In for review today is the new Dinner Lady Moments E-liquid range.

Dinner Lady Moments 50ml short fill range imageSome moments in the history of E-juice creation stand out more than others.

For me and countless others one such moment occurred back in 2016 when Dinner Lady unveiled Lemon Tart. For me, it represented the beginning of a love affair with all things dessert based. Without Lemon Tart it could’ve been a different story.

dinner lady lemon tart

Here was a creation as close to the flavour description as it got and the more I vaped it, the more I loved it.

In many ways it could’ve been a different story for Dinner Lady too. Multiple vape awards (including here at Ecigclick) put them and Lemon Tart firmly into the vaping spotlight.

When we realise it all started with two individuals whose success quickly lead to a team of over 200 employees that’s quite a feat. Not only that but within the space of six years they’ve notched up over 50 awards, gaining a presence in over 96 countries worldwide.

dinner lady story

Dinner Lady have been very quiet over the last few years, now seems the right ‘moment’ to return to the spotlight!

What Can We Expect From The Dinner Lady Moments E-liquid Range?

These are a re-imagining based on best selling flavours found in markets around the world.

dinner lady moments banner

They fall into the Sweets and Fruit category and the actual range includes a total of five flavours – hopefully I’ll get hold of Fruit Splash soon enough. It can then be added in a future update.

So the 50ml versions come in a 60ml short fill bottle with enough space to add a 10ml nicotine shot of choice. For example, an 18mg freebase nic shot will produce an overall strength of 3mg when added.

Dinner Lady 50ml Moments bottle check imageThe starting liquid ratio is 70VG/30PG, making them perfectly suited for sub ohm or direct to lung (DTL) vape kits and tanks. Adding a high VG nic shot will increase the liquid density and increase cloud production without affecting flavour. The choices are always there with short fills.

The range is also available as a 30ml concentrate. Concentrates always work out cheaper and you’ve the freedom to dictate how strong or weak you want the flavour. I usually mix to between 15 – 20%.


  • 50ml short fill e-liquid
  • 0mg nicotine strength
  • Space for a 10ml nicotine shot of choice
  • 70VG/30PG ratio
  • Created for sub ohm devices
  • Made in the UK
  • TPD compliant
  • Childproof cap
  • Tamper evident seal
  • Recyclable bottle

Dinner Lady 50ml moments range bottle lid showing logo image

I would like to thank Vape Club for sending this range over for the purposes of review. It’s very much appreciated.

Please note taste is subjective and heavily influenced by the choice of device used not to mention individual experience.

Since the range is ideally suited to sub ohm devices and tanks I’m going to be using the Innokin Z Force tank with a 0.3ohm ZF mesh coil installed and running at 42W. Powered by the Freemax Maxus 200W dual battery Mod.

Bubble Mint

Dinner Lady 50ml Moments range Bubble MintDinner Lady Says:

Bubble Mint combines classic sweet Bubble Gum and a fresh burst of natural Mint. Love a ‘pop’ of nostalgia? Then this lip smacking juicy flavour is for you!

I Say:

Bubble Mint genuinely tastes like a Wrigley’s Bubble Gum creation – full stop. The flavour is incredibly intense so be prepared for that. It never lets up.

I picked up some sweetness during the inhale combined with a throat soothing Coolada that eventually makes its way onto the tip of the tongue post vape.

I would suggest this is a Spearmint based flavour that’s made much fresher by the inclusion of that icy cold chill. It’s certainly a summertime refresher and most likely performs well as a palate cleanser.

Post vape I’m left with the aroma of fresh Mint on the palate and a nasal cavity full of icy cold Coolada. The flavour properties are excellent.

The sensation of Chewing Gum is omnipresent throughout the exhale and adds another layer to the overall experience.

It remains a rather simple, straight forward profile but Dinner Lady tend to go one step further with authenticity and flavour intensity.

I don’t see myself tiring of Bubble Mint any time soon.

Grape Star

Dinner Lady 50ml Moments range Grape StarDinner Lady Says:

Combining fruity red and black Grapes with an added kick of Aniseed Coolada which delivers an icy, consistent and completely unique taste.

I Say:

Ok, first things first. There’s plenty of Aniseed in Grape Star so it needs to be on the list of flavours you actually enjoy. I say this because it’s the dominant force and not the red or black Grapes.

However it still blends well and the sweetness of the black Grape hits just at the moment (sorry!) between inhale and exhale. During inhale a sourness joins forces with the Aniseed but never ever catches the throat. That’s something I appreciated.

Also the level of Coolada is sensibly balanced against the Aniseed. This could’ve been a chillingly cold vape but Dinner Lady have finely tuned their concentrate ratios.

As a result, most of the cooling occurs during exhale, giving way to a few tarty back notes.

The problem I have is with the lack of those juicy ripe Grapes themselves. The name suggests the fruit is the star but I have some difficulty believing that.

If I’m absolutely honest Grape Star tastes very much like a toned down version of Heisenberg. Most folk will be familiar with that popular e-juice flavour. Many won’t be put off either but others might suggest a lack of originality.

Aniseed, Coolada, sweetness, tart and sour like properties are all in abundance. The lack of any fruit has to be reflected in the score I give Grape Star.

Peach Bubble

Dinner Lady 50ml Moments range Peach BubbleDinner Lady Says:

Peach Bubble combines ripe Peaches fused with a taste of sweet Bubble Gum to provide vapers with a unique flavour to remember.

I Say:

Now that’s a nice tasty Peach! The juicy sweetness builds on the inhale and manifests quite intensely on the way out. Mid way through the tart like qualities of the fruit begin to spill out.

There’s more depth and richness to the Peach than usual and I attribute that to the gummy back notes. Yes, Peach Bubble isn’t so much about Bubble Gum as it is, say a Wine Gum. It has that kind of texture.

One thing’s for sure. A sugary sweetness lines the inside the mouth and tickles the lips in a pleasant way.

It’s definitely packed full of flavour and the ripe Peach always takes centre stage but as far the taste of traditional Bubble Gum? I’m struggling there a bit.

The intense sweetness when first chewing Gum is experienced but the flavour richness leans more towards Gummy Bear confectionary.

That’s no bad thing, in my opinion. Just be prepared to experience a gummy Peach instead of a Peach flavoured Bubble Gum. If that indeed makes sense! lol

Razz Blues

Dinner Lady 50ml Moments range Razz BlueDinner Lady Says:

Razz Blues combines bursts of mixed Blueberries and ripened Raspberries to create what we call a ‘perfect berry vape’ flavour.

I Say:

Dinner Lady place Razz Blue in their fruits category but I think it lends itself more to a sweetie, candy like profile.

Think of those chalky Parma Violet sweets and you’ll maybe understand where I’m coming from. There’s certainly nothing wrong with the flavour. It’s very sweet and I pick out much more of the Raspberry than Blueberry.

If anything, Razz Blues may be a little too sweet for some because it never loses its grip throughout the exhale. I was spared the sugar lips experience because a modicum of cooling agent nullifies the vape before it takes hold.

However I’m not 100% certain about the blending between Raspberry and Blueberry. It feels a little biased towards the former and therefore falls flat in terms of complexity.

What fruit content there is tends to be a bit on the synthetic and artificial side so for this reason I’d class it as a sweets or confectionary style vape.

It’s still flavoursome enough and has plenty of oomph, just don’t expect it to be natural tasting.

Dinner Lady Moments E-liquid Range – Final Review Verdict

The range doesn’t always live up to the flavour descriptions but one thing’s for sure, Dinner Lady know how to apply decent concentrate levels. They don’t skimp.

This means that all four delivered consistently throughout the exhale, every time. Where required the sweetness factor was well balanced and so was the Coolada.

I would say Peach Bubble and Razz Blues are ideal candidates for the hot summer months. Bubble Mint and Grape Star would probably complement any season of the year.

None of the flavours are particularly ones I would purchase but I think they still have mass appeal to those that enjoy flavour quality without any vapers tongue. I never experienced that once with the range.

When using a sub ohm device, cloud production is phenomenal as well.

Have you tried the Dinner Lady Moments E-liquid range? If so let us know your favourites!

Bubble Mint
Grape Star
Peach Bubble
Razz Blues
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