Introduction – The ECO12 Tank By Cigpet

The Cigpet ECO12 tank is made by a subsidiary of iJoy, a brand of which I’m a seriously big fan.

Since the release of the Maxo Zenith triple 18650 mod and the glorious Captain PD270 with its included 20700 iJoy batteries. Not to mention the Maxo V12 Tank, clocking in at a 315W capability.
While I haven’t tested any of Cigpet’s other offerings, like the ANT mod or the Volca all-in-one…I was still seriously pumped when my Eco 12 Super-subtank arrived in the vape mail.

Here’s a tank that’s capable of firing up to 400W…I’m sorry, what?!

It’s considered a cheaper and slightly higher spec sub-ohm rival to the phenomenal TFV12 from Smok and with it’s 6.5ml capacity, gorgeous resin drip tip and sexy as hell knurling I almost had…never mind, let’s just say I was excited when I opened the box.

Now, luckily I have a Zenith, which will allow me to explore some of the upper range of these insane T12 coils but the question is, does this super-tank live up to the hype?

Is there a drawback to this type of super-sub-ohming?

In my experience, the answer is yes.

What’s In The Box

  • 1*ECO12 TANK
  • 1*ECO-T12 Coil 0.12 ohm(60-350W)
  • 1*ECO-Q4 Coil 0.15 ohm(60-180W)
  • 1*Extra Glass
  • 1*O-Rings
  • 1*Warranty card


  • Capacity 6.5 ml
  • Diameter 28 mm
  • ECO T12 (0.12 Ohm) and Q4 (0.15 Ohm) coil heads included
  • Optional ECO-RTA Deck features 4 build capacity
  • Optional ECO-T14 coil (0.12ohm, 60-360W)
  • Optional ECO-T16 coil (0.11ohm, 60-400W)
  • Bottom adjustable airflow
  • Top Fill

Build Quality & Design

ECO12 Tank

First impressions? OMG, What the…?! It’s massive!

The Cigpet ECO12 tank is gorgeous. Tapered outer rings on the top and bottom cap, both with the most gorgeous, deep, blocky, aesthetically-delightful knurling.

The pyrex tank section seems fat and extra big because of this.

The gorgeous knurling makes opening and closing the ample bottom airflow an absolute breeze and the same knurling on top makes taking off the top cap, to fill, just as easy.

I got the stainless steel variety and it just looks like top quality. The box is fancy with two fake-velvet lined foam blocks, one for the tank on top and one underneath that holds all the extras.

Then there’s this beautiful, included resin drip tip that you’d normally pay a whole lot extra for.

Mine is swirls of red and green, although you never know what yours will look like, and when I put the red vape band on that’s included in the pack…this thing looks like a million bucks, direct from vaping heaven.

First up, I set about breaking down the vape tank so that I could take some photos and just get a handle on what’s where.

I found the pyrex and top cap section fairly easy to detach from the base where the coil head can easily be unscrewed for a change.

Um…the installed T12 coil head is the size of a small car, with 12 vertical coils in a bed of soft and flavor loving cotton, I have tears in my eyes, no lie.

Included T12 and Q4 Coil heads

Now, the ECO12 is a duodenary (meaning-relating to/of the number 12) coil with a 0.12 Ohm resistance, it comes preinstalled in the tank.

Apparently, it supports a 60W to a 350W vape however, comparing it’s performance with another, smaller tank I happened to be sampling at the same time…this thing doesn’t operate under 100W.

The other tank I was using at 45W was giving off more vapor than this thing was at 90W.

So, while it works at higher wattages, the sheer size of the coil head maybe works against you.

120W on this coil head is simply not as good as 120W on many of my mini sub-ohm tanks that only clock up to 120W but at 150-170W I found my sweet spot for this coil head.

That said, the thing puts out like crazy from 170W and up but whether you can handle that kind of heat (it gets scalding hot) and the effect that heat has on your flavor profiles is another matter.

I personally, didn’t enjoy this coils higher range. I felt it underperformed below 150W and became uncomfortable and not at all tasty above 170W.

The Q4 on the other hand, seems to be more true to the wattage, it’s a 0.15 Ohm quadruple coil with a 60-180W range and while it sincerely doesn’t operate well under 100W.

It’s a flavorsome, cloud chucking monster at around 130-140W and I found it far superior to the T12.


The vape band is 100% necessary, given the size of the pyrex tube. I’m happy with all the accessories, seals and extra pyrex, as you’d expect, along with an extra coil option (woohoo) and, of course, that beautiful resin drip tip.

