids and wax – three in one.

This gives it the edge on rival portable vaporizers such as the popular DaVinci IQ, which only works with dry herb, and the Aurora Dr Dabber, which is only suitable for wax concentrates.

But how does it perform in the field? In attempting to offer too much, does it under-delivers when it comes to the specifics? Read on to find out.

This item was sent to me for the purposes of review, direct from Blackout X. All views and opinions are my own.

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Inside The Box

  • PREM31R Uni-body vaporizer
  • Rubberized mouthpiece with removable filter screen
  • Drop-in cup for liquid or wax
  • 2200 mAh battery
  • Packing tool
  • Cleaning brush
  • Instruction manual
  • Micro USB Charging CableBlackout X Prem3in1 Vaporizer

Key Features

  • Works with three different products: dry herb, oils and liquids, and wax
  • Choice of three different fixed temperatures
  • Easy to use
  • No need for coils, the convection baking chamber does everything
  • 0.5-0.7g chamber capacity
  • Charges by USB in under two hours
  • Just under 7 inches long and less than one inch wide
  • Two hour battery life
  • 35 seconds to heat your product

Design And Build Quality

The design quality is one of the PREM31R’s most striking features. It’s all slick modern stylings, with a solid, satisfying carbon-fibre body that feels great to hold.

It’s neither too big nor too small, perfect for sliding into your pocket or concealing in your hand for added stealth.Blackout X Prem3in1 review

A major plus is that it supports dry herb, often described as ‘flower’, as well as concentrates such as wax, shatter and oil.

Many vaporizers in this price range are restricted to one or the other, so this alone gives the PREM31R the clear edge over its competitors.

Of course, the lack of coils to burn out means the lifespan is notably extended, especially as the convection baking oven is so easy to clean.

How Does the Blackout X Prem31r Vaporizer Perform?

It’s incredibly easy to use when compared to rival vaporizers such as the desktop-based Da Buddha.

After an initial charge of six hours, simply load the chamber with whatever product you wish (dry herb or concentrates), but be careful not to overpack it.

Oils and wax require one of the two included magnetic metal cups to hold it, reducing the chamber capacity from 0.7g to 0.5g.

Switch on the pen and it’s a case of pressing the button until you reach the desired temperature (the button changes colour to show this: green for lowest, yellow for the second, and red for the highest temperature setting).

You have a choice of three different temperatures: 375, 410 or 445 degrees Fahrenheit.

Take slow draws for best results as if you toke too hard, it might clog up the mouthpiece.

The various button presses mean it’s marginally more complicated than a more basic hit-and-puff vaporizer but after a couple of minutes practice it becomes second nature.

How Does It Vape?

The vape quality is as good as any similar portable vaporizer on the market.

The leaked aroma is minimal, though it tastes reliably strong and delicious on the inhale.

Obviously, the desktop vaporizers offer higher quality, and water-based products such as the Cloudious Hydrology9 give a markedly smoother inhale, but they’re also many times more expensive.

Compared to the Da Vinci IQ the throat hit is practically indistinguishable, with both delivering a notable kick but never enough to lead to coughing fits.

If push came to shove, I’d say this provides a much better hit, in both quality and strength, than the high-profile PAX3. After trying all types of product in it, dry herb stood out as the best when it comes to vape quality – reliably smooth and problem-free, with shatter a close second.

But exercise caution when using oils, wax and shatter – remember, a little goes a long way.

What I Like

The chamber can hold a sizeable 0.5-0.7g of product, putting it at the high end for a vaporizer of this size and ensuring each hit can pack more of a punch.

The most important factor when it comes to portable vaporizers is the vape itself.

Thankfully, the hit is smooth and sleek, for all three types of product, and takes just 35 seconds to heat up – rather than the 40 seconds or longer that we’re used to.

The coil-free mechanism is the other major plus – we’ve moved beyond replacing coils after sessions, and cleaning the oven chamber is much easier and less wasteful.

What I Don’t Like

The 2200mAh battery lasts for 120 minutes, which isn’t bad but this could prove tricky when it comes to those extended all-day sessions.

Those of us who like to have complete control over the temperature will be frustrated as the choice is limited to three specific heat settings.

In truth, this makes things easier for the beginner, or those who simply fancy a quick hit, but advanced users might want to look elsewhere.

Final Review Verdict

The Blackout X PREM31R is a superb portable vaporizer for first-timers. As well as being easy to use, the price is very competitive against similar models but this doesn’t mean other elements are neglected.

The design is top-drawer, with a sleek black coating that feels incredibly satisfying to the touch. The most important factor is the quality of vape, which is up there with the best portable vaporizers available to date.

The coil-free loading mechanism is another major plus point, reducing the need to spend money on yet more items or risking a poor quality session. Best of all? It caters for all three types of product, so you don’t have to worry about bringing out the correct vaporizer with you – one size fits all.


  • Great quality smooth hit
  • Well-designed with efficient use of space and enough features to satisfy most users
  • Three-in-one option means it can replace a whole host of your older vaporizers
  • Low price


  • Slightly limited battery life
  • Inability to replace battery means the longterm lifespan is limited
  • Advanced users may be frustrated by the lack of adjustable temperature and niche features
  • UK users will have to order direct from the USA

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Ian Jones

Build Quality
Ease of Use
blackout-x-prem31r-vaporizer-review Introduction - X Prem31r Vaporizer by Blackout Blackout X have made something of a name for themselves in cannabis vaping circles over the past few years. Largely geared towards dry herb users, their products have a reputation for solid design at an affordable price, with all...


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