The CBD Asylum Sub Ohm eliquid review and they come from a UK based company offering a plethora of CBD based products including vape juice.

Incidentally, this range is the first specifically designed for sub ohm tanks and drippers to be released in the UK, and I’ve just updated this review to include some exciting new flavours.

cbd asylum sub ohm e-liquid review

To all intents and purposes they look like 25ml 70VG 30PG e-liquids that can, if desired, be topped up with a 5mg nicotine shot.

As I’ve already explained the CBD Sub Ohm eliquid range is designed for just that – drippers and tanks that can take higher wattage and just like all CBD e-liquids they are on the pricey side. They do offer some great discounts though.

They come in 5 different flavours in old school glass dripper bottles and you can choose from differing levels of CBD: 100mg – 250mg – 500mg and 1000mg – obviously the higher the number the more CBD is infused into the bottles.

High Quality CBD Vape Juice

I have reviewed samples from other CBD Asylum vape juice ranges before from ‘budget’ to eye wateringly expensive and found them to be up there with the best CBD vape juice I have tried – that’s not to be taken as a medical opinion I must stress

Indeed I’ve been fortunate enough to review and use very many CBD based e-liquids and kits and if you’d like to find out more checkout my article Guide To CBD & Vaping – Is it For You? – and do checkout our CBD review section.

could cbd fight covid-19 scientists say yes

OK the range of flavours were sent to me direct from CBD Asylum – thank you – and as always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

I used the BTFC RDA from Augvape at around 50 to 75w – obviously re-wicking every time and dripped half a bottle of each flavour over a couple of days each – CBD overload or what lol.

Before the review a disclaimer: CBD cannot get you high nor does it smell like cannabis.

As I’m not a medical practitioner I cannot comment on any benefits vaping CBD based e-liquids can have on any symptoms or illnesses. However as of November 1st 2018 medicinal cannabis products will be available on the NHS here in the UK…maybe CBD will follow?

So all that anecdotal evidence I’ve referred to for years has now been accepted by the UK Gov and medical establishment…*insert smug face here lol*

UPDATE: This CBD vape juice review has been updated to included two new flavours from the CBD sub ohm eliquid range [first two below] and six flavours from the CBD e-liquid 10ml 100, 250, 500, 1000 & 2000mg strength range.

CBD Sub Ohm E-liquid – Fruity Fresh 500mg CBD

cbd sub ohm vape juice fruity fresh cbd asylum

CBD Asylum Say:

Crunchy Apple and juicy melon on the inhale to cleanse the palate and lead the way for a burst of supersweet spearminty refreshment on the exhale.

It’s fruity, it’s fresh, ladies and gentlemen we’re proud to present to you, CBD Sub Ohm Fruity Fresh.

I Say:

Oh my!

Judging from the absolutely delicious smell coming from the bottle I genuinely thought Id walked into a fresh fruit shop!

The flavour didn’t let me down either – man this is zingy tangy and packed full of fruity goodness.

They say apple a day keeps the doctor away and add a mashed melon to the mix wit the refreshing hint of spearmint – and just WOW!

Bags of clouds too and trust me this one is tasty and then some – a great way to get you daily dose of CBD if you sub ohm vape.

CBD Sub Ohm E-liquid – Mango Fandango 500mg CBD

Mango-Fandango-cbd asylum sub ohm vape juice review

CBD Asylum Say:

It tastes just like it looks- vibrant, lively and oh so juicy and it packs a punch with 250, 500, 1000 or 2000mg of CBD as standard.

Somebody pass me the sun lounger…

I Say:

The aroma from the bottle really does have me dreaming of sunnier climes – a real whiff of long ago summers.

The inhale is about as fruity as things get, however and just like hot summer days, there’s a warmth to this one.

Dare I say there’s a kind of warming alcohol hit – much like a tropical cocktail lol.

I really like this one, however that warmth means I couldn’t vape on this one as often as say the Fruity Fresh.

A really tasty vape that’s just a tad rich for me – still delicious though.

CBD Sub Ohm E-liquid – Sweet Tooth – 500mg

cbd asylum sub ohm sweet tooth review

CBD Asylum Say:

Strawberries and creamy custard flavour

I Say:

The smell off this is absolutely divine and that’s me as a none custard vape fan.

I’m getting the distinctive almost wild strawberry rich fruitiness which comes across more of a milkshake than custard – though a very creamy shake.

The inhale lets it down for my palate being far too sweet – I guess I’m not a sweet tooth – and on the exhale there’s the merest and I mean merest hint of the CBD botanicals.

This reminds me of the old song a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down – though CBD is not a medicine [yet] I hasten to add…

As the name suggests those with a sweet tooth will bloody love this one.

CBD Sub Ohm CBD E-liquid – Gone Loopy –1000mg

cbd asylum sub ohm gone loopy review

CBD Asylum Says:

Fruit Loops flavour

I Say:

Opening the bottle I had to double check the label as my nose might have been playing tricks but I got a distinct whiff of mild menthol – not what you expect in your breakfast cereal!

