Introduction – Lynx RDA by Digiflavor

Everyone has been raving about Rip Trippers new RDA the Pharaoh Dripper! Rip is one of YouTube’s most famous reviewers collaborated with Digiflavor to bring the Pharaoh about.

Today I want to chat with you all about another RDA from the same brand, the Digiflavor Lynx 25mm RDA.Digiflavor Lynx - Open Airflow

But first here’s a little info for you about Digiflavor!

Digiflavor, while a fairly new company, was born from a group of dedicated and experienced vapers.

They have had other successes with tanks such as the Fuji GTA.

The company is based in Shenzhen, China, and are a sister company of one of the most famous names in vaping “GeekVape”. Who bought us the popular Griffin , Eagle Tank and Tsunami RDA.

The main focus of Digiflavor is on taste rather than vapour, being that they are all flavour chasers.

One of the most appealing features for me with the Lynx RDA is the airflow design.

This is a design I’ve not personally seen since the days of the Velocity RDA. The twist action of the airflow allows you to switch easily between mouth to lung and direct to lung styles of vaping.

Couple this with the Goon style dual post spring loaded clamps with top mounted screws, which enable you to quickly and easily install your coils, and Digiflavor should be onto another winner with this RDA!

Let find out.

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In The Box

  • 1x Lynx RDA
  • 1x Wide bore Delrin drip tip for straight to lung
  • 1x Bag of Spare Parts

Main Specs/Features

  • 25mm Diameter
  • 26mm Height (Excluding Drip Tip & 510 Connections)
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 2ml Juice Well
  • Innovative Dual Post Deck
  • Spring Loaded Clamp Design
  • Top Mounted Screws
  • Easy Coil Installation
  • Adjustable Bottom Airflow
  • Mouth to Lung and Straight to Lung Vaping Styles
  • Used Independently For Robust Flavour
  • Adjustable Side Airflow
  • Used In Conjunction with Bottom Airflow for More Vaper

Design and Build Quality

The first thing that struck me when I opened the box was how much the Lynx RDA reminded me of my old 22mm Velocity RDA with the twist airflow. That was the end of the similarities.

The Lynx RDA is made from high grade Stainless Steel with a 25mm Diameter.

I have no real complaints about the overall design and look of the Lynx as it’s a clean, sharp looking RDA.

I would like to have seen a slight knurling or pattern on the airflow cap to break up the straight lines, but that is a personal thing of course.

I like the feel of the Lynx in my hand, extremely solid and well built.

I did have to wash the RDA however before I could use it for the first time as it still had remnants of some machine oil pooling in the deck.

This is something I normally do regardless.Digiflavor Lynx RDA on Wismec Reaulux mod

Some of the devices I have used this RDA on include IJoy Lux, LMC 200, Smok X Cube Ultra, Noisy Cricket 2 it functioned very well on all of them.

The mod I most prefer to fire the Lynx RDA with is the Reuleaux 200s.

It just looks and feels right to me. A lot of the mods I own are 22mm and 24mm devices like Smok R200 and Wismec Vaporflask Classic.

The Lynx over-hangs on these and spoils the overall ascetic look to both.

The Cap

The Lynx RDA cap/sleeve comes in two parts which are screwed together with threads.

On the top of the cap you have the Digiflavor logo.

The top part of the cap, or airflow ring, unscrews from the bottom sleeve making dripping easy.

However, if you’re like me you could just splurge your liquid through the wide bore drip tip.

The inside of the top cap (airflow ring) heralds a unique design to help stop liquid spit and splash back.Digiflavor Lynx RDA - Airflow Cap

Inside the bottom sleeve of the top cap you will see two notches that have to line up with the corresponding on the deck.Digiflavor Lynx RDA - Cap and Sleeve inside

The Deck

On the bottom of the deck you have a gold plated connection pin along with a unique serial number for your RDA.Digiflavor Lynx RDA - 510 connection post

On the inside you have two post Goon style, clamp posts. Digiflavor have added springs to the clamps.Digiflavor Lynx RDA - Goon Style Clamp Posts

You will also see that the bottom airflow is handled much like the Tsunami RDA with tubes.

