Introduction – The DPRO 133 Premium Kit By Coilart

The Coilart DPRO 133 is, like the name says, by Coilart. Best known for supplying high quality prebuilt coils that most vapers aught to have sampled at least a few of in their time.

Lately though, they’ve been putting their stamp on the gear game with products like the Mage Mech Kit and Mage RDA and more recently, the Azeroth Squonk Kit and Azeroth RDA/RDTA and RTA range.
The DPRO 133 Premium Kit is a testament to Coiltech / Coilart’s skill at both design and manufacture.

This sleek and attractive, unregulated RDA kit comes in six gorgeous metallic colours and celebrates the basic, minimalist approach in both the mod and the RDA design.

This kit is a must have for beginners to RDA’s and coil building as it streamlines use while still providing an outstanding flavour and cloud vape. That streamlining continues in the mod which has nothing but a fire button by way of controls and, effectively, doubles the battery life you’ll get from your 18650s because of it.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 x DPRO 133 Mod
  • 1 x DPRO RDA
  • 1 x BF Pin
  • 2 x Cotton
  • 1 x Allen Key
  • 1 x Accessories Bag
  • 2 x Fused Clapton Coil
  • 1 x Features Card

Features Mod

  • Anodized Aluminium Chassis with gunmetal top and bottom caps
  • Dual 18650 run with extended battery life, can run on one cell
  • Constant voltage 3.7 V
  • 0.08 Ohm minimum resistance
  • Power output depends on battery voltage
  • Reverse battery, short circuit, low resistance, overheat protections
  • Weight with RDA 130g
  • 84.5 x 44 x 28 mm
  • Comes in Red, blue, gold, silver, black, purple


  • Gold plated, costless build deck
  • Restricted, adjustable side airflow
  • Squonk pin included
  • 23 mm Diameter
  • Quality 810 Ultem drip tip
  • Optional ultimo heat sink included

Build Quality & Design


Opening my neat, black Coilart box with it’s display sleeve on, I was instantly taken aback by the dimensions of this mod, which is run on dual 18650s or single, depending on your preference.Coilart DPRO 133 fire button

It’s one of the smallest dual 18650 devices you’ll find and combined with the anodised aluminium chassis, this fact makes it extremely lightweight.

The mod is a simple round edged rectangle, anodised aluminium, with six vibrant metallic finishes, I have the black and the red version. The base and top are gunmetal and both are 0.5 cm deep but extend on the one narrow side to frame the large rounded rectangular fire button and on the opposite side at the bottom just to balance out the look.Coilart Dpro133 mod in black and red

The fire button is protruding, straight set and wonderfully clicky. It also features, in large white print, the DPRO branding. The fire button is the only feature visible from any side of the mod, except for a small Coilart brand etched into the bottom of one of the mod’s larger sides (the fire button is at the top of the narrow face, furthest from the 510 connection).

The anodised aluminium finish is pristine and beautiful and will stay this way, even when you drop the mod or attempt a scratch (just to see), it’s a high quality finish that’s silky to the touch and looks stunning.

This mod has no screen or other controls but atop the mod, opposite the deep, gold plated, spring loaded 510 connection, you’ll see a see through plastic plate with 4 blue LED battery level indicators set beneath it.

Under the mod, there are no ventilation holes, just a hinged battery door and a chamber that accepts your batteries in parallel. That’s it!

The mod feels lovely and smooth in hand, with a light weight and a perfectly positioned single fire / on / off button.


The tiny little Coilart DPRO RDA has a nice, thick ultem drip tip, which is removable; an utterly simplistic external look with the anodised aluminium cap featuring only a small Coilart, etched bran on the side and two 3mm oval airflow holes either side.

The airflow is adjusted with a twist of the cap and will deliver a slightly restricted flow, even when fully open.

No base is visible with the cap on but there is a thin, ultem heat sink which adds an aesthetic touch of yellow and, of course, protection at the base of your RDA.

Pull off the top cap / barrel, which comes off almost too easily with these two medium 0-rings and you’ll see the thick base and post-less, gold plated RDA deck…beautiful.

Minimalist at it’s best, 4 hex screws are easily accessible with your allen key and sit, unusually, around the sides of the base…because of the post-less deck . The deck is smooth but for a seam and four elongated terminals where your ore-clipped coils will be placed, in single or dual configuration.

The benefits of this deck are endless. Great for squonking, because of the way the coils lie in the middle of the deck, directly over the feed. Great for wicking and dripping, also due to their positioning at the centre of the deck.

The airflow is cut through raised side posts which tower up alongside your coil positions. The slots are angled down and I’m guessing the flavour is going to be great, with perfect positioning and a restricted effect.

All machining is superb and the inside of the cap is a perfect little dome…I’m looking forward to vaping on this.

The Included Coils

The included coils are 0.3 Ohm Ni80 fused claptons, in a dual setup they’ll have a 0.15 Ohm resistance. These six-wrap coils provide a flavourful vape with ample cloud on this unregulated 3.7V mod.