How Does The ECO 12 Tank By Cigpet Perform?

Thanks to spectacular and beautiful knurling, combined with ample proportions, unscrewing the top cap for a fill is no problem.

Filling is also no problem, however….

After my first fill I decided to leave these massive coil heads for about 30min to soak up the juice and on my return I found that every drop of juice had leaked out of my airflow.

I took the whole thing apart, checking all seals and everything looked to be in order but three times I lost an entire tank full of e-juice this way and I have to thank my lucky stars that I’m a DIY juicer, because given the 6.5ml capacity, this could have cost me a fortune.

I’ve heard that this leaking issue isn’t a problem with Cigpet ECO12 if you use the RBA deck, sold separately, but hello…I don’t want to use the RBA deck, I want to understand why this thing is leaking like this.

So, with a little research I discovered that the leaking happens when you leave the tank full for a long time without creating a vacuum by closing the airflow.

So all I do now is close the airflow up when I’m finished using it and this works like a charm. Still, I wish I didn’t have to: but what can you do.

How To Fill The Cigpet ECO 12 Tank

  • Unscrew the massive top cap and fill, easy as that.

How To Change the Coil on The Cigpet ECO12 Tank

  • Close your airflow
  • Take a hold of the base and detach the pyrex and top cap by twisting the pyrex to the left
  • Unscrew the coil head from it’s seat in the base and replace
  • Replace the pyrex and top cap
  • Fill with Juice
  • Open your airflow and vape


The airflow on the ECO12 is unprecedented , even when it’s only open a third of the way, it’s in line with some of the best airflows out there.

You’ve got to use the method I mentioned above for leak prevention whenever you’re not on the vape, otherwise you end up with a mouthful of juice whenever the tanks been standing, that’s if your ECO12 is prone to leaks, for some reason… I know not every tank is identical and maybe I just got as bad one.

At the lower wattages (I’m talking under 150W for the T12 and 130W for the Q4) all you get is air and at the higher wattages where the tank starts to purr, that airflow is the only thing that saves you from burning your lungs to a cinder.

It’s smooth and ample, provided you keep it clear of juice by closing your airflow during down time.

E-Juice Consumption

While juice consumption is low below around 130W for each coil, that’s largely because the tank doesn’t really operate true at those wattages.

Juice consumption in the really high wattages is as you’d expect, seriously high! Not to mention all the e-juice you might lose if your tank leaks like mine does.

What I Liked

I love the looks of the Cigpet ECO12 tank, the resin drip tip, the juice capacity and the knurling, as well as how easy it is to break down.

I love the size of this thing and the idea that it can fire up to 400W without incinerating the coils.

I love the open airflow and how easy it is to adjust.

I seriously enjoy the Q4 coil for an all day vape, it purrs in the upper ranges of cool, although with ample, flavorsome cloud.

What I Dislike

I find that the vape becomes too hot for me above 170W and I found most of the T12’s range a little too uncomfortable to linger on.

Although I know that some people enjoy a hot vape…I am not one of those people.

I felt I couldn’t even recognize my flavors in the really high wattages, above 200W and I found the scalding, scalding hot metal a little disturbing.

At 250W I draw the line because I feel like my mod is actually going to melt.

I don’t like the fact that, for example, the T12 says 60-350W but I’m just blowing out air at 90W.

Final Review Verdict

For cloud chasers who enjoy a cooler vape in the 130-180W range, the Cigpet ECO12 tank with the Q4 is a great choice.

For those of you who love a hot vape and want to explore the 180W plus ballpark, the T12 will make you very, very happy.

That said, the leaking issue, combined with the not-true lower wattage ranges for both coils were a bit of a disappointment for me.


Would I buy the Cigpet ECO12 tank if I lost/broke the device? Well, I might buy a new one anyway…just to see if that one leaks too.


  • Immaculate looks
  • Deep, handy knurling on top and bottom cap for ease of fill and airflow adjustment
  • Outstanding high wattage capability for both coils
  • Excellent flavor in the sweet spot for both coils
  • Stunning, unique resin drip tip
  • Massive 6,5 ml juice capacity
  • Compatibility with a huge range of coil heads and the RBA base


  • Not true to wattage in the lower range on both coils
  • Not true to advertised ranged, for example, the T12 does absolutely nothing at 60W
  • The T12 becomes uncomfortably hot in the higher ranges
  • My Eco 12 leaks like a SOB unless you keep the airflow closed when not vaping
Build Quality and Design
T12 Vape
Q4 Vape
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