The Boomstick Reaper an 18mm MTL RDA designed in Milan (Italy) by BoomStick Engineering and made with DeepinMaker, a one stop maker platform powered by Heavengifts.Reaper RDA lineup Boomstick

With the market currently being flooded by mouth to lung RDA’s and RTA’s can the Reaper really offer us something new? Or should we take a broomstick and sweep it away? Find out what we thought of this little RDA with our in-depth and personal look………….

This RDA was sent to us for the purpose of this review. As always my views are my own.

See The Boomstick Reaper RDA In Action With My Video Review

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In The Box

  • 1 x BoomStick REAPER
  • 1 x Drip Tip
  • 1 x Beauty Ring 18/22mm
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Spare parts – O Rings/ Post Screws
  • 1 x Squonk/ BF PinBoomstick Reaper RDA kit

Main Specs/Features

  • Size: 18 x 27.1mm
  • Coil: Single/Dual
  • Connection: BF/510 pin
  • Supports single coil and dual coil building
  • Internal chamber for dense flavour
  • 510 thread
  • Beauty ring to prevent heat diffusion

Design and Build Quality

The BoomStick Reaper RDA comes in a very tidy little square card box; to which attention to detail has been taken with decoration! Opening the box the RDA is covered by wax paper and the Reaper is presented sitting in a sponge sleeve.

Boomstick Reaper RDA IB

Made of food grade 304L Stainless Steel the Reaper and has an Ultem 510 drip tip and Ultem beauty ring. The design is small and the quality of workmanship is excellent.Boomstick Reaper RDA overview

The Reaper dismantles into 6 parts including the BF pin and beauty ring, for easy cleaning.Boomstick Reaper RDA bits


Starting on the bottom of the base you have all the normal expected information.Boomstick Reaper RDA 510 pin inThe 510 threading is well turned and the connection pin is made of gold plated SS. Flipping the deck over you will see 2 O’rings around the base to hold your internal chamber in place.Boomstick Reaper RDA thread The build deck has 2 very short posts which have gold plated wire clamps and are held in place by 2 flat head screws. 3 combinations of coils can be installed – dual, single or center single. The positive post sits on a peek insulator, when the connection pin is removed the positive post will also come away from the deck.Boomstick Reaper RDA deck

510 and BF Pins

The Reaper is pre installed with the 510 connection pin but you do get the choice to swap this out for a bottom feed (BF) pin in the box if you like your squonking, both pins are made of gold plated SS. Boomstick Reaper RDA bf in

Internal Chamber/ Internal Airflow

The chamber is made of stainless steel and slips over the base as the coil cover. The internal airflow (AF) has 3 slots which are located at the bottom of the chamber and can be used in either single or dual coil mode.

Boomstick Reaper RDA barrel inside

Under the AF is a ledge for your Top cap to rest on, at the top of the chamber is an O’ring to hold your top cap in place. The inside of the chamber is domed so any splash back or condensation will drop back down to your cotton.Boomstick Reaper RDA barrel

Top Cap / Outer Airflow

This section is made of SS around the body of the cap you have a lined pattern and on top you have a series of 5 holes.

Boomstick Reaper RDA TC

The outer AF adjustment is handled by 2 small slots 1 on either side of the cap, the AF adjustment is smooth to operate.Boomstick Reaper RDA AF

Mouth piece and Beauty Ring

The drip tip is a 510 with 2 O’rings and made of yellow Ultem, the beauty ring is also made of Ultem and insulates your mod from the heat from the RDA, the ring also increases the diameter of the Reaper from 18mm to 22mm.Boomstick Reaper DT BR

Quick Guide to Coiling the Boomstick Repaer RDA

The BoomStick Reaper can be coiled to either dual or single, with a 510 or BF pin.

