Cigees – ‘Ego Type’ Battery Offering

Cigees are a fairly new brand to the electronic cigarette market based in South Yorkshire.

They currently stock three main re-chargeable e cig options that cover the core requirements of most vapers.

They have the Classic (mini e cig), Femme Luxury (mini aimed at women vapers) and the product we are reviewing today, the Cigees Majestic. The Majestic is their vape pen e cigarette with long battery life.

The product in this review was received free of charge but as always our opinion is our own and will be an honest one!

Onto the review…

cigees packagingPackaging / Presentation

The packaging overall is basic but does it’s job and contains the following:

2 1100mAh Batteries
5 Cartomisers
Chargers and instruction manual.


There are two manual batteries with the Cigees Majestic kit both being at 1100 mAh capacity. For an off the shelf e cig kit these are certainly at the high end in terms of capacity. For anybody that isn’t sure what a mAh rating is it is basically the amount of charge a battery can hold.

The higher the number the longer you can expect that battery to last between charges. To give you an idea standard ‘cig-a-like’ e cigs normally range from 120-280mAh give or take. So as you can see the power difference is pretty big here but at the same time the actual physical size is a huge difference too.

Cigees Majestic Battery

The battery in the hand feels quality, they come in a rubberised finish that is good in the hand and finished off with gold coloured steel trim. The manual button is also rubber which adds to the overall comfort when vaping.

Like most of these types of battery the Majestic comes with an ‘on/off’ function, simply press the button 5 times in quick succession to turn off and the same to turn back on. This is a great feature to have that stops any unwanted activations when in your bag or pocket and also helps extend battery life.

cigees majestic review

So that is pretty much a low down on the look and feel of the Cigees Majestic but how does it perform? The battery is very responsive when taking a drag and helps provide a smooth vape. As expected from the battery given is large capacity, the life of the battery is excellent. As a moderate vaper I found this lasting me 1.5 days before I needed to recharge and then it’s just a case of swapping the batteries over.

So the battery life is very good, no surprises there, but for me I would have preferred maybe a 650mAh included in the kit alongside one 1100mAh battery just to give me an option of something a touch smaller when out and about. When the cartomiser is attached it is quite a big fella!

Overall – 4/5 – The batteries are responsive and work well. As expected, they last a good length of time between charges. This does mean however that the higher the capacity the larger the batteries so this may not suit everyone but if you just want performance then no problem.


The Majestic comes with 5 cartomisers. The flavour choice is limited to either Tobacco or Menthol and just one nicotine strength.

The nicotine strength is also only labeled as ‘High’ in the drop down with no indication to the actual nicotine strength which isn’t ideal.

Cigees Majestic CartomiserOnto the flavours themselves, the e-liquid they use in their cartomisers is stated on the Cigees website as being “developed with our own formula of E-Liquid which gives smooth vapour“.

The tobacco flavour for me I found (as stated) was smooth on the draw with good vapour volume and the flavour does a good job of replicating that of a cigarette. Although far from a Black Note e liquid level of replication.

The menthol flavour again provided a smooth drag and good vapour volume but as someone that does enjoy a minty vape I didn’t rate this when compared other menthol flavours I have tried. As always though taste is a subjective thing!

Cigees Majestic RefillsWhen it comes to buying refills they are available in packs of 5 at a price of £6. Cigees also offer Majestic cartomisers in bulk, if 10 packs are purchased a further 10% discount is given.

The prices are competitive for the cartomiser packs, they do come loose in no frills plain packaging which may help towards the lower price point. I personally prefer to see sealed foil packs used for the cartomisers but this isn’t a major thing.

There is also a cone supplied with each e cigarette in this kit that basically gives the whole device a more streamlined finish.

Overall 2.5/5 – The tobacco flavour was decent but I didn’t personally like the menthol. There is also only one nicotine strength option that is not ideal. The refill packs however are good value at £6 for a pack of 5.

Starter Kits

Cigees have 3 main starter kit options:

Classic Starter Kit – £12

Majestic E Cigarette Starter Kit – £29.40 (Kit reviewed here)
This kit comes complete with two 1100mAh batteries & 5 cartomisers.

Femme Luxury Starter Kit – £39
This kit comes with 2 batteries, 10 cartomisers plus chargers.

Cigees Guarantee/Warranty

As of writing this review I couldn’t find details on returns or warranties but will update with any new information.

Customer Service

Cigees can be contacted by email and telephone.

Overall – For Those That Skipped

The Cigees Majestic starter kit is certainly priced well at £29.40 and when it comes to the e cig as a whole it’s a decent product. The batteries are big but if you are looking at this sort of kit then I guess performance is more of a priority and they do offer very good performance.

The only slight downsides for me were the menthol flavour, which I personally didn’t enjoy and the lack of cartomiser flavours and nicotine options. One nicotine option isn’t ideal.

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Vapour Volume
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
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