The tubes don’t reach the bottom of the deck, however. So when you draw in, the air goes in the bottom airflow and up under your coils.

The build deck is fairly roomy and boasts a 2ml juice well.

How Does The Digiflavor Lynx Perform?

I found the vapour I experienced from the Lynx RDA to be, in the main, thick and flavoursome. This is with the bottom airflow fully open.

I used three of my favourite liquids to test the Lynx. Cheap Thrills Glory Glaze (Desert), Totally Wicked Tommy Two Tubes (Fruit) and Brewell Ice (Tobacco and Menthol).

Side By Side Test – Lynx RDA vs The Recoil RDA by Grimm Green & Ohm Boy

Testing the Lynx RDA alongside my favourite RDA from Nick(Grimm)Green, The Recoil.  With the flavour bro flavour cap on.

Starting at 50w, each RDA on an RX200 with a 0.5ohm, dual build in each (24g Kanthal A1).

The Lynx, I set with the bottom airflow was as wide as possible.

Not much of a difference in flavour or cloud quality for any of the liquids.

Popping both RX200’s up to 60w

This made a big difference.

The vapor from both was thick. The flavour on the Recoil didn’t seem to be as full on as the flavour from the Lynx.

Even the tobacco e-liquid on the Lynx seemed more flavoursome and the menthol more pronounced.

I’m not a Tobacco person these days but I did enjoy this e-liquid more using the Lynx.


I switched out the Recoil cap for the clouds bro clouds cap. Opened the side airflow on the Lynx a touch, pumped up the wattage to 80w and blew a few clouds.

Both were consistent with vapour and both were getting a wee bit hot!

The Lynx, for me, had the edge slightly on the volume of vapour. The flavour, however, was starting to taper off, while the Recoil’s flavour remained consistent.

Opening up the side airflow to it fullest on the Lynx I completely lost flavour but the amount of vapor was amazing. Much more so than the Recoil.

I then tested them by chain vaping both RDA’s!

Both got very hot indeed! I had to wait for them to cool down before I could carry on my tests!

Closing both airflow’s down on the Lynx, so that the bottom airflow was just open, resulted for me an extremely tight draw.

Half way open was better but it was still quite tight. I would say that mouth to lung is a real possibility with this RDA for those that like a tighter draw.

Personally, I don’t like a very tight draw but at 35w the flavour I experienced was the best I’ve experienced from an RDA at lower watts.

Yeah, the clouds aren’t as good but this is by a brand called Digiflavor, right?

Digiflavor Lynx RDA on Wismec Reaulux mod 2

Temperature Control

I did try temp control with the Lynx RDA using ss316 24g 0.4ohm, dual spaced coils at 460f and 520f on the RX200S.

I found that chain vaping at those temps the Lynx didn’t get quite as hot as it did with straight Kanthal. Again, for me, opening the side airflow half way resulted in a loss of flavour.

My Sweet Spot

My personal sweet spot for the Lynx RDA with dual 0.5ohm build, is 60w with the bottom airflow opened fully and just a smidge of the top airflow.

Building / Goon Style Clamp Post

The two post Goon style, clamp posts are a pleasure to work with.

I love the Goon, and with Digiflavor adding springs to the clamps they have made it so much easier to load and work with my wire.

None of the fuss of trying to hold things out of the way while you load your coils.

The Goon Explained

For those that are unfamiliar with the Goon and its posts. The Goon, compared to the Lynx, has a very shallow juice well.

The dual posts (more blocks than posts), have a bar to clamp the wire under. This is secured with two screws to each.

To coil the Goon takes me far longer than the Lynx as you have to trap your wire under each of these bars.

This means holding the bar out of the way to put your wire in place. Very fiddly doing dual coil builds.

The Lynx the posts have side guides for the bars/clamps and only one screw which is spring loaded to secure them.

I use the side guides to place my wire and just clamped down to secure while lightly holding my coils in place quick and easy.

