The Freemax Maxus 200W kit review and I think I’m right in assuming that this has been released at the same time as the Freemax Maxus 100W kit.

It would also appears this is the first time the Shenzen based manufacturer has entered into box MOD territory with both.

Freemax Maxus 200W Kit Handcheck

We’ve seen the Freemax Twister 80W vape pen and its younger bro, the recently released Freemax Twister 30W kit.

Of course they are already established in the vaping industry for their Fireluke range of tanks including the Fireluke M, the first ever to utilize mesh coils.

It’s safe to say Freemax is renowned for producing high quality vaping products and in recent months have been going from strength to strength.

What Can We Expect From The Freemax Maxus 200W Kit?

Freemax has jumped straight in at the deep end with a very powerful dual 18650 battery sub ohm vaping device that we can expect to be very appealing to those already used to chucking big clouds!

The same SS904L stainless steel mesh/tea fibre cotton combination has been carried across from previous coil designs so we can expect the usual fantastic flavour experience.

Freemax Maxus 200W Kit boxed

To witness the size of these coils is something else – we’re talking power, we’re talking sub ohm vaping and above all a direct to lung vaping experience.

Evolution and innovation is the name of the game with the Freemax Maxus 200W kit because a few new ideas have been put into practice. But is it up there with some of the best vape mods we have used?

So that’s something you can expect to be reading about very shortly.

Inside The Box

I’ve received the TPD version but instead of a glass tube it came with a single frosted polycarbonate one already attached to the tank.

I can only assume the retail version will indeed correct this otherwise the print on the back of the box is wrong, or at the least, misleading.

Freemax Maxus 200W Kit unboxed

  • Freemax Maxus 200W VW MOD
  • Freemax M Pro 2 tank resin edition
  • 904L M2 mesh coil 0.2ohm (pre installed)
  • 904L M1 mesh coil 0.15ohm
  • Glass tube
  • Bag of O rings
  • Type C USB charging cable
  • Warranty card
  • Warning card
  • User manual

Freemax Maxus 200w Specifications

As mentioned, I’m reviewing the TPD edition – the non EU (standard) and US versions both include a 5ml bubble glass extension. Everything else in the box is the same across both versions.

Freemax Maxus 200w VW Mod

  • Output voltage 0.7-8.4V
  • Input voltage 3.3-4.2V (single battery) 6.6-8.4V (dual battery)
  • Output wattage 5-200W 100-315 Celsius 200-600 Fahrenheit
  • Output mode Power/VPC/Bypass/TC – TI-SS-NI /TCR
  • Resistance range 0.1-3.0ohm
  • Battery 18650×2 (Smart Load Tech) Support for 18650×1
  • Charge specification 5V/2A
  • Size 90 x 52.5 x 28.6mm
  • Weight 190g
  • Material Zinc alloy/stainless steel/Delrin

M Pro 2 Tank

  • Size 59.85 x 25mm
  • Capacity 2ml (TDP)/ 5ml
  • Weight 69.3g
  • Material SS904L/Tea Fibre cotton/SS/Resin
  • Thread 510
  • Drip Tip 810

Key Features

The Freemax Maxus 200w kit comes in a range of impressive colour schemes. Red-Green, Red-Blue, Blue-Yellow, Black-Orange (review model), Yellow-Black and Orange-Green.

  • Eight step protection
  • FM COILTECH 4 technology to produce superior flavour quality
  • Smart Load Technology
  • Upgraded top fill system
  • Single battery supported
  • Multiple output modes

Together the M Pro 2 tank and Maxus 200W VW mod measure 135mm in height, with a combined weight of 255g.

Design and Build Quality

Maxus 200w VW Mod

The main chassis of the Freemax Maxus 200W kit is comprised of zinc alloy.

The fascia of the removable battery door houses some very striking resin inserts, psychedelic swirls and brash colours it seems are going nowhere.

Freemax Maxus 200W Kit removeable battery door

It’s probably because they appeal to the younger audience as well as the more liberal minded seasoned vaper, either way I personally think it works.