I’m guessing that was a mind trick – or me gone loopy – because once on the dripper I definitely got that slight fruity oatiness you’d expect.

The slight menthol could be a hint of a cooling agent and I mean a slight hint but the biggest surprise I got was on the exhale.

I got those chewy milk bottle sweets which although surprising and a little on the sweet-side was I have to say bloody lovely and had me going back for more…next stop the old fashioned sweet shop in town!

CBD Sub Ohm E-liquid – Holy Moly – 500mg

cbd asylum sub ohm holy moly review

CBD Aslyum Say:

Custard Donut flavour

I Say:

The aroma once the bottle was open really was very suggestive of those custard donuts I used to buy from Sainsbury’s…comfort food with coffee lol.

Again not being a custard flavour vaper I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this one – however I have to say I actually liked this one – really liked it.

Sure it’s indulgent and yup it’s just the right side of too sweet and nope it’s definitely not my idea of an all-day or even an half hour long vape – but this is tasty especially with a mid-morning coffee.

The custard on the inhale is smooth and not too sweet however the exhale brings in a different level of lip smacking sugary sweetness before thick gloopy chewy donut calms everything down.

Very clever blending indeed.

CBD Sub Ohm E-liquid – Berry Nice – 500mg

cbd asylum sub ohm berry nice review

CBD Aslym Says:

Pink Berry flavour

I Say:

Not a lot to go on with the descriptions are there lol these juices are certainly putting my nose and taste-buds to the test!

My none Master Chef watching brain thought of pink berries as those peppery ones so I was a little trepidacious [not a word lol] on trying this one!

I needn’t have worried as what I got was a slightly tart maybe a little too sweet fruit flavour that even now after dripping at least 10mls I can’t put my finger or taste-buds on!

What I can say is this one has surprising depth with seemingly different layers / flavours each time I vape it.

Think a kind of fruity berry concoction that is surprisingly and mysteriously moreish – one to savour and ponder on lol.

CBD Sub Ohm E-liquid – Purple Storm – 1000mg

purple storm review

CBD Aslym Says:

Blackcurrant Chill flavour

I Say:

I was expecting a blackcurrant menthol or Tunes flavour and that’s what I got.

I’m no menthol e-liquid fan and sadly this one really didn’t change my mind.

The blackcurrant smelled perfumy and on the inhale that’s what I got – a kind of flowery cough medicine.

I’m sure folks will like that sensation but I don’t and the cooling agent come slight menthol also added to the chemical aftertaste on the exhale.

Not the best of the bunch by far for my delicate palate but those of you who enjoy Venos or Tixylix might enjoy it.

Final Review Verdict

I’ll mention the elephant in the room first – this is a very expensive way to vape CBD e-liquids, it’s that simple.

The vast majority of CBD based e-liquids are designed for MTL tanks – kits and mostly pen style set-ups.

This means you can limit your ‘dosage’ – for want of a better word and – and it also means the precious /expensive bottle can last a lot longer so it’s not all gone in a day or so.

The best effects of CBD are gradual over a long period of time and whilst you can’t overdose on CBD – unless you tightly limit the amount you are sub ohm vaping with these juices you could run out very quickly with the resulting expense.

But hey spend your money how you want!

I hope that makes sense because a 10ml bottle with 1000mg of regular CBD e-liquid passing through a 2ml MTL device can last you an age if you take it gently and regularly.

However as I’ve already hinted at you don’t need me to tell you that sub ohming any e-liquid drains the bottle extremely quickly.

The CBD Asylum 25ml shortfills can have 5mg of nicotine added if required giving you 30mls – but all sub ohm vapers know how long a bottle lasts – especially on a dripper.

Unless you’re disciplined and have a few lung fulls every hour or so you will need a bottomless wallet put it that way.

They Vape Exactly Like Regular High VG E-Liquid

As to the actual vaping experience as I said this range might appeal to those of you who enjoy sub ohm vaping and want to try CBD and don’t let me stop you.

I do vape CBD in my sub ohm RTA’s but I add a few drips of the tasteless Harmony 1000mg Pure Base into my regular juice and this I find keeps my levels topped up – still expensive but the bottle lasts an age.

OK now that’s out of the way on to my thoughts on the CBD Asylum Sub Ohm e-liquids.

As vape experiences go they do act and vape just like a regular 70VG 30PG e-liquid with thick clouds and depending on your particular taste decent flavours.

I have vaped with nic and without and actually preferred the slight – only slight – watered down taste diluted with 5mgs of high VG nicotine.

One thing I have struggled to pick out is any hint of Terpenes – the botanical type flavour /aromas I get from all the other CBD liquids I’ve vaped.

Now that I think is where this range will appeal – those of you who haven’t tried CBD OR dislike that earthy botanical taste [yeah you Michelle lol] I absolutely adore will as I’ve already said enjoy that spoonful of sugar helping the CBD go down 😉

Cheaper CBD Products On the Way In the UK?

There’s no getting away from the fact that CBD based e-liquids are bloody expensive however the UK Gov announced today that CBD oils and other products will be available on the NHS from November 1st 2018.