I think it took me all of a minute to coil the Lynx on my first attempt. It took nearly five minutes fiddling with the Goon the first time I built on it!Digiflavor Lynx RDA - loaded wire


The top part of the cap or airflow ring unscrews from the bottom sleeve making dripping easy. If you’re like me you could just splurge your e-juice through the wide bore drip tip.

The inside of the top cap (airflow ring) has a channel in built to help with juice spit and splash back. Any condensation that form’s will also collect in this channel.

So any liquid collecting here will drop back down onto your coils and wicks!Digiflavor Lynx RDA - Cap Channel

Leak Proof?

Digiflavor are marketing the Lynx RDA as a leak proof design.

No RDA in my opinion is 100% leak proof but this is as near to leak proof as you can get without the RDA being fully sealed!

I tested this out by topping up the 2ml juice well, and laying the RDA on its side on tissue paper left for a good half hour.

I didn’t experience any leaking of fluid what so ever, which totally amazed me!

I also didn’t suffer any condensation around the top of any of the mods I tested the Lynx RDA on.

It goes without saying, this was a very pleasurable experience and most unexpected. As most RDA users will tell you condensation is a fault of design with most RDA’s.

The O rings did their job very well.

After over-filling the 2ml juice well, the liquid didn’t get past them at all, which means no nasty ring of e-liquid on and around the 510 connection.

I was determined to make this RDA leak though! The only way I found to make this happen was to turn it upside down and shake it, hehe!

The juice that escaped, which wasn’t much, came from the wide bore drip tip.


The airflow is very swishy with both the side and bottom airflows open making it an ideal direct to lung RDA. Although flavour can suffer.

The bottom airflow is a little restrictive for me personally. I don’t do mouth to lung often, so I open a tiny part of the side airflow this works well for me.

The side airflow is situated above the bottom airflow and by twisting the top cap you can open and close both airflows, making for a truly customizable vape.

O rings

The heat resistant O rings do a fabulous job. They will need to be lubed a little with e-liquid, as the cap in its entirety can be a bit stiff to pull off completely dry o rings. This includes the drip tip.

I only did this once in the time I was testing I never had any problem taking the sleeve off or pulling out the drip tip.

What I Like

The two post, spring loaded clamps make life so simple with this RDA.

The 2ml juice well is a good addition as it means you spend less time dripping and more time vaping.

The ability to customize your airflow will make the Lynx a very attractive RDA for most vapers.

The threads, I hate to use the old cliché ‘like butter’, but they are very smooth and operate very well. As a bonus there are no sharp edging to the threads

Non leak Design also works very well.

What I Didn’t Like

The sleeve notches that have to line up on the deck. This I find can be a little difficult. For ease I remove the airflow ring off the sleeve so I can see where the notches are. I am then able to situate the sleeve correctly without disrupting my coils.

I noticed if you chain vape with the Lynx RDA it will quickly heat up! And be almost too hot to handle.

The drip tip while good, would have benefited from a thicker Delrin. You are still able to feel a lot of heat on your lips while chain vaping or at high watts.

Digiflavor Lynx RDA Youtube Video Review

Final Review Verdict

I found I rather like the Digiflavor Lynx RDA the flavour is awesome its pleasure to build on.

I have tested the Lynx RDA on multiple mods and with different builds types including TC. I’ve had none of the usual condensation problems forming on the top of whichever mod I used, which is a pet hate of mine!

As a reviewer and a Vaper, would I recommend the Lynx RDA to you my readers?

My answer is yes! I would.

If I lost the Lynx RDA tomorrow would I replace it? Again the answer is yes! Why? I would miss the sheer pleasure of a flavoursome easy to build on RDA.


  • Flavour was top notch.
  • Fairly roomy deck. Easy to build on even for those new to RDA’s.
  • Build quality was spot on.
  • The ability to customize the airflow to your style of vaping.
  • No nasty condensation problems.


  • Wide open airflow equals less flavour
  • The top cap “Sleeve” notches
  • Chain vape heat might be a problem for some

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Build Quality
Ease of use
Flavour (Bottom Airflow Open)
Likelihood of replacing if lost or damaged
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