Up for review this week we have the Dovpo Blotto single coil version and once again designed by Sam Parsons, aka The Vaping Bogan.

We’ve previously reviewed the original Blotto, as well as the Blotto Mini. Whilst both of these could be run in either dual coil or single coil configurations, the Blotto Single Coil is one coil only.

Dovpo Blotto Single Product Shot
So does a half the coils mean half the performance?

What Can We Expect From The Dovpo Blotto Single RTA ?

The Blotto must have been well received to have all of these slight variations coming out for it!

As I said in my review of the Blotto Mini, I couldn’t really see the point in getting one if you had the original Blotto.

Unless you just desperately wanted a smaller version!

With the Dovpo Blotto Single Coil it’s not just the fact that you can only vape it with one coil, but the deck has been redesigned to really take advantage of that one coil.

The airflow now goes further around the coil, the wick ports have been reduced in size, and the amount of air that goes through has been massively cut down.

So this is far more of a restrictive DTL vape than previously.

This was sent over directly from Dovpo for the purpose of review (thank you) as usual, freebies in no way sway my option, and I shall report back honestly with what I find.

On to the review!

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Inside the Box

  • Blotto Single Coil RTA
  • 2x Bubble glass Glass or Ultem coloured PCTG
  • Accessory Bag
  • Skull Bottle Opener/Coil Measuring Tool
  • Manual and QC Card

Dovpo Blotto Single Box Contents


  • Dimensions – 23mm Diameter
  • Capacity – 2.8ml (2ml TPD) or 5ml with Bubble Glass
  • Airflow – 272 Degree Airflow

Design and Build Quality

The Dovpo Blotto Single Coil comes in a choice of three different colour ways.

Black, Gunmetal or Stainless (which I received).

Dovpo Blotto Single Top Cap and Drip Tip

The drip tip is made of two pieces, a translucent plastic and metal. It’s nice and comfortable, but it’s a standard 810 so if you want to replace it with you’re own then go ahead.

I did find that it was possible a bit too open for the restrictive vape you get from this tank, so I swapped it out for a slightly narrower 810 whilst I was testing.

Dovpo Blotto Single Top Cap

The styling carries over from the original Blotto’s with a bottle top look to the top cap. This gives plenty of grip when you take the top cap off to fill up.

Dovpo Blotto Single Fill Ports

A simple quarter turn and you reveal two nice and big kidney shaped fill holes.

Dovpo Blotto Single the Deck

The deck on the Dovpo Blotto Single is very similar to the previous iterations.

It’s been shrunk down a little, and instead of having 4 holes for your coil legs, you now only have two.

Dovpo Blotto Single Deck

You’ve got even more coverage with the airflow, it now wraps 273 degrees around your coil (up from 242 degrees in previous versions).

Deck Overhead

The wick ports have obviously been shrunk down to suit a single coil.

Dovpo Blotto Single Airflow Control

The airflow comes in at the bottom with honeycomb inlets on the bottle top styled base.

It’s a little hard to see where your airflow is set unless there’s a light behind it.


One thing I did notice, is that like the Blotto Mini that I reviewed, there appears to be a tiny gap between the bottom of the tank and your mod when it’s screwed down.

It’s not a major issue, and means that the bottom AFC can spin freely without catching (and marking up) the top of your mod.

But it’s something to be aware of if things like that bother you.

Dovpo Blotto Single Base

At the base you have all of your regulatory markings, as well as the name of the RTA and Bogans skull logo and signature.