The included coils are pre-clipped to fit the postless deck perfectly.


Besides all the necessary spares and allen key, I like the inclusion of a squonk pin and heat sink for the RDA.

Also, the cotton is high quality Japanese Organic and the coils are good quality Ni80.

It’s a pity that no instructions were included as this mod seems, for all intents and purposes, to be aimed at beginners, since it’s so easy to use. There are no warnings, no battery safety cards, none of the info we like to see included with vape gear and regardless of the ease of use, beginners still require detailed instructions! Hopefully this was just in the pre-release model I received.

How Does The Coilart DPRO 133 Premium Kit Perform?

This mod makes vaping simple. You’ve no option to change wattage or voltage, you’re given a fire button to fire and that is all.

This mod performs well and for this size RDA, along with the included coils, it provides an excellent vape.

Ramp time is WELL above average, the manufacturer doesn’t provide specs on this but I was very impressed when I fitted my Big Baby Light Edition from Smok and fired to hear an almost instantaneous burn! I enjoyed an extended vaping session on both my Baby Beast and iJoy Combo2 RDTA, both fitted with 0.15 Ohm coils.

This mod is definitely putting out good power, at 3.7 volts: I’m guessing the name implies a maximum wattage at 133W, it feels, most certainly, somewhere in the vicinity of 100-110.

In spite of the fact that this mod is unregulated, meaning the voltage is constant at 3.7 V, straight from the batteries…it still has all the protections you could ask for.

I’ve built down to 0.1 Ohms and this mod held up brilliantly, with no overheating and phenomenal performance throughout.

The biggest benefit of the lack of TC, controls and adjustment features or screen is a battery life that is effectively doubled!

This mod is an easy, single touch pleasure to use that’s powerful and power efficient!

The RDA has a wonderful restricted airflow and I experienced brilliant flavour and cloud, as well as a very smooth flow and particularly smooth, pleasant sound, due to the position of the coils and the domed inner cap. The airflow can whistle slightly but only when it’s full open.

I was impressed with the performance of the DPRO RDA on the included mod but had issues when fitting it to other devices, including my ohm meter as most of the time it failed to register…that’s when I realised I needed to remove the freaking heat sink because it makes the pin too short. It works great on all the mods I tried it with!

How To Fill

  • Simply drip through the 810 or take it out to drip
  • Provided you don’t over drip, this RDA isn’t messy at all

How To Change the Coils

  • Unscrew the four hex screws in the base of the RDA
  • Pre-clip your coils and insert the leads into the terminals
  • Be sure that your coils are placed across the seam so that they lie in line with your airflow
  • Replace the screws
  • Pulse the coils to ensure an even burn
  • Wick and Juice
  • Enjoy

Ease of build

The post-less design of this deck makes for a hassle free build that can literally be done in a couple of minutes. I found the build and wicking easy and the screws and terminals very accessible! The terminals will accommodate a range of coil sizes and the deck is relatively spacious considering the small diameter of the RDA.

This does require constant dripping if you’re a vape monster like me…the juice well is meager, but at least it doesn’t have a bowl shaped well. I prefer this design as it’s definitely less messy and more efficient. Still, an extra 2 mm depth would have been the business.

How To Operate the Menu System

There is no menu system on this device, only 5 clicks on or off and fire, all on the same button. The 4 LED indicator lights diminish with battery life and each light represents 25% of your charge.

How To Replace The batteries

  • Pop open the hinged battery door
  • Slide the batteries in in parallel, negative at the door

Battery Life

Exceptional…a pair of 18650 Samsung 2500s will last you more than two full days vaping at 0.15 Ohm resistance. Please note that this device does not support on board charge!

What I Liked

I love the sleek anodised aluminium finish and overall brilliant machining and aesthetic. I enjoyed the simplicity of the design with no controls, TC, wattage adjust, just a fire button and indicator lights. I enjoyed the extended battery life and the fact that you can use this mod with one cell if necessary!

What I Dislike

This RDA is small…so it does require frequent dripping but with the slimmed down mod, which doesn’t take up any of your concentration with complications, it’s actually not that much of a problem.

Final Review Verdict

The Coilart DPRO 133 is a beautiful, minimalist kit, that’s a pleasure to hold and to vape, it has superb battery life and just all awesome performance. It’s a must have and, as far as I’m concerned, a collectors item because it must be the best performing mod and RDA kit around that features this level of simplicity.


  • Incredible compact
  • Lightweight aluminium
  • Beautiful, scratch resistant finish
  • Easy and effective postless  build deck
  • Lovely restricted airflow provides deep flavour and ample cloud
  • Extremely good battery life
  • Zero complications…just lights and a fire button


  • The cap on the rdas, when juiced up…can be a little too easy to get off, especially if you’re carrying it in your pocket or bag, best to replace these o-rings with thicker ones
  • The juice well is fairly shallow
Build and Design Mod
Build and Design RDA
Battery Life
Flavour with included coils
Cloud with included coils
Likelihood of buying again if lost or damaged
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