  • Decide which type of coiling is right for you and which pin
  • Install the pin and coil/sBoomstick Reaper RDA 2 coils
  • Raise your coils slightlyBoomstick Reaper RDA 1 coil
  • Insert your cottonBoomstick Reaper RDA wicked
  • Dampen the cotton with your favourite E-Liquid
    Boomstick Reaper RDA firing
  • Re assemble the Reaper

My tips:

  • If used in Squonk mode I favour one center coil.
  • The deck is quite small so I recommend in dual using micro coils and taking your time for installation.

How Does The Boomstick Reaper RDA Perform?

For this review I will be using the BoomStick Reaper on my Wismec Luxotic BF Box, I have installed the BF pin and single Kanthal Tiger coil which is 0.16Ω I have filled my bottle with a liquid from Prohibition Labs, Black Currant Crusher.Boomstick Reaper RDA display

Installing Coils

There really is no polite way to say how difficult I found putting coils in this little sucker, the clamps do not have springs under them. I have a lot of patience and even taking my time I found it near impossible to dual coil the reaper, basically because I’ve got great big arthritic fingers, I tend to cramp up a lot with fiddly jobs! And this little RDA is as fiddly as they come.

510 and BF pins

Again, I’m afraid this comes down to my hands and fingers, when I received the BoomStick RDA it had the 510 pin installed.

After testing the RDA with a regulated vape mod I decided I had to test it with the BF pin, basically every few toots I took I had to re paint my cotton, now that is frustrating LOL.

I had a devils own job to remove the 510 pin, because the diameter of the deck is so small I couldn’t get purchase enough with my fingers, I ended up using a pair of padded pliers to hold the base. Removing the pin from here was simple, however once I removed the 510 pin the positive post comes away, placing the BF pin in as replacement was another juggling act LOL.Boomstick Reaper RDA bf 510 pinSquonking with the BF pin was a delight, after experiencing dripping with the 510 pin, although try not to over squonk or you will get leaks from the AF.

Flavour/ Vapour

The 0.16Ω Tiger Coil I have installed really does produce some excellent flavour in mouth to lung style of vape, while marketed as a MTL RDA you can get a restricted direct to lung draw from the Boomstick Reaper and the flavour doesn’t suffer.

I found that while the vapour production with MTL was ok, it wasn’t as thick as some experiences I’ve had! DTL was a different matter the vapour was thick and very cloudy.Boomstick Reaper RDA up close


Setting the AF to one slot (for one coil and MTL) I found that for me personally the draw was far too tight, however I opened the airflow up just as though I’d got 2 coils installed and the AF was perfect, I am able to MTL or DTL as I see fit without altering the AF again.Boomstick Reaper RDA angle 1

Chain Vaping

8 toots on the Luxotic mod with DTL vape with the BF pin resulted in a very hot little RDA, so hot I had to leave the RDA alone for around 20 minutes after the test, this is where the beauty ring comes into its own. The resulting heat didn’t transfer much to the top of the mod, I hasten to add I did squonk twice during the test.Boomstick Reaper RDA off cap


  • Excellent flavour
  • Good vapour production
  • Quality is excellent
  • Design is good
  • Works better with the BF pin (for me)
  • Beauty ring


  • Very small build deck
  • Difficult to install dual coils
  • Does leak if over squonked
  • Chain Vaping Heat

Final Review Verdict

The little Boomstick Reaper RDA is a decent vape although I would suggest it would be for the more experienced builder due to being fiddly to install; I’d encourage Boomstick Engineering to think about springs under the post clamps!

The flavour is excellent the vapour production with the AF wide open is thick. My experience with the Reaper leads me to believe that while great on a regulated mod the best use of this RDA would be on a squonk box.

While not an exceptional RDA (there have been better RDA’s released) I do like the diameter size, the RDA works better for me than the Wismec Tobhino BF RDA that comes with the Luxotic BF box.

Would I buy the BoomStick Reaper RDA should I lose or damage this one? Go on then, Yes

WorldWide Shipping – Save 15% With Code AECIGCLICK

Build Quality
Ease of build
Price point
Replace if Lost or Damaged?
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