How to Build the Dovpo Blotto Single

  • Unscrew the deck screws with a flat head screwdriver

Dovpo Blotto Single Unscrew

  • Snip your coil legs, I used the Coily Tool to trim them to 4.5mm, though you can also use the skull bottle opener

Dovpo Blotto Single Snip Coil Legs

  • With the coil on a building tool, bend the legs to suit the deck. I found that pinching them together worked best, but you can bend them outwards if you want

Dovpo Blotto Single Bend Legs

  • Place you coil in position, straighten it up and tighten down the screws

Dovpo Blotto Single Straighten

  • It should be nice and centred in the middle of the airflow

Dovpo Blotto Single Coil

  • Pop your wick through

Dovpo Blotto Single Wick

  • And trim it down so that the tails will reach into the wick ports, but not bunch up at the bottom

Dovpo Blotto Single Trim

  • I found that it helps to give it a good rake out and trim off the excess

Dovpo Blotto Single Fluff Wick

  • Place the wicks into the wick ports

Dovpo Blotto Single Place Wick

  • Prime the coil with plenty of e-liquid


  • Screw on the tank and fill up


  • Replace the top cap, and you’re done!


How Does the Dovpo Blotto Single Coil Perform?

So I’ve been using the Blotto Single for quite a while now, and I’ve got so say I’ve been really happy with.


Dovpo Blotto Single Flavour

This is probably some of the best flavour I’ve found from a single coil direct lung RTA.

I’ve tested it with some of my favourite flavours including ones from Rachael Rabbit and Fizzle and I was picking out flavour notes that I’d only had a hint of before.

With most of my favourite flavours it was really shining, fruits and cooling mostly.

So I popped some more desert flavours in and if anything it was a shade better.

Definitely been impressed with the flavour reproduction on this.

Dovpo Blotto Single Airflow

Although this is a direct lung RTA, it’s definitely on the restrictive side.

On a 1 to 10 scale where 1 is the tightest imaginable and one is fully open, this comes in at a 7.

Even though it is very restrictive, the airflow is really smooth.

All those honeycomb inlets makes it a lovely draw.

If you don’t like a restrictive draw, then I’d say you’re best off getting the original Blotto or the Mini, and running it in single coil mode.

But for those of us that appreciate a tighter draw, this gives a much more controllable vape than just closing down the airflow on one of the others.

Cloud production is pretty impressive for a single coil, easily chucking out some serious plumes.

Anything else?

My one main con on this tank is the fact that the straight glass seems to be almost welded to the tank.

I tried getting a nail in between to seperate them, I tried popping it in the freezer for a bit, all sorts.

But it is very firmly attached! I’m afraid I lost patience in trying to separate them which is why there are no photos of it in bubble mode in this review!

I’m sure I’ll be able to get it to come apart eventually, but for some things, life is just too short!


  • Great flavour
  • Smooth Airflow
  • Beautiful restrictive vape


  • Really tight fit on glass
  • Drip tip is VERY wide bore for a restrictive vape
  • No coil or wick included

Final Review Verdict

So that was the Dovpo Blotto Single Coil – designed by the Vaping Bogan.

I’m slightly torn on this one, since I reviewed the Blotto Mini and really enjoyed that. I’d say that this is an excellent choice if you like a more restrictive vape.

It’s got all the good things about the previous Blotto’s, quality machining, eye catching design, great flavour.

I think it’s a little cheap of Dovpo to not include a coil and wick in the box, whilst I rarely use the included coils in tanks, I think it’s a “nice to have” especially if you’re just getting into rebuildables.

For me personally, I’m probably not going to get this out too much, as I appreciate the flexibility of the Blotto Mini more.

But, if you’re looking for a flavourful, restrictive single coiler, then you could do much worse than this!

It’s also really forgiving of your build, even when I did a bit of a rush job in rewicking it, I never got a dry hit or a flooded deck.

The only challenge is making sure your coils legs are the right length and angled correctly for when you’re installing.

Are you using of thinking of getting the Dovpo Blotto single?

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

Worldwide Shipping – Save 10% With Code ECC

Build Quality
Ease of Use/Builld
Replace if Lost or Damaged?
I started my vaping journey in 2017 with a little AIO kit. I’d made several attempts to give up smoking over the years, and I finally nailed it with vaping. I knew right away that I wanted to learn as much about all these devices as possible, and I quickly got into rebuildables and replaceable battery mods. I’ve always enjoyed kit and technology, so I’ve built up quite a collection of different tanks and mods. I love knowing how things work and what to do to get the best out of them, so sharing that knowledge and helping more people quit smoking is something I’m passionate about.



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