CBD has come a long way since it first arrived in the public psyche and it’s fair to say vaping has had a massive input into that.

Having tasted very many CBD based e-liquids would I buy these – no because I’m more into the pure tastes – however I would definitely recommend them for first timers or those with the need for a flavour mask over those Terpenes and botanics.

As always I cannot for various reasons tell you if after 10 days of using these if they’ve helped in anyway but what I can say is I’ve used these exclusively and my levels seem to be topped up more than enough 😉

Four New CBD E-liquid Flavours From CBD Asylum Reviewed

Update to the original review: 4 NEW CBD vape juice flavours added to the CBD e-liquid range making a total of 6.

Choose from 100, 250, 500, 1000 & 2000mg strengths and all are 70/30 PG/VG and come in handy 10ml bottles and using only the purest CBD Isolate.

Note – CBD Asylum hasn’t included any flavour notes for these CBD vape juices – though they all speak for themselves 🙂

Natural – CBD E-Liquid 500mg


I Say:

No mistaking what this flavour is as I’m getting a real whack of botanicals once I whipped the bottle top off.

The inhale is a little sweeter than I was expecting – but pleasantly so and not at all over sweetened.

This ones definitely a good introduction to those CBD vapers that need a bit of sugar to help the medicine go down if you catch my drift 😉

I like it!

Strawberries and Cream – CBD E-Liquid 500mg

strawberries-and-cream-cbd vape juice review

I Say:

A lovely whiff of sweet fresh strawberries with a hint of cream and vanilla had my mouth watering to say the least!

The inhale is sheer delight with a wash of fresh sweet cream before the fresh strawberry cuts through the sweetness.

The exhale is simply stunning as the fruit ‘n cream mash together creating a delicious vape.

Definitely one for new CBD vapers that don’t like those terpene tastes.

Blackcurrant Menthol- CBD E-Liquid 500mg

blackcurrant-menthol cbd eliquid review

I Say:

I was expecting this one to taste similar to the Purple Storm flavour [above].

To be honest, whilst it is very similar, there’s definitely more of a menthol punch to this one.

It’s not blow your socks off brain freeze – but close.

I’m not much of a menthol vaper – but I quite enjoyed this one mainly because that blackcurrant is very strong indeed.

Yeah…the more I vape the more I like this one – very refreshing indeed.

Menthol – CBD E-Liquid 500mg

CBD-ELIQUID-menthol flavour review cbd asylum

I Say:

Strangely there’s not much of a menthol smell about this one from the bottle…

However, that most certainly changes on the inhale!!!

As a none regular menthol vaper this one made my eyes water to say the least lol.

A real chilling effect leaving my tongue and tonsils more than a little numb!

If you love a brain freeze and want to try CBD vape juice – give this one a try – it will blow your socks off!

Lemonade – CBD E-Liquid 500mg

lemonade flavour cbd vape juice cbd asylum

I Say:

“I’m a secret lemonade drinker” went the song to that annoying advert back in the day and I do like a lemon flavoured e-liquid or CBD vape juice.

The smell hints of freshly squeezed lemonade just like mom used to make with a real hit of that acidic fruit I love to vape on.

The inhale continues the fresh feel with the merest hint of sweetness.

Exhaling this one is quite simply amazing with those tart sour notes gently lulled by a perfect hint of sugar.

Bloody delicious and then some…WOW!!!

Mango and Pineapple – CBD E-Liquid 500mg

mango-and-pineapple cbd vape juice flavour

I Say:

I do enjoy a pineapple vape so is this one a totally tropical taste?

The aroma from the bottle is promising with the mango mobbing the pineapple somewhat.

However the inhale brings it to the fore pushing the mango into the background – no bad thing lol.

The exhale is where the mixology hits a magical note.

Two fruits perfectly matched giving an extremely tasty vape.

A quite lovely vape with plenty of sweet smelling clouds.

Final Verdict On the New CBD Asylum Vape Juice Flavours

I’m impressed – very impressed.

The new flavours offer something for everyone’s taste from menthol to the sweetness of a fruity dessert.

I’ve said it already, but these flavours are perfect for newcomers to vaping on CBD.

Yes the terpenes and botanicals are there, but apart from the Natural flavour, they’re way back in the background.

The prices are decent too – obviously the lower the CBD dose – the cheaper they are.

Sweet Tooth
Gone Loopy
Holy Moly
Berry Nice
Purple Storm
Fruity Fresh
Mango Fandango
Strawberries and Cream
Blackcurrant Menthol
Mango and Pineapple
I have simpler vape tastes these days - I never leave home without a Caliburn G, a Vaporesso Luxe 40 or Innokin EQ FLTR and a CBD vape pen or bottle of CBD drops in my rucksack...or indeed an Aspire Nautilus Prime X in my pocket... At home I'll be using various mods topped with the GeekVape Zeus X RTA or the Signature Mods Mono SQ topped with the Augvape BTFC RDA... I'm a former journalist and now a writer and sometimes author... I'm ex Army - adore dogs and never happier than hiking over the hills or with a good book on a beach.


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