Freemax Maxus 200W Kit fixed battery door

By stark contrast the reverse side of the mod has a plain black appearance allowing Freemax an area in which to place their logo.

I measured the mod as being 90.9mm high taking into account the slightly raised 510 plate, the width was 51.4mm with a depth of 29mm.

Freemax Maxus 200W Kit battery door and sled

The magnetic contacts on the inside of the removable battery door are very strong. It’s important to note that although it can be placed either way up, positioning the larger magnet at the top results in less fuss when snapping into place.

Earlier on I mentioned innovation and this is one area the Freemax Maxus 200W kit excels.

Freemax Maxus 200W kit battery sled

It doesn’t matter which way you position the positive and negative terminals of the 18650 batteries. This is all thanks to the Freemax Smart Load technology allowing you to “load at will“.

What’s more you can use the Mod with a single 18650 battery installed. Keep in mind this option is only available when using the left hand sled.

Under these conditions the maximum output changes to 80W, it’s a fantastic option if you’re running low on fully charged batteries.

Freemax Maxus 200W Kit Battery door release and venting slots

Release the battery door by pulling back where the arrow is marked on the underside of the mod.

There are also five battery venting points here but I feel it’s not enough given that we’re dealing with a dual battery device that can potentially run at 200W.

How To Operate the Freemax Maxus 200w VW Mod

Press the fire button five times in quick succession to either power the device on or off.

Freemax Maxus 200W Kit screen display example
Freemax Maxus 200w VW Mod showing fire button, display, up/down menu buttons and type C USB charge port
  • Hold the up and down buttons together to lock/unlock the device
  • Press the fire button three times to enter the menu screen
  • While in the menu screen, select mode options by pressing the fire button once. The up or down buttons will allow you to choose wattage, puff counter data, bypass, temperature control settings for titanium/stainless steel/nichrome
  • To exit the mode select screen press and hold the fire button for two seconds

You also have the option to set various parameters such as screen time out, testing the coil, resetting the puff counter and the time spent vaping on the device.

Freemax Maxus 200W Kit battery voltage screen check

I found the info screen to be useful because it showed the current state of each 18650 battery as a real time voltage output, an it also displays the temperature of the board.

Freemax M Pro 2 Tank

An upgrade to the M Pro tank, it’s a hefty little beast!

The knurling on the top cap and airflow control ring only add to its girth. But the design and build! I think it’s incredible, the Freemax M Pro 2 Tank is solidly built that’s for sure.

Freemax Maxus 200W Kit M Pro 2 tank Resin Edition

The resin inserts or inlays work a treat and are a designers talking point, perfectly matching the colour swirls of the mod scheme itself.

The resin 810 drip tip contains double O rings and there’s also one sitting inside the top cap. The drip tip is stiff and I had difficulty getting it to sit flush on the cap.

A resin colour inlay also sits across the surface of the top cap. It blends perfectly with the included drip tip and has to be one of the most effective designs I’ve come across.

Freemax Maxus 200W Kit M Pro 2 Tank top cap inlay
The ultimate in design quality with the colour resin inlay around the top cap.

From the underside of the tank and including the drip tip, the Freemax M Pro 2 tank measures 55.7mm in height.

I found the width to be 27.3mm when taking into account the protruding top cap and airflow control ring.

Freemax Maxus 200W kit M Pro 2 Tank airflow

There are dual cycloptic airflow ports that measure 14.5mm across, unfortunately the included stopper reduces this to around 10.5mm.

Freemax Maxus 200W Kit M Pro 2 Tank protruding 510 pin
The 510 gold plated pin protrudes enough for use on a hybrid device if that’s your bag.

There’s a healthy degree of tolerance when adjusting and it works silky smooth.

Freemax M Pro 2 – How To Change The Coil

  • Unscrew the deck clockwise (the glass section will remain attached to the top cap)
  • Thread the coil into the deck clockwise until finger tight
  • Screw the deck counter clockwise back onto the tank. Do not overtighten

How To Fill The Freemax M Pro 2 Tank

I’m a little bit surprised Freemax didn’t stick with the “lift and slide” filling system of say, the Fireluke 22 tank, it just offers that added element of safety when it comes to small prying fingers.

However, the three steel balls fitted inside the top cap are designed to increase friction, which makes it more difficult to accidentally slide open – yet another innovative idea from Freemax and surely deserves added kudos.

M2 Pro tank filling

  • With the coil now installed, push back against the red indicator on the top cap to expose the fill port
  • Gently administer E liquid into the fill port taking care not to overfill
  • Slide the top cap back until it snaps into place

Another unique and very welcome design feature is built into the underside of the top cap and can be found opposite the fill port.

M2 Pro tank air release port

There’s an air release port incorporated which makes a world of difference especially when taking into account how much real estate the coil takes up with a TPD compliant tank fitted!

How Does The Freemax Maxus 200w Kit Perform?

I started with the pre installed 0.2ohm mesh coil, and using Zeus Juice Atlantis, a 70VG/30PG ratio which is a blueberry, raspberry slushy profile with some ice thrown in for good measure.

Freemax Maxus 200w – 904L stainless steel M2 Mesh coil 0.2ohm

Before we carry on a note about these coils. We’re talking humongous!

They are probably the biggest I’ve encountered in a sub ohm tank thus far.

0.2ohm M2 pre installed coil
Bullet Time!

The air intake ports alone are massive and the dual mesh coils are extremely visible making them very easy to prime, it’s also clear they’ve been designed with the cloud chucker in mind.

I measured the diameter of the coil to be 18.4mm. Not really allowing much space for juice in the 2ml TPD compliant frosted poly carbon tank.

I began with the airflow set wide open and on the minimum recommendation of 60W.

There’s very little restriction during inhale and yes! You’ll be chucking them clouds!

The amount created is stupendously good. Dense plumes with insane volume, the room very quickly resembled a sauna lol!

Flavour qualities were average at best on this setting so I decided to restrict the airflow to around half way.

There was definitely an improvement but the cooling agent was over riding the fruity tones.

Freemax Maxus 200w – This Coil Knows What’s Watt

With airflow still restricted to half way I pumped the power up to 80w.

Now the flavours started to pop and there was much more of the blueberry and raspberry pulling through although again, the icy nature of the profile was still hitting slightly harder.

0.2ohm M2 dual mesh exposed
Even with my failing eyesight it’s still clear the build quality of these dual mesh coils is fantastic.

This time the vape was much warmer while the cloud production temporarily blinded the view of my PC’s keyboard lol!

Same airflow settings applied to 90W and the coil now really jumped to attention, proving that power is needed to get the very best from it.

The fruit and cooling agent were finally singing from the same hymn sheet and creating a harmonious duet. I still think it’s best to set the airflow wide open because it did nothing to affect the final performance – which was superb!

The only Negative Neil to be found is in the level of noise created during inhale and that’s across the board.

However, there was no turbulence and the vape itself was still a smooth experience overall.

Freemax Maxus 200w – 904L stainless steel M1 mesh coil 0.15ohm

With a 15mm diameter the M1 coil is not quite as wide as its dual mesh counterpart.

It’s still got four very sizeable juice ports meaning that it should also be able to handle thicker liquid ratios.

0.15ohm M1 mesh coil

For the purposes of testing and for what I had at hand, I put a dessert style profile through its paces.

It’s Riot Squad and their Custard Jail Bird short fill with a single freebase nicotine shot thrown in.

I began testing at 40W with airflow wide open.

A very cool vape and the flavour was already well defined.

The pudding and dried fruit was present during exhale with cloud production rivaling that of the dual mesh M2 coil.

No turbulence present but again, something of a noisy vape.

Reducing the airflow did little to concentrate those flavour notes and merely created slightly more heat within the tank.

Freemax Maxus 200w – Pump Up The Volume

Increasing the power to 60W caused the creaminess of the bread and butter pudding to increase further.

Spices were now beginning to spill from the exhale in a pleasing manner and the sweetness of the profile was coming through nicely.

 0.15ohm M1 Mesh coil exposed

Again with airflow restricted there was little change to the flavour quality, and the vapour output kept coming thick and fast.

Freemax Maxus 200w – Taking It To the MAX

This is where it’s at!

The full complexities of the e-liquid was now present. I was experiencing just the right amount of warmth needed to complete this dessert style vape. With airflow wide open the M1 mesh coil was performing fantastically well.

This is a very airy and minimally restricted direct lung vape at its best. Usually I find myself having to restrict much further to find the sweet spot. Not so with this coil.

So it has to be said that both coils really crave all the airflow they can get. They also both perform best at the maximum power recommendation  – and it’s where the thickest, fluffiest white clouds can be found.


  • Freemax Smart Load technology – load at will in a hurry
  • Leak proof tank
  • Easy top fill system with included air release to prevent over-spill of e-liquid
  • Insane vapour production for the cloud chucker out there
  • Impressive flavour quality at higher wattage


  • The removable battery door feels loose when clutching the mod
  • Fruity profiles struggle at lower wattage
  • Bit of a noisy inhale across all airflow settings
  • Juice guzzler – the 2ml tank will need to be topped up frequently
  • Would like to have seen more battery venting (subjective con)

Final Review Verdict

These coils obviously crave power.

If you’re going to use them on the lower recommended settings it’s probably best to restrict the airflow in order to get any balance to the flavours.

As much as current TPD regulations dictate the exclusion of extension tanks, you’re still going to need to find one. The coils take up practically all the real estate in a 2ml tank and you will have emptied it in around 20 minutes or so.

That goes double for the M2 coil. Yup! It’s a juice guzzler for sure.

Vaping at the higher wattage is what these coils are all about. It’s here that they are faultless, reproducing all the flavour notes from the e-liquid although bakery and dessert profiles will probably be better suited due to the warmth generated by the coils themselves.

Freemax Maxus 200w – A Question Of Aesthetics

There’s no getting around the fact the kit is  heavy thus more suited to a table top than a shirt or trouser pocket.

I found there was enough movement on the removable battery door to mildly annoy me. It was most noticeable when first reaching for (or clutching) the mod in the palm.

Getting the door to snap back into the correct place after changing batteries can also be frustrating so that’s a little bit of a con.

Power to the device is instantaneous and for me, up there with the likes of the Voopoo Drag series. Complete with the same caveat of firing while button mashing!

The Maxus 1.0 FM chip is highly impressive and carries plenty of clout ensuring every tug is a winner.

Who Would I Recommend The Freemax Maxus 200w Kit To?

This one is for the younger vaper in my opinion. The colours, the build and the size would dictate that.

Definitely for someone who is already skilled in the ways of sub ohm vaping, certainly those that are not afraid of cloud chucking in public…

The Freemax Maxus 200W Kit is going to get you noticed.

It’s never going to serve as an introduction to sub ohm vaping because of its admittedly cumbersome weight, and that may be off putting for some. Also the coils require a radical increase in power from the get go.

So dare I say a worthy rival to the influx of Smok Sub ohm tanks that have cropped up prior to the advent of pod based systems.

Hell Yeah, and thanks to the proprietary tea fibre cotton and stainless steel mesh coils quite possible better.

The best way to end this review is with a statement.

“Watch out, Smok…this cloud chucking beast from the far east has arrived…”

Are you keen to get your hands on the new Freemax Maxus 200w vape kit?

Or are you already using it?

Any thoughts or questions, please let me know in the comments below.

neil cozens
Neil Cozens

My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.

Build quality
Ease of Use
Flavour and cloud production 0.2ohm M2 Mesh coil
Flavour and cloud production 0.15ohm M1 mesh coil
Replace If Lost Or Damaged?
My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.
freemax-maxus-200w-kit-reviewIt looks like Freemax are going from strength to strength by producing a very powerful sub ohm tank kit. Once again their proprietary tea fibre cotton and mesh coils steal the show delivering superb cloud and flavour production for those that enjoy an airy direct lung vape at higher power output. The Freemax Maxus 200W Kit is a very impressive performer.



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