Introduction – The Edge Kit By Digiflavor

Digiflavor is a Shenzhen brand that’s swiftly become a trusted household name and favourite amongst sub-ohmers keen on high quality gear. What I’ve learned through my many reviews of their product is that it usually manages to look really good while packing some serious cloud and out of this world flavour at the same time…what more could you ask for!?

digiflavor edge kit main

Some of Digiflavor’s past wins include the incredible Mesh Pro RDA, the Themis and the all new Etna RDA. Also in their arsenal, the gorgeous and compact Helix kit which features a tank that’s included in Geekvape’s Lucid kit, which review I’ll be upping in the next few days and which packs one hell of a punch as well.

The tank included in today’s kit review, the Spectre, is just such a sub-ohm winner and the sexy beast of a 200W Edge mod is also set to pave the way for vape mods of the future, as it boasts wireless charge capacity. This is achieved using a Digiflavor Fast Charger, which is sold separately. You got it, it’s the beautiful Edge kit so let’s get down and dirty and see how this baby lived up to the hype.

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What’s In The Box

  • Digiflavor Edge Mod
  • Digiflavor Spectre Sub Ohm Tank
  • Spare glass (4ml)
  • Digimesh 0.2ohm coil x 2
  • USB Cable
  • digiflavor edge kit open

Features Mod

  • Size: 90x67x29mm
  • Battery: 2×18650
  • Output: 200W max
  • Resistance range: 0.05-3ohm
  • Temperature range: 100-315°C / 200-600°F
  • Modes: Power (VW), TC (Ni200, Ti, SS), TCR, VPC, Bypass
  • Display: 1.54in colour LED
  • AS Chipset
  • Wireless recharging – 10W (9V/1.1A)

digiflavor edge kit contents

Features Tank

  • Size: 42.4x24mm
  • Capacity: 4ml (Standard), 5.5ml (bubble), 2ml (EU)
  • Coils: Digimesh 0.2ohm Kanthal
  • Gold plated 510 connection
  • Quarter turn top cap for top refill
  • Adjustable bottom airflow

Build Quality & Design

Edge Mod

I was overjoyed when I opened up the neat, white box to discover my emerald green Digiflavor Edge mod in all it’s diamond cut glory.

The Edge is shaped like a tall rectangle with fairly thick sides. It’s dual 18650 operated but actually has quite a bit of height on most of the dual mods I own.

Digiflavor Edge Camo Version
Camo Version

Tall as it is, the narrowness, if you are facing the screen side head on, makes it very ergonomic, as does the aesthetic grip texturing which adorns the sides.

The top bottom and sides of the Digiflavor Edge are finished in a gorgeous, almost two tone, blasted metallic paint which, on the green version looks yellow and green.

The sides feature this knockout beautiful, diamond cut texturing, deep and prominent, which adds a truly class feel to the mod and really looks marvellous.Digiflavor Edge Side and Fire button

The mod appears to be zinc alloy but the front and back have a rather unique paint finish, with an incredibly fine fine weave visible if you look closely, it’s shiny as an emerald but unfortunately the front and back panels are very scratch and fingerprint prone.

The front and back panels wrap around the sides slightly, improving ergonomics with a soft edge and looking super smart.

The hexagonal shaped fire button is situated at the top of the right diamond cut side, if you look from the front. It’s clicky but slightly awkward, as one has a tendency to press from the side, head on, in which case the button doesn’t fire….you have to aim your thumb down.

On the base of the mod is another small hexagonal button, which unlocks the back panel/battery cover to reveal a snug battery chamber with good insulation.

digiflavor edge kit baseBack Panel

The back panel/cover, on the device I received, is unfortunately very loose when in place and while it doesn’t come off, thanks to both magnets and a clicking in mechanism, it does rattle and move in place and this is an issue that affects all the Edge mods, as I’ve seen on forums.

(Jonny/Editor – I have the Camo version which has very little play in the battery door, maybe fractions of a millimetre. Not sure if this was a batch issue or whether doubling over the ribbon in the battery compartment made a difference or indeed if the wraps on my batteries made a difference. I’ve had the cover on and off a number of times and all still OK at the moment – We will try and get an answer from Digiflavor on this).edge mod battery compartment rattle

510 Connection/Front Panel

The top is home to a centralised, deep, springy 510 connection in the middle of a standard, round, SS seating.digiflavor edge kit 510

The front panel has a neat, silver Edge branding at the top and a big, clear, square colour screen below that which shows all the necessaries including pectoral battery readings, voltage, puff timer, ohms, amps and wattage or modes.

Below that is a big downward pointing arrowhead shaped adjustment button, with an arrow shaped LED indicator below that and a Type C micro USB port below that so that those who opt to charge their batteries in the mod (never recommended) won’t have to worry about which way their plug fits in.digiflavor edge kit fire

Spectre Tank

What a looker. I really find the Spectre sub Ohm tank to be one of the prettiest tanks I’ve seen in a long time.

Both the top and bottom feature that beautiful diamond cut texturing and almost 2 tone metallic, blast finish that the mod features at the top, base and sides.Digiflavor Spectre tank

The 510 pin on the base is akin to the Smok TFV connections and the tank is also compatible with the Smok Baby Beast coil heads…though I wouldn’t swap these Digiflavor coils for anything, as you will see in the coils section of this review.

The 10mm high base features neat, silver Spectre branding, along with two long, cyclopean airflow slots, one on either side.digiflavor edge kit spectre tank exploded view

The grip of the diamond cut works a charm and that airflow ring adjusts with just the right amount of give, to accommodate anything from a restricted to a super open flow.

The Spectre comes with 5.5 ml bulb glass installed, all o-rings and seals are high quality and machining is top notch all round.

The top cap screws off to reveal two ample fill ports.

The top cap features a drip tip step and a nice, thick, delrin 810 is installed….I had no trouble fitting aftermarket tips in this baby either.


An extra Digimesh 0.2 Ohm coil head is included, along with your type C charge cable, all necessary spares and minimiser glass.

I’m sorry to say that the Fast Charger is not included but I was stoked when I was sent one to review with the device anyway.digiflavor edge kit wireless charge

I’ll detail the fast charger in my battery life section.

How Does The Digiflavor Edge Kit Perform?


Before I get into the performance of this mod (which is outstanding), I have to detail a few superficial niggles that I experienced.Digiflavor Edge review

Number one, after just over a week’s use, I switched on my mod to find unsightly stripes breaking up my screen display. I’m happy to say that the mod is still running fine a week later and the screen hasn’t failed…but the stripes are still therein I’m unsure what the issues.

(Jonny/Editor – Again, just reporting on my experience too 🙂 I have used my Edge for a few weeks and no issues with my screen – May just be one of those unfortunate things for Laura-Ann.)

Number 2, the battery cover rattles an awful lot and while the mod’s feel is otherwise solid as gold, this aspect may irritate the life out of more OCD vapesters than myself.

Number 3 and last of the superficial niggles, the front and back of the mod take on scratches far too easily, messing with the looks of an otherwise sexy as hell mod.

Alrighty, now on to performance…Digiflavor has knocked this one out of the park.

While I’ve experienced a bit of heating, especially when the mod is charging, I’m pleased to say that the Edge mod has lived up to its good looks in every other regard…in fact, I’ve found it quite hard to put down.digiflavor edge kit side

Top marks on wattage performance through the range and with an array of different tanks fitted, including the Spectre.

I find the Ramp time to be almost negligible and new atty readings and adjustments are spot on and without fail.

Power feels true and full and I find that the screen doesn’t drain battery life too fast at all.

I tested TC on a Ni and an SS build using Digiflavor’s Mesh Pro RDA with regular builds installed and I actually found the TC to be above average here, with temp adjustment being really noticeable and effective throughout.

I’m as pleased as can be with performance and although my screen has some stripes and picture break up, I’m still able to make use of the convenient layout and sweet UI afforded by the state of the art AS chipset.

Last but not least, I’ve lost count of the compliments I’ve received on account of this slick looking but of gear, I’m very happy to put the Edge on my top shelf with my other favourites.


Let’s move on to the tank, which vapes as beautiful as she looks. The airflow is smooth and solid through restricted to open air vaping, flavour and vapour production are off the hook with these coils and this baby doesn’t even leak if you beg it to.

Hands down, the Spectre is an outstanding bit of sub-ohm gear.digiflavor edge kit spectre tank

The Edge is not too shabby either…

How To Fill

  • Screw off the top cap
  • Fill through one of the ports
  • Replace and soak
  • Vapedigiflavor edge kit spectre tank refill

How To Change the Coil

  • Screw the glass and top off from the base
  • Screw the coil head out of its seating in the base
  • Replace
  • Prime
  • Replace the rest of the tank
  • Fill and vape

Stock Coil Performance

Holy vapours!

Wow, wow, wow…I cannot stress how great these 0.2 Ohm Digimesh coil heads are…after two weeks of use, flavour is like new, defined and utterly delicious.

Vapour is rich and full and I have to say, while this tank is Smok coil compatible, I wouldn’t replace these Digimesh Kanthal coils for all the world, a perfect, flavourful sub-ohm vape.

These coils have a 30-90W range, with the sweet spot for me from 60-80W but I am really impressed by the way they fire at the bottom of their range, a light vaper can enjoy a decent amount of both flavour and vapour all the way down at 30W and when they’re ready to summon the vape gods go all the way to a warm and full 90W with no damage done.

The Digimesh coils are an absolute winner.

How To Operate the Menu System

  • 5 Clicks on or off
  • Left or right on the triangle to adjust within power mode
  • 3 Clicks to enter mode menu
  • Hold fire to select from mode menu
  • Long press L and R button to lock or unlock

How To Replace The batteries

  • Press the button on the base in deeply
  • Remove the back panel
  • Place batteries according to markers
  • Replace the cover

Battery Life

Okay, now I first want to mention the Fast Charger, which is, in fact, not fast at all but charges at 1Amp, doesn’t exactly float my boat.  I’m happy to say that the FA will also charge your cell phone but unhappy to say that unfortunately my charger only seems to work part of the time and will often stop mid charge…it’s temperamental and the technology needs a bit of work.

It’ll get there though and it’s an awesome innovation from Digiflavor!digiflavor edge kit battery chamber

If you are going to charge in-mod I recommend using the port, which is faster and far more reliable…there’s nothing worse than placing your vape on wireless charge and checking in to find it stopped at a quarter charge and not ready to go when you are. The good news is that this charger makes an outstanding vape and cellphone stand when not in use for actual charging.

Other than that, I experienced good battery life here with an 8 hour life, running on 2 x LG 2500s at 60W.


  • Both the Edge and Spectre are so sexy that you will need to control yourself
  • Ergonomic design
  • Smooth adjustable airflow
  • Outstanding flavour
  • Marvellous vapour production
  • Accurate and easy to use TC
  • Great battery life


  • My mod has nasty stripes on the screen
  • I found the wireless charge feature less than convenient
  • serious rattle from the battery cover/back panel

Final Review Verdict

Well now, in spite of some superficial issues I had (with the screen issue being unique to my mod) I am seriously pleased with the Digiflavor Edge kit. Intermediate vapers who want to look the part with a stylish set up and get the best flavour and vapour production that a 30-60W coil head can offer will be well pleased with the Spectre and her coils and the gorgeous Edge Mod. This one comes highly recommended.


Would I buy the Digiflavor Edge kit if it was lost/broke? Without a doubt.

USA – Save 10% With Code DNA10
Rest of World – Save 10% With Code ECC

Build Quality
Design Quality
Ease of Use
Battery Life
Vapour production
Wireless